Time Is Up…or Is it?

Update #1: Take down is now live on iOS 

If you have an iOS device you’ll find the Christmas removal update in your App Store (Android and Amazon yours will follow soon behind).  Remember…you don’t have to update right away.  If you’re holding on to get more bells you can keep your game (for now)…eventually EA will force you to update (you’ll get a message in game saying update to latest version).  But you can hold onto Christmas for now…

As far as the update goes…naturally I left my iPod at home today so I’m not able to download it just yet.  But from looking at the game files it looks like it’s purely a removal and there’s nothing new added…yet.  I’ll keep digging to see what I find…but for now update if you want to get rid of the snow in your Springfield!

Update #2: Reader LM reports Sideshow You is working again after the update.  Still waiting for it to hit my Android phone, once it does I’ll be able to confirm.  But for now…check your Sideshow You to see if it’s working for you once again. I can confirm it’s back to working.

Update #3: Removal Update has now hit the Google Play Store.
If you don’t see it (I didn’t) try restarting your phone.  And yes…it comes with a poem in the app store..

2015-01-14 18.30.53


Springfield might look a little different to you…but that’s just your eyes getting readjusted to the green instead of the snow.  It always looks brighter after Christmas is over…

Oh and the Ice Castle does not melt! 

Update #4: Fever snowmen melt (Burns & Homer), Kwik-E-Mart is back to paying out income, the Cannon Still fires, you can store the Workshop, Tunnel & Cannon Control building.  Bunny will have a full rundown of all the changes…

Also, you cans till purchase the Small Islands.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The official clock in the game has run out….BUT you can still keep collecting bells (for now anyway).  So if you still need those last minute bells to make it to the next prize (or donut bonus) keep pushing for it.

Just remember…you’re playing on “borrowed time” now and at any minute EA can pull the event plug  on you.  So proceed with caution!

Happy Little Elf 2

What are your thoughts on the event overall?  Too long?  Too short?  Let down of prizes?  Thoughts on the 2 phases?  What do you hope comes next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

304 responses to “Time Is Up…or Is it?

  1. I’m sad to see that the snow is gone. It’s January! The leaves should still be off the trees!

  2. One thing I had been wanting to do once the winter went and I’d squeezed everything in is take some happy snaps…

    • …and done 🙂 For any one interested, I have emailed it through to our dedicated TSTOaddict team, I wasn’t too sure of the best place to post it 🙂

      • Alissa, thanks heaps! Legend (as well as B & W!!!), much appreciation and humblnessless 😉

      • Humblefulness?

      • Humblefulness!

      • Hehehe, should point out, might be M+15 due to numerous Springfieldians cut in half (as well as animals 🙁 ), apologies again!

      • Bl’D’oh! Just before the new free islands arrived! Minor alterations 😉

      • Wow – you did a fabulous stitching job on that!

        As one of your neighbors, it’s interesting to see all of your town at once… It’s really a very different experience!

      • Cheers Sandra! I am going yo desperately try not to change it too much, so hopefully any neighbors now have a “map” for future events 🙂 I know I may have been one of those frustrating neighbors whom separated their canon and cave (purely because I found the canon can be mounted in Springfield! ), but trying to help neighborinos! By-the-by, appreciated the “tape me” cones 😉

      • Ok, Squidport, not Springfield 🙂 Stoopid auto-correct and Sky Fingers! (Is it a worry both Springfield and more disturbingly Squidport come up in my auto-correct?!?)

      • A little note, this image was compiled with MS Paint, I started with resizing the properties to 25k x 25k and started pasting, working from about centre-bottom onwards. To screen capture in Android, the power and select buttons will usually save it to a “screenshots” folder, and then you connect your phone in camera mode to your pota to transfer 😉

      • … and yes, I used to be a SimCity (that’s EA isn’t it, I can post without censor? 😉 addict, just transferring.

      • Thanks! At the beginning of Phase 2 I was getting frustrated that some of my neighbors clearly didn’t know what they should be doing (probably neighbors I got from other sites 😉 ), so I figured I’d help them (and me, for sure!) and tell them where to tap.

        It’s nice having a good cache of cash now, because I don’t really have to worry about the expense when I want to do something like that. In fact, I was doing some decorating and such around my town, and I so enjoyed just being able to get this or that without worrying about money. If only my real life was like that! I’ve always said that I don’t care about fancy cars or jewelry or expensive clothes or anything like that…to me, the real appeal of being rich is just to not have think about money – to be able to do want I want without that being a factor. Which reminds me – have to tell my husband to buy us a lottery ticket when he goes shopping tomorrow! 😉

  3. I missed out on the last 2 prizes of phase 1 and the last prize for phase 2, I was 1000 bells away from the last prize on phase 2 but stupid Apple decided to update my game automatically and remove the event 🙁

    I had enough donuts to buy robot santa but after hearing how worthless it is, I gave it a pass.

    I really wish we had gotten bender in phase 2 🙁

    • That’s why I have auto update turned off on my TSTO, not sure if Apple gives you that option. Since nothing has been added, I’m going to keep collecting cogs from the elves until they force me to update so I can keep upgrading my cannon

    • That wasn’t bender, it was supposed to be 50 cogwheels (100 donuts)

  4. Well, here’s something weird… Updated my game at noon (almost 10 hours ago), and I just now got a notification that “your town is full of mischievous elves” and that I should go tap them! What’s THAT about?

  5. I was really happy to see my Springfield all green and to store away all my Christmas stuff. It was definitely a fun though.

  6. I thought the storyline and play was great but was disappointed with the prizes and cost of premium stuff, I bought Santa homer had regretted missing him last year. Overall I’d say a very good update.

  7. So good to see green! Was a tad sad to see the Ice Palace didn’t even melt a little. I was excited for it. Oh and yay balloons!!

  8. Well, I’d say that, except for the generally meh prizes and the server issues, EA did a pretty good job with this event because about half the people are complaining it was too long and the other half that it was too short and the people complaining about not finishing phase 2 (who didn’t have major login issues) or about the 16-hour combined tasks in phase 1 are folks who didn’t read this site carefully enough to use the right strategies. (A dead giveaway on the phase 2 are the people who are fixating on the cannon thing, which wasn’t the key to getting the prizes…not gonna bother to explain that again…)

    But OMG did that green really LOL when I saw my updated town! All of the colors seemed so vibrant!

    Oh, and here’s something else I just discovered – the cave door and cannon control building earn money now (haven’t seen that with the cannon itself though). I had already put them into inventory, but when I did my friendville rounds, I saw that, so now I have to go get them back out of inventory.

    Looking forward to whatever EA throws at us next! 🙂

  9. I thought some of the prizes were totally lame. What is the point of doing all that work and you can’t even interact with it? Or if you spend a bunch of donuts and it gets like 3 interactions and that’s it?

  10. I like the update poem they wrote in the App Store 🙂

  11. I really need to know what is the best strategy for earning cash in game?

  12. The Christmas update was awesome but I’m glad it’s over. I was over the snow and elves. The prizes were great although I wish I could interact with the island and wish robot Santa did something cool. It’s nice to have flowers again but all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees I bought turned into ugly trees with missing branches…I’m probably going to sell those. My favorite thing about the end of this update is not having to spend hours visiting neighbors. I did my best to make sure I was using my actions to hit all the caves and cannons so I hope that helped and thanks to my amazing neighbors for all the extra bells I got because every time I played, someone had hit mine too. You’re all the best. Time to knock out some quests before the next update.

  13. Thanks a bunch as always girls (and guys). Cost me 3 donuts for the island, as I didn’t want to chance it for another 2.5 hours on the cannon.

  14. Did anyone get their elf cannon up to 20?

  15. Is it just me, or does princess Martin not have his 24 hour task anymore? Did this happen to anyone else? Is there a fix?


  16. Christmas was fun, but it is really nice to see all the green again. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the Ice Palace – saw it in a neighbor’s town and it looks beautiful against the green. Thanks for keeping us updated throughout the Christmas event. Glad to see Sideshow You working again. As a bonus, today my Mystery Box contained 30 doughnuts!! Looking forward to seeing what EA has in store for us next.

  17. Bart wont let me download the update 🙁

  18. I’m so glad it’s green again, snow was nice for awhile but was so ready for it to be gone! Opened my town with one eye closed & fingers crossed, and YEAH my ice palace was there and looking so beautiful with the green mountain behind it! I do wish we could have kept or bought a few elves (like the nerds)!
    Thank you to Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee for the awesome job you did through event as usual wouldn’t have been as much fun without you, plus prob wouldn’t have accomplished whole event.
    Last but not least thank you to all my wonderful friends for all the tapping, I have amazing friends, and would never achieved all items without you! As for me still have lights up at home so good luck in getting me to turn them off in my town!

  19. Hi there!

    With the new update, my Lurleen has no name! All of her tasks are also called ERROR.
    Is it just me? I hope this will be a momentary glitch…

    Congrats for the blog, it is really amazing.


  20. My Springfield is green again! I must admit i was loving the snow.i think ill keep my houses decorated a little longer.i wonder if there will be a vday update!?!

  21. The Sideshow Ypou and the Kwik-E-Mart are now working again with this update!

  22. One difference we saw in the Xmas event: without many frienderinos, it would have been almost impossible to get enough bells for the last prize. Not enough elves were generated for this. I hope this wasn’t a strategy to sell donuts…

    • It was. They even had a warning about it in the dialogue between Skinner and Lisa in Project After Party part 9.

      Skinner: Oh, I’m fine with blasting elves to who knows where, but the cannon is balanced for donuts, and no one is spending. The cheap bastards

  23. TappedOutTapper27

    I must say it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the green grass and trees in game & it’s always a welcome sight! Also the small details are great like the melted Snowmen & empty Mr.Plow truck lol!

    Great work covering the Winter event everyone, can’t thank u enough for the awesome articles!

  24. You know you’re an addict when you well up with tears because you see you’re Ice Palace intact. Bwahaha
    Kind of bummed some of princess Martin’s task are gone though 🙁

  25. I’m sure others miss the snow, but I can tell you right now I don’t miss it one bit. Just made my town all messy and more difficult to design, knowing i would have to make adjustments once the snow was gone due to the snow and bags and tarps covering hedges and snapdragons and shrubs and all those other goodies utilized for designing. Plus I feel like the added memory undoubtedly required to process all the snow cover and snowfall bogged down my older devices at times. Suffice to say, I’m loving the lush, radient greens populating my town, and look forward to (re)designing unhindered once again.

    My only gripe: change back the regular brick walls!

  26. I’m holding off on the update as long as possible… Or until I get the island!

    Meanwhile, I’m hiding all neighbors who have updated, since I can’t visit them, they’re just in the way. Sorry, new neighbors!

    If you’re still in elf hunting mode****

    • I’m doing the same to see how high I can get the cannon upgraded.

      • Sobs and sighs, I had “Auto WiFi Update” on my ‘droid, as soon as I arrived home within my WiFi bubble I was told I have updated! My partially own Stoopid fault, but need WiFi updates for work:( Catch 22!!! WWwwwwwAaaaarghhhh! And I already have two phones, I don’t need three! !!

  27. I hope I can get the last 944 bells I need for the Tropical Island before they force me to update. Doubt I will, but I want to believe!

  28. Will there be an episode tie in for the upcoming episode the musk that fell too earth or any other upcoming episodes?

  29. In the new update the red brick wall is new and is like the concrete wall that will not line up to make a square .

    See ya bye shine on you crazy diamond .

  30. Question: The prize menu doesnt tell me how many bells I need to win the next prize. It only tells me how many donuts I can use to purchase the prize. Can I no longer collect bells to finish getting the prizes? I at least want little helper Ralph. All the holiday activities and my phone dieing didnt allow me to tap as much as I needed to win all the prizes.

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