Level 48 Where Did THAT Come From – Gold Navy

Woo hoo! So Level 48 dropped in the midst of all our holiday fun and this fuzzball was pretty stoked. Not only was it more Simpsons fun for all of us, but I got things I mentioned in other posts. Add to that some extra goodness and let’s just say there’s a walking carpet in Southern California with a big smile on his furry face. But enough about me… I’ve got a job to do and you know what that is… let y’all know (or remind you) just where THAT comes from. Before I begin, let me apologize for the delay in the Level 48 posts.  They were written up but delayed by all the holiday madness. For this Level 48 edition, we’ll take a look at Gold Navy.


Gold Navy costs $724,000, earns $35 and 3xp every hour and unlocks a freemium character… Miss Janey Powell. Other than being an obvious parody of a bargain clothes shop in real life, let’s head to Season 23, Episode 11: “The D’oh-cial Network”. Just because it makes me laugh, I also think of this episode as The (Annoyed Grunt)-cial Network.

Gold Navy is just one of the many stores found at Springfield’s fancy new mall, the Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne. Stores at the mall include Gold Navy, Markups & Spender, Nouveau *itch and Nothing Under a Thousand, Abercrombie & the Other Guy, Spiffanys, Forgotten Amos Cookies, Expensive Bros. Jewelry, Bikini Atol, Banana Dictatorship, the Blocko Store and Puttering Barn among others.

Gold Navy

Really not much else to write about the building. It’s a quick blip in the background of a scene. Makes me laugh that for a long time, Simpsons fans thought the name was Cold Navy. Leave it to TSTO to clear up that confusion. I only knew the name because I may own one too many books on The Simpsons lol.


I think the most important aspect of the building is the character it came with but I already wrote a long post about Janey well before she made it in to the game. If you’re interested, click here. Hope y’all are enjoying your games and staying classy like usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. It’s funny, as I always thought this was a fancy house or something like a US college dorm. I didn’t even think it was a shop at all as it doesn’t look like one at all. I even had to google to find out what the “obvious parody of a bargain clothes shop” was as I’d never heard of “Old Navy”!

  2. I’m on level 49. Gold Navy is not available for me to buy. I play on an android device. Any ideas? – Kga659

    • What was the last building you made? Thinking you’re behind on questlines. The XP level is different (meaning ahead) of where your gameplay is at.

      • I am Currently building the quimbly compound.

        • Once you finish building the Compound and have Freddy the Janey questline will start for you. Once Gold Navy is built and you have Janey the Michael D’Amico questline will start for you. At least the building from the previous level must be built in order for the next building to unlock.

      • Thank you for the info… Very helpful.

  3. Off topic but your mention of the Blocko Store and Banana Dictatorship reminded me, I hope EA makes them available again at some point. I was having issues with my game so I missed out.

  4. Wouldn’t mine some pathing like that available in the game, cobble stone etc. It’s make nice for things like outside shopping malls, driveways etc.

  5. I hope we get some of the other buildings, too, so we can build our own (outdoor) upscale mall! (I think Vulgari would fit in there nicely, too.)

  6. Tappers got a Freemium Building & a Freemium Character (which was warmly welcomed by Me) 🙂

    I get a good chuckle when I see GOLD NAVY as I remember this episode (& begin to laugh as I remember all of the clever names of the Shops inside that Mall) ….

    Tappers should watch that Episode on Hulu 🙂

  7. Changing the subject…….is there anything in the code that anyone is seeing that says anything about what’s coming next? I’m thinking level 49 and/or new friendship levels. Or do you think the next thing will be Valentine’s Day?

    • Nope, nothing yet. I don expect there to be anything until just before it hits.

    • I’d like to see a return of Kumiko. The co-workers that got me addicted were talking all about Christmas and this new Japanese character, but when I downloaded the game, I think I was a day late for the latter. I hope that she is priced at a low-moderate level, say 40 doughnuts? If she is set high like The YesGuy, I will also pass on her. I wonder if Mindy will make a [premium] re-intro? If so, it would be cool if she also had a couple more permanent tasks: maybe a 4hr one, OR some interaction with another character? Hmmm… how about one involving the SequelStop? It’ll bring back the animation of the building as well!
      Some more things to add to Wookie’s Wishlist from me!

  8. LOL!

    Reading this made me hungry (and a bit nostalgic) for a packet of Bacon Crisps from Marks and Spencer, and a handful of ‘famous’ chocolate chip cookies, too!

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