Simpsons News: Simpsons Myths… confirmed, plausible or busted?

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Wookiee swinging in with some Simpsons news for y’all.  If you didn’t know already, the uber popular Discovery Channel show Mythbusters is taking on Simpsons “myths” for the premiere of their new season TONIGHT.  Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are set to test a few scenes from the Best. Show. Ever.

Simpsons Mythbusters

Here’s an excerpt from a December 17th, 2014 articly by Entertainment Weekly:

“We set out to test Bart throwing a cherry bomb into the toilet that makes all toilets in the school act like geysers,” Savage exclusively told EW, referring to the 1990 episode “The Crepes of Wrath.” “And then there’s one [from season five’s “Sideshow Bob Roberts] in which Homer’s house is about to be destroyed by a wrecking ball and Homer places his body between the wrecking ball and the house to keep it from being destroyed.”

Just those two scenes being recreated have me excited.  Simpsons showrunner Al Jean is also set to appear in the one hour episode.

Mythbusters Homer Simpson

They made a life-size 5’11 Homer Simpson!  How cool is that?  Here’s a couple images from their Facebook.

Mythbusters Homer Simpson 2Mythbusters Homer Simpson 3

You can see a bunch more cool images from them on their Facebook.  Here’s the link.

You can read the whole article from Entertainment Weekly here.  EW also had another short article that included a trailer.  You can click the link to see the short article but I embedded the trailer from MyTube just for you.

I’m super excited for this and have my DVR set so I can recap the goodness for you later for all those tappers without access to the Discovery Channel.  I love Mythbusters and will be watching the previous episode also which is Star Wars goodness.

Of course, Adam and Jamie were actually in the Best. Show. Ever.  To see them as yellow characters, just check out “The Daughter Also Rises” (S23:E13). Their show is called Mythcrackers but it’s still the same awesomeness Simsons-style. So rad that now that it’s being carried over into the real world. Bring on the bear in the cannon!

Simpsons Mythbuster 2

That’s it my friends.  I’m sure some of you are just as excited as I am.  Sound off below with your thoughts and comments.  Do you have a favorite myth they busted or confirmed? Much love, stay classy and TTFN… Wookiee out!

25 responses to “Simpsons News: Simpsons Myths… confirmed, plausible or busted?

  1. D’oh, I forgot to record it, missed the show, super bummed.

  2. Does anyone know how to acquire the drive-in movie?

  3. Mythbusters and the Simpsons are two of my all time favorite shows. This episode of Mythbusters was nirvana! I loved the life sized Homer they built.

  4. I was really disappointed with this episode, but mostly because of the format change Mythbusters went through this season. I wish they would’ve spent less time building up to the tests so that they could’ve done a few more myths.

  5. Darn, missed it. 🙁

    OK, knowing the Discovery channel, it will be replayed and replayed all week. Time to start checking their schedule.

  6. I LOVED it‼️

  7. I should have figured. I came to post the same thing and you beat me to it.
    The Simpsons is 100% scientifically accurate 😂

  8. Soo glad you posted this wookiee bcuz I totally forgot about it. Thankfully I made it home in time to record the replay at midnight so crisis diverted 🙂

  9. Haha this is actually pretty darn cool!

  10. I’ll try not to miss it!

  11. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, dvr is set to record! (And the Star Wars too!)

  12. OMG !!! Awesome. When is this airing ?

    My favorite myth busters is the duct tape episodes : – )

  13. Any idea when this is gonna be on discovery in the UK?

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