Last Chance Gil Deal

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick reminder that Gil is set to leave tomorrow morning (3am EST, 0800 GMT) and with him will go your chance to buy Castle Equalia and Queen Helvetica.

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So if you’re thinking about making the purchase make sure you do it soon…before it leaves Springfield forever!

Need a Pros and Cons rundown?  Check out our Should I Buy post here

So what’s going to happen when Gil leaves?  Well no one quite knows yet…but I will say this.  Don’t send any regular characters on long 24hr quests tonight.  If you send them on long tasks make sure they’ll be free around 9am EST (1400 GMT), as that’s usually when updates hit (if one is hitting).

What are your final thoughts on Gil’s deal?  Did you purchase the Castle and Queen?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Do you think something will hit tomorrow?  If so, what?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

14 responses to “Last Chance Gil Deal

  1. Please make gil come back with the Golden mansion and the truckosaurus!!! Those two are the only thing i dont have in the game because i was on vacasion both the time so i couldnt get Them 😥 and i love this game!!!

  2. I’m gearing up for Valentine’s!! Pink pink pink!! Lol

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a new level today (maybe Wednesday). Level 49, Super Bowl 49 coming up, coincidence? (Yeah, probably)

  4. *still twidling thumbs waiting for update* …perhaps they should offer an incentive for nuking your town and redesign? Be nice to have some update that allows you to interact, communicate or build something with your neighbours too!

    • Both great ideas!

    • love the latter idea about having some way to interact with your neighbors. always thought it would be cool to have some kind of neighbor tile (like the water/street/cement tiles) that you could lay down to designate areas for your friends to build in your town.

      gotta strongly disagree with you about offering incentive for nuking your town though. why reward people for taking the easy way out and blowing everything up, when redesign can be done just fine without it? if you made a complete mess of your town while leveling up and acquiring everything, i have no sympathy for you, haha. for real though, if anything i think it should be the opposite: reward people at set intervals for NOT nuking their town.

  5. New level? (Maybe!)
    I’d like to see a new add on like Krusty land.
    Maybe Shelbyvile or that long overdue Mono – rail!

    Also some sort of rubbish collection.
    Maybe weekly collections which had to be tapped on.
    Could included the Lil Lisa recycling plant and maybe those trashvans from Trash of the Titans.


  6. If I had Lisa, I may have gotten it. Since EA has yet to give me back Lisa = no deal.

  7. After a lot of consideration I’m passing on it, I do like the look of it but there’s no justification for such a high cost – I have the donuts but I’m not spending them this time.

  8. I didn’t get it holding onto my 200ish donuts for something else. Instead I nuked my town so currently have loads of free space 🙂

  9. I just can’t justify it. I’m impatiently awaiting for more events/premium content that will allow expansion to my Weird/Strange/Frink-tastiful section of Springfield. I’ve got the Volcano Layer, the -thankfully- bizarre weather immune Ice Palace- surely some kind of experiment in cryonics, the Victorian UFO where Kang and Kodos spend 100% of their time chortling while it isn’t Halloween, and the supercollider.

  10. I Didn’t get it… I don’t mind buying a few donuts here and there but 175 is just way too much to spend on this game. for one item EA need to understand some of us bills to pay.

  11. A new level is well over due, as for characters with it? A female that has been around for a long time. Helen, Sarah, Doris etc.

  12. I got it.

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