Ring In the New Year with Free Donuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well now that it’s officially 2015 all over the world AND we can get back into our games…let’s talk about how TSTO is ringing in the New Year.


That’s right my friends…despite the outages today (which fortunately weren’t as long as Christmas) log into your game to receive 10 FREE donuts to start 2015 off right.  Details are below the fold….


WARNING Dialog Spoilers Below..

Best New Year’s Day Ever Pt. 1
Homer Auto-starts

Homer: Woohoo!  New Year’s Day!  Finally that terrible Christmas update is finished.  What?  It’s still going on for another two weeks?  Oh crap.  It’s time to tell you people in charge what I think!  You’re a bunch of slack-jawed, overpaid, ignorant f–

Make Homer Shut Up and Do Stuff at Home- 3m, Earns $6, 2xp

Completed Task Earns 2 Donuts and 10xp 

Best New Year’s Day Ever Pt. 2
Homer starts

Homer: What was that?  I may just be a collection of pixels but I still have a right to free speech!  I don’t even know what I just did in my own house, but I bet it was unspeakable!  All for 2 miserable donuts?  The people who run this game are just cheap mother–

Make Homer Shut Up and Do Stuff at Home- 3m, Earns $6, 2xp

Completed Task Earns 2 Donuts and 10 XP

Best New Year’s Day Ever Pt. 3
Homer starts

Homer: Fine.  I get it.  I’ll shut up.  Just give me my next super-fun task.

Make Homer Accept the Frozen-Bucket-of-Beer Challenge- x3.  3m Earns $6, 2xp 

Completed Task Earns 6 Donuts and 10xp 

Best New Year’s Day Ever Pt. 4
Homer starts

Homer: How is that fun?  I had to drop a thirty pound bucket filled with frozen beer on my head, three times in a row?  I couldn’t even drink it because it was frozen.  That’s insult to injury.  Now please, make me do something worthy of a responsible adult male.

Make Homer Play a Trashy Reality Star’s Dress-up Game- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

Sorry guys this one doesn’t earn donuts 

Marge: Homer, stop playing that inexplicably successful myPad game about that inexplicably successful woman.
Homer: But Marge, I need to buy these over-priced sunshades so I’ll get invited to the VIP party and become a Z-list celebrity.  This is the only way I’ll feel validated as a woman.
Marge: Please, whoever is in charge, make Homer do something useful and productive with his time.

Make Homer Play the Simpsons: Tapped Out on his myPad- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp 

And that completes the New Year’s Day questline!


Despite 2015 of TSTO starting with massive server outages it gets a little better when you get 10 Free Donuts!  Plus you’re treated to a fun questline…where Homer plays a game about himself.  Talk about breaking down the 4th wall….

What do YOU think of the New Year’s Quest?  Thoughts on Homer playing his own game?   You saving the donuts up for something bigger?  Or did they help you reach an item you were hoping to get?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

111 responses to “Ring In the New Year with Free Donuts!

  1. I’ve been trying contact ea for the past 4 days and since you can’t call them anymore and have to do it online and write what you want to contact them about, I have been trying that and clicking have an ea representive call me by home and they say you will get a phone call usually in 2 hrs it’s been ranging for the wait time and I get a case number but have yet to receive a phone call is any one else experiencing this problem? Thank you every one and happy new year remember to add me tdiaz44 is origin username!

    • EA’s been in and out because of the holiday. And they’re very backed up because of the issues with various other EA games (Since it’s the support for ALL EA games..not just TSTO). So that could be why the wait times are so stretched out (and call times varying).

  2. I can’t seem to get enough elf bottles to fire my cannon three times. How long does it take to get elves? Also when I fie my neighbors cannons, it is not increasing my total on the “firing elves” count screen.

  3. Since xmas update began ive gotten 27 doughnuts on tsto and on my family guy i got 140 clams. 🙂 merry xmas from EA lol

  4. Couldnt log on most of new yrs day. Got as far as homers play tsto task. Came back 24 hrs later today and the questline was gone. No more donuts. Thanks so much EA

    • Some folks have contacted EA about not getting to do all the tasks and have been compensated. Worth a shot to ask.

      • So i spent thirty minutes in chat with ea. They ended up resetting my town to dec 31 and said they would give me a few donuts if i lost anything. I ended up gettigg 100 donuts!! However, i’m not sure why they reset it because i still didnt get the new years questline back, and all it did was set me back 5000 bells for xmas. Since i already resigned myself to not finishing xmas its not a big deal; i really just want little helper ralph anyway. Still the first time EA support was actually helpful, and i’d rather have the extra donuts anyway!

  5. I missed out on 2 sprinkles because the game kept crashing. Even though I completed the tasks, Part 2 didn’t give me the reward. Contacted EA who said they will probably show up in the next 24 hours. Yeah right.
    Anywho, there are worse things in life than losing 2 sprinkles.

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