Disappearing Items From Springfield Glitch

Hey there Hoppereenos,

Bouncing by as a small issue seems to be increasingly spreading so wanted to bring attention to it. Many players stating Tasks disappearing, Buildings, and even Characters….

Addict Tech Support

Let’s first look at the Basics for ANY issue you are having in the game. Make sure you try all the Basic Troubleshooting Steps (as EA will even ask you to do so as well, so might as well get it out of the way).

Now for the issues we are seeing…

Random Tasks Locking Up: Characters are losing ability to complete tasks, like all 4hrs. (This may or may not be linked to Buildings disappearing)

Buildings Missing: The spots are still there and open, even the $$ icons are still there… but NO MORE BUILDING. Even more odd, the Buildings are back in the Menu in many cases for purchase again. I personally did run into this in the past, but with just one building. A call to EA and it was placed back into my game.

Characters Missing: Random Characters sent on tasks just never come back. Not in Town Hall. Not in Buildings. No where to be found in Locator.

If you are having these issues and the troubleshooting did not help, please reach out and Contact EA right away. Getting the Call feature is always best, but with the later time in the day… it may not be open right now. You can always try again later or tomorrow.

To also help to draw attention to this, I have set up a Forum post for the issue. Feel free to add your info there and FIRE IT UP to bring attention to the issue.


UPDATE BUNNY: As I have been playing around with this issue, there are a few things I may suggest players try if they want to see if this helps resolve the issue (others have tried this too and are having some success). 

Go to the area where everything is “disappearing” and store EVERYTHING in the location you can. Put it all in your Inventory. Why? I am seeing over an over that possible size changes on many of the buildings is causing a coding nightmare and for the buildings to basically now be “overlapping” on another in the game. Maybe causing this disappearance. This is causing mass chaos as the game does not know what to do. So by storing items in the area and placing them back in the appropriate grids may just help out your game. (You might also wanna do a quick exit out and restart device too). 

So, wait on EA… or give this a try. Up to you. Let us know if you do give it a try and your results. 

Let us know if you are experiencing this issue, the troubleshooting you tried, if you Contacted EA, and your results.



132 responses to “Disappearing Items From Springfield Glitch

  1. Have any of you experienced buildings keep disappearing and reappering and so the characters on the road any hints on what i should do?

  2. Hi all,

    When I went onto tapped out I found a lot of my buildings missing but after logging out and then back in. (Clicking play now for previous device). All my buildings were back.

    Hope this helps! Xx

  3. Hey, random question: I recently blew up my town and my IRS building is nowhere to be found in my inventory. Is this something that will come back once I unpack all my characters or is it lost? I currently have no tapping radius.

  4. Had the same issue with characters disappearing, I put the associated buliding in storage and pulled it back out and voila, they are back… Some of the buildings were resized, so I had to fix the land they sat on… Removed a bush or tree, etc… Try this!

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    Hello everyone! 🙂 I had a problem with Lisa missing not long ago, but after deleting, then reinstalling, I found her in my inventory. Now Bart is missing, I tried the same, but still no Bart 🙁 Has anyone else experienced this, and help me out here Bunny, Alissa, or Wookiee, can I store ? (can’t remember what building), then bring whatever building it is back from inventory to possibly get him back? Headed off to work, but hope to hear back from you by tonight, thanks guys :^*

    • There she is! How are you my friend? Hope things are going well! We miss you around here 🙂

      For Bart, try storing his Treehouse. Hope that helps/works! 🙂

  6. My Todd has been missing for weeks, guys it’s time to contact EA…

  7. Any way to get Lisa back other then contacting EA?

  8. Has anyone noticed that the Santa Homer skin is no longer paying out at the premium rate?

  9. During the glitch I was able to purchase and build a second Post Office and Office of unemployment. I now have 2 of each.

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