Where Did THAT Come From: Two-Nicorn REDUX & Queen Helvetica

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Two-nicorn Rainbowqueenhelvetica_victorycastleequaliaflipped_transimage

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Castle Equalia, Queen Helvetica, & the Two-Nicorn. Where did it show? Why does it have two horns instead of one? Does it really vomit rainbows? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 20, Episode 9: Lisa the Drama Queen
During an art class at the Rec Center Lisa meets a new friend, Juliet. She is excited to learn that Juliet is a “Grobanite” (likes the Musician Josh Broban) too. They quickly become close friends and start having a blast together. They learn they have quite a lot in common as time goes by. Even enjoying singing along to Groban songs while on the playground.

Lisa plans for a Play Date for the two. Which they spend at the Art Museum of course. Lol. She even asks if Juliet can stay for dinner and even a sleepover. During the sleepover, the two start to write a book about an imaginary fairytale land or “Queendom” called Equalia. Where everyone is equal but the two of them are in charge. They become best friends.

As they hang out, they add more and more to their fairytale land and their imaginations begin to take over. While brainstorming the end of Chapter 4, Lisa says it would be great if  Queen Helvetica found a rare two horned unicorn. A TWO-nicorn. They even make lil paper dolls to go along with their book.


The Simpsons venture to Juliet’s home to have dinner with her Mom and Dad. Her family seems a lil snooty to the Simpsons. When Juliet and Lisa try to perform a number from Josh Groban, her Dad intervenes and forces them to instead listen to Track 3 from the Pelican Brief instead. Juliet snaps and runs off outside. Lisa follows her. She quickly learns that it seems like Juliet has really lost it as she is proclaiming to be seeing their imaginary land, Equalia. But then Lisa starts to see it too. All the things they came up with are there. The Faeries, Trolls, Lords & Ladies, a Giraffe-a-pus, and even the Two-Nicorn. Queen Helvetica (Lisa) and Queen Valedictoria (Juliet) are in heaven. The Two-nicorn even asks them to toss him a treat. The sugar cube makes him vomit a rainbow. He didn’t know he could do that. They dance away with all the creatures… to Josh Groban of course. The streamers falling across them are actually the real sprinklers on the lawn spraying over them.Queen Helvetica and Queen Valedictoria

The two continue to write their fairytale story. This starts to draw concern from others, like Principal Skinner. Lisa is becoming unfocused and living “in a world of her own”. Marge tells Lisa she has to stop spending so much time with Juliet. She attempts to escape out of her bedroom to run off and see Juliet, but Marge is wise thanks to years of dealing with Bart. She is waiting for Lisa outside.

At school, Lisa is surprised by Juliet. She begs Lisa to come hang out with her. She needs her. Equalia needs her. So the two took off together. They venture off far out of town to a run down restaurant, Clam-Elot Seafood. However by using their imagination, it becomes the Castle of Equalia.

Castle Equalia

Marge realizes Lisa is not at the Model UN where she is supposed to be and most likely ran off with Juliet. Marge knows exactly where they went… or so she thought. They are definitely not at the Putt Putt Mini Golf Castle. The Bullies on the other hand apparently were already claiming it as a hide out and are not happy the girls are there. They tie the girls up and lock them in lobster crates.

Jimbo and Dolph leave Kearney alone with the girls. They start imagining the situation to be a lot better, a battlefield for Equalia. This intrigues Kearney and he wants to hear more. The girls use this to their advantage and he lets them out to tell him more.  Unfortunately Jimbo and Dolph return and take the book of the girls stories to light them on fire. Kearney, still in Equalia imagination, fights the other two for the book while the girls make their getaway.

This entire experience reminds Lisa she just prefers the real world and doesn’t want to live in Equalia anymore. Juliet bids her goodbye.


There you have it. A Fairytale Land that Lisa and her new friend Juliet created and their imaginary world comes back into our games again. What do YOU think of the Two-nicorn? Did you buy it? How about Gil’s Deal on Queen Helvetica Lisa and the Castle Equalia? Did you buy it? Do you already have the Two-nicorn? How many times a day to YOU make it vomit rainbows? (A sentence you never think you will type. Lol.) Let us know your thoughts below.


13 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Two-Nicorn REDUX & Queen Helvetica

  1. Kim (Kimberlyah794)

    I bought the twonicorn during CoC and snatched up the castle and premium skin (FINALLY) for Lisa. I love them and was happy to find space for it in my town. I like it much better than the ones from CoC. I placed mine next to my Ice Palace. Too bad she and Princess Martin can’t have a little battle, especially with him making all those snowmen. 😉

  2. Wookie is the Rainbow God

  3. I bought the castle, looking back I do agree with the fact Juliet would have made a great addition. Though the mansion of solid gold itself was 250, Krusty’s mansion was 115 and the ice palace was also 120. So 175, for a building, plus a premium costume for Lisa (finally!!) isn’t that pricey considering… Though, as I said when it was released, your donuts could be better spent on non-limited premium characters/combos. It’s rule of thumb to pay extra for the exclusiveness of it.

  4. Still wish I could have gotten that castle for Lisa, but, alas, this just want priced for freemium players (after finally getting Crazy Cat Lady, I don’t have enough donuts left to get this, even if I wanted to).

    I know that win-able items sometimes become available later as a premium purchase, but do premium items ever become win-able in a later event?

  5. I would make a Starburst “taste the rainbow” joke about the two-nicorn… but that would be in poor taste! 😝

  6. I had to get the two-nicorn the first time it was offered because… well, ‘vomits rainbows.’ I know the castle was pricey, donut-wise, but I had to get that, too. Now I have a dilemma in my premium A-game, in that I’m starting to see the limits of available space and now with FIVE castles in my game (3 from Game of Clones, the Frozen ice castle, and now Lisa’s Castle Equalia), I may have to make some hard choices and do some consolidation.

  7. sounds like it’s a parody of ‘bridge to Terrabithia”

  8. For the cost, Juliet should have come with the castle too.

  9. Sounds like they took the plot from the “heavenly creatures” movie.

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