Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Simpsons are all new tonight, what will happen in the new episode?   How will our new episode tie-in items come into play?  We’re due for another TSTO update soon, either a level or Valentine’s Day, what do you think will hit?  What are you hoping to see?  The NFL Pro Bowl is on tonight, who do you think will win?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update ideas, NFL or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


305 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. One of the main reason for me playing this game was to get Mr. Teeny and have him smoke a cigarette but he can only be walked by Krusty. I wish EA would just add the smoke break as a job for Mr Teeny 😢😢😢😢

  2. Cubes…’s all good, Mate!! All good! The hurt was in the years before he left and now I feel disjointed from what is going on up north cos I haven’t been able to go home in so long. It was hard to ‘disown’ the rot, but I have and I have many many happy memories from time before the rot set in. Just the other day my kids and I were laughing at some fun time we spent with their father so long ago….there were fun times in between the bad or none of us would have come out half sane! Lol….and we now concentrate on present and have hope in the future. And Wednesday week will be fifth Anniversary so am thinking of taking myself into Bowen for the day and spending it with friends at a lovely Chinese restaurant by the sea!! Sounds like a marvellous plan for the day! Lol
    I’m pleased you feel connected to Sandra and myself….i really enjoy the comraderie we have on here as well….it is like a family here on Addicts, isnt it?…not sure who is Mum and who is Aunty there in the moderator seats, but I’m guessing Wookie swings between papa bear and big bro! Lol. Iam probably MORE addicted to addicts, than I am to the game….and I AM addicted to it!! Lol
    Night Jonboy! 😄

  3. To Alissa, Bunny and Wookie,
    As this is becoming a connection point for TSTO addicts regulars, on the “mobile” version of your site you have links (I will post via mobile, only utilise the PC when uploading) would it be possible to add this to your common links at the bottom of the page?
    This would mean that Addicts such as myself, Sandra, Etamni, Julie an’ all wouldn’t have to waste data backtracking to conversations… I know it’s a bit selfish but I am pretty sure given the regular comments added to this thread it could be a popular idea?

  4. Bumping up the chess thread, Cube…

    Okay, I think I’ve wiggled out of danger (at least for now)….

    BTW, I like how you have your magnifying glass heating up the cauldron lol!

    • Just had a funny thought… If the houses were all of a short regeneration duration, one could differentiate the two sides by which ones had Christmas lights on and which didn’t! Also, too bad you can only have one church…they would have made very appropriate bishops. I find myself having to sometimes consult the little cheat-sheet I wrote up to remember which building is which piece (except for the pawns…those are easy to remember).

    • Out of check again for now, but something tells me this is gonna be a short game (and those Addicts out there who placed their bets on Cube FTW are gonna be in the money when it’s all over!).

  5. Sanaeaa………..I am so sorry for the accidental grafitti, my baby slapped my iPad!!!forgive me!!!

  6. Cubes and Sandra….normally I would never do this, but seeming as how it is you two….I just GOTTA,!!!….thanks so much for the sprinkles you both left out for me today…they were delicious and I thought of you both as I devoured each one to my total!! Heh heh heh…MOI???? Gloat?? Well really!!! Lol
    I will try to leave some out for you both but you will need to look for them! Lol
    Cheers, Julie.

    • Oh and Bob was really nice and gave me another 5 donuts in the balloon popping! Ah life is sweeeeettttttt. Pink sprinkle sweet! 😄

      • I got 5 too, also won kwik-e-mart jackpot and got lemon tree from surprise box recently. Thinking it will be trees and news stands from now on.

      • Hmm… I’m wondering if, when they brought Sideshow You back to life, they zeroed out everyone’s counters and we’ll all be hitting that jackpot around the same time (or at least everyone who visits the same number of times each day). I collect from that twice a day, so, if you guys do to, then I’m probably due for my donuts very soon; but, if you sometimes manage three times a day, I’ll have a bit of a wait yet…

      • Mildly jealous, the TSTO EA randomness has been a little cruel. Yey, 3 x white fences for mystery box. Woohoo. Only 2 sprinkles for ALL tasks….

      • Dan…we only get one lemon tree per town unfortunately…I’d like a few more in town, but EA gives us only one. I haven’t gotten any other trees in the box…shrubs and fences and newspaper stands and gazebos and money and once I got another mystery box and inside that was another mystery box and inside that was a fence I think it was….after all the excitement of more boxes it was a let down! Lol and Ive also got lovely sprinkles! I got the jackpot the other day from kwikemart…in the town where I don’t really need more $’s…in the smaller towns where I need $’s…no! Lol

        • They originally set them up to be like the episode. You used to be able to steal them from your neighbors towns. They quickly learned to stop that feature as many complained they spent donuts to get it. It was not well thought out… funny… but too many complaints. Lol. 😉

    • You’re most welcome! Here are some more donuts for you 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

      What? Those donut count? Sorry… 😔😉

      • Sandra…you’re so kind giving me more…but don’t you think you should consider my waistline a little??….or is that the idea….make me too fat to chase the sprinkles so you can grab them for yourself!! Mmmmmm…that’s devious….I LIKE it! Lol
        I usually collect from Bob twice a day but this splint has really hampered my life at present and I’m lucky if I can manage two visits into each town every day plus do all my real life stuff cos unfortunately the fairies around here don’t do anything unless I show them how it’s done every time! And they wonder why I don’t pay them wages! Sshheeeeeeesh. Fairies!! Don’t know why they are so popular! It’s not like they’re useful! Lol
        I usually don’t take notice where the donuts come from, but last event our donuts were not being added to our totals, which is why I started to keep note of when and where.
        Cheers, dear..Julie.

    • It’s funny – I never notice where my neighbor donuts come from, because I make it a point not to look when I’m collecting. I find its like a watched pot…if I look for them, I don’t get them, but if I just visit all my neighbors and then check my donut total, sometimes I get the nice surprise of setting that out went up!

      Does anyone else have silly superstitions like that about playing the game?

  7. I’m tapping Sideshow Bob while watching Frasier. It feels so meta in way that I feel pretensions saying meta. Moon river….

  8. I picked up my hire car today, I have a Vauxhall Astra to drive for the next week or so. Definitely not like my car and can’t say I really love driving it but at least it’s a car till mine’s repaired.
    We had a nice coating of snow overnight, so was up early to drive my best friend to work before looking after her son who is my Godson. It’s pretty much melted away now which is good because I don’t like driving unfamiliar cars at the best of times.
    Town is now mostly complete after I nuked it last week, just might tweak things a little. Will be visiting neighbours later once my neck has stopped hurting so much. 30 mins of driving is enough to strain my neck at the minute and I’ve just driven 90 mins total to take my car to the repair centre and pick up the hire car to come home.

    • Drive carefully, Nessy…that neck of yours will give you gip for some time treat yourself gently dear. It’s not much fun when we start to fall apart…so try to delay the inevitable. Have fun with the wee man. They really are such a joy. Cheers dear, Julie.

      • It actually feels like it’s getting worse now. Apart from the initial first week where it was painful, I was just getting pain towards the end of my shift and then the evening. Now it’s all day again. Doesn’t help the other side are disputing my injuries which means I have a load more paperwork and medicals to complete. Good job I’m on holiday at the minute, it’s been quite stressful really.
        Still there’s always TSTO and my Godson to cheer me up. Though not at the same time because he likes to try and help me.

      • That doesn’t sound good, Nessy.. I hope you aren’t doing too much. Actually…just a thought…are the seats in the hire car the same as you car? Sometimes a different seat can make our spine go a different angle to what we are used to. I would suggest you revisit the doctor if you haven’t already done so dear…just to make sure all is ok. Better to be safe and sure.
        Jamie’s dad was involved in an accident several years ago and it’s actually his solicitors/lawyers who have procrastinated to the point where he is now having trouble getting the justice from that accident so I understand where you are coming from with the extra stress and paperwork!! I hope you are able to enjoy your hols despite the added stress and worry.
        As you said…we have TSTO!! Where would we be without our escape from reality? Lol.
        Cheers dear…Julie.

      • Agree Julie, I finally bought my dream car, but because of its design I struggled with chronic back / neck pain (mostly due to my chronic scoliosis ;). Don’t care, pain is worth the smile I get every single time I drive her 🙂

      • Cubey…know what you’re saying friend….why do you think we silly women put ourselves thru the agony of wearing high heels!!??…cos they look make our legs look damn good! Lol we pay for it later in life but hey…we have gorgeous young legs while they last,😉

      • The seats seem to be pretty similar in style to my usual car. It’s actually having my arms raised up on the steering wheel which seems to cause the problem because I get pain at work doing similar actions.
        Planning on going back to the doctors tomorrow and then I have a medical on the 16th so I can get an independent medical report done. My solicitors arranged that for me. I might also get physio recommended as a result from the report so I’ll be taking that option. Anything to start getting me back to normal.
        Cube, I know what you mean with dream cars. I find my Honda Civic really comfortably luckily but it’s my dream car and I would love to get a newer one in the future. I’m gutted it’s been damaged and the Astra just isn’t the same. Although I’ve been driving it this weekend and I will admit it’s fairly easy to drive. I’m missing my built in sat nav and iPod connection more than anything.

  9. Apologies to all neighbours….due to outside influences (real life- dang it), I was unable to visit neighbours tonight….so I will be by tomorrow to rectify this. Apologies again….Cheers, Julie…nonnajay, jameslucas and loftyjnr towns.

  10. Hmmm, researching… experiments he was ejected / elected removal of his own conception were common. Still finding out why the Tesla car company has so easily acquired his name 🙂

  11. ♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    ღஐღ ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ Absolutely love your sign in your town shrubbery. EXCELLENT patronage and detail. Cheers, Julie♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ ღஐღ

  12. Alissa – I just read the post about the no-vandalism thread…wow – I had no idea people were trying to post such awful messages! I just don’t get that… It’s a game, people!

    One semi-related question… Can we also get a fresh Add Me thread for folks who don’t mind (or even want) vandalism? The one that’s up now still refers to getting friends for part 2 of the Christmas event.

  13. Hi Sandra…pleased to hear that your Dad has improved…I hope all is good with the kidney function tests. It’s such a worry when our bodies start falling apart on us….and more so when it is our parents..and we can’t do anything to help them.
    Yes I’d prefer the tapping exercises to the regular exercises as well..I am in a lot of pain today actually..and you have no idea how silly I feel saying it’s all in the thumb!! Lol well okay in the wrist by extension as well, but to be crippled by THAT little member! It’s positively crazy!
    I have had my left arm and hand swollen to almost twice its normal size for almost 12 months due to fluid build up from the carpal tunnel, and yesterday even the OT noticed that my arm is almost back to normal size, so at least something is going right! Lol. It meant a couple of adjustments on the splint, but nothing major…mostly just repositioning the straps and a wee tweak here and there with the actual splint..but all good now and actually feels more comfortable…still a pain in the butt for tying tho! Lol oh roll on perfection!! Lol
    Cheers dear, Julie.

    • Oh, I can definitely believe that you’re in a lot of pain from your thumb! First, it’s something I think we move all the time, without even thinking about it. Second, I think that sometimes the “little” things make me feel worse than the “big” ones do. I hate getting a cold or a paper cut on a knuckle. I’d almost rather have a flu than the cold, because at least when you run a fever, you get some sympathy lol!

      Glad to hear your arm has improved… It’s always nice to see something go in the right direction!

      • Sandra…I come from a family with a long line of military men…and one son followed suit…if I get the flu, or anything else requiring sympathy???….the men in this family throw the dictionary over to you and tell you to look in the pages between the s word for ‘pooh’ and a nasty STI that also starts with s!!…so believe me…I’ve learned to moan quietly over the years!! Lol
        Cheers. Julie.

      • Awww… That’s too bad, Julie! My mom and I are just the opposite…when one of us doesn’t feel well, we call the other one to get an “aww, poor baby” (in a sincere, not a sarcastic, way). So, on behalf of me and my mom (if she knew about you), “awww, poor baby!” 🙂

      • Thanks mama and mama! I feel better already lol. I have a friend here who is the same with her mum as you are with yours, except over here we seem more likely to call our children ‘possum’ or sweet cheeks or Sweetpea. Lol…my daughter and I are close also and she will give me sympathy but then she gets all bossy and says…right…enough of the soft stuff woman…up and at ’em! Lol I think she may take after her mother!! Lol

      • My mom still calls me “pussycat” sometimes. 😊

      • It would be good to know what family support is like for you… I have oftened heard what this is like and would like to experience it, apparently it can assist? Having my “get out of home free” card at 17, I struggle with connection.

      • Awww…Matt…. I’m sorry to hear about your lack of “connection.”

        Yes, family support is very helpful. Unfortunately, outside of my husband (of course), I don’t have any “local” family – the closest family is my four parents who are about 200 miles away. (They’re in NYC and I’m in a suburb about 16 miles west of Boston.) I am very well loved by all of them, but I’m especially close with my mother – I’d day that, at this point in my life, she’s definitely my best friend. We talk on the phone most days and I make sacrifices for her, like watching The Bachelor (😝) because she lies to have someone to talk to about it lol. My parents are also really family with each other… My mom and stepfather have been the ones taking care of my father and stepmother during my dad’s current hospital stay (and of my stepmother during her hospital stay, when my dad was out off town). My stepmother lines to jokingly refer to her relationship with my mother as “wives-in-law” 😉

        The good news for you is that “family” doesn’t have to be blood relatives… I’ve known people who have formed a real “family” with a group of friends (for example, this is often quite common with gay people whose “family of origin” rejected them, so they had to form new “families”). I think a family is a group of people who love each other no matter what and are willing to be there for each other in times of need. Shared bloodlines are not required (think, for example, of adopted children!). I hope you can find that connection some day – it’s not essential, I guess, but I think it is quite valuable.

      • You are so right Sandra about family not having to be blood relatives!
        My ex husband is a very manipulative creature who isolated myself and our children from others so he could play God to us for 34 years,…..we ended up in a strange town without any family or friends around us….and when he finally left, and realised I was able to survive without him and even make wonderful friends despite his lies about me, he then went to work on my parents..both of whom are in the early stages of dementia and Alzheimers…well he succeeded in turning my mother against me to the point where she is now physically violent to me and anyone who supports me. My stepdad wasn’t turned against me, but now my mother has turned on him, so you can imagine what his life is like in that house. My ex will twist things to look bad and make people think you don’t like them and he’s really good at what he does.
        Recently my sister has also turned and has become very spiteful toward me as well. It doesn’t help that I live eight hours drive from them and the ex is up there ‘helping’ them all so I am unable to defend myself at the crucial moments.
        In November my nephew tried to murder the mother of his five children whilst the youngest was in bed with her…the ex is now demanding my kids all put money toward his legal fees…thankfully my kids have a lot of me in them and refuse to help that cowardly creature!…he tried to kill Anne Marie in her sleep…she’s half his size but he waited till she was completely defenceless and now he expects help from those he has never bothered to keep in contact with. My ex is playing the great uncle now and saviour of the family that isn’t even his just so I no longer have contact with them.
        My kids and I were talking about it the other day saying how heart wrenching it has been, and how emotionally draining it all is, and I suddenly realised that yes the ex has destroyed my relationship with my family, but when it all comes down to the line…I end up with the best part of our family…I have my kids who are such a strength to me…I have all my grandbabies who are my joy even tho they all live many hours away from me…. and I have the most amazing friends here in town who have become sisters, brothers and even mothers to me…he can have all the kafuffle that he has up there with my family…I’ll keep what I have here….and these new sisters, brothers and mothers are even closer to me…and do more for me than mine ever did…so, Cubes…like Sandra, I sincerely hope you get to know what it is like to have that ‘family’ support in your life cos it doesn’t have to be blood….just the love of good friends is better than family at times.
        Sorry about the outpouring here…but yeah…family isn’t necessarily our blood rellies….a lot of the time they are the ones who need to be left behind! I would rather love them from afar and not be involved with them than to be there and be destroyed by them.
        What’s that saying…you can choose your friends ……..

      • Wow, Julie – I’m so sorry that your ex was/is such a monster! You are well rid, for sure. I’m glad you have your current family, and, sometimes, I think distance from other family members can be a blessing. (Distance from toxic relationships is always a good thing!)

      • You’re not wrong…I consider each day without him as a blessing. It’s five years next week that he walked out….My house is now my home and a haven and sanctuary for both Jamie and I. Unfortunately I find it harder to leave it at times which worries me as I don’t think I have the right character to become a total recluse! Lol
        Life is hard without his income but we get by…with the bank, we have a bill paying acct..whereby we deposit so much each fortnight, but it will pay our nominated bills for the year…we add them up, divide them by 26 and then add 10% to cover and that is how much is deposited…so I don’t usually have to worry about things like insurances, rates, electric car rego etc….my daughter was very worried recently when I told her we were a bit broke that week…and I said to her…yes my darling, your mother is poverty stricken as I sit here talking to you on my phone, in my air conditioned house! Lol we may not be eating caviar but we eat!…and stay cool and manage to have a phone!! Lol we have the necessities and a few little luxuries as well and all this without the toxic as you so accurately described it…in the words of my daughter in law in Sydney….oh fabulous…absolutely fabulous! Lol

      • Julie, I am truly sorry for opening up such painful wounds, no-one should ever put up with such torment and control.
        Even though I have no connection with family it is yours and Sandra’s words that make me feel connected, I have many, many challenges I need to overcome, as all of us do.
        That being said, without family I try to believe in myself, I’m not religious, and I try to accept that my friends are my family, and the trust issues are the challenges all of us face.
        Guys, I am so sorry this developed a thread that hurt my “family”….

  14. Is anyone else brain fried on decorating their town? I feel like I just want to blow up my town and start over, but I’ve put so much time in it already. :0( The right edge of my town is just a junkyard waiting to be put together. *Sigh*

    • Lady….Have you had a look in Addcts tips and tricks in the top menu on this page? There are some design ideas in there for you to look at and consider a tweak here or a change there to make them more your own. But yes it is a right old pain in the proverbial…I have Mike’s town to redesign and the thought of it is so daunting cos he has all that house farming to contend with as well. I bought all the extra land and sea yesterday …ONLY$10,100,000 worth…depleted his bank acct drastically, but I thought I’d grab it in the hope I can start looking at placements of buildings gradually! I redid my town when it was still a babe in arms, and it was so much easier to set the design in infancy, than to redo it now at fully grown stage! Lol. Just too much to work with now I think…but your town is looking great, Lady, so hang in there and it will come together for you.
      Cheers dear, Julie.

  15. We have snow!! Ok it’s not lots yet but the ground is steadily becoming white.

  16. So, I finally went ahead and started a house farm. As a freemium player on level 47 the grind is starting to get real… I have barely unlocked enough land to build something nice out of it and at the current rate it’s gonna take at least 6 months to get all land. (I just bought all 35k land, figure how much I still have to go :D). I kind of want to apologise to my neighbours for building a very ugly house farm, but I kind of have to. Am planning on nuking my town and rebuilding it from scratch (it has never been rebuilt) so I hope I’ll be able to incorporate it nicely eventually in my town.

    • My advice is “don’t do it!” You’re at a high enough level that it’s not necessary and the income won’t outweigh the cost for many weeks. I made it to the max level with $7M in cash on hand as a freemium player without ever house farming (unless you include the strip of about 6 or so brown houses I bought early on, mostly to make sure there would be stuff for neighbors to tap). I just bought land judiciously and got a couple of inexpensive premium items with good multipliers (like a jet engine bike) and focused more on getting characters instead of buildings, since characters earn a lot more money (especially if you can play frequently throughout the day).

      Just my $.02!

    • I’m of a different opinion to Sandra. Yes, they’re ugly and I don’t want it forever but if you’re struggling for cash a few blue houses are an almost necessary evil.

    • Hmmmm, I was conflicted early on with this, but ended up following the advice of another site (sorry TSTO addicts!), in keeping 22 x brown houses for neighbors to tap (came in kinda handy for chess too!) and 4 x pink houses for the 4 hour cycle. .. beyond that I do agree with Sandra though, the mass house farms can also crash our neighbor when they come to visit, especially ones using more limited devices 🙂

    • AppTux, I actually did my farming in my main town differently to others….I do have many of the same houses, but I put them with other style of houses so it doesn’t look like a farm at all…it actually looks like a town and I have been complimented on it…but it IS a house farm! Lol…my other towns have them laid out in true farm styles, but that WILL change eventually to the basic layout I have in the main town….so basically it is just one or two of this type house bunched together with one or two type of each of the other houses, then throw in a couple of tree, and your farm looks like a neighbourhood!
      I added the kwikimarts to the blocks and in some are the gulp and blows, or the Krusty burgers or other shops…just to give it a more ‘natural’ town look. I find I ‘farm’ the shops more so than the houses as I find more $’s with them. But Sandra is right…it’s the characters that beef up the bank balance!
      Heaps of ideas and comments to throw you right back to square one….do you or don’t you??? Lol…so glad we were all able to ‘help’ you on this.
      Cheers, Julie.

    • I also built a house farm after playing for quite a few months and thinking I never would lol. I have about 100 blue houses on the absolute border of my town and since there are two spaces of land in between my “town” and the farm itself I feel like it’s hidden. When I have all land purchased and the aspirationals I want I’ll let the farm go, but in the meantime it’s a lot of money that I need.

  17. If anyone visits my town over the next couple days, tapping might be a little scarce. I nuked my town (again) and I’m taking my time to rebuild it just the way I want.

    Sidenote, after the nuke, I lost my elf canon. It’s nowhere to be found in my inventory. Kind of a bummer

  18. So… concerning the good old “free donuts” issue… 😉
    I’m at level 37 and still a freemium player, so donuts are obviously rare. I’ve got almost 40 so far and I’ve been able to buy the Jet Engine Bike some time ago. Doesn’t seem much to me, especially since I don’t have any premium characters (besides Zutroy) and no premium buildings. I would really like to get Otto and I need the Channel 6 News Van to get a 4 hour task for Channel 6…
    Long story short, I am close on maxing out my friend points (2500 to go until Stewart Duck) and from what I’ve read friend actions should provide the best chance for free sprinkles. Apparently, on each friend action there is a 0,5% chance for a free donut. Considering one has 300 actions per day, that should earn me one or two free donuts each day, a total of about 45 per month! Now, that finally sounds like a serious source of free premium currency to me… or am I mistaken?
    Just asking, before I get too excited about this: Are the above information and my calculations correct? Do you guys with maxed out FP really get this huge amount of free donuts?

    • One or two a day if you visit ALL neighbors is common. Keep in mind though, there will be times you get like 6 or 8 on a day… then none for a few. Just keep tapping on. 😉

      Did you get the “Easter Egg” donuts with Jebediah too?

      • Wow, that sounds really great… So far my main donut “income” has been to level up which always takes a few days. I might actually get the school bus and Otto then in two or three months time… 🙂
        Yes, I got the Easter Egg donuts, thanks to your site. 😉 And if I had discovered this page earlier, I probably wouldn’t have wasted a whole bunch of donuts at the beginning of the game. I spent them as the game told me to and – being naive and not knowing they were so rare – I even used a few to speed up building processes… Stupid me…
        But before TO, the only freemium game I played was “Boom Beach” and there I have about 500 premium diamonds without having bought any, simply because the game gives you about 20 a day for free. Guess I had to learn the hard way that donuts can’t be earned so easily…

    • NO!!! It’s been over a month & no sprinkles! Now the last 2 days I have received 6 donuts. Finally.

  19. Ok, might have some irate chess players out there. .. conjecture is out on forced capture. ..
    I don’t mind either way 🙂

    • Chess updates…. First, no forced capture in chess – I checked. Second, many apologies, but you’ll have to wait another 12 hours or so (or a day, depending on how our time difference plays into your sleep schedule, etc.) because I wasn’t able to make my turn tonight. Got caught up with some important stuff until late (your town was already on the cusp of “TSTO time slip”) and then I was getting the Bart screen and I had to say “fugettaboutit.” I’ll try to make my mice in the morning, before work, but I have an early meeting, so it might not happen until later.

      Sorry! 🙁

      • All good, hope things are all going ok 😉

      • LOL – just noticed the “mice”! Needless to say, that was meant to be “move.” Hopefully, no mice here (except for the computer variety)!

      • Okay, move made! This is the hardest game of chess I’ve ever played… It’s so hard to see what’s what with all of the other stuff all over the board and the fact that the board is kind of “racked” because the whole town is oriented in that angled kind of way. So I hope I made the move that I meant to lol!

      • Tell me about it! I’m trying to come up with a solution, Etamni might be right about a “standard” thing on blank squares.. keep having to zoom in and out all the time and turn the buildings on and off trying to figure out my move!

      • Yeah, well I don’t even have the option to turn the buildings on and off! Plus, the area is so graphic intensive that the buildings often start to individually blink in and out….I’ve learned that I have to open a “fresh” instance of the game before heading over to your town.

        What would have been ideal for the blanks would have been those little treasure chests or those little gizmos that I see as tappable in other people’s towns. I assume they were from some previous event…

        Well, despite the challenges, it’s a fun experiment to try. We’ll see how long we can keep it up! 🙂

      • Being a freemium there isn’t much as a small tappable item to use, and making the board larger would be a bit too expensive! I’ve started keeping my chess board up to date to reflect our game 😉

      • Hello Sandra, er, um, matt here ;p

        Just posted to TSTOADDICTS our game, both screen shots and photos of the board I am utilising to keep track 🙂 (A/B/W – Could you please post and link these please?).

      • Hmmm… Not seeing those chess board pictures, Alissa/MattCube(;)).

      • Thanks, Alyssa! And great pictures, Matt!

      • (Sorry for the autocorrect of your name, Alissa.)

      • Thanks team! Really appreciate your support for our little experiment 😉

      • Check 😉
        …. and another challenge, as pieces get taken, I am placing them back in my town, the only catch is I have to replace them with different buildings!

      • Holy cow – after three moves? How embarrassing!😳

        Actually, I had told myself that when Thor town came open again, I should make sure to check on what was going on with your other pieces before taking your knight, but, when the time came, I wad in a bit of a rush and I forgot. Oh well…gonna go see if I can do any damage control as soon as am done catching up on my TSTO emails (that’s the main way I keep track of all of the new comments in the threads I’ve been posting in).

  20. Cool, a few moves into inaugural TSTO chess (thanks SS!) and gameplay seems to be progressing well, with minimal taps from neighbors on the board, , thanksi think partially to keeping the rest of Springfield reasonably tappable 😉
    We are up to a “forced move” (SS has to take my pawn). Normally I would have suggested that I progress to my counter move, but that could mean a WTF moment as they would have to guess the taking move. ..

    • Love the “color commentary” lol!

      Not familiar with the notion of “forced move”…will research.

  21. Hi folks, I’m in a long-standing email exchange with EA support about the problem of disconnecting from the server and being unable to reconnect for half an hour or so.
    They don’t think the problem is particularly widespread, but I’m not so sure. Is there any way you could do a poll or a post asking for feedback from other addicts? Or do you have a gut-feel for the extent of the problem?

    Thanks a lot you wonderful people 😀

    • Just for your info, I think we’ve worked out what is causing the problem (although EA will have to work out the root cause). Finding the problem is an important first step to finding a solution, so hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      • So, what is it??? I have had this problem for a month or two and discovered that, if I reconnect by cell and then disconnect cell and turn Wi-Fi back on, I stay connected on Wi-Fi. (Have to keep cell use down to a minimum on this work iPad.) But that’s a real pain. It seems like I only get so many reconnects via Wi-Fi before I have to go through that little routine.

        If your problem is similar, please share the findings!

      • Sandra, yes, it sounds similar although my tablet only does wifi so I don’t have any workaround at all.
        It seems that the problem is when the device loses its wifi signal the game falls out of sync between the device and EA’s servers. Logging in on a 2nd device would probably force a resync – presumably going from cell to wifi or vice versa would do the same. Failing that, the game forces a resync when a task changes status, e.g. from running to completed, at which point you would be allowed to access the game again. So, if everyone is on a 1hr task you will be locked out for up to an hour, if everyone’s tasks are longer, I presume you could be locked out for however long the tasks are.

        So, if you are seeing something different it might not be the same problem, but if our theory is correct your game should free up when a job is finished.

        Of course there is more investigation to be done, e.g. can ANY character finish his/her job or is it one specific character causing the trouble, or one specific job, etc. etc. etc.

        Then, once the actual problem is properly understood, the solution has to be defined and implemented. But it feels like an important step has been taken today.

      • Fascinating – thanks for the detailed report! I do believe that could be my problem…when I’m on my work computer I do notice that I lose Wi-Fi for a brief second with some frequency throughout the day, so this very well could be what’s happening to me. It’s funny…these micro connection losses don’t seem to interfere with my ability to steam HD video on my Roku or anything – I wish that the TSTO servers could be just a bit more “tolerant.”

        Keep me posted as things develop, will ya?

      • Hi all, I’d appreciate any input or feedback you can add to this spot of troubleshooting.

        Many occasions I’ve seen jobs completing as an apparent trigger to re-allow access. But today I knew a job had finished but I was still locked out of my game.
        I was eventually allowed in when a neighbour visited my town, and I’m assuming a causal connection where there might not be one.

        If you are locked out, could you please try to make note of a) if a neighbour has visited your town at the time of the unlock (clicking on the item after you clear the handshake will let you deduce when the neighbour visited)
        and/or b) if a job has just finished (you’d obviously need to know when you started it to know when it was due to finish). It would also be helpful to know which job.

        Could you also please let me know the circumstances around when you see the problem. e.g. is everyone on 1 hr tasks, 8 hr tasks, a mixture? Do you have any characters not on jobs? That kind of thing.

        We’re trying to pinpoint the problem and what ‘releases’ the lock-up and could do with some help.


    • Interesting. I know I have had times when the game kicks me out and I cannot get back in for HOURS! I have wised up and if I cannot get back in within the hour, I clear the cache and/or re-install. That seems to work. But it is happening with more and more frequency. I even checked my wifi (I am on a tablet) and I can always access the internet, play store, etc. but the game? nada.

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