Random Changes Christmas Is Over

No more snow, no more Elves, no more… snowmen. Christmas is gone and with it many changes I am sure you are all noticing in your game.


In order to see the full impact of the Update, make sure you got the Complete Update (it will be a big file, they gotta take all the snow off everything). Go to your App Market and download the Update. This will completely remove Christmas from your game. Unless of course you want to push it and keep getting Bells til it forces you to Update. Just remember, you are on borrowed time from here on out.

Now when you look around you will no longer see snow flurries or falling snow on the ground. The grass is a lil greener now, and you may be able to see things a lot clearer. What are the really noticeable changes? Let’s take a look.


Elf Canon ControlCannon Control Building, $90 & 10XP every 4hrs

elfportal_menuElf Cave, $150 & 13XP every 8 hours

icecastleIce Palace, $55 & 5XP every 1 hour



We now it can be annoying when you just want to put items away and can’t. Well a few items have been added now to the able to store list.

toyfactory_menuToy Workshop

Elf Canon ControlCannon Control Building

kingwintercaveKing Winter’s Cave

elfportal_menuElf Cave/Tunnels

Elf Canon 2Elf Cannon


Happy Little Elf 2

Those lil Elves are no longer mooning us or taunting us, though I found it funny I can still fire the Elf Cannon. Would have actually liked to keep a few around.





No more frozen ponds, it is all back to regular water with the Toxic Barrel and Blinky popping out every now and then.



Kwik-E-Mart_Tapped_Outsideshow you TSTO Krustyland TSTO sideshow you balloons

Many were delirious when these two buildings stopped working. Lots alerted EA and EA stated a patch would come after the Event. Well, just as they stated, BOTH are back to normal again. Kwik-E-Mart is back to paying out and Balloon Pops are back at Sideshow You in Krustyland.



Just like in previous years (and in real life), frozen items melt when the snow goes from Springfield. So what does that mean for our towns, well for many buildings and decorations that had a slight dusting of snow, that is gone and they are back to normal. A few others though, they got it just a lil rougher…

Marge_Snowman Marge_Snowman_MeltingHomer_SnowmanHomer_Snowman_MeltingALL the Snow People/Animals (this is just a few examples) will now show a more “melted” version of themselves.


Burns Fever Snowman burnsfeversnowman_transimageico_xmas2014_prize_homerfeversnowman_mdhomerfeverFever Snowman we won from the Elf Tunnels (Homer and Burns)


ice fence Ice Fence did NOT melt (WOOHOO!!)


New items just mainly show slight changes, but mostly the absence of snow. Here are a few examples

icepalace icecastleIce Palace (everyone was concerned about melting)

kingwinterscave_menu kingwintercaveKing Winter’s Cave

skilift_menu skiliftSki Lift



Red Brick Wall



As you can see, those Red Brick Walls many of us use for decorations have seemed to alter in their appearance. They are no longer as thick as they were before and they just are not fitting as tightly together as they were before either (the Graffiti Walls are still same thickness though). It is like they sliced them in half. It may look OK in a straight line, but annoys me when trying to make a closely fit corner. No option for a 360 degree turn either to resolve it. My suggestion on this is to let EA know if it bothers you. It may be a mistake or it may be a change they thought would better help memory drain or something else in the game. Either way, our feedback always helps.

FYI, our awesome friend/reader alunited has started a feed on the Red Brick Walls. Feel free to add your thoughts and comments to the Forums. 



Pretty much all the tasks from the Event or linked to the Event are gone now, so you will notice a decrease in a lot of options for players. The more noticeable ones were for Ice Princess Martin it seems, here are the tasks available now.


Task Time Payout Location
Sing His Cares Away 1 hr $70 & 17XP Outside
Show Off Sparkles on His Dress 8 hrs $275 & 70XP Kwik E Mart
Make New Friends 12 hrs $600 & 150XP Outside Ice Castle



This is more of a “JUST IN CASE”. Usually it is a Level Update that resets this, but… better to be safe then sorry.

donut-loadingAnd of course, your constant reminder (as we ALWAYS get comments on this)…check that Confirm Donut Spend. NO ONE wants to lose donuts on accidental sped up tasks or purchases. The new menu, you will find this in any menu by tapping the cog wheel in the top right corner. (You can also reset your sound from here.)


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume



Confirm Donut Spend


Got some technical issues from the new update that we were unable to help with? Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if you need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new stuff? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


129 responses to “Random Changes Christmas Is Over

  1. Maybe you already answered this question… but I didn’t buy the icecastle and now Martin have a task I can’t get rid of.
    “The Ice Princess Nerd Pt. 2
    Make Ice Princess Martin show Lisa his palace.”

  2. I just got a message telling me I have reached the current maximum level of this game, 3 boxes popped up and I won 3 donuts. Maybe now I can buy the staircase to nowhere. Every time I get close to having enough cash they bring out a new building and I buy that instead. Only need 35000 🙂

  3. I’m really unhappy about ice princess Martin losing tasks. I bought the ice palace with the assumption he’d at least have a 24 hour task. They should bring a 24 hour task back for him, ideally as an outdoor one.

    Also, it’s the ice palace… That building should have an option to show snow on it… Another ‘skin’ if you will. It’s not just a building that was covered in ice and snow, it’s MADE of ice and snow.
    Bunny, please help me to let them know!

  4. I’m really upset that they took out some tasks for Ice Princess Martin. I had bought the ice palace mostly because it would unlock a full set of tasks for him. Now he only has 3 tasks. Why would they do this to the people who bought the ice palace?! How was his 24 hour task part of the event?! I hope they give him his tasks back again. I’m really upset.

    • All I can say is let them know. Tell them you liked them. Maybe they’ll find a way to bring them back.

    • That is why not to buy seasonal items. Why would a task be to still create snowmen in the summer? Ned Flanders no longer snowmobiles. Homer and Lisa no longer ski or create snow angels.

  5. I think the update had caused duff man to take Laramies to a new obsession lol


  6. I noticed the store function (box) is now like the build function. I had a hard time figuring out where things went into each category.

  7. (No offense to Bunny, but…) Why can’t I store the mutant rabbit?!?

  8. Has anyone noticed the smallest screen size (zooming in and out) of your springfield, krustyland visiting firend’s towns etc seems to be slightly larger now?

    I keep wanted to zoom out so I can see more on the screen since the new year’s update (removing xmas) but can’t. I’m pretty sure I used to be able to fit more on the screen before and zoom out more….

    Is it just me??? – Thanks

  9. Phoenixgirl22447

    Anyone else’s town gone really glitchy in a bad way? I first noticed my brown houses plus simpson’s and flanders’ house had cash on top of them instead of the yellow dollar sign, when I collect from them money and xp don’t appear as normal although my total money goes up. I’ve just gone in again and when I’ve gone to put some of my characters that weren’t already on a task some tasks are blocked and say they require ‘building’ even though they are tasks I’ve always had. It seems like Krusty has disappeared hdisappeared, he’s not on my town census and not in my inventory! Also my crops have gone, I’d been growing corn and had under 30 days left! I’ll contact EA in the morning if it’s still like this but just thought I’d see if others had had similar issues.

    • A few others reporting it. All we can suggest it the basics for that kind of issue. Me… I would clear cache/data, uninstall the app, restart the device, reinstall the app… then see if any changes. If not, definitely let them know.

  10. Here’s a weird thing- There are new pathways in my Krustyland and several characters, including Lisa (holding up the Queen Helvetica storyline), were performing tasks there too.

  11. Also I think Cletus has a new giggle (voice) that plays randomly among his other sayings when you tap him.

  12. The latest update has fixed the torches on the double-decker (2 story) outhouse. They are flaming again. 🙂

  13. Sigh. I thought the Ice Castle would melt…

  14. Have you noticed a size change with the Buddhist temple? It no longer fits on the space that I had it and it is covering up decorations around it that were visible before.

    • Hmmmmm… I will have to look at that

      • This is probably a stupid thought, but…you know about the problems players are having with missing buildings? Do you think it could have something to do with the size of the building changing? The reason I ask is because when I mentioned my Buddhist temple issue (above), I was having the same issue; the building was missing. I rebooted and everything several times, but it was still gone. Then, I went to the build menu to really make sure it wasn’t there and when I clicked on the spot that the building should be, i found out it was there but it was in the “red” zone. So I X’d out so that I could ponder it some more (and ask you guys if you noticed anything weird with it lol) before I did anything premature. Anyways, I finally ended up rearranging stuff so the building is now in a green zone and that fixed the issues I was experiencing. Sorry for the too long comment…no need to post this if it is a stupid comment. 😊 Just delete it…just wanted to help if I could.

        • Lol. No worries for the length of comment. I appreciate others chiming in. My concern… it isn’t just one.. it is entire sections of town gone missing. Worth a try with your suggestion though. Thanks.

  15. Count me among those who dislike the brick wall change (and I did post in the link you supplied). Actually, I like the the fact that the walls are thinner. What I don’t like is that they don’t match-up at corners, and no longer match with the graffiti walls. I hope EA either reverts them to their old form, or fixes them to meet at 90′ turns, and make graffiti walls to match.

  16. I bought the Ice castle late in the game, just a few days before the update yesterday. I was disappointed that with the update the quest cut off. Is this normal? I would think, especially with premium items that you should be able to finish the quests associated with them… Should I contact EA, or not worth it?

    • Because there were tasks involved in it that were ONLY linked to the event, I can see why. That will happen. If it is linked to an event, there is no way to continue it anyway… so it goes with the event.

      You are always welcome to voice an opinion on an item to them. Just let them know. 😉

      • Thanks Bunny, thats what I figured, it does suck, but I buy the decorations for the look first and the quests second. Ill just keep it in mind for the future, that buying early is better lol.

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