Christmas Phase 2 is Live….

Update: A lot of crashing and Bart screens going on.  Be patient as everyone’s trying to get on at once.  Give it a little time and then try again.

UPDATE BUNNY: In usual fashion, for those still crashing…you are welcome to try the basics, contact EA, but here is also the link in the forums. Let’s light it up. 🙂

And it looks like that got their attention. Lol. Patches coming fast to the games. See if you can play again.


UPDATE BUNNY: When EA is back up after the holidays, I will harass them on why Sideshow You is glitching. For now, enjoy the Holidays. 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Merry Christmas Eve!  (and for some of you Merry Christmas!)  Phase 2 of Christmas has hit our Tapping Devices this afternoon.  So if you were starting to feel warn down on Present collecting now’s time for something new in Springfield.


First..know that it should auto-start.  And your first task involves tasks for Homer (8hrs) and Lisa (1hr)… (also note..Santa does leave town)

So let’s take a look at all the goodies that come along with Phase 2….

UPDATE BUNNY: You will have to go through a few different tasks BEFORE you see all of Phase 2 in your game (similar to Phase 1). You will need to complete the questline to “Project After-Party” Part 3 before you will start to see the majority of prizes, breakdown, bell collection, and neighbor bell taps enabled. So sit tight…this was not meant to launch the second it hit the game. Enjoy the Holiday. 🙂

Ok guys…it’s Christmas Eve.  We’re all getting ready to spend the next couple of days with our families.  So in this post we’re going to break down the very basic info of the basics of Part 2 of the event.  And then we’ll cover it more in depth after Christmas is over…. (on Friday) 🙂

Here’s a quick run down…

2014-12-24 17.12.08

The Elves are crazy about Partying and it’s your job to get the out of Springfield.  It’ll be a good 12hrs before you get to this stage.  But you’ll have to place the Elf Cannon…

Elf Canon 1 Elf Cannon- $1,000.

Once you place the Cannon that’s when Phase 2 stuff will start for you.

You collect Elves (by tapping on the flying ones) to fire them in the cannon and earn Elf Bells.  The bells are the currency in the game (the new presents)

UPDATE BUNNY: For me…the Elf Cannon comes with 3 shots. Each shot will blast up to 9 Elves. So a possible total of 27 Elves shot possible. Then…the Cannon will rest for 4 hrs before you can shoot it again. 


Now let’s take a look at the new store items…

2014-12-03 23.56.45

This WILL have limited-time items …within limited-time items.  However…EA learned it’s lesson from Halloween and the items that are super limited have timers on them!

So here’s what you can get in the store right now…

skilift_menu unlock_ned_stupidsexyflandersSki Lift & Stupid Sexy Flanders- 150 donuts

icepalace Ice Palance- 120 Donuts (ends in 19 days)


(note ALL of these are returning from 2012 and 2013)

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_2Festive Bell Lamp Post- $385

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_1Festive Bow Lamp Post- $385

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_3Festive Wreath Lamp Post- $385

springfieldskatingrink_menuSkating Rink- 85 Donuts

ico_xmas_springfieldmall_mdSpringfield Mall- 90 Donuts

ico_xmas_happyelvesride_mdHappy Elves Ride- 30 Donuts


 Part 2 Prizes:

thenorthpoleflipped_transimageThe North Pole- 1,000 Elf Bells


Elf Canon Control Cannon Control-1,700 Elf Bells

UPDATE BUNNY: In order to Collect Cog Wheels, you will need to earn the Cannon Control Building. It will help. 

Elf_Bottler  Elf Bottler-3,700 Elf Bells

UPDATE BUNNY: This works similar to the Bunny Zapper at Easter time. Once you earn this, you can tap and drag your finger around the screen to “zap” and bottle the elves. This will make it a LOT easier than tracking them down or trying to find them in hidden spots. 

sequelstopflipped_transimage Sequel Stop- 6,500 Elf Bells

unlock_annualgiftman Annual Gift Man- 10,100 Elf Bells

unlock_ralph_littlehelper Little Helper Ralph- 13,800 Elf Bells

sprucecabooseflipped_transimage Spruce Caboose- 17,700 Elf Bells

Tropical Island Tropical Island- 22,500 Elf Bells

UPDATE BUNNY: As you play through your 5 day streak in the game, the first 4 days will award bells (similar to the presents last round). On the 5th day of a playing streak, you will be able to win Cog Wheels.Phase 2 Daily Combo 5 day streak

Well my friends that’s all the basic details on Christmas for now…now I’m off to spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws!  We’ll work through more details on this update after Christmas.  For now…enjoy shooting elves!

What do YOU think of Christmas part 2 update?  Anything your excited to see?  Thoughts on the way this event is setup?  (like a combo of Halloween and Stonecutters)  Any decos you still hope to see?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

533 responses to “Christmas Phase 2 is Live….

  1. Anyone know if bells are set exactly like friend points?

  2. Sorry meant there will be 8-9 hours after the ice castle is gone from the store. Which will most likely be enough time for more limited items to be purchased.

  3. Haven’t been on cause had to get new charge cable but yeah pretty much got everything up to Ralphies new outfit.

    I noticed that before the event is over there’s going to be still bout 8-9 hrs for the ice castle.

    Wondering if there will be a last minute limited edition holiday item to get.

    Last time it was the Dino car smasher. Obviously not what it’s called but that’s the point.

    So I’m sure they’ll have something else plus of course mostl likely more charachter skins like for homer and Barney and others.

    Too bad you won’t be able to take all the extra elves you have at last moment and Fire em off in the cannon and see if you can have enough for more prizes. That would actually be cool as im sure we all will have extra jars. Happy tapping.

  4. What happens once you finish the second part? Will you be able to go back to part one or get dounts?

  5. Is anyone having problems getting bells from neighbors Canon’s and elf doors? I haven’t received any from the last few neighbors I have visited.

  6. Need better ways to get Cog wheels the quest has a deadline and not everyone have donuts to buy extra wheels..aube the town should do something for 5 Cog Wheels each something like that..

    • I wouldn’t worry about getting cogwheels fast…at a certain point, you probably won’t have enough elves to shoot anyway, without getting your cannon to the highest levels with the shortest reload times. Focus on getting bells (by tapping neighbor’s caves and cannons, clearing your own of handshakes, and firing the cannon when you can) and don’t worry about the cogs. (At least, that’s my take…)

  7. Am I missing something in relation to shooting elves? I can only shoot every 2.45 hours and I have over 400 excess bottled elives and I see ALOT of ppl saying the don’t have enough? I’m only shooting when I can which isn’t very often?

  8. I’ve run out of elves to fire and they aren’t coming back quickly enough to fuel the cannon. Is there a way to get elves in my Springfield faster?

    • Stop bottling them so fast? Lol. 3/30 min

      • But why would I bother to spend donuts to speed up my cannon cooling when there’s no way to make elf production speed up so I can actually fire the cannon? There was a remark from one of the characters a few days ago about people not spending donuts… but it doesn’t make sense to use donuts on the canon. I would rather be able to buy elves than cogs in the store.

  9. I am using Apple and the elf bottler does not work at all.

    • Odd…My iPod touch works.

    • Yeah I’m having what’s probably the same issue on my iPhone 4s. If I don’t tap and hold almost right on top of an elf, I see the animation of the zappers area of effect circle but it doesn’t bag any of the elves within the area. If I do click almost right on an elf and hold to zap, it gets that one elf about half the time. It’s so bad that it’s far easier to single tap each elf, frustrating.

  10. When I got the sequel stop store all of the character could do a 2 hour job. I think it was ‘argue about sequel store’, That job option is longer available. Does anyone know why. I loved that there was another 2 hour option. It sure made it a lot easier to collect when just about everyone was in one place:)

  11. Will the Yes Guy be returning to The Store this season?

  12. What does Annual Gift Men shoot out of his hands? I’ve tried zooming all the way in, but it goes by too quickly and I can’t make it out…

    • If you store him and tap on his blue info “i” icon, you don’t have to zoom in. “Tap to fire Rockets”. 😉

      • Huh. Thanks!

        Boy, Christmas sure does engender a lot of violent images for these writers! Makes me wonder what *their* Christmases were like when they were kids… 😉

        • Well…there has most definitely been a “softer” version of things for kids recently compared to older cartoons and their “violence” as well as unmonitored or checked childrens toys. Toys were made out of sharp metal objects for my Gramms era. Lol.

      • Yeah, but could you imagine giving a little kid a Frosty the Hitman toy (with real, sharp knives!) LOL! I don’t think he’d sleep for weeks!

        On the other hand, when I read about the whole “Elf on a Shelf” thing, I thought that was really creepy, too! 😉

      • Oh, and as to the old metal toys… I slit my toe once on the edge of one of my metal erector set pieces when I was a kid, so I can definitely relate! (But I’d hate to see them make the pieces out of plastic instead… Maybe just smooth the edges a bit?)

      • Oh ITA about Teddy Ruxpin – my husband always jokes about putting a Black Sabbath cassette tape in him. I was really surprised how many people listed him as their favorite Christmas present in Sunday’s contest thread!

        I think the Funzos are a bit creepy too (kind of like Furbies?).

        • Teddy was actually my fave too. Should’ve seen my face when my Dad added Grubby to the mix.

        • Mix of the two. And the one my mom got…still was around…so…I would take it and put in some death metal music and go leave it outside my parents room in the middle of the night…OR… around halloween… paint its eyes with glow in the dark paint and put in a scary sounds tape. It didn’t look possessed at all. HAHAHHAHA 😛

          My Dad LOVED playing practical jokes on us kids. I got him back quite a few times. 😉

      • Sounds like a fun (if a bit frightening) family! 😀

  13. I didn’t realize how much Sideshow Bob’s game helped me in Krusty Land until it stopped working. ” You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” I guess.

  14. I have found what I think is a good workaround for the elf bottler… i just go to the “move” button (the four arrows), and make everything but the characters visible. The elves are really easy to find that way, even if they are hiding behind buildings!

  15. Hi guys. Only getting the one shot before needing to cool down and no elves flying out now on “fire without mercy”.

    Is this what everyone else is experiencing? To be honest, would have expected to see elves firing out and 3 shots logged. Not looking forward to 27+ hours of firing.

    • Whoops, I replied to the wrong post on my first try…

      My game just did this too. As far as I can tell I shot zero elves and only got one shot before cool down.

      • Seems to be working ok now. Fired off a load of elves and counting off my 9 to go. Now, if I could just connect, I’ll be fine.

      • I haven’t seen a repeat yet. It just happened once right after I started the fire without mercy task.

  16. Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else (I know you’re busy and don’t mean to waste your time!) but I can’t find it – when I go to the neighbours screen, it comes up with a leaderboard for sending bottled elves to your neigbours, but in their towns I can’t see any option or way to do this? Maybe it will come later in the quest line but I am up to part 8 and nothing. Any info on this? Thanks 🙂

  17. My elf bottler is just not working. I’ve tapped and held for a while and still nothing. How important is the task that requires it’s use? I’m fine ignoring the bottler amd collecting elves the old fashioned way if it’s not a task that leads to a more important task. I’d rather just avoid the frustration and pretend it’s not there if I can.

  18. I collect my elves faithfully… Now that I’m at level 7, I find it hard to earn enough elves in my town to blast every 3 hours…. Would like to earn enough elves to keep up with cannon

  19. How often do elves show up?

  20. Is anyone else having trouble with the cannon upgrades? It said I should now get 4 bells after firing but I only get 3. Any ideas for a fix? Thanks

    • Are you looking visually at the bells that pop out? Or the number that appears above them when they collect? Some say +2 Or w/e to equal out.

      • Doh !Yes I was looking at the bells,so I did try to read the writing but white words on a snowy background isn’t easy.Having done the math it appears I am getting 4 bells per elf, so all is well. Thank you so much for your help

  21. I can’t get the elf bottler to work. My bunny zapper never worked either. I’ve tried it on two devices! I wouldn’t mind except you need to zap 20 elves to complete a task.

    • I am having the same problem with the bottler. It will not work at all.

      • I made a post on Ea’s Bug forum. Hopefully when they fix the bigger issues they’ll also take care of that. Wouldn’t hurt to have a few of us report it though. 😉

      • Update: I think I figured out the problem. The game, for whatever reason, is having a hard time distinguishing the difference between a tap and a drag. When I tap and leave my finger in place the game thinks I am trying to drag. I got around this by tapping on something (money, elf, handshake etc.) then I keep my finger down and move it around the board. It is really a pain which makes this tool virtually useless but at least I am able to use it to complete the task.

  22. Happy Holidays Tapped Gurus,

    Can you explain exactly how to use the elf bottler? I know it is supposed to work like the bunny zapper, but when I tap the screen and drag around nothing happens except I get a nice tour of my Town.

    Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?


    • Just to follow up, I have now been able to get it to work……a little. I seem to do the same thing and some times it works and some times (most times) it doesn’t.

      For other people having this problem, you will know it is working when a n electric voltage appears around when you hold your tap down.

      Good luck everyone 🙂

      • The bunny zapper worked fine for me at Easter, but I can’t get anything out of the elf zapper. I put my finger on it and the button goes white (indicating it is registering a “press”), but that’s it. No little “electricity” graphics. If I keep my finger down and move away, eventually the button loses focus. If I lift my finger, I get the “tap and move” instruction box again. Frustrating!

        • Don’t tap on the button itself. That just triggers it and the pop up. You need to tap ONLY the screen. Usually in a blank area so you don’t trigger a task or building.

      • I’m having the same problem. Tried hard stopping app and hasn’t helped. Anything else to do or try besides calling EA?

  23. Has anyone else noticed Martin’sice princess costume is missing? Just noticed a few minutes ago, and was curious is it went away when the ice palace was released (meaning that the skin is now premium).

  24. What the heck! Ive only gotten 6 cogs all day. And ive been logging on every hour. Yesterday i got more elves than i could fire out of the cannon, and still had about 100 in jars. Today, ive fired all my elves left from yesterday, and all from today.

    Why the shortage of elves today?

  25. Is anyone else having trouble with the balloon pop game in krustyland my stopped working after I updated at Christmas

  26. Ok whew… We are suppose to tap on the elf tunnel and cannon. It was freaking me out because the tunnel was making the vandalism noise! So I figured I’d better take a break and pop over here to see if you guys had a post about it yet.😀 I’m one of the long time players who didn’t understand what the big deal with vandalizing was until I recently read your post about it. (Thanks for the post! Sorry old neighbors!) btw, although I will try my best not to accidently vandalize my neighbors, if you are my neighbor… Go for it! Vandalize away!😝
    I just have one request for everyone during Christmas Phase 2.
    Please, please, please move your Cannon a little teeny tiny bit closer to your Elf Tunnel. The game is now opening on the Cannon and while I understand that you have a design in mind for your Springfield, it really makes it difficult to be a good neighbor and search out those two things in a Level 47 Springfield when they are on opposite sides of town. It’s not a problem with the lower level newer players (under Level 20) but some of the Springfields are so magnificently decorated it can be kinda hard to spot stuff… And to be quiet honest with 100 neighbors after a while it’s like “ugh I’m getting tired… I’m tapping on whatever’s close…”. I actually just rearranged mine before I popped over here. They are not where I really want them (the cannon looked awesome on my dock!) but for now that’s where they’re gonna live.
    Thanks guys!🍻

    • I’m with you, totally agree. I want to be a good neighbour but my internet connection isn’t so good. It takes me so long to get into all my neighbours so almost every day my visiting times have to move forward and then every so many days, I lose a day and have to start again in the morning. When I have to search around to help them the best I can, that lost day comes around faster.
      I know some of my friends get 100mb but I am lucky if I reach 3mb and then with all the lost downtime from EA it’s a struggle. Sometimes I wish I could leave a message for all my neighbours so that they realise my problems.
      I don’t always like how my town looks but I try and arrange it to the best advantage to my visitors, especially on an event, and always leave something close that I don’t collect.
      If available I will always tap the canon and elf cave because it gives them bells as well.

  27. I got a google play gift card for Christmas and bought $20 worth of holiday donuts yesterrday. Never got a single donut from it and my account says that I bought them but all I have is the 1 donut I had before. It has been over 24hrs and still nothing. Can anyone provide a link as to where I can complain? Is anyone else having this problem? If so, did you get it fixed? Thanks everyone!

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