Turbo Tappin’ Level 48: Janey, A “Friend” for Lisa

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah that new level smell!  Is there anything better than a fresh new level in TSTO?  Wait.  There is.  A fresh new level hitting in the middle of an event!  Always something to do in TSTO…and it’s AWESOME!

So now that there’s a new Level in our tapping devices, you know what that means right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin!  So with that let’s jump right in and Turbo Tap the Main Questline (Freemium) of Level 48!

As we mentioned in the Level 48 rundown post the main questline is started by Lisa, and her need for friend to finally join her in Springfield.  Even if that friend…is really just an acquaintance.  This prompts you to build Gold Navy, and wait 24hrs while it builds.  So now….let’s get to Tappin’ shall we?!

turbotappin level48

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Build Gold Navy- $724,000. 24hr Build. 

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 2
Janey Starts

Make Janey Setup ViewTube Account on her Laptop- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Lisa Record a School Awareness Video- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Make Janey Work on a Cat Video- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Lisa Work on a Cat Video- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 4
Janey starts

Make Lisa Pre-Plan a New Video- 12hrs, $420, 100xp
Make Janey Plan, Record, and Post Several Videos- 12hrs, $420, 100xp

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 5
Janey starts

Make Bart Put Ads on the ViewTube Account- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Double Trouble!
Bart starts

Make Bart Attempt to Discern Who he is Dating- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Sherri & Terri Go on a Date- 12hrs, Earns $1,200, 300xp

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 6
Janey starts

Make Janey Create a School Fashion Video- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Lisa Cry- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Bart Record a Video of Lisa Crying- 
6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 7
Lisa starts

Make Bart Go to His Room- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Lisa Go to her Room- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 8
Janey starts

Make Bart Try to Bribe the Establishment- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Wiggum Charge Bart with Fraud and Attempted Bribery- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 9
Janey starts

Make Janey Shut Down the ViewTube Channel- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

And with that Level 48 is complete!

It’s a fun little update to keep you busy tapping when you’re not collecting presents.  If you run it from start to finish, with out using donuts, it will take you 4days and 16hrs to complete.

My best advice?  DON’T RUSH IT!  Take your time with this questline.  Focus on sending Bart & Lisa to make presents, especially if you’re behind.  You can try to budget you time to complete this along with Christmas.  Just remember….Level 48 will still be here after Christmas is over.  Christmas however is gone, once it’s over.  So prioritize the limited-time over the long time.  Make sense?  At least that’s what I would do (and am doing).  And remember…save those donuts for content.  Don’t spend them on rushing.  🙂

What do YOU think of Level 48?  Were you happy with the character choice?  How about Janey’s Dialogue?  Where have you placed Gold Navy in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

19 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Level 48: Janey, A “Friend” for Lisa

  1. I have been level 48 for while now. My husband is almost at the present for reaching a new level and we still have not gotten the Janey questline. I can see gold navy in my store but the quest has not started Lisa is free, and I’ve kept her that way just in case it suddenly triggers.


  2. Lisa’s so nice and good (and, admittedly, my favorite) that I really didn’t like having to make her cry just now. 😔

    (It probably doesn’t help that I’m feeling a little down in the dumps myself right now, either.)

  3. So, this last update fixed the Writers Compound paying out to often. But, it did not fix the Kwik-E-Mart not paying at all. Any idea if they are going to fix? At least I could sell them back for $55 and get some more land cleared up.

  4. There’s an even mix of Freemium and Premium available
    I just want more spaces for Squidport Pier (and new items for there)
    Also, feels like Krustyland is getting ignored (again) so I hope EA does something there for January / February

    Either then that? Have fun fellow Tappers 🙂

  5. I’m sure not rushing this one, but already something went wrong with: Make Lisa Record a School Awareness Video and I’m having to do it a second time. If it doesn’t trigger this time, I’m going back to Santa quests and staying with them until a patch or update.

  6. I believe you ment to write “Make Bart go to his room”, but you wrote “Make Go to his room”.


  7. Not going to rush this at all !!!!

  8. Janey, with friends like that, you don’t need enemies.

  9. The GN store looks great with all of the other mall stores (Banana Dictatorship, Costingtons, etc.) and doesn’t have too large of a footprint which is great so I was able to work it in to my existing design (rather than just place it randomly).

    Dear Santa – all I want for Christmas is a land expansion! 🙂

  10. What happens if you don’t have Sherri & Terri?

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