Time Is Up…or Is it?

Update #1: Take down is now live on iOS 

If you have an iOS device you’ll find the Christmas removal update in your App Store (Android and Amazon yours will follow soon behind).  Remember…you don’t have to update right away.  If you’re holding on to get more bells you can keep your game (for now)…eventually EA will force you to update (you’ll get a message in game saying update to latest version).  But you can hold onto Christmas for now…

As far as the update goes…naturally I left my iPod at home today so I’m not able to download it just yet.  But from looking at the game files it looks like it’s purely a removal and there’s nothing new added…yet.  I’ll keep digging to see what I find…but for now update if you want to get rid of the snow in your Springfield!

Update #2: Reader LM reports Sideshow You is working again after the update.  Still waiting for it to hit my Android phone, once it does I’ll be able to confirm.  But for now…check your Sideshow You to see if it’s working for you once again. I can confirm it’s back to working.

Update #3: Removal Update has now hit the Google Play Store.
If you don’t see it (I didn’t) try restarting your phone.  And yes…it comes with a poem in the app store..

2015-01-14 18.30.53


Springfield might look a little different to you…but that’s just your eyes getting readjusted to the green instead of the snow.  It always looks brighter after Christmas is over…

Oh and the Ice Castle does not melt! 

Update #4: Fever snowmen melt (Burns & Homer), Kwik-E-Mart is back to paying out income, the Cannon Still fires, you can store the Workshop, Tunnel & Cannon Control building.  Bunny will have a full rundown of all the changes…

Also, you cans till purchase the Small Islands.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The official clock in the game has run out….BUT you can still keep collecting bells (for now anyway).  So if you still need those last minute bells to make it to the next prize (or donut bonus) keep pushing for it.

Just remember…you’re playing on “borrowed time” now and at any minute EA can pull the event plug  on you.  So proceed with caution!

Happy Little Elf 2

What are your thoughts on the event overall?  Too long?  Too short?  Let down of prizes?  Thoughts on the 2 phases?  What do you hope comes next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

304 responses to “Time Is Up…or Is it?

  1. Hated Xmas 2014/15. Haven’t played some nice December 26 after all the crap with Gil and donuts. Now that winter is no longer coming, I’ll pick it back up. Hope this years valentines is better than last years

  2. Gil’s back!

  3. Apologies for my cheek…….however if any neighbour addicts agree with me about the change to the red wall…that is you are against them then please go to their forum and click me too button.

    If enough complain then EA may change this and return them to original size or change them to same design as the concrete walls and allowthenm to meet at corners.

    Not the most inspiring call to arms but from the heart.

    • Also when I say meet at corners I don’t mean in a social gathering kind of thing as this would be silly not that I think walls should be banned from meeting in groups they have rights the same as any other supporting structure or boundary fence apart from Barbed wire in the western films… Cowboys sure didn’t like them so whilst I would be happy for EA to allow the walls to gather maybe at Moe’s everyone else goes there don’t they which makes it a bit crowded still only for 8 hours at a time and I usually do 12 hour tasks…….what I want is for the walls to change back so my town looks good again….unless the walls are happy and don’t want to change.

  4. I liked the event overall. Some of the prizes were awesome (like elf Ralph and the live manger). I thought phase 2 was weaker than phase one though. I liked catching the elves, but I was not a fan of the extra step of collecting cogwheels and dealing with the cannon timer. I wish there had been an option to buy some elves to live permanently in town like the nerds from COC.

  5. What’s next?! Only been a day and I am need of something to tap already…always feel a little let down after such a busy event 🙁

    *sits twidling thumbs while waiting*

    • We’ll probably see a Level update or episode tie-in today or tomorrow is my guess. But EA could also be waiting until next week to launch something…

  6. I’ve got an outside chance of getting another batch of donuts so I’m holding off on the update just in case. I’m looking forward to seeing a bit of green though, I’ve forgotten what my Springfield looks like with grass – I might even have to clear some of my pavement areas.

  7. For the last two days, I keep getting can’t connect to server messages. I can only occasionally get into the game. It has gotten worse since I updated. Anyone else having this issue?

    • It could be an issue with your wifi. I’ve had similar issues and it’s not on the EA side it’s my phone’s connectivity to WiFi. I just disabled the WiFi and went off 4G and it worked.

  8. Can someone PLEASE tell me the best strategy for earning cash I’m up to building barts tree house and I have only $7000 even after 5 days of saving up I still don’t have enough cash. please help andremarti47

  9. glad its over but hate the lulls between events hope some new content comes along soon, fgqfs seem to have new content far more often than tsto

  10. I was over the Christmas event a while ago. Its seriously hot here in New Zealand & the last thing I wanna see is snow!!

    So saying that I thought tapping elves tedious & rewards not very worthy. The island sux. All the effort & it does nothing but look pretty in my squidport.

    I want a valentines day update again 🙂

  11. Snow is gone, Green grass returns, Lakes unfrozen
    Tappers can now move Buildings, Trees, Shrubs, Decor
    Xmas Items can now be stored away for Xmas 2015
    Its time to Tap and make $ (for Freemium items in February)
    I doubt EA will have a New Quest ready for several weeks 🙂

  12. Darn it! I spent 55 donuts with 3 minutes left on the clock to make sure I got the Christmas Island, Now, a good 16 hours later, winter is still in my town and I can still collect bells. I now have more than enough bells to have been able to win the Island for Free. It’s gonna take forever to earn back those 55 donuts so that I can buy the Duff Stadium I had saved up for:-(

    What to do?

    Anyway, it was a fun and challenging event! It aint really Christmas unless it leaves you broke and regretful, hahaha!

  13. Dammit! The stupid mutant rabbit still can’t be stored… 🙁

    • That mutant rabbit is a thorn in my side too. It is the only premium item that I seriously regret ever buying. I wish they would at least give it a 7 day task so it would leave us alone most of the time. I wish Krusty’s monkey would be given another 24 hour task too while they’re at it.

  14. Ok, good to see that poping in k-land has come back, but the total still doesn’t add until I leave and come back. And my Wizard Marge is still level 1 (haven’t heard back from EA yet on this)…
    Minor frustratementness 😉

  15. They have the templates now for a “Summer”, “Autumn”, and “Winter”… bit hard to do a “Spring” I suppose, but I was kinda hoping Springfield would actually become “seasonal”, irrespective of updates. There have been hints of this in recent events it seems (“Autumn” hanging around until “Winter” 2014)…

  16. Just a quick suggestion to help out any of your neighbors that are close to getting a Christmas prize. Before you update, scroll through your list of friends to see who still has a bell count listed and see if their cannon or cave are available for a tap. I just found a neighbor that had 22492 bells. With my taps that took them to 22502 and got them their island.
    Personally, I’m holding off on the update to collect cogs to upgrade the cannon so I’ll be tapping the cannon and cave of any friends that haven’t updated. Unfortunately, that also means I won’t be able to visit any friends that have updated but I decided to it was worth the tradeoff to help those that are close to winning a prize.

  17. I just downloaded the update and seem to be vs of issues with the icon on my phone (running the latest ios on a 5s). The app created a new icon on my home screen and now in the folder where I normally have the app stored is a greyed out copy of the Xmas version of the app icon. Making matters worse is that I can’t even delete the old icon. Nothing happened when I click on it, and when I hold down the icons to edit no “x” appears for that icon (and only that icon) for me to delete it.

    Anyone else having this (or a similar) problem? Is this even an EA issue, or do I need to get in touch w apple?

    • It’s most likely an Apple issue. I’ve had this happen to me & usually I just delete the icon and recopy it from my menu. BUT I have an android so the setup is a bit different. I would contact Apple…

  18. SO GREEN. Imagine having to catch those taunting elves against a green background! So stoked that my ice castle didn’t melt. Neither did the ice blocks! I’m also pleased with the non-bendy coconut tree on the $ small island. The gift weighing it down disappeared.

    I’m relieved to get a break. Now that it’s over, I think EA did great with Christmas. My only complaint would be all the times I couldn’t log in. We got so much free stuff and no more aggravating spinning wheel! So happy with the islands, the ice castle and the live nativity scene.

    I’ve come out of this event having learned a lot thanks to you folks at TSTO Addicts. Thanks so much for all those updates!!

  19. Apple is being an *sshole, I’ve maxed out my credit Card (a prepaid one which didn’t have a lot on it) and refuses to have me use it now, even for free apps and updates. Yes that’s right, you’ll need a “valid creditcard” or have money to download free stuff from them. So I have finished playing this update, got 4000 bells and 3 bonus donuts and still Apple won’t let me update.

  20. Ok just updated and all my red brick walls are skinny and none of the corners touch. Does anyone else have this problem?

  21. With the event being over I just remembered that I had the task for Homer taking the reindeer for a test drive get stuck and I never did get to see any of the quest afterward as when the game came back after being down Homer was free and Santa was gone. Did Santa ever actually have a task to deliver presents?

  22. I’m sure I’m not the first to ask, so sorry for the repeat. But why do they leave winter so quickly? For most of us, we still have 4 more months of this misery.

    At least those who live in warmer climates (or in other hemispheres) can commiserate with us a little longer.

    • HUGE memory drain on the game. Makes it harder on some players to be able to play the game. So they tend to pull it with the Event if it caused too many issues.

  23. Nooo I liked the Snow! Should go until end of January.

  24. Is it my imagination or did the Red Brick wall become thinner ? Like it’s not the same size as the Graffiti Wall anymore…

  25. Did inspirational stuff go away. I finally saved enough for sit and rotate 🙁

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