Last Chance Electricity

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick reminder that the episode tie-in is set to leave tomorrow morning (3am EST, 0800 GMT) and with it will go your chance to buy Willie’s Electricity Wheel (and get Slave Labor Willie) and the Electric Cars.

electriccaryellowflipped_transimage electriccarredflipped_transimage electriccarblueflipped_transimage

So if you’re thinking about making the purchase make sure you do it soon…before they leave Springfield forever!

Need a Pros and Cons rundown?  Check out our Should I Buy post here

So what’s going to happen when the Elon Musk Episode Tie-In leaves?  Well no one quite knows yet…but I will say this.  Don’t send any regular characters on long 24hr quests tonight.  If you send them on long tasks make sure they’ll be free around 9am EST (1400 GMT), as that’s usually when updates hit (if one is hitting)…if it’s an in-game update.  If it’s an app store update (like Valentine’s Day) it usually hits around 1-2pm EST.

What are your final thoughts on the Episode Tie-In?  Did you purchase the Electric Cars?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Do you think something will hit tomorrow?  If so, what?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

34 responses to “Last Chance Electricity

  1. level 16, need some friends ****

  2. Hey all, looks like its that time of night when I hunt for more friends due having to get rid of ex-friends like POTTEO because he’s a tagger. Found him on this site and he pledged not to vandalize or tag but apparently POTTEO doesn’t understand what he’s vouching for so…. Bye POTTEO!!! I’m lvl 50 looking for friends like myself who play daily and don’t vandalize or tag. ID: brianmalarick021.

  3. Level update is there

  4. I’ve got new items in my store:
    Rancho Relaxo 130donuts
    chalk outline 5 donuts
    fat chalk outline 5 donuts

  5. don’t worry I found the answer in your question and answer section cheers : )

  6. quick question regarding level update if there is one …I am currently nearing the max xp level 48 and wondered if I should hold off and wait eg.will I have to recollect all that xp again to get to level 49 or is it safe to go for donuts?

  7. What is the shortest amount of time that a limited quest has had?

    I think it’s kinda amusing that some people are scared to *ever* send their characters on 24 hour tasks for fear of missing out on something. Sure, you might not get to start the new stuff as quickly as some of your friends, but likely you’ll still be able to get any of the special items.

    Some of the best animations is with 24 hour tasks. And it doesn’t hurt to take a “lengthy” break from the game every so often.

    • This is my suggestion regardless… if you are gonna send them out… send them to a building that can be stored. Then, if you have something pop up, store the building… kick them ALL out of the task… business as usual and new event can start.

  8. you are all forgetting that last year there was a Superbowl mini event before Valentines day event… I’m gunna assume that because the Seahawks are back in the Superbowl again that EA will have another Duff Beer event before the Valentines Event so if that is the case Valentines Event wont happen until around the 8th

    • Problem is… last year it was on FOX. This year it is not. So… they got extra promotion to their station by doing it. Dunno bout this year.

  9. I was thinking of the either the “gold” or “navy” coloured car, but may just pass on both, altogether. I still haven’t dropped the sugar on the French Waiter—which I’d rather spend them on—yet, it is I who is the one waiting, in this case, for the next event.

    As for a few predictions:
    • another possible tie-in to the Supebowl before the Valentine’s Day Event
    • candy hearts will be the event currency to collect for the VDE prizes
    >>> Alternate prizes for players who had items from last year? Maybe a burning VDE wheel?
    • reintroduction of Mindy + Madame Chao’s, Kumiko, and the ChooChooChoose You Locomotive, each as premium offerings (The latter already has a bonus multiplier.)
    • sleepless nights trying to get each and every item…. Yes, even the ones which will not see the light of day after the event and maybe not even for next year’s event (I’m staring at you, Xmas Float!)
    • a full range of comments on this amazing site, thanking you for bringing back _______, OR cursing you for giving them the Bart Screen at the most crucial time, or for setting the premium prices too high! LOL!
    [I know you’re not EA, you’re not the programmers, you’re not Fox; yet, many a rant and raves will still be read.]

  10. Well because the blue one pays more in the percentage per tasks i bought 4. But i was lucky to get some donuts for christmas. 😄. Thanks to Santa.
    Do you have any idea when the freindship points will start up again?

  11. Can anybody tell me how come the quest did not came in to my game for me to play with

  12. I picked up one of each and spread them around – I like them and think they add to my little town. Hoping for a great update!

  13. I’m really hoping we get a Valentine’s Day update!!! I got the Blue car & put it near Ned’s house.

  14. My guess is either Valentine’s Day update tomorrow afternoon or a day off between updates ending and the valentines update will start on Thursday. I think its getting too close to valentines day for EA to put in a level update right now. But then again who knows!

  15. Guilty to purchase Red electric car, as its my favourite colour. Placed this splurge in the upper class society infront of mayor Quimby’s home. As for what’s to come… Anybody’s guess. Keep fingers crossed EA viewed Wokkies suggestions from game players feedback. All that hard work deserves credit.
    Thank you ladies and gentleman providing fantastic website!

  16. William Bergheimer

    Did it seem odd to anyone else that this came in blue yellow and red, but the ep only showed them in white?


    Bought all the electric cars and with willies help when cars can go on the road they’ll be ready

    • Looks good!

    • yesss i did the same thing with my frink egg generator. only had one though, the one we got for free. i was thinking that those alpha and omega teleporters from the halloween event woulda made for good chargers too, but i couldn’t justify getting them for 50 donuts when they didn’t do anything other than send me across my map. so anyway, i originally planned to just buy the yellow car, but was feeling like i might regret not getting the blue as well before they disappeared… so i copped both. freakin love that they are my Chargers colors though, so no regrets! i placed both in the parking lot of my newly created Family Fun Center (aka Boomers now).

      • the wookiee is a bolts fan!? that is effing awesome! from the sd area? or…

      • Really nice, that Family Fun Center!! I like what you did with the bumper cars (makes my little bumper-car “cage” look kinda sad, though…) I also like the little food area, too. (I wish EA would give us a less fancy-looking option for a table-and-chairs setup that we could use in more casual environments.)

      • @Sandra
        thank you for the kind words! i also wish we had at least one other option for table and chair setups, like some park picnic tables. hopefully one of these updates…

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