Construction Update: Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood

Springfield, Springfield, Hollywood, Hollywood… hey Wookiee, Hollywood’s that way… it’s a hell of a town!

Sorry folks, chuckling to myself but I promise I have a point.  For anyone who hasn’t seen my previous posts about Universal Studios Hollywood opening up their own version of Springfield this Spring, they are.  New pics have become available for it too.


Special thanks to my own dear Wookieemama for sharing the link for all this with me.  I’ve been keeping up with the progress as you can see here and here but due to real life, haven’t been able to get back there since November to see how far construction of Springfield has gone.

Thankfully there are amusement park blogs that are as enthusiastic as me about upcoming additions to Universal Studios.  After this paragraph is the link to MiceChat article about upcoming items.  The article has a bunch of pictures about Harry Potter, the Fast and Furious addition to the Studios Tour and of course, most importantly… Springfield additions.  The Springfield images are at the end of the post.

It really looks like they took the image below and recreated it.  The image comes from the first announcement about this awesomeness. You can see really see how the Android’s Dungeon side starts your journey in to Springfield.  Also images of what looks to be Springfield Elementary, Springfield Penitentiary and the Nuclear Power Plant.  The Springfield Sign is completely clear.  Also images of the Aztec Theater Marquee and Police Station.  In a few you can also clearly see Moe’s. Color me stoked for signs of Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck. Basically I’m saying if you didn’t already click the link, do so and compare it to the image.  I’m soooooooo excited. This is gonna be so cool!



In the middle of February, I have a trip planned to see how much more got done. I will certainly be taking pictures for all of us. The opening date for this attraction is set non-specifically as Spring 2015 but rest assured I will be there when it opens for full details and possibly a chance to hang out with some of you. Honestly, having been to the one in Florida, this looks like it might be even cooler and that’s a high expectation based on how much I loved my visit.

What do y’all think of this? Been to Springfield in Florida? Interested in meeting up with the Fuzzball when this becomes a complete reality? Sound off below and stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. I haven’t to the hwd park since they were still building the transformers ride. But now that I’ve moved to be closer to work I could easily go for a meet up (assuming it didn’t conflict with work…). If you don’t mind a shadow tagalong, please post dates that you’ll be there!

  2. We are going next week! I can’t wait!

  3. My favorite part about these pics is the vandalism in the taco truck pictures… did anyone else notice the fence behind the construction worker is tagged El Barto!? Thanks for the link Wookie, those are way cool!

  4. radiativedreams

    I was kinda suprised in my last visit last year that the only Back to the Future memorabilia was gone, and, well, I really liked that Italian Pizza place, and, well, weird story, that place was the first time I saw the Universal Ambulance because of an unfortunate accident with an elderly person having some medical condition before entering.

    And to end this, I’ll end it with an odd peace of trivia: Did you know that the flowers that make Mickey’s head in Disneyland are replaced practically every day because the flowers are not used to the Californian temperatures (the flowers are not native whatsoever)

    • I actually did know about the Mickey stuff but I’m sure most don’t. As a passholder to both USH and D, I love the assorted trivia for the parks. I did like the Back to the Future ride but once it was gone, Doc Brown’s Chicken Dinner restaurant only made sense to us old timers. If you’re jonesing for some though, the Delorean has a nice home in the little museum on the lower lot.

      • radiativedreams

        I feel like it was just yesterday when the DeLorean used to be in the Studio Tour picture car place. When was that? Like 2007?

  5. maaan, last time i was at universal studios was shortly after the back to the future ride opened… and here i find out it’s already been closed down, ironically replaced by none other than the simpsons ride. i really have no excuse not to plan a trip once springfield opens up though; it’s just a short ride up the I-5 from SD, and my older son that plays the game with me will eat it up for sure.

  6. I live in cali!!!!OMG i cant wait for it to open.i told my family i had exciting news and they hung up on me lol. The question is who am i going to drag with me to take pics of me?lmao

  7. HELP ME PLEASE! Everytime I try to go to my Springfeild it says “my other device did not save my Springfeild & to log into that account.” I don’t have another device. No one knows my Orgins account info but, me. What do I do?

  8. I’ve been to the Florida one twice. Once when it just opened and once after they expanded the area and added restaurants. Totally recommend getting a giant pink donut (although share it otherwise you will be sick). I sorta wish the buildings weren’t once giant restaurant and it had some more internal recreations (would love to grab a beer at a Moes replica or tour a Simpsons house) but it was really fun. I might have to make my way to CA once that one opens!

  9. Long time Universal Studios Hollywood park guest (since ’78) and while I do miss several bits of old school Uni Hollywood ( original “GlamorTrams” – Munster’s House – the War Lord Tower – Land of a Thousand Faces – Battle of Galactica – T2 3-D: Battle Across Time – Back To The Future Ride – Beetlejuice’s Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue – Universal’s House of Horrors)? I could go on & on & on (hasn’t helped that there have been 5 major fires on the Back Lot), but losing Universal Amphitheater is a major blow (best concert venue ever!) which I have to accept, as Uni Hollywood needs to complete with Disneyland – DCA / Knott’s Berry Farm / Six Flags Magic Mountain ….

    The new Springfield addition is exciting – an actual Simpsons Food Court (featuring Krusty Burger, Luigi’s Pizza, Phineas Q. Butterfat’s 5600 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor, Moe’s Tavern and Duff’s Brewery) – how about a TSTO related update this summer EA ! 🙂

    Relive fond memories of past Rides & Attractions here –

    • Thanks for posting that link. I love classic horror movies (to the point I entered an American Idol style rap competition, named my submission Monster Movie and made references to The Munsters and The Addams Family) so I’m sad that they no longer have the Munster house and the House Of Horrors, especially since I never saw them. They got rid of a lot of good stuff!

      On the bright side, Springfield is one of the new attractions I’m actually looking forward to. Thanks for the update Wookiee!

    • I remember a lot of that and miss it too. Galactica was awesome on the tram. As much as I like the new Kong 3D, the old one always holds a fond spot for me but the last stupid fire ruined that. I think the thing I miss the most was their wild west stunt show. Thankfully, it seems they have plans to keep adding good things. I really wonder what the plan is for the House of Horrors spot.

  10. What’s the little red building to the right of the police station? I can’t quite make it out…

    • Hmmmm… most are smashed or extended versions of the Originals. Could be the Gentlemans Club, cuz it looks like a building from “Sprooklyn” to me. Lol

    • When I zoomed in on the image, although blurry, it seemed to say Dr. Nick Riviera.

    • Although it does look a bit “Sprooklynese,” Bunny, I don’t think it’s the right shape for that (plus, in the game, it’s more brown than red). I can imagine that it could be Dr. Nick’s place (have they ever shown his building on the show, Wookiee?), but I can’t make out anything more zooming in on my iPad, so I’ll have to take your word that the lettering looks like it might say that. (If so, why couldn’t they include the building with that premium character?)

      • Just based on color comparisons, it may be a squished version of Hibbert’s Family Practice. When I zoomed, it looked like two letters as in Dr., 4 letters and then a longer last name. Dr. Nick’s office was shown but looked different than that. Honestly, I just plan on showing the real versions once it’s open and I visit.

  11. It’s been so long since I’ve been to any theme park. Looks like they’re going to have some awesome rides and attractions!

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