Should I Spend Donuts On the Electric Cars?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve been electrified with the new little episode tie-in in Springfield this week!  With the new Premium items just added to our menu, it may be overwhelming trying to decide whether to buy it or to pass on it. With that limited-time label on the items (Remember: they’ll leave the store on 1/28/15) I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Electric Cars to your Springfield? Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding these boogie woogie vehicles to your Springfield…

electriccarredflipped_transimage electriccaryellowflipped_transimage electriccarblueflipped_transimage

Decorations: Electric Cars: Red, Yellow & Blue
Cost: Red- 35 Donuts, Yellow- 40 Donuts, Blue- 45 Donuts
Bonus %: Red- 0.75%, Yellow- 2%, Blue 2.5%
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Vanity +300 (Red), Vanity + 400 (Yellow), Vanity +500 (Blue)

-More cars for Springfield.
-Look cool, more modern looking
-Add nice bonus % for donuts spent
-Initially they had no animation, now their lights flash when tapped.

-Not animated Weak animation.
-No tasks associated with them
-Still can’t place/drive on the road

Final Thought

Premium Take
This is another personal choice option.  They all offer a nice bonus % and they look cool.  Personally, I’ll probably buy all 3..although I don’t quite have a placement for them yet.  While I wish they were animated, I still think they’re cool and have a place in Springfield even if you just buy 1.

Freemium Take
Freemium players here’s the deal…if you have the donuts to spend this isn’t a bad item to invest in. They look cool and do offer a bonus to your overall cash and XP.  HOWEVER, I will say if you are going to purchase 1…go with the Yellow or Blue one for better return on investment.  Although the Red one is tempting at that price point, it’s not offering you a fair enough return on bonus % per donut spent.  Just keep in mind, they are not animated.  So if you purchase them it’s purely for the look and bonus % (and vanity impact too), since it won’t do anything else for your town.

Tip for BOTH Players
Keep in mind it does only improve Vanity…the easiest to max out.  For the same cost of the Yellow Car you can purchase a Police Car, which adds 200 points to Obedience AND gives a 2% Bonus on all cash and XP.

Of course in the end we can’t tell you what to do…we can only let you know what we did/didn’t do.  In this case I will be purchasing all three…but I am a premium player and have donuts in my town from when Gil had the donut offer going.  So, for me, I didn’t mind spending the donuts on them.

If you purchase 1 of the cars you will see a little dialogue popup between Homer and Lisa:

Lisa: Ooh, an electric car!  This beautifully designed feat of engineering is really going to change things around here.
Homer: Ehnn…how fast does it drive?
Lisa: I don’t know.  It doesn’t actually go anywhere…
Homer: So it’s not going to change anything, is it?  Just like the real electric car.

And those are the electrifying details behind these three cars!

What do you think of the electric cars?  Will you be purchasing them?  Which ones?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Did you pass on them?  Why?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

54 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Electric Cars?

  1. Is there going to be a Valentines Day update? Waiting for it…..

  2. I just bought the yellow one due to its limited period status. Though I still have not purchased DMV nor burns limo.

  3. I got yellow and placed it near my drive in. Just wish you could rotate things fully because the car faces the wrong way

  4. Finished protesting and it said I got a red car, looked in my inventory and it’s not there. Anyone else have this problem, or contacted EA about this?

  5. I got a bubble pop up saying the blue electric car was placed in my inventory but its not there, nor anywhere. Help!

    • This is the first instance I’ve seen of blue, everyone else has said red. However, the only popup we’ve seen (and have proof of) in the game says available in your store.

  6. I’m freemium so not buying these cars. They look cool but I’ve only got 88 donuts and I want to see if there are any items that I want come Valentine’s Day.

  7. Wont be buying these. I might have before, but after the cluster that was the islands, it’ll need to be something far cooler to get me to part with my donuts.

  8. One of the teachers in my town seems to have bought a yellow one, it is parked right next to the elementary school.

  9. Spend Spend Spend love the cars and at last my town has some variety in the automobile section my houses have care and fat Tony has two bright blue build……., they are expensive and for second time ive bought multiple items.

  10. Seems like they should improve tree hugging rating instead of vanity.

    As a mostly freemium player, I’m gonna save my donuts for a character or building.

  11. Got the blue one and it’s besides Frink’s lab and the observatory. This item finally pulled me over the 100% bonus mark.

  12. I bought the blue one and placed it at Rainier Wolfcastles mansion. I bought it mostly for the % bonus, which makes me curios, my total bonus % is 86.23, what are others tappers % number ?

  13. Awesome review! They ARE cute… Hey I am a daily player seeking a few more “friends”… Please be relatively committed to doing the “friend” thing to maximize FP. Thanks for great info… Love all you do!

  14. Premium player here, lots of doughnuts left from Gil’s deal ad my answer?
    HELLZ NO!!

    Not even remotely interested in these.

  15. Pass on all three

  16. Freemium Tappers ,
    Save your donuts for the next Quest (in February) !
    Until Vehicles can be driven by Characters around Springfield, its not worth the donuts (your Vanity will boost as you progress in the Game) 🙂

    • while i would love for cars to be taskable objects that characters could drive around town, i don’t equate this inability as not worth the donuts; after all, it has never been a feature in the game. and as a freemo player that has already easily maxed out his conform o meter ratings, i’m not concerned about whether it boosts vanity or tree hugging, especially since those two categories are the easiest to max out (though i really liked the idea about a zipcar or taxi that would boost consumerism, as i still have a few too many kwik e marts on my map).

      as others have said, i am tired of the _onda cars populating the map. i think parked vehicles add a sense of realness and meaningfulness to my town, and that combined with the limited time nature of the items has me strongly considering parting with hard earned freemo donuts for these…

  17. One of these should have been available for freemium dollars, just like one of the small island was. Color me disappointed. 🙁

  18. I splurged on all three. I created a car dealership in my Springfield.

  19. I now have the yellow and blue car along with the quimborgini in the parking area of the Quimby compound. Right next to the hot tub so when they are all wrinkly they can jump in the convertible and head to the Squidport for some lemonade.

  20. I got one of each. I blew my donut budget for the month in the process. I’m a sucker for anything that is high tech and/or futuristic looking. I missed out on a few limited time episode tie-in items when I first started playing almost a year ago when I was a freemium only player which now I regret not getting and they haven’t been offered again since. So I jumped on these. I need more diversity in the vehicles in my town anyway (there’s only so many _onda cars you can have in your town). I placed one by Frink’s Lab and the UltraHouse 2. One’s at the beach and/or Boardwalk. One is driving in a road I made of pavement (originally created for my Thanksgiving Day Parade).

    • I got the blue one and placed it in a motorcade. Leading the pack are the two (wooden) motorcycles, followed by the blue electric car, then the police car, the swat van, Homer (getting a push from the snowplow), the rat-trap truck and the _onda are at the rear. What prompted this silly arrangement? Oh, I don’t know, but President Obama visited my town the other day and that might possibly have still been on my mind….

  21. As much as I’d like my bonus to be atleast 100%. I don’t spend donuts on decorations. They cars should contribute to tree-hugging though. Still easy to max out but it would make more sense. I’m a tad over them adding things and having them as vanity, when they should be contributing to something else that would make more sense. Feels like vanity is the default. Oh well!

    • Lol – I like your take that these should add too Tree Hugging instead of Vanity…makes perfect sense!

  22. What would be a better option [*HINT HINT, EA*] would be a “ZIPCAR” or a Taxi. This way each vehicle could contribute towards—wait for it…

    C’mon! Even freemium players would spend some of their precious sprinkled sweets to help this part of the C-O-M!

    • If there was a premium taxi with both a consumerism and % and consumerism bonus, I’d definitely spend some sprinklies on that, granted it’s not over-priced for the ratio of %.

    • Hey Wookie, Simpsons WDTCF expert, there has to be an episode with a taxi or ‘rent-a-car’, right? Was there any guest stars that played taxi-drivers? Why am I picturing Homer doing an Al Pacino spoof?


      • There’s actually a spoof of Taxi Driver with Moe. Lots of random taxis in the show they could use. I’d vote for the one in “Blame it on Lisa” (S13:E15). Remember Homer getting kidnapped in the unlicensed taxi? The sign on top said hostage. Too funny.

    • I had to ‘Oogle’ the image [I admit] of the Hostage Taxi, too funny!

  23. Im passing. Im kinda getting tired of premium item that dont do anything. Sure the bonus is good and all but Im saving my sprinkles for new buildings/characters in the next update

  24. debating whether to pick up the yellow or blue car, or both…. or neither. these decisions always weigh heavily on a freemium player such as myself. true, the jet engine bike is the better value at 30 donuts for 2.0% bonus xp, but i already have one of those. plus the coolness factor of these new cars, combined with the limited timeliness and the general lack of vehicle variety in this game (not to mention i’m in need of more vehicles, as the jet engine bike and news van are the only premium ones i’ve purchased thus far), might just push me over the edge. decisions decisions… 🙂

  25. They are animated

  26. I picked up one of each. Add I nice splash of color to a few parking lots.

  27. I bought all three and when i tap them, the headlights blink briefly! 🙂 I put one at the plant but still working on my town designing!

  28. Premium Player: I’ve already bought one red (for completion sake) and several yellow and blue (better XP/Cash bonus ROI).

    As for placement. I have put some by the Drive In Theater (why can’t they make all of these cars turn in 4-positions so they can actually face the screen), some in my parking lot between the Duff Stadium and the Coliseum and then on in front of Frink’s lab. (keeping a little futuristic look)

    Why didn’t they give us a couple of these for free after Christmas instead of islands. That would have been really cool!

  29. 4kidsandacatdog

    Funny thing is, I still haven’t maxed out my vanity! Other things sure, but not that. Too bad about the red car, that’s my favorite color!

  30. I bought a bunch and set up a car dealership. Put a couple of _onda’s with them for used cars. Loving the impact to my bonus.

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