Missing Elves From Tunnels

Hey there Hoppereenos,

Just bouncing on by for some help on an issue that seems to be growing. Missing Elves from the game.

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More and more players are reporting they are clearing Tunnels and earning the 5 day streaks to put extra Elves into the game, but they seem to just not be adding up.

To date 4 Elves have been released from the Toy Shop. There has been a total of 12 Tunnels opened to add 12 more Elves to the Toy Shop. Bringing the main total to 16 Elves for 12 Tunnels complete and the Toy Shop.

Beyond that is up to how YOU play. If you have hit that 5 day streak at least once (play everyday at least once for 5 days in a row) you would have won another Elf. Giving you a possible 1-3 Elves by now depending on where you hit that 5 day streak when the Event started.

So this is my suggestion, if YOU feel you are missing Elves…Contact EA. Open a ticket right away. Double check your game. Check the amount of Tunnels cleared. Watch for the daily pop up so you can go backwards and see how many more you should have in your game.

As usual, I am looking into this as well as started a topic in the EA Forums so together we can light it up.


Together we can help out ALL impacted players to get issues resolved ASAP. Let us know if YOU are impacted. Did YOU report it to EA yet with any luck? How many are YOU missing?



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  1. A couple days ago, I figured I was missing at least 1 elf, probably 2 as things didn’t really add up. But it wasn’t a big deal because I was ahead of the calendar. Anyhoodles, just went into my game and not only was the Elf Tunnel open, but it released an elf! Not certain if anyone else saw this and/or had them happen to them, but maybe EA is getting caught up with the different issues?

  2. As it’s about missing items, thought I’d ask my question here as it’s a very small problem. I win the snow monster last year but now can’t find it in the inventory. Any ideas?

    • Definitely contact EA to have them restore it to you. He’s sneaky and sometimes hard to find in my town but if truly missing, only EA can get him back to mopping.

      • Found him following frosty the hitman. He really is so sneaky. Both being so white makes them look the same. So glad that don’t have to contact EA. With all the glitches, I’d have to wait forever.

  3. I was missing four elves. I contacted EA through their live chat, and they were able to add them to my inventory.

    • I contacted ea over the phone. They put three missing elves in my inventory but they can’t be taken out of inventory. They said nothing they can do about it unless I want to reset my game back 24 hours. No way, too much tapping going on and I would lose my tunnel completions. I’m really bummed about my three missing elves.

  4. Do you know if the elves come into play for the second portion? I’m gonna be really bummed if i’m short 3 elves for that part too. I’m gonna contact ea tonight since this part is almost over and hopefully get my back due presents.

    • We don’t know yet how it all will play out until it goes live. They have already changed several items this Phase. So…we wait and see.

  5. I contacted them, and the guy who helped me added the 2 elves that I was missing to my inventory. (And since it wasn’t really programmed to be in the inventory, the sell button says ‘sell for 0?” and the info button said ‘null’ 🙂

  6. Hi so I just notired my second game has not been getting elves for a while now I guess since I should have 22 and only have 19. But I actually feel like my game one should have 23 or 24 but I’m ok with 22 at least it isn’t 19. Have completed every tunnel on time and had 2 5 day free elves. How can I contact EA since I don’t get on origin from my phone? Thanks

    • Follow the links in the post.

      • Thanks I finally got it to work right this afternoon on my phone so I seen everything properly. EA support was amazing. I got a problem fixed with putting in the wrong domain when I set up my second account and was so happy he could do that I didn’t even care about my missing elves. I told him thank you and I’m happy with just that. I’m doing pretty good so far with the game and figured I would wait it out to see if the elsves showed up on their own

  7. Another missing elf this morning … my total is 20, whereas I should have at least 22 (if not 23, can’t remember exactly) 🙁

  8. Still 4 elves missing
    finished tunnel 15
    4 at the start
    3 five day streaks
    I only have 18 elves
    Well I started my ticket on sunday, was told they are aware of the problem, by Tuesday I had no word so I had a call back from an ea rep both times ea staff was friendly courteous and made every effort to assist me but the issue still wasn’t fixed. Tuesday night I received an email from customer support was awarded missing presents but I’m still missing 4 elves from my game. The email gave no further information and informed me that they were closing the issue. I didn’t feel like the last email addressed the issue adequately.

    • To me, I do not think they can fix it in time before the event is done. I think there may be too much of a coding issue going on as this is what pretty much all of us are seeing, so…I am waiting and going to see how my gifts play out…then request compensation of the presents I WOULD have earned from it or an item missed due to it.

      • EA put three elves (my missing number of elves) in my inventory that are of no use since they can’t be removed from inventory. I asked about compensation and was offered eight presents. Seriously! Not a happy tapper right now.

  9. Hi!

    By missing elves do you mean that your current total does not make sense OR that there is an actual discrepancy between the number of elves it says are making toys, but you count less of then when you expand the list?

  10. Any real new regarding the missing elfves?

    • Not really. Just that they have no ability to put them back in the game, so for me…I am going to ask for a credit to my Presents missing that the ones gone would have earned…or…the gifts I miss due to missing presents they would have earned. Gonna see how it plays out first.

  11. I don’t have missing Elves, but I do have two pet peeves I already took up with EA (and I was 1/2 satisfied with the solutions)

    – game freezes up on me (I have to reboot smart phone)
    – network problems (another known issue)

    I applaud EA for being honest about these issues, except I feel they need to offer a download update that solves these problems

    My real pet peeve? The last 3 Elf Tunnel Prizes (12,13,14) have been ‘meh’ for long time Tappers (decor from last year? xmas decor skin for cat lady house? (if you don’t have the house it costs 180 donuts) a cider stand from last year? (still no xmas decor for Chief Wiggum’s house).

    An EPIC FAIL by EA (my opinion), the proof of that is I’m losing more Neighbors (can’t ask Tappers to stay if this game app isn’t fun for them), I guess the ONLY incentive is Elf Tunnel Quests get you more Elves & Presents (which Tappers need as the Santa Quest Prizes are quite clever) 🙂

  12. Thanks to TSTOAddicts for pointing this out. I was missing an elf. It took a day before I could, but I finally chatted with EA Support. At first they told me to wait 24 hours for maintenance to fix it, but I told it’s already been at least that long since it was missing, and in the interim, I’m out that elf’s gift production. The rep put me on hold a moment, came back, had me sign out of my account, and when I went back in, there was an Elf in my Inventory. I’m all caught up now.

  13. I have a mini solution to the problem after some thought: before clicking anything in your town click the link elf tunnel tab on the top right corner of this is not activating properly (ie not opening) then leave springfeildd either to Krustyland or friend selection screen it hard close app and return back to your own Springfield and try the same tab again. If it works then you are fine if not then try another way of getting the game to synchronise (I have mentioned 3)

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