12/22 In Game Update: Apu, Frankincense & Donuts

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we had a little in-game update hit our Tapping Devices…..

2014-12-16 14.28.54

I’m hoping the main reason for this update is to fix the Zutroy glitch..so if he’s been missing in your Springfield and you finally got him after this update, please let us know.

Update: This is NOT a Zutory patch.  The patch is still on it’s way…this is something else…

In addition there’s also a new questline with Apu that’s popped up.  It’s called Frankincense, Myrrh, and Donuts.  I’m currently running through it to see exactly what’s involved and will let you know on this post shortly….

More details below the fold

Ok guys….so here’s what this is.

Today and tomorrow there will be short quests for Apu.  These are teaser quests setting everyone up for a Donut Promo of some sort (not sure if it’ll be Gil or not yet.  For now I just know it’s something with donuts)….on the 24th.

So for today you’ll have to do the following task with Apu:

Make Apu Hide from his Family- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Tomorrow (12/23) at 0800 GMT (3am EST)…Part 2 of this will unlock.  You’ll then have to do another quest with Apu & then the little Promo Teaser will be over…

Starting 12/24…the Donut Promo itself should start.

Note that we’re saying should start.  You never know with EA.  This is what we’re seeing but can’t confirm anything until it actually hits the games.

So fingers crossed that Gil is coming to town with sacks of day old donuts at a discount….but we won’t know until the 24th….

For now enjoy the fun little dialogue between Apu and Manjula…I know I did! 🙂

What do YOU think of this mini update?  Do you have plans for Gil if he comes to down selling donuts?  Thoughts about Apu’s dialogue?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

151 responses to “12/22 In Game Update: Apu, Frankincense & Donuts

  1. I lost appx 60 donuts with this update. It took about 4 hrs over 2 days to get EA to fix that. I still haven’t received Zutroy. I have a couple years and a lot of donuts invested in my Springfield. This recent glitchiness makes me want to shut it down. UGH.

  2. Was there more to the questline than the 8 hour task?

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been having so many problems with stuck tasks I was sure I was missing out on donut-related fun.

  4. So, just to be clear, after Apu does his second task, that’s it for that questline until tomorrow? I hated seeing that donut task icon go away, but, if it will be back tomorrow, I can wait patiently for it (well…maybe not completely patiently, but I can wait without worrying anyway 😉).

  5. I think all these Freemium games should have a conversion rate that you could trade in game currency for Premium Currency as that would be awesome. Basically let’s say you could trade $1oo in game currency for 1 Donut. It sucks that games don’t offer that. Plus hopefully I get Zubouh or that annoyance. *****

  6. Still no Zutroy here 🙁

  7. Finished Apu’s part 1 quest, but although it claimed the money and was marked as “Done!!”, part 2 didn’t start. This happened on both of my games.
    Go out of your Springfield (e.g.: to the Neighbours/Friends screen) and then back in and it should kick in.
    Homer also just started a “Dress as Santa” task for an hour. That may be due to it being Dec 24 here now.

  8. Mini Update also finds Homer being Santa Claus and riding that Sleigh
    (I guess its a Freemium experience from EA to compensate for Network problems? I will take it!) 🙂

  9. I have 3 level 48 towns on the go on Kindles, none had Zutroy until this morning, 2 had him in the inventory when scrolling through the other didn’t. I tried all sorts and he finally turned up, so not sure what sprung him. Also 2 towns launched Apu`s quest, while the last only did once I put the KEM into storage! So anger over!
    Also have you run through the Homer Santa quest? Does that tie in with Apu to kick off the next phase?

  10. Ever since the update ONE fed shows up….ea fix this or remove the feds please! Very frustrating hearing the siren when i log in, and visit my friends, to look around, see nothing, in & out of krustyland, and one fed appears, then says all clear after tapping! Really missing out on fed presents…is Christmas over yet?!😡

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