Diary of a Wookiee: What’s the pinnacle of TSTO blogging?

A dirt pile!  Woo hoo!


So EA gave us a new level and with it lots of new items for our towns.  I’m always a big fan of things but will admit, I’m often not awake when it happens… today was a different story…

It was a normal morning for the walking carpet waking up and getting ready for Day 3 of my new semester in college, so I figured I’d just check out the new level stuff I saw in  my e-mail notifications and then head off for some edumacation to help me be S-M-R-T.  Cool beans… Mafia stuff that I definitely know the origin for so looks like my next Where Did THAT Come From posts should be easy.

I open my astronomy book to read Chapter 0 for class.  Seriously, my textbook has a chapter zero (science is awesome!) and my phone sounds off next to me. Alissa the Amazing has texted.  She tells me I made it in to the game according to readers.  Wait a tick?  I didn’t see myself in the new stuff.  Back to the blog I go and lo and behold… there’s a suspicious dirt pile that DOES resemble a wookiee. I laugh and text with Alissa and Bunny Foo Foo and (insert Chewbacca noise meaning I got a new text), Wookieemama tells me she thinks the new dirt pile looks like a wookiee.  Back to the Lady Addicts to tell them and make them laugh.

I won’t regale you with all my texts but let’s just say my last one to the Lady Addicts was “Hitler Bad Addicts Good”.  I’ll let your imaginations guess what we were talking about and laugh at the real context.  So… some of you think EA threw me a nod in Level 49? Texts with my good friends Bigfoot and Bumble concurred that this new decoration does resemble me more than them so maybe you’re right.  If it is, this fuzzball feels like he won an Oscar.

Before they start playing the music I’ll just thank my beautiful Mom, children and Lady Addicts.  I’m humbled and now mildly curious as to the message EA could be sending me.  Am I in danger from the designers?  Do they suddenly want to see me take a dirt nap?  Do they know how popular our site is and want to throw us a nod for being awesome sauce?  Is my sense of self-importance in TSTO blogging too much?  Is it really Homer and we all need to get a clue?  Could this actually be from The Simpsons and not all about me?

Wookiee PNG

Is the Wookiee dead?  No need to fear dear readers… the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Alas, I am a Simpsons nerd and an honest one at that.  As much as I’d love this decoration to be all about me (the honor part, not the dirt nap one), let’s check out “Last Exit to Springfield” (S4:17).

After watching part of a McBain film on TV and Bart remarking that Mendoza is “one evil dude”, Homer tells Bart there is “noone that evil in real life.”  Cut to Monty Burns who is waiting for the the Nuclear Plant union representative who is twenty minutes late.  Smithers informs his boss that the union rep “hasn’t been seen since he promised to clean up the union.”  Cut to a football game and a wide receiver tripping over the suspicious dirt pile.

Suspicious Dirt Pile TSTO

Seeing as this episode aired when I was thirteen and not blogging as The Wookiee (I took up that moniker in 2001 btw), I don’t think this is me in the episode.  It does resemble a wookiee but it’s probably not.  While it’s never stated that this is the union rep in question, it would be my educated guess that it is.  It also could be Jimmy Hoffa.  Pretty flattering that some Addicts want it to be me… well… it is as long as you’re not wishing me harm.  If that’s the case, it’s arm ripping time and even more suspicious dirt piles can be foreseen in the future lol.  P.S. Lisa needs braces lol.  DENTAL PLAN…

Enough about me though.  Interestingly, has anyone besides me notice the inordinate amount of bunnies in TSTO?

Bunny 24601Bunny burrow under ground bunny tap Bunny 4 tap bunny 3 Blue Bunny Bunny entrancehugs and homer fight 6Mutant Rabbit

I think if we’re speculating about who EA really has a thing for… we all know the answer to that question.  Bunny has always been more popular than me and I’m A-O-K with that.  She IS pretty entertaining.

Bunny PNG

Also important to note there is a Krustyland tourist who resembles our amazing Addicts boss Alissa.

Rigellian Krustyland 3

Just kidding… this is the one I was referring to…


Once upon a time when I was just a TSTO blog reader just like you and Alissa, Bunny and I were just regular tappers who kept in contact sporadically via social media, I remarked to Alissa that I thought this tourist resembled her.  I included the avatar she used once upon a time for your comparison.  Back then I didn’t know what she really looked like.

Alissa PNG

Anywho… let the conspiracy theories ensue.  Possibly, Alissa and Bunny were in the game well before me.  I’m certain one of the mutant rabbits is Bunny lol. Could we really just be EA and fooling you all?

If you want to see me when you place this item in your town, please do.  I just ask you put it in a football field where it belongs. Wookieemama has already promised to do just that.  I can promise it’d definitely make me happy to imagine all those receivers getting tripped and missing that catch in multiple towns.  Much love to everyone who thought of me today.  It was just the thing I needed to bring a smile to my face.  I doubt EA would ever include us crazies in the game but imagining is fun.  I know Chewbacca would be righteous in our games.

Keep on tapping in the free world and stay classy like usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!


20 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: What’s the pinnacle of TSTO blogging?

  1. Who did those drawings? They look so awesome.!

  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this- I’ve always found it depressing when I visit towns of friends who’ve left the game. It’s like the video game equivalent of “Waiting for Godot.”

    Well now I’m ready to get out and don’t want to leave my Sprongfielders hanging. Is there a way to pass on my game to someone else? I’m not looking for any compensation (and I did, during my 3+ years of playing almost daily, drop some cash on donuts). I’m level 49. My handle is hexis123.

    • I believe that giving your game to another person would violate the Ts & Cs of the game. You should spell out a “goodbye” message so your neighbors know you are quitting, since many of them might not see this post.

  3. I didn’t think about making a football field. I do however have a Hobo village, a drag strip, a large shopping center, a gated film studio, an orchard with several fruit trees, I have all my mansions lined up along my beach facing the ocean. I also have a torture center attached to my big castle and penitentiary. I used the mid evil devices from the Clash of Clones Update and the Snake Whacking Day Noose to create it. I’ve created a dungeon too and outdoor cells for the penitentiary.
    The electric car helped to expand my drag strip. I needed more cars. I even have people in the parking lot having a tailgate party. “The Duff Party Bus” lol. I have Truckasaurus at the entrance snatching up a car entering the park.

  4. Wooks as I’ve said elsewhere…….its a picture of you when you fell asleep sunbathing…..however on closer inspection is that a flower in your lapel? Clearly an unfotunate episode when too much bunny juice consumed and you decided to take a mid wedding day nap. Hope it didn’t upset the bride and groom to find the best wookie incommunicado….. Which is just outside San Diego.

  5. I don’t have this dirt mound in my store. I assume it appears at some point in the new level 49 quest line for which I’m only on part 2 which is a 24 hour task. Since I don’t use donuts to speed up tasks, I’ll just have to wait it out.

  6. No Wookiee, nobody wants to see you take a dirt nap! It is perhaps because of all the bunnies (including more than just the ones above) that it is especially remarkable that they included a Wookiee-looking item for the game. Now if I can just get an Alissa-looking item that I can place where I want it….

  7. I hope level 50 will be great ad it is a milestone that needs lots of content. Maybe return of tie in content permanently. Also wookie ea should offer u 3 jobs.

  8. Hahaha I forgot about the episode this came from. Funny cuz I have a football field in my town and that’s exactly where I plan on putting it

  9. I actually knew the episode this came from right away, but still say it’s the wookie.

  10. Hahahahaha, that really does look like a Wookiee! Hmm, and yes there a lot of bunnies in this game? I personally would love to see you guys in our game! I already expressed this to Bunny. You are without a doubt THE BEST Tapped Out resource available! Thanks for all of your hard work. Happy Tapping!


  11. I don’t care, I think it is you 😎

  12. Maybe EA are going to make you an offer you cannot refuse,lol. Hope you don’t own any horses,lol.

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