Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 13

Hey All You Merry Grumples! 😛

Here we are again with the Elf Tunnels aka Santa Daily Tasks.

Santa 1

If you want ALL the details for Santa’s Daily Tasks aka Elf Tunnels (including Character Groups), please go to the MAIN Santa Daily Tasks Post.

Now for today’s Santa Daily Task. Just tap on the Elf Tunnel itself to be taken to all available Tasks.


Or tap on the Santa Daily Tasks Shortcut Icon in the top right corner of your Springfield. Santa's Daily Tasks Icon

Santa's Daily Tasks


Remember, if you have a task “stuck” or can’t get the next Tunnel to open try to go to Krustyland/Neighbors and back. Or exit out of game then go back in again. (It won’t let you start the new task until the other one is complete, this means to make sure ALL the money and items are collected.)

Here is today’s Santa Tasks.

Tunnel Task Length Character/Group
13 Make Bart Play With The Toy He Stole 8hrs Bart
Make Bart Make Hover Boards 4hrs Bart
Make Bart Get a Laughy Meal Toy 2hrs Bart
24 Hour Complete Bonus Prizes Options (The Game only picks ONE to give you)
100 Gifts Flanders House Christmas Decorations OR Crazy Cat Lady’s House Christmas Decorations, 1 Elf flandershouse_decorated_transimage

If you are missing Elves from the Tunnels, please Contact EA.

Again, you have plenty of time for these tasks. The 24 hour timer starts as soon as you being the first task. You can still complete the tasks past the 24 hour time, but you will NOT get the bonus 100 Gifts. So I suggest plan ahead to hit the timer BEFORE 24 hrs if you need those Extra Bonus 100 Gifts Each day.

There you have it. A general idea of what to anticipate for the Elf Tunnel Santa Daily Tasks. Have YOU completed any yet? Get the Bonus? What do you think of it all so far? Like the gifts? Let us know below.


43 responses to “Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 13

  1. I love the Simpsons tapped out game, however I just unlocked tunnel 13, I got the crazy cat house in my invortory but it’s locked and I don’t understand why?

  2. Just finished tunnel task within the 24 hour period but did not get the 100 presents for some reason and also Marge and Rev. Lovejoy are not able to do the 4 hour tasks in the toy shop either.Any answers?

  3. I don’t even have the cat lady house ….. Kind of pointless but I do need the elf and that 100 presents T_T

  4. I already have the Flanders decoration so it’s ginnangive me the crazy cat lady one. Problem is. I don’t have the crazy cat lady house. So what happens to the prize?

  5. Bart has had his task stuck at an hour for over 3 hours what can I do

    • Try tapping it from the Town Hall or the task itself. Try going in n out of Krustyland.

      If anything you can always store the treehouse and cancel the task but you lose time.

  6. It’s the second time I finish the tunnel tasks in time but don’t get the 100 presents. I spent over 2 hours with the live support person at EA (mainly waiting and looking at silly standard sentences, probably to keep me waiting while they are chatting with tons of people at the same time). Result, I need to try again when the specialists are available cause support people can’t DO anything, only give silly standard answers. Soooooooooo irritating…. 😫

  7. Does the game automatically default to the older prize i.e. Flanders over Crazy Cat Lady? I too want the decorations for Cat House, but I’m on the path for Flanders since this is my first TSTO Christmas. I’m especially concerned over tunnel 14 – cider stand over Snow Plow. I REALLY want that Plow, but if the pattern holds, I’ll be serving cider tomorrow.

    I sure hope you are right Bunny about storing the skins in the inventory.

  8. Is anyone missing bart making hover crest from yesterday tunnel prize?

  9. *sigh* I broke my own rule and didn’t check this post before making a move and went ahead and sent Bart on the first tunnel task as soon as I awakened. I don’t think there’s any way I can stay up late enough to finish this tunnel on time, which will make it the first tunnel for which I won’t earn the bonus. 😞

    Am I correct in assuming that, if I dumped Bart out of this first task, it won’t “unstart” the clock? I should have started this tunnel before bed tonight and finished it up tomorrow, instead.

  10. As a veteran I have been very disappointed with these daily tasks that award everything I already have from previous years! just because I get a Christmas decoration for a house or someone can earn a whopping 4 presents every 4 hours doesn’t mean I’m going to spend the donuts on it, It’ll just sit in inventory for an eternity just like barney’s and all those other premium character outfits I have in there.

  11. Sorry for my English in advance, I’m Brazilian.

    This is so unfair. I already have Flanders house Christmas but I DON’T have crazy cat house. I currently have 126 donuts, will spend 30 on a Christmas decoration that is supposed to be released on phase 2 (I just NEED to buy it), and gotta have at least 100 on February in hope of Brandine to return… Crazy cat house costs 180 doughnuts, and my priority among the permanent buildings/characters is Duff Brewery and Duffman (190 doughnuts). Being freemium is tough!

  12. make Bart eat a Laughy meal.. Do we need Krustyland for this task?

  13. Almost all items from Elf Tunnels got already last year . I have no desire to play if you do not get new things . This makes no sense . It is good for new players , which is the first Christmas in Springfield , but for us ” veterans ” makes no sense 🙁

  14. I’m so sad. The Crazy Cat Lady’s House is my favorite house. I would have loved to have the Christmas decoration for it, but this is my first winter playing. Oh well. Thank u so much for posting all this info. I visit everyday, several times to read all the posts.

    • I feel the same way, honey. We’ll have to keep playing and hope for the Cat Lady decorations next year.

  15. Tried all your tricks to get 13 to open without luck. Could time zones make a difference? (It’s nearly 7pm Sunday night on the east coast of Australia).

  16. Just curious…..if you already have Flanders House decorations and you can’t ever afford the donuts it would take to buy Crazy Cat Lady’s House therefore I won’t be able to use the decorations for it……will there be an alternate prize for us in this situation?

    • I am waiting to see what happens myself on this one. It may do what it did with Barney and other skins and just store one of the two into your inventory.

      • I’m in the same boat. I’m assuming it’ll just go into inventory, so the only reason I’ll be doing today’s task is for the elf and completion’s sake.

      • I am hoping It will store the skin as I don’t want to purchase the cat house until after the event but I don’t want to miss the skin either.

        I tried to buy the volcano lair skin hoping it would go into storage like with the stonecutter skins but it said I had to purchase the lair first. I ended up getting it when it helped collect more gifts so I have it now. With the cat house I am assuming since it’s something you win/earn and don’t purchase I am betting on it going into storage but I’m still nervous waiting to find out!

      • I already have Flanders House decorations and I have not spent the donuts to buy Crazy Cat Lady’s House; when I completed the tasks for tunnel 13, I only received an elf and the 100 extra presents – no decorations, and no skins stored in my inventory…

      • I have an King Barney stored since I don’t have him. I assume this decoration will be stored as well if you don’t have the cat house

    • I believe it stays in the storage box until you do get the house

    • Good question. I’m in the same boat. I’m hoping for a glitch? Yesterday, my daily prize was supposed to be the xmas lights for the white house, which I didn’t have, but when I completed the tasked, it told me I had a festive lawn angel in my inventory. I was almost upset, but then, it turns out, I got both.

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