Christmas Present Prizes: Breaking Down the Nativity

Hey Howdy Hey My Elfish Tappers!

Well….unless you’ve been caught in a major snowstorm you know that Christmas has arrived in Springfield! A light snow is falling & Santa has arrived in town!   By now we’re all busy sending those elves and residents to the workshop to make presents!

With this event EA is repeating a similar prize structure to what they did for Halloween, only more prizes, and releasing the event (and prizes) in stages.  For the first phase, which lasts until Christmas Eve (12/24), you can win 8 prizes by collecting Presents.  The eight and final prize is awarded at 14,000 Presents and it’s the Nativity.  

2014-12-04 01.10.46

Let’s take a closer look at this living Nativity, and just what happens when you add it to your Springfield..



Note: I know many of you are not here yet.  And don’t worry you’re not behind.  If you’re following Bunny’s calendar you have until the 23rd to reach 14,000 presents.  I just know from the comments that many of you will be reaching this at some point over the weekend, so I wanted to make sure all of the details were out there prior to the weekend.  So don’t panic if you haven’t gotten the Nativity yet.  You’ve still got plenty of time. 

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Ahead

Once you’ve collected 14,000 Presents the Nativity will automatically be awarded to you and you’ll see this popup:

2014-12-04 01.11.01

Much like Friendship Prizes, if you’re visiting a neighbor when you hit the 14,000 Presents mark this message will still popup and this Nativity will be waiting for you in your inventory once you get back to your Springfield.

The Nativity Scene will be placed in your inventory, so you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it.  Just tap on the “use” icon to place it in your Springfield:

2014-12-04 01.11.05

Region Capture

Before this is  placed in your Springfield some short dialogue between Homer and Lisa will popup & some tasks will be required for Homer, Lisa, Marge & Bart.  Here’s the full rundown:

Our Home and Nativity Land

Homer: Okay, if we do this right, we can finally beat flanders for “Best Nativity Scene” in the Evergreen Terrace Holiday competition.
Lisa: As an occasionally practicing Buddhist, I’m not sure I want to be part of this.
Homer: Dose Buddhism have angels?
Lisa: Well, there are avatars of those who have passed beyond the circles of time and then returned to help others achieve Nirvana.
Homer: Fine.  You’re an angel.
Place the Nativity Scene
Make Homer Be Joseph- 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp
Make Marge Be Mary- 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp
Make Lisa be an Angel- 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp
Make Bart be Baby Jesus (Jebus)- 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp

Completed Task Earns 100 Presents and 10XP



This, in my opinion, is by far the best prize of this event.  Something characters actually use and it looks AWESOME!  A great prize for the final Present Prize!

So here’s the deal with this living Nativity:

-Decoration for your Springfield
-Tasks for Homer, Marge, Lisa & Bart there
-Improves Righteousness (+10).  So for those worried about vandalism, this will help.
-Only animated when in use

So that about covers all the details on the final present prize, the Nativity!

What do YOU think of the Nativity?  Have you won it yet?  Where are you in the present prizes?  Many left to go?  Ready for phase 2?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

81 responses to “Christmas Present Prizes: Breaking Down the Nativity

  1. Just wondering before the Christmas event expires, the only prize I’m short because I didn’t get it in time is the nativity scene, is it still worth getting, advice please….

    • It is up to you. A cool decoration. Liked the task there. Don’t know if it is event only. Don’t know til after the event what it will do… after the event. Lol

  2. Has anyone paid donuts to get this after part 1 ended? I still have the option to buy it for 45 donuts and really want to do so, but am wandering if the tasks will still unlock for the Simpson family?

  3. I got my nativity just before the end (thanks to my new friends!) but didn’t start the 16 hour quest as I thought either Homer or Lisa would start off Part 2. Now the quest has disappeared. Anything I can do to get it back?

  4. Whew! Just got mine this morning! Without that last quest yesterday i wouldn’t have made it!

  5. I am 160 away with 2 hours to go, and nothing to collect for 4 hours. I’m not gonna make it. Just barely not gonna make it. Aargh.

    I could get it for 20 donuts, but since I’m a strictly free player (never bought a single donut ever), that seems a steep price to pay.

    • Everyone’s at different places some players are as much as 60 away and debating spending donuts for it. So 20 isn’t too bad. But it is a personal preference…

  6. Hey Addicts, I have a dilemma. I will not be able to make the deadline without using donuts to get it. However, I do have enough donuts to purchase it. My question is, is this prize worth 30 donuts?

    • I will only have 5 donuts left if i make this purchase.

    • It’s a personal preference. Personally I think the 30 is worth it. BUT i’m a premium player. So it’s a little different. It comes down to how hard will you be kicking yourself if you don’t do it. Because I can tell you if it ever comes back…it will be way more than 30 donuts.

      It also depends on if you plan on buying anything in part 2. But I can tell you most of the stuff will cost more than 35 donuts.

  7. Would you lay 35 donuts for this? I’m down to the wire and won’t get enough since it ends in 6 hours. At 13790

  8. 12100 presents don’t know if I’ll make it too the prize

  9. Awh fudge balls Im two days behind on the prize calendar looks like I won’t get this poop

  10. Currently have 10,500 presents & just over 3 days left…don’t think I’ll have enough for this prize! :'(

  11. Got mine today and I really hope that these tasks will stick around as options after Christmas. This has been my favorite special event so far and I really love the prizes, this last one in particular. Can’t wait for part two.

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