Where Did THAT Come From – Zutroy

Where are you Christmas?
Why can’t I find you?
Why have you gone away?
Where is the laughter
You used to bring me?
Why can’t I hear music play?

My world is changing
I’m rearranging
Does that mean Christmas changes too?

Hey there holiday tappers! Howzit? So I must admit I’ve been watching Ron Howard’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas and have that Cindy Lou Who song stuck in my furry noggin. I was humming the melody and realized the opening lyrics apply to some of our festive tapper issues with glitches during this update. TSTO may be in White Christmas mode but it also included the new question of WHERE’S MY ZUTROY!?! Has Christmas changed? Oh… the whomanity! Of course, this also begs the question of what is a Zutroy and where the heck did THAT come from. Well my dear readers, that’s where the walking carpet comes in. Let’s find out shall we?

Zutroy 1

Zutroy was our extra bonus for completing all 19 elf tunnels. He’s a playable character with a questline and tasks. To find him, we head to “The Last Temptation of Homer” (S5:E9). Fans/nerds of the show know this episode as the Mindy Simmons temptation episode but it’s chock full of other goodness too.  One foot narrower teacher parking spots… super-nerd Bart… Stewart the duck… singing fish at the trout hatchery… painted-on emergency exits…

It’s that last one that brings us to the point. When the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s Dangerous Emissions Supervisor alerts Mr. Burns to the need for real emergency exits, he gets tubed to an Indian cabaret.

Burns' chute to India

Burns now needs a replacement and wants one on the cheap. Enter Zutroy who works for one shiny penny a day and is “as American as apple pie” even if he speaks in an Eastern European dialect.  Dodontoc?  Krabdanic?  Nikrabda?  Datoc?  Tocdatoc?  Danikrab?  Tockikrabda even.


Burns and his illegal immigrant are caught by the Department of Labor (Burns also had a Brazilian soccer team working in his reactor core), forcing Burns to finally reverse his sexist employment policies and hire at least one woman. Enter Mindy.

Zutroy 2

Zutroy was also mentioned during Mr. Burns’ corporate retreat for “teamwork” in “Mountain of Madness” (S8:E12). He was paired up with Phong so provided he didn’t come in last, I don’t think he was fired after the bust. Probably just playing football in the core lol.

And that’s it for Zutroy my friends. He was just a quick blip in the episode that now is a fully fleshed out character. I do think he strongly resembles Crazy Vaclav from “Mr. Plow” (S4:E9) though. If Vaclav spoke less English, he’d be a shoe-in. Sure Zutroy is voiced by Dan Castellanetta and Vaclav by Hank Azaria and they have slightly different features but I find them very similar. Maybe they’re related? Maybe they work for the Klav Kalash Empire? Maybe this is what the animators consider a stereotypical Eastern European? Maybe I need a life?

Crazy Vaclav

Anywho… Hope everyone’s glitches in game are all sorted and unintelligible billionaire Zutroy is wandering your towns. I’ll finish off this madness with Zutroy’s tasks in TSTO.

Zutroy Zutroy Siesta Zutroy Hide from Federales

Task Length Earns Required
Siesta 1hr $105, 26 XP Requires Bench – Outside Task
Take a Break 4hrs $260, 70 XP Control Building
Take English Classes 8hrs $420, 105 XP Adult Education Annex
Hide From Unsympathetic Springfielders 12hrs $600, 150 XP Requires Large Hedge – Outside Task
Earn a Shiny Penny 24hrs $1000, 225 XP Control Building

Until next time, keep it classy and have a Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate-This-Time-Of-Year!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

43 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Zutroy

  1. I just now discovered that Zutroy is supposed to have a 1 hour task! It’s not available for me, even though I’ve got lots of benches.

  2. I finally had to contact EA live chat (it took a while to get through, so pack your patience) but they did just put it into my inventory.

  3. I am just getting normal freemium payouts.

  4. Do you guys know if he will be able to do springfield quest tasks like when they were protesting? Also why is he premium?

  5. I was able to get Zutroy, but my quest line and payouts are not at all what you have listed. Is this part of th glitch??

  6. 🙁 I still don’t have Zutroy and missing 2 elf’s. Anyone else still having probs? Also I never got the mini task with Apu. Did I miss out on anything? What the heck is going on??? 🙁

    • It’s going around. Lots of gitches. Contact EA and let them know what’s going on. If you try doing it now you should be able to get a phone call option (put in missing item)…and from the call they should be able to add him for you right away.

  7. Here’s what worked for me. I was told to tapp on the cabin, then went into my inventory and Zutroy was there, all the way at the end.

  8. What kind of bench is needed for Zutroy to take a nap on so I can do the 60m task? I have benches but that task option is not available to me.

  9. Update, Reinstall 3x. Message about last day to get Zutroy. NOTHING. No Zutroy for me. And no I’m not contacting EA for the 4th time. No one there will help.

    • If you try to trigger the phone option, many players are finding that the rep on the phone is putting him in their inventory…while they’re on the phone. However…wait until after 9am EST tomorrow otherwise it won’t trigger…since their closed.

  10. “Put it in H!”

  11. Blah , update came but no Zutroy who I need because he looks like super Mario . Don’t have a clue what the update did as everything is still wonky
    BTW when santa delivers presents is he supposed to be flying ?

  12. Just got an update and Zoltoy finally appeared.

  13. Grrrrr. I’ve contacted EA twice about missing Zutroy. They keep saying that a patch will come and fix his MIA. So where are my free doughnuts for staying online waiting for the EA advisors? And my proper compensation? C’mon Santa. I’ve been a good dude this year!

  14. it takes a little patience but use the EA help chat and they’ll put Zutroy into your game manually..I just couldn’t wait for the supposedly imminent patch

  15. Okay, I have two theories about how/why Zutroy kinda sorta fits in to this holiday event (bear with me…these are, admittedly, a bit of a stretch…). First, Zutroy is an illegal immigrant, like the elves (only the “feds” that come after Zutroy are from the Dept. of Labor). Second, the name of the episode is a play on “The Last Temptation of Christ,” so there’s that Christ/Christmas thing going on there..

    Time to go back to watching the episode now!

    • Oh, and he called her an elf, when he can’t read what he wrote on his hand because his palms got all sweaty. Lol!

  16. Now that I have on-demand access to every Simpsons episode via my FXNow Roku app, I’m definitely going to check out that one today! It’s so helpful having these posts which spell out exactly which season and episode things are from! 🙂

  17. I decided to break down and just fill out a ticket and had EA call me. Took me all of 5 minutes (after missing the first call which happened 45mins after ticket, then second ticket and waited an additional 1.5hours). But stayed on the phone and they had a script to add him to the game. The lady gave me a couple presents for the inconvenience. So, just a matter of taking the time and getting it done.

  18. Wth! Why are my comments being passed over?

  19. Do we know if stockpiling presents for round 2 will help us get a head start after we have cleared all of round 1’s presents? Or can I take a break for a day?

  20. Freemium character (that’s right, free)
    Freemium Quest (generates XP & $)
    Freemium Decoration (doesn’t generate anything)
    But EA still won’t take care of Network issues properly
    (coming up on 2 years Tapping & this problem needs to cease)
    Meanwhile, Apu’s New Quest is funny
    Happy Xmas Hanukkah Solstice Kwanzaa Ramadan fellow Tappers 🙂

  21. Why are some comments approved ahead of others? Shouldn’t they be either approved or removedin the order they are posted? Just curious….keep up the good work!

    • It depends on who’s going through them and the mood we’re in. Sometimes we go top to bottom (newest to oldest) sometimes we go bottom to top (oldest to newest) sometimes we start in the middle. Sometimes we clear friend requests first, sometimes we clear them last. Sometimes we go post by post doing comments on 1 post at a time. Just depends on our mood. And if there’s 2 of us in at once..usually one goes bottom to top and the other goes top to bottom. There are also times when we have to look something up and we leave it until we get a moment to do the research on it.

  22. How long does he take to show up and did we have to get all of the bonus prizes? I don’t have him and I completed a couple days ago

  23. Thanks for that although I still DONT have this character and I should have had him days ago.

  24. Still haven’t received Zutroy after doing everything . 😞

  25. My world is changing
    I’m rearranging

    Oh so appropriate here……

    I still don’t see how this character has any relation to Christmas, but I’ll take a free premium rate character any day!

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