Limited Time Items Redux Part 2, NEW YEARS!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!!

For those of you craving even MORE from past events. EA has also brought in some fun for New Year’s. Guiseppe avoid losing fingers

During the 4th of July Events, items were brought into the game to help celebrate. These same items are also used for New Years, so…EA brought them back too.

When you enter your game, some dialog with Lisa and Homer will kick off.

Lisa: Dad, have you decided on your New Year’s resolution? Or, might I Suggest, resolutions?

Homer: Lisa, I can’t set a new resolution until I complete last year’s: stop procrastinating. 

But I guess I can always stop procrastinating tomorrow. Tonight we celebrate!

We shall turn towards the majestic sky and assault it with explosives. Just to take that high and mighty sky down a notch.

New Year's Eve


At the end, you will see your menu icon flashing with new items. Once you tap it, you will see the new New Years 2015 Category. Here is what items you may find inside. (What you see will vary on what you have already.)


Giuseppe WorkshopGuiseppe avoid losing fingers 2Guiseppe’s Workshop w/Guiseppe, 95 Donuts, $500 & 45 XP, Guiseppe is a fully tasked Character and uses the Workshop for some of his tasks.

Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworksBox of Fireworks, 60 Donuts, 2.25% Bonus $$$ & XP to all Jobs, animated fireworks shoot out when tapped.

Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_fireworkPinwheel Firework, 40 Donuts, 2.00% Bonus $$$ & XP to all Jobs, animated pinwheel spins and sparks when tapped.

fireworksbarge_menuFireworks Barge, 80 Donuts, 2.75% Bonus $$$ & XP to all Jobs, animated when tapped…but only a lil blip…kind of a let down for most. Goes on the water.


EXTRAS (< 4 Days Left)

There are also a few other items in the Christmas Menu you also may have not noticed. Again, this will depend on what you already have.

Duff Beer TreeDuff Beer Tree, 30 Donuts, 0.25% Bonus $$$ & XP to all Jobs (you only get one)

Solidgoldmansion_decoratedChristmas Gold Mansion (facade for the actual Gold Mansion), 10 Donuts



You also have the option to purchase Cogwheels, but I would hesitate on this one unless you REALLY want to Level up fast. They are a bit costly and can be earned easily by just tapping Elves.


1 Cogwheel, 2 Donuts

10 Cogwheels, 20 Donuts

50 Cogwheels, 100 Donuts

100 Cogwheels, 200 Donuts

These are marked as Limited Time as well, but come and go over the weekend it seems. Still trying to pinpoint set dates on them. Looks to be the usual early GMT tomorrow, but will update with details later.


Just make sure if you see something you want that you grab it before it is gone…again.

Have you purchased any of these yet? Had some already? Let us know below.


65 responses to “Limited Time Items Redux Part 2, NEW YEARS!!

  1. For the moment, the winter event Snowball II snowcritter is a far better value than any of the fireworks, in terms of donuts (20) relative to XP/money bonus (2%). True, they’re not all that decorative and not at all interactive, but if the percentage matters, none of the fireworks makes sense at all.

    On the other hand, Guiseppe is cool and definitely worth the donuts if ya don’t have him already.

  2. Emily, I have not been able to pop any balloons since the Updates on Christmas Day!

  3. I agree with Scarfy, I’m gutted I passed on the solid gold mansion and would LOVE to see it back. That and Springfield Falls of course!

  4. I’m confused was I supposed to get a free duff tree?

    • It depended on what you had from last year and where you were in the game play, as well as what characters you currently owned (like Duffman). Just like the Tunnel Prizes. Some got it. Some didn’t.

  5. Got Giuseppe, since I wasn’t yet playing the game when he was a freemium character. Imo 95 donuts is an acceptable price for a premium character with a building, so I am glad they are offering him and give me a chance to add him.

    Love the chimney fireworks animation, I’ll probably be úsing that all year round… XD

  6. I was so excited when the “New Year 2015” popped up on the Store. I bought 4 Box of Fireworks and 3 Pinwheel Fireworks.

    I went rushing and i spent 360 donuts, why did i do that? :p

  7. Any indication whether there will be any new content gracing our Tapped Out for New Years? Characters, decs, quests etc?

  8. The Gold Mansion is the only Gil deal that I’m sad I passed up on. The decorations for it are adorable and I love the harp sound it makes when I’ve tapped on it in other Springfields. I hope it will come back eventually. =/

  9. You gotta love it if they convert someone you got for free (or in game money) into a premium character. It keeps happening to almost all the ‘limited time’ people eventually 🙂

  10. giuseppe is italian as am I 😀

  11. LetsPlayNintendoITA

    i still wonder why you call him Guiseppe, when it’s Giuseppe lol

  12. Yayyy Giuseppe is premium! Glad I got him for free! 😉

  13. Holiday donuts? Do you mean the Gil deal donuts or did they give some for free?

  14. Should I buy Ski Lift?

  15. Earlier I bought one box of fireworks thinking how I thought they would look interesting in Cletus’ compound on the beach next to the mansions (we had one of those shacks once and loved it that the big houses put up tall fences. LOL). However; I have never tapped on them until I saw they were for sale again.

  16. Has anyone received their holiday donuts yet? I’m still waiting for the patch that was promised. I figured that it would be released today as EA should have been back to full staff.

  17. Wish they re release the gold mansion permanently I would work to collect donuts for it, it’s my favourite building

  18. Bart screen all dang day!

  19. is 95 donuts a good buy for Giuseppe, and his workshop? It just feels wrong when it used to be available for in-game cash. looking to use some of my gil deals donuts but don’t want to waste them, been looking at the Duff brewery and the cracker factory but limited time items, well are tempting what are you guys think?

    • I love his animation myself. And his lil cobblestone looking house. Compared to other building/character combos…I think he is a good buy.

      Just ask yourself, will YOU be happy to have spent those sprinklies months from now?

    • He’s a cool addition. I enjoy his animation, but I got him free. The only guys I pay donuts for are the biggies (Otto, Frink, still saving for Barney).

    • So far I’m strictly freemium, but I got Guiseppe when he was offered for game cash and I love having him. Several of his tasks cause fireworks to shoot off over his house, which is a cool animation. Also, 95 donuts for a premium building and character is a pretty good buy. The other fireworks are pretty lame, I wouldn’t waste donuts on them!

    • He has a really good 24 hr task and his workshop has great animation its a fun combo I’m glad I have it.

      • decided to go ahead and pick him up, I’m already very pleased with him great combo good price. looking forward to new episodes of Simpsons in the new year maybe we’ll get some new tie ins

  20. Won’t get the barge since I got the details here. If only I hadn’t bought that mutant rabbit. I hate him. Am I alone on that one?

  21. Don’t spend your donuts on the barge. My only donut purchase I’ve ever regretted. It’s ugly and underwhelming 🙁

  22. I know this isn’t related, but is anyone having an issue with Sideshow You?? I haven’t been able to pop balloons in days.

  23. So does that mean that as someone who bought Guiseppe for 15000 in game cash that he is now a full premium player with premium payout.

  24. In this update, we just get to buy the facade for the gold mansion, not the actual gold mansion from the past Gil’s deal? That’s so dissapointing 🙁

  25. I bought a few cogs on the theory that spending a little early in the even reduces my “must keep tapping!” stress later on.

  26. It seems like Guiseppe now pays at the premium rate for those of us who already had him. (Maybe the workshop as well? Not sure…) That’s a nice bonus 🙂

  27. How do you get the Christmas Gold Mansion?

  28. Wish they’d think of the premium guys when rereleasing items from yore. Bet any money near the end of the event they’ll do a gold mansion, dark knight Bart, truckasaurus asinine donut drive on us.

  29. How do we use the Cog Wheels!! Mahalo from Hawaii…:)

    • More details coming. You have to get the Control tower from your Bell Collection Personal Prizes. Then put it in your town. Once you do that, you will collect Cogwheels to upgrade the Cannon for faster time and more bells. It costs Cogwheels to do this.

  30. Guissepe and his house are hands down my favorite thing in my game. I always have him on his twelve hour task shooting off fireworks. If I didn’t have him already I would happily spend 85 donuts on him.

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