What’s In Santa’s Sack??! Wednesday

Hey there all you silly lil Addict Readers!!

Seems Santa got in a lil TOO much “Egg Nog” for the holidays (probably didn’t help he ate a few too many brownies in Colorado too.) So it seems that his Santa Sack is not quite empty. OH NO!!! Leftover Gifts???!!!


Welcome to the Wednesday Edition of What’s In Santa’s Sack??!

Today, we want to know… Coke or Pepsi

Feel free to elaborate in the comments below.

 Have fun, but stay within the Addicts Guidelines. 


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  Good Luck!!!

Alissa & Bunny & Wookiee

503 thoughts on “What’s In Santa’s Sack??! Wednesday

  1. Hmmmmmmm neither….lets do beer and wine instead! Then Aquavit because it’s the holidays! Skol! Cheers! Prost! Happy new year!

  2. It was diehard Pepsi when I drank sugared drinks. Couldn’t stand Coke. Now that I drink diet, it’s all Coke and I don’t like Diet Pepsi!

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