Addicts Question Corner: Phase 2 of Christmas

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well after taking some time off to be with our families during Christmas…we’re back!  And you guys have a TON of questions.  Could EA have picked a more inconvenient time to have an update AND have a major server crash issue?!

Hopefully everyone’s back up at this point (I know last night’s patch helped me get back in).  If you’re still having issues we recommend contacting EA.  They should be back open now (they were closed yesterday for Christmas)…and if you need more assistance than the patch they should be able to help (or at least escalate your specific game).

Now…since the night before Christmas brought a new Phase of Christmas and we know a lot of you still have a TON of questions about it (of course us taking time off right after it hit didn’t help..) I figured now would be a good time for another edition of Addicts question corner.  This time we’ll tackle the basics of Phase 2.  We’ll still have more in-depth posts about each topic..but consider this a basic FAQ that should help with a lot of your general questions.

Let’s get started shall we?

Happy Little Elf 2

So Christmas is over and Santa’s bolted out of Springfield…why?  Because the Elves are are Spring Break!  Your job is to collect Elves and blast them out of Springfield!   So just how do you do it?  Let’s break it down…

I have Elves Flying Around in my Springfield, but they don’t collect when I tap on them.  Why?!
In order for the Elves to start to count towards your totals you’ll need to reach Part 3 of Project After Party.  That quest will tell you to collect 10 Elves.  At that point your Elves will start to count towards your total (and you’ll see counter appear over your Conform-0-Meter stars).
Note: Some players have reported that if they tapped Elves before this stage…once they reached this stage the earlier Elves were counted in their totals.  Also, applies for Cog Wheels if you were awarded them for your daily bonus before starting the event. 

UPDATE BUNNY: What is the Elf Spawn Rate?
Currently, 3 every 15 mins verified it is 30 minutes now, for up to a MAX of 40. There is a possible bank, but I am still playing around to make sure. The bank shows 20, so far I am seeing that, but keep in mind this is ONLY if you have been away from your game for an extended time.

How do I get the Cannon?
The Cannon will appear in your store AFTER you’ve completed Part 3 of Project After Party & triggered Part 4.  Part 4 is the quest to place the Cannon.

Elf Canon 1

How often can I fire the Cannon?
The Cannon cool down time varies on the level of your Cannon.  At it’s most basic (Level 1) stage…the Cannon cool down time is 4hrs.  That means you can fire Elves from the cannon every 4 hrs.

How many shots do I get per fire?
You’ll get 3 blasts per “charge”.

How many Elves do I fire per shot?
Again, it’ll vary on the level of your Cannon, but at Level 1 you’ll get a max of 9 Elves per shot.  However…if you don’t have 9 Elves collected and you fire the cannon it will go through whatever you have and burn a shot.  So always make sure you have your minimum number of elves before firing the cannon.

Elf Landing

How Many Bells Per Elf?
This is another thing that will vary on the level of your Cannon, but at level 1 you’ll get 2 Bells per Elf fired.  So 9 Elves=18 Bells.

What about Neighbor Actions?  How Many Bells There?
You’ll earn 5 Bells each for the first 30 actions, 3 Bells each for the next 30, 2 bells for the next 30, and 1 bell for the last 30.  For a total of 120 actions…or 40 neighbors.


If I Tap on the Elf Tunnel or the Cannon in my neighbor’s town is it Vandalism?
There’s conflicting answers on this.  And we’ll tell you to err on the side of caution if you’re concerned about Vandalism/Righteousness.  So…the files call it Vandalism, but I personally haven’t seen an impact in my town.  So we don’t 100% know if it’ll impact it or not.  So if you’re concerned about it, don’t tap the Tunnel or the Cannon.
However, if you’re NOT concerned about it tapping them can actually be beneficial for both you and your neighbors.  If you tap the Tunnel or the Cannon in a neighbor’s town you’ll earn double the amount of bells that are currently paying out. (so if you’re on 5’ll get 10, 3 you’ll get 6 etc).  But your neighbor will also get 5 bells each time someone taps on their Cannon or Tunnel…AND they’ll have a chance to earn a donut.
So see…tapping on them could be beneficial for everyone involved…regardless of Righteousness.


How Do I Get Cog Wheels or Upgrade my Cannon?
You’ll start earning Cog Wheels from Elves once you earn the Canon Control Building from the prize menu.  At that point you’ll occasionally earn 4 wheels (plus an bottled Elf) when you tap on an Elf.  You will also earn 50 Cog Wheels every 5 days from the Daily Play Bonus (you know that thing that pops up each day when you log on that says Welcome Back Fair weather Friend.  Usually awards cash and a Mystery Box).

How Do I Upgrade?
You can upgrade your cannon by collecting Cog Wheels.  Collect enough for the next upgrade and you’ll be able to upgrade.  (Like Clash of Clones)  You upgrade through the Cannon Control Building.

Elf Canon Control

What happens when I upgrade?
Various things will happen….like when you upgraded the castles during Clash of Clones.  You’ll earn lower cool down times, more bells per elf or more elves fired per shot.  All things designed to help you earn more bells faster.

Will Bunny be doing a Bell Calendar, like she did for Presents?
Yes.  It’ll be posted soon 🙂

And now to cover a few things not Cannon related…

I purchased Donuts from Gil, but I never got them.  They took my money & no donuts were received.  What do I do?
Contact EA.  They’ll want a receipt from the transaction (usually they’re emailed to you), so be prepared to send it do them.  We recommend trying to contact them between 9am and 9pm EST & try to get the Call Me option to trigger.  That way you’ll get to speak to someone directly (they’ll call you…there’s no phone number for you to call) and hopefully get it resolved right away.

I missed out on the free prizes from yesterday because of the lock out, can I still get them?
They’re currently gone from the game…however you can contact EA and let them know what happened.  They should be able to restore it for you. We recommend trying to contact them between 9am and 9pm EST & try to get the Call Me option to trigger.  That way you’ll get to speak to someone directly (they’ll call you…there’s no phone number for you to call) and hopefully get it resolved right away.

What were the free gifts?
Duff Beer Can Tree (if you have Duffman they’ll be a quest with him first.  After you complete the quest then it was awarded to you)

Duff Beer Tree


Also, a decorated Lard Lad Donuts.  If you don’t have Lard Lad in your Springfield it will remain locked in your inventory until you purchase Lard Lad.

menu lard lad decorated


And I know several of you were asking…so this is the popup that appeared:



I Missed _____ Prize from Phase 1, Can I still get it?
Currently, there is no way to get the prize for free.  However, if you tap on the Part 1 tab in the prize menu it will show you prizes you missed & you’ll be able to purchase them with donuts.  So if you really want that prize and don’t mind spending donuts for it you can still get it.

And that my friends is the full question corner rundown for Phase 2 of Christmas! Remember we’ll have more in-depth details for each area of the update coming…

What do YOU think of the new phase of Christmas?  Anything you’re still confused on?  What do you think of the new prizes?  How about the new concept?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

303 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Phase 2 of Christmas

  1. Im the only one commenting so much. Its embarrasing. I did look through the inventory again. But all i saw was control building but the image is different and it requires me to start a quest.. The event ends in about 2 days and i really want to get it. I feel bad for bothering you so much Bunny.

    • No worries. If it is saying you need to start a quest, that sounds like there is something in your task bar you did not finish. Check all your open tasks on the side (they will have elf head icons on them) and see if there is one for placing the Control Building. BUT… if it is not the same as the one for the Event… you may be looking at Mr. Burns Control Building for the Nuclear Plant.

      Also, if THAT is what you are seeing… a locked building requiring a task… It sounds like you are NOT in the Inventory and are actually just browsing through your Main Menu and items for purchase. They are NOT the same area. Inventory is the lil brown storage box, NOT the hammer and saw icon. Look at the link below to see WHAT you need to look for to get to Inventory.

      • Ah *facepalm*. Seems like ive been looking in the wrong place all this time ahaha… Thank you so much Bunny for helping me and being understanding to my stupidness. Hope you have great day 🙂

  2. Thanks Bunny I’ll try that out. Thanks again so much.

  3. When I started the game the town was filled with elves so I started clicking on. There were so many I just didn’t really look and I think I missed or skipped the notification message saying I got the cannon control building. I checked my inventory and its not there and when I check the prize list it says I won it. Can anyone please help me how to find it?

  4. Have anyone managed to get the cannon upto level 20? Just curious.

    • My cannon is level 14, without spending donuts on cog wheels. There have only been 2 instances total that my town has been full of elves upon waking up in the morning. I took two weeks off for Christmas and stayed up late playing and would wake up to tap on things and then go back to bed for a few hours. What I mean is that I’ve tapped pretty much the maximum number of elves possible since it became an option. As soon as upgrading the cannon became an option elf production really slowed down and I have to wait until I have enough elves for full cannon shots.

  5. Is there a way to get more cogs without using donuts or waiting 5 days? And is there a way to get more elves on top of the general spawn rate and the cave? For the amount of time I spend on the game (not complaining, just saying) I would imagine I was at the top of my leaderboard. But some of my neighbors have almost 800 more elves fired than me. Just curious if I am missing a trick or something. I already made peace with the fact that I will not get the cannon to level 20.

  6. How do I increase my score by firing Elf-in-Bottles to my Neighbours springfields?

  7. I need more friends. How do I get more friends??

  8. Yahoo! I’m finally getting bells when visiting neighbors. I was able to collect them after 24 hours had past. Don’t know if it’s a glitch or we just need to wait 24 hours.

    • Not a glitch – as was mentioned again in this very article, you only get bells for the first 120 taps in each new 24-hour period.

  9. Hi, I have done all the required tasks so far for phase 2 so now no more tasks which means no rewards of 200 bells or so. Do u know bunny when more tasks will be up and running because I will never b able to reach bell targets without them. Thanking u in advance

  10. P.S. I’ve finished Part 9. And, there is no way I’m reaching my bell limit for the day. Another question…Any idea on if we’ll get free donuts for all the Kwik-e-Mart and “balloon pop” lost income? My 10 Marts are pretty boring lately. Happy New Year Bunny.

    • If they “stop” a feature in the game, thew will be no “make up” for it. Costs and payouts on the buildings do change over time and have many times.

  11. Almost 19 hours I ago I started adding friends so that I may get more bells. So far, I have 45 friends, which I’ve been visiting, yet no bells. When I tap on their bells, canon, elf tunnel or Cletus’s farm, I only get money, FP and XP. Help!

    • Sounds like you maxed your neighbor visits. ONLY 120 actions a day. Basically 40 friends every 24 hrs

      • Sorry for being obtuse. If I understand this correctly, I should have received bells for the first 40 neighbors I visit (40*3=120), but I haven’t. I’ve never once received any bells when visiting neighbors.

        • Wait until all of your neighbor actions reset (so each and every neighbor says 3 actions available) and then try it. If you’re still not getting bells (when you tap on bells in their towns) then contact EA and let them know what’s going on

  12. When I cannot get anymore bells in my neighbors town I go to Krustyland an
    d get tickets, Is this okay to do or. does it hurt their towns? I do it to save the bells for others that come after me but didn’t want to hurt my neighbors.

  13. Please add me play multiple times a day ljurilj1957 or my bf So-Be-It-723

  14. Please add me play multiple times a day ljurilj957 or my bf So-Be-It-723

  15. I’m so confused on how the rankings vs friends work this go around…someone who was far behind me now is beating me 612-489…my canon is a higher level than hers too o.O

    • Still working on that post. Sorry. It is basically they are tapping cannons in neighbors and not buildings. Has nothing to do with YOUR Cannon Level.

      • The rank has all to do with how many elves you have fired out of your cannon. I tapped my B games cannon from my A game and my number of elves fired did not change. Tapping the cannon and elf door in your neighbor’s town can earn you bonus elf bells.

  16. I was wondering about the ‘Sequel Stop’ prize… There are tasks associated to it for the characters, but once you complete that task, the option to have your characters do that task again seems to disappear, the store just sits there afterwards (becomes non-playable). Am I missing something? Should I wait til after the event to see what happens?

    Seems like a bit of a waste with the big animated display on the shop and all… Was fun to see in action…

    • Welcome to the “ghost” buildings. There are several in the game. One time uses. 🙁

      Bad Dream House is by far still my fav animation…but alas…it sits sad and unused. Only by luck does the animation come alive now and then during special events.

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