What’s In Santa’s Sack? Giveaway Details!!

As the Title states….this one is ONLY the Details. Watch for the first one to post later to start it off!!

Due to many still seem to keep coming here to comment, I am shutting down the option to comment on this post. If you want to enter…you MUST go to the current Daily Contest Post and comment there. 🙂 


Hey there all you silly lil Addict Readers!!

Seems Santa got in a lil TOO much “Egg Nog” for the holidays (probably didn’t help he ate a few too many brownies in Colorado too.) So it seems that his Santa Sack is not quite empty. OH NO!!! Leftover Gifts???!!!



Now…where were we? OH YAH!! MORE FREE STUFFS!!!

What does this mean for you? FREE STUFF!!! AGAIN!! You know we love spoiling our readers and just giving stuff away, so why stop? It is the Holiday Season after all.

Every day for one week (7 days) starting Sunday December 28th, 2014…we will be putting up a What’s In Santa’s Sack? post on the site just for fun. Random reader(s) commenting on that post each day will get to chance to reach in Santa’s Sack and get a Numbered Wrapped Package. You won’t know what is inside. We don’t know what is inside. (Or don’t remember? I forget what I was doing an hour ago.) That is the fun part. The Present won’t be revealed until the winner gets it and unwraps it. ico_xmas_giftbags_6So keep an eye out every day for the What’s In Santa’s Sack Post to go live. You never know what FREE Goodies the Addicts have in store for you. 😉

All you have to do is comment on the post to enter. That is it. (Make sure you follow our Addict Guidelines). You will have until 9:59 PM EST the night the Daily Post goes live to do so.


We will start contacting the winners Monday, January 5th, 2015. As you have ONLY THREE DAYS to respond to us, I suggest you make sure the email you use to fill out the comment form is correct and you respond back. 😉

Once ALL Winners have verified information with us, we will post the complete list of Winners to the site. Then, it will be up to those winners to post what was inside their “Wrapped Package” with everyone else.


Blue Haired Lawyer 2

Now for all that Legal Stuff. Make sure you read it ALL!!!

Official Rules:

-Open to tstoaddicts.com readers Worldwide, 18 and older.  However be aware that our friends outside of the US,  you may enter the contest but an alternate prize may be awarded at our discretion if there is an issue shipping the prizes to you. Those under 18 years of age may not enter and will be disqualified immediately.
-The Winners of our TSTO Addicts Show Us Your Lights Contest are not eligible to enter or win.
-Entries will start from time the Daily What’s In Santa’s Sack? is posted each day until 9:59 PM EST that same night it is posted. (So Sunday Post til Sunday Night, Monday Post til Monday Night, etc.)  Any entries received after that time and date will not be eligible to win.
-Each reader may only submit ONE comment/entry per Daily Post! (NO revisions once submitted.  If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted. This means we will not accept multiple comments from the same person. So think hard before you post it.)
-Only ONE gift total awarded per person. This means you can enter each of the 7 days, but you can only win ONE TIME. Once your name is picked, you are immediately disqualified from the rest of the posts. (This includes entries on our familyguyaddicts.com site.)
Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry. This will be how we will contact you to let you know you won. Invalid emails will be withdrawn and not eligible for the contest. (This is the email address you fill out and provided in the comment form, they are not published on the blog and only view-able by the Addicts blog staff. If you already created a Gravatar, just ensure the accurate email address was used for contact.)
-We will let you know you won by contacting you by your valid email you are required to provide. If you do not reply within 3 days from the date we send you the email, you will immediately be disqualified and the next person will be selected for the Prize. (So provide a VALID email address.)
-You must provide us a legal mailing address within 1 week of winning or you will be disqualified and any prizes won will be forfeited.
-Void where prohibited
-No purchase necessary
-Addicts Staff and their family members are not eligible to participate.
-All entries will be reviewed by the Addicts Team prior to posting results.
-This contest is not affiliated with The Simpsons Tapped Out, EA, Google, iTunes, Amazon, FOX,  or anyone else in association with The Simpsons Tapped Out, The Simpsons, FOX, EA, Gracie, Amazon, Google, and iTunes.

For a copy of the official rules email us at tstoaddictsblog@gmail.com (note we’re just gonna give you a copy of the rules you just read…in PDF format  🙂 )

There you go. Just another way of Team Addicts giving back to our Amazing Readers!!! Good Luck!!!

Alissa & Bunny & Wookiee

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  1. Diet coke for me please

  2. I’m probably even more addicted to Diet Coke than I am to Tapped Out.

  3. Coke? Pepsi? Why choose one when both are so good lets have peace and choose both. 🙂

  4. I hope it is world peace!

  5. If I had to pick I’d choose Coke, but I don’t really drink pop.

  6. Is anyone having trouble with the elf cannon? When l tap on the cannon it resets without shooting any elves.