Should I Spend Donuts on Don Vittorio & Rancho Relaxo?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 49 arrived with a bang!  As the “Don” has officially arrived in town to take care of business & make sure the boys are doing their job.  And who knows, he may make you an offer you can’t refuse! Now I know you may be trying to decide if this mobster is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Don Vittorio to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this godfather to YOUR Springfield!

                      unlock_donvittorio ranchorelaxo_transimage (1)                   

Building/Decoration: Rancho Relaxo
Character: Don Vittorio
Donut Price: 130 donuts
Dimensions: 6×12
$175, 18xp/6hrs
Conform-O-Meter: No impact (and no bonus % either)

-Comes with a great quest line
-Premium character earns 50% more on all cash and xp than a freemium character
-Pretty decent payout on the building, great way to generate some extra cash in your town.
-Rancho Relaxo has a nice look to it, another mansion type building to go with Wolfcastle Mansion/Fat Tony’s Compound.
-Don has some GREAT animations, including probably my new favorite game animation “talk with his hands”
-Voiced, with some great catch phrases! 

-No Character Interaction after questline.
-Not a main Simpson character, only appeared in a few shows.

Final Thought:
Premium Take:
This is one I jumped on right away.  I’m a big fan of the history of the mob & I am Italian, so it really was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Don has some great animations & he will use Rancho Relaxo (although warning the task won’t open up until part 4 of his questline).  And 130 donuts is not a bad price for a character/building combo.  So if you have the donuts, my opinion is to jump on this one.

Freemium Take:
I still think this is a great character/building combo in the game.  It’s fairly priced, especially when you consider the type of building you get with it.  However, this is one I would hold off on for now.  With the possibility of an Event hitting soon, it’s better to save those donuts for limited-time items.  Remember Don’s not going anywhere.  He’ll be in your store till the end of the game.  BUT I do think he’s worth the purchase down the road.  So consider him a character worth saving your donuts for 🙂

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I purchased Don right away (and Rancho Relaxo is setup on my shortline).   However, this is NOT a Limited-Time Item so take your time with your thought process.  Don will still be there in a few weeks.  So if you’re on the fence or worried about saving up your donuts relax..there’s no rush to get him.

Don Vittorio’s Permanent Tasks:

donvittorio_idle_image_1 dontalkwithhands      donvittorio_relax_with_his_cat_active_image_4

Task Length Earns Location
Enjoy a Diet Manhattan 1hr $105, 26xp Legitimate Businessman’s Club
Relax with his Cat 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside
Shoot a Spider 8hrs $420, 105xp Luigi’s
Talk with his Hands 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside
Relax at Rancho Relaxo 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Rancho Relaxo

What are your thoughts on Don Vittorio and Rancho Relaxo?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring him to your Springfield? Where have you placed Rancho Relaxo in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

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56 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Don Vittorio & Rancho Relaxo?

  1. I got him. Only because it makes sense to have him, he’s part of the other mob characters, he has a nice building to go with him. And he’s another character and not a useless one that has no actions. lol It’s worth it I think.

  2. I was excited as Rancho Relaxo is where Marge goes for spa retreat in early episodes, but doesn’t look like she gets a task there? 🙁

  3. I stand corrected we finally have a premium character with voice talent attached to itI stand corrected we finally have a premium character with voice talent attached to it 🙂

  4. I really like the chalk outlines. I added some around my town so now my neighbors can see what Fat Tony has been up too. 🙂

  5. That white cat above looks like snowball 1. What do you think

  6. As a mostly freemium player I’ve got this list in my head of premium items that I want to buy when possible and this one just came in at number one. I love the design and it is a good price for a character/building combination. I’ve already got a spot in mind….

    But first I’ll get the other chalk outline. I’ve put a fountain in front of the summer home and intend to have both chalk bodies on either side, give the house its own feel so to say 🙂

  7. I second that daily visiting all friends can realise anywhere between 1 & 5 donuts daily. Some days none, good days 3 to 5. I do keep a log of donuts earned & how. I have about 70 friends.
    With regards to the tagging 5 star town dropout / dropdown mentioned by Adam. I’ve a little trick… Behind factories & such add a line of training walls, in a line like brick walls, then disguise the doors with plum trees (these trees keep their foliage until snow hits Springfield) Keeps your ratings up no matter who tags. My town stays 5 stars no matter who cares to tag!

  8. Has anyone else noticed that their Righteousness level on the ol’ Conform-o-Meter tanked after the summer home finished building and Michael appeared. My Righteousness score dropped from 5-stars to a star-and-a-half (and I had just managed to achieve a 5-star town the day earlier). A couple of thousand worth of training walls solved this, but I think the Righteousness hit I took was disproportionate to the ‘Mob’ character introduced, Michael, when adding the Don had no effect on the Conform-o-Meter (and no, none of my neighbors have been vandalizing my town recently).
    Since this is the most recent post about the level 49 changes, I figured I’d post it here. Just wondered if anyone else saw this change in their Springfield.

    • Each level requires MORE points to achieve 5 stars. You would see a change there. Any Sideshow missed catches impact. Tagging.

      New conform will be up later

    • Righteousness is sometimes somewhat random. It’s 5-star most of the time in my game, then it drops all of a sudden and one or two days later it’s up again. The most likely cause that I can think of is that while cycling through all my neighbors there are towns where I miss Sideshow Bob. Sometimes he’s announced with the dialog, sometimes he starts off in the visible area or the view scrolls to his position. In both cases, catching him is fairly straightforward. But then there are times when he is roaming without any indication and it’s easy to miss him. I’ve stopped caring about that rating too much.

  9. Rancho Relaxo looks great but I wish it would be a bit better proportioned. This ‘mansion’ looks just silly if placed too closely to Burns’ Manor….when it’s roughly the size of Sanjay’s house.

    Meanwhile the Toy Workshop is absolutely humongous….

    • Gotta agree, the “mansions”/fancy houses are shrinking and really don’t much sense in size. ‘Spose it’s there way of compensating the lack of land for folk who find it harder to fit everything in.

  10. I got him right away. Love the mansion and the Don himself.

  11. I’m sooooo tempted. Even though I would rather spend my donuts on the ladies of Springfield, it’s very decently priced. I’ll hold of until after Valentine’s/Easter.

    Also another pro for him is he completes the Wiseguys collection.
    Another con- he looks sooo much like my next door neighbor hahaha.

  12. Bluedestroyer82

    Level 50- Herb Powell and Mona Simpson’s Ghost! A******

    • Are you guessing who is coming next? Lol

      As far as the other, my biggest complaint I see and other bloggers have… do not take from another site and not give them credit. Keeping up is a LOT of work, so to have someone else pass it off as their own is kind of an insult. Just give props to those that help you out. (Not to mention a lot of work is copyrighted, so cover your back side). In the end… Kindness goes a long way. 😉

  13. Say hello to my little friend .

  14. Just finished clicking on him and I love that he says words like “Don Vittorio DiMaggio”, “My apologies to you”, “Go, go, go”, and “Grazie, grazie” and not just mumbles and grumbles.

  15. 4kidsandacatdog

    Don Vittorio is one I have been waiting for. He’s one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite episodes. I’m mostly freemium although I’m willing to spend donuts on items I really like. And compared to a lot of other premium character-building combos this is pretty darn cheap! I’ll be getting him for sure…maybe not this week but he’s on the short list!

  16. Just grabbed him, and noticed that they’re doing something new with his task menu. Instead of “Relax at Rancho Relaxo” being visible in his task menu, and grayed out, now, it is not even showing in his task menu. I like this, as I think it will discourage Tappers from fretting that the grayed-out task is indicative of a gl****.
    Unrelated, I have noticed that there now is a tiny white arrow on each side of a decoration…this seems new as well and I think it shows progress toward universal 4-way rotation…

    • 4kidsandacatdog

      4 way rotation is available on fences…is it possible that they’re just making that clearer? BUT: if that really is coming up for other items I’d be thrilled!

      • I can’t remember exactly what I was moving around; yes, some fences, but other things too, that I don’t recall having 4-way capability. I was simply stating that the detail of the arrows on each side of the piece seems new.

      • It’d be great to have 4-way rotation for everything but I can’t help thinking the work involved would make it unlikely.
        Just think, the artists would have to create 2 more renditions of every single item.
        And then there’s the impact that would have on the size of the game, and also, therefore, the deterioration in performance that would result.

  17. I bought him pretty quickly. I hemmed and hawwed for about two hours, then snatched him up with no regrets. I love the “Talk with his Hands” task, especially since he’s holding a gun while he’s doing it! Great character!

  18. He’s worth every donut. I think he was in 2 episodes -the one where Bart is accused of offing skinner. The 2nd is the one where homer goes to Krusty Klown Kollege. 2 of my top 50 episodes. Of course my favorite episode is weekend at burnsies. Still holding out for 4:20 homer.

  19. Love the Godfather movies and any type of mob related stuff so I snatched him up because he ‘made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!’ 😉

  20. And this right here is why I passed on Castle Equalia and the electric cars 😀

  21. As someone of Italian descent I had to have a character with the task of “talk with his hands.”

  22. Correction time! The don *is* voiced 🙂

  23. Only two outside tasks? 🙁

  24. I’m a freemium player and donuts are scarce and hard to come by so yet again I miss something I would love to have for my Spingfield town. 😥
    I have no idea (Swiss Wavey) where you are collecting 15 donuts from per week as a freemium player!!
    Why isn’t there a chance to win donuts at one of the stalls in Krusty Land for instance the Sideshow You stall?

    • You can normally earn a couple of donuts every day from friends visits (once you’ve got all of the Friend Prizes). I would think that’s what Swiss Wavey is referring to.

      • A couple a day???

        I’m lucky if I get one donut a week from all of my friends…. and yes, I have a full friend list and maxed friend prizes. I can’t imagine what would cause such a difference.

      • I routinely get two donuts a day from friend visits. The other day I scored six, so it’s possible to get decent donut payout from friend visits, once you’ve maxed out your friendship points. Just keep plugging away and you’ll see results. Don’t get discouraged!

    • Jeanette, 15 per week is a bit of a guess, but it feels about right..

      I get, on average, about 10 per week from visiting my 100 neighbours every day. I probably max out my XP counter about once every 10 days or so, usually getting 2 or 3 donuts. Throw in the Mystery box, which occasionally chucks out donuts, and Sideshow You, and that’s how I got to the 15.

      Sometimes I’ll get donuts from EA for reporting problems, and a lot of the events will give you donuts for something or other.

      Over a year I’d’ve thought an average of 15 per week is about right.

    • Also, Jeanette, I just did a quick calculation. So far I’ve been lucky enough to stumble across 290ish donuts. I’ve been playing about 5 months (a little bit less, actually). That’s about 15 per week.
      OK, I don’t level up as quickly as I used to, and I can’t get those 1 time offers (like Jebediah) any more, but to counter that I’m now getting donuts from visiting friends, which I didn’t get until fairly recently.
      It seems 15 per week is about right after all, well, for me anyway. But we’re all different!

  25. In your cons section you mention this being “Not Voiced” – But Don Vittorio *does* have voice over. And not just inarticulate grunts or screams, actual dialogue.

    Also you mention “No Character Interaction after questline. (Until you reach Level 47, then she has a short questline)”

    Who’s “she”?

    • She’s what happens when i type too fast. As far as a voice I didn’t hear one, but I’ll double check tonight when I get home. At work right now so don’t think sound would be appropriate 🙂

      • Ah, that makes sense, a typo. Shame on you and your “I’m only human” fingers! It’s time you splurge at the second hand store and get some Perfect Deity Hands, already. Seriously, you’re worth it, treat yourself! LOL 🙂

        One of the things Don says, that I love, comes from an episode I don’t know the name… Homer and Krusty ride a mini-bicycle through a loop, and Don says something like: “You’ve warmed the heart of this old Italian Stereotype” in a very thick Mafioso accent. Brings a smile to my face each time I hear it now.

        BTW, I agree with you, his “Talk with his hands” animation is brilliant!

  26. William Bergheimer

    Since nothing has been posted yet about Don Vittorio’s quest line, here’s what I found out: part1 Triggers on its own, part 2 needs Moe, part 3 needs Sanjay, part4 needs Quimby.

  27. Think he’s a definite buy but as he’s not going anywhere I’m not snapping him up now. Need to have a think about where I’ll place Rancho Relaxo.

  28. As a freemium player I’m afraid he’s way down my list of “wants”. I’ve got Dr Nick, SVT and Moleman so far. Next will be, in order:
    Prof Frink, Otto, Barney, Duffman, Disco Stu, Sideshow Mel, Jimbo…
    At an absolute maximum of 15 donuts per week it’s gonna take an awful long time before I can even think about Barney let alone this dude

    • is the 15 donuts a week from visiting friends or farming for donuts, or both? i’m a freemo player that has had the good fortune of being gifted both google play and itunes gift cards in the past, but i have never earned any amount of donuts on a weekly basis like that. i only have 23 friends, and JUST opened up the little black box today, so still working on unlocking all the friendship prizes. donut farming also isn’t feasible for me yet… gotta modest blue house farm to generate income, but i only just recently opened up all the tiles… and now they added another whole row! def not complaining in regards to that though, just gonna be a while before i get to generating income strictly for the purpose of converting money to bloodmobiles to xp to donuts.

      been playing since the thanksgiving event of 2013, and some of my premium stuff includes svt (from mystery box), nighthawk diner with rex banner (i will only pay donuts for stuff that used to be free if it was free before i started playing the game, that’s why i couldn’t pull the trigger on costingtons), happy sumo with akira, otto and his school bus… yes, i went for the cheapest building+character combos first, but these are also some of my favorite characters.

      my toughest decision was putting down 150 donuts for the ray gun with kodos. it was a combinations of factors that led me to pull the trigger, among them the supposed help with the halloween event, the additional crash site decoration, the 3.75% bonus xp multiplier, the coolness factor of having a ray gun in town, and most importantly the fact that my son wanted it, which in the end made the decision easier… though he is 6 years old, so he wants lots of shit! despite it not helping me in the halloween event at all (didn’t see enough ufos, had like 100 ammo leftover when the event ended), now that i’ve created a small rigellian compound next to the crash site for kang and kodos to slurp on the rigellian queen’s hilarium, i don’t regret the purchase at all.

      my easiest decision came during the same event as my toughest decision, and it was for the drive-in movie theater with the space mutant. also 150 donuts, i had always wanted to build a drive-in in my town, but after seeing this it was just too freakin cool to pass up with those detailed animations. setting tasks there was a bonus for me.

      my most recent purchase was something i had been coveting a long time: the southern cracker factory with luann van houten. another one fitty, but it comes with the fleet a pitas and the MEGAGLOBE!!! haha how i longed for luann and her megaglobe… thank you itunes gc xmas gift!

      next on my list are probably the french waiter (50 donuts), the springfield pet shop with jubjub (90), krustylu studios with sideshow mel (140, but i’d get 10 back from a quest with the space mutant), and the beer n brawl with lureen lumpkin (140). really like this rancho relaxo don vittorio combo, but will probably hold off on it for now.

      and if you read all this, tap you very much!

  29. Instant buy for me, love mob related stuff. And yes he does have an awesome animation with the talk with his hands task. Recommended by this guy.

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