Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  Level 49 hit our devices this week, what did you think of the new content?  What do you think Level 50 will bring?  No Simpsons tonight…it’s Super Bowl Sunday!  Who did you think will win the big game, the Patriots or the Seahawks?  Don’t forget you have until 12 noon today to get your submission in for our Superbowl Contest.  Are you going to a party today or just hanging at home?  Our friends outside of the US, will you be watching the game as well?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update ideas, NFL or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


256 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Cool that’s what those chess boards are for… Awesome lol. Well see i only have two Valentines decorations and a couple rose bushes because that’s when i started the game last year. So i was really looking forward to having all my friends this time, hope they rush it in thisyyear after 2 12

  2. Watching the 6 Nations Rugby tonight. England vs Wales, I’m supporting Wales tonight because they scored first (I’m half English, half Welsh so this sorts out that dilemma nicely). England are currently winning 18-16 though.

  3. (Chess bump up 🙂
    If it’s not one thing it’s another. .. My apologies again Sandra, couldn’t get online yesterday with updates and bart screens…
    Er, you have a few pieces in the way of your bishop moving there, I have reset 🙂

    • D’oh! I thought I looked so carefully and that all of the buildings in that path were space pieces, but I totally believe you! I’ll reexamine and re-move this evening, when thought town comes open (maybe now? can’t remember what time it reset to recently….).

      No problem with the delay… Just glad to know you’re okay, after you being uncharacteristically quiet for the last day or two. 🙂

      • I know… I work in education, I set up my own business about this time last year to contract to the sector. The last two weeks has been the beginning of term for us, and I have been running around like a headless chook drumming up business 🙂
        Things are going ok, but I have been a little distracted with my tapping 🙁

      • Understandable, Matt – no worries!

        What kind of work do you do in education? I work in the training field myself, and, before that, taught elementary school (with a 3 year diversion as a real estate broker in between).

      • The TAFE (Vocational training) sector, I used to be a Senior Educator before things down here became impossible (the year prior to me leaving Victoria lost $300 million in funding, my TAFE lost ~$30 million, from the government. It is terrible and tragic, the trades training funding has been hit hard… Stupid governments…
        Anyway, I have Electronics, Engineering and Telecommunications quals and used to teach in these areas ss well.
        Your brave with elementary school students (that’s students year 12 and under???), we had a program called “Vocational Education Training in Schools, where local year 9-12 students come to the TAFE to train in pre-apprentice programs, among other things. They were a handful!

      • I mostly taught 3rd and 4th grade, which are 8-10 year olds. 4th grade (9-10 years old) is my absolute favorite -old enough to do some interesting cognitive stuff, but the hormones haven’t kicked in yet and they’re also not yet completely anti-adults, IYKWIM. Plus, I think that’s the age I’d like to be if I could…I always enjoyed working and playing around with (not in a creepy way!) my gifted 4th graders. (If I had stayed in the kid ed biz, I would have wanted to try to get into the gifted-and-talented field.)

        Middle school (generally 6th through 8th grade (12-14 years old), although it varies by school district) is the hardest, I think. The hormones have kicked in, but the maturity level and sense of individual identity hasn’t always caught up to match, like it often eventually does by the time they get to high school (the 4ish grades before college/university).

        But I’ve been in the adult-ed biz for over 20 years now, though I haven’t been doing actual classroom delivery for many years.

        It’s awful about the funding for your programs! It seems that so many countries (including mine) seriously undervalue education. I’ll bet if more money and respect went into education and training, society would make up for a good part of it in savings on prisons and court costs!

    • Cube, I apologize if I clicked in your chess board today — I was in a hurry and realized I didn’t stop when I got to your town to make sure I stayed out of the chess board….

      • That’s okay…it was my turn and the piece you tapped was one of the ones I was going to tap anyway. What are the odds?! (Well, I guess they’re 1 in 64 lol!)

        So it’s all good etamni. Hey, while I’ve got you reading this, I sent you a neighbor request. Not sure if you’re just full up or not interested. If it’s the latter, no hard feelings, but just let me know so I can cancel the request. 🙂

      • All good mate, that’s why I kept the refresh as low as possible (I accidentally tapped on one when moving Sandra’s ;).

    • Hey – while I was waiting for your town to come open, I was looking around and where did you get those beach towel and umbrella combos?!? I’d love to have some for my beach (well, depends how costly they are…).

  4. Anyone know when the Valentines update kicks in?

  5. Again, such a sincere thank you to the fab three! After much inner turmoil I bought the tire fire for my town and I will forever think fondly of you all for making that happen for me. For the rest of my patriots sprinklies I shall wait for valentines! (I hope)

  6. Thank you for the message in your town fleebspeach, I was just tickled when I saw it: )

  7. 1 donut today from visiting friends… Gonna get that other chalk outline

  8. I just won 5 donuts from sideshow you! Woo hoo!!!

  9. I wish they would make an option to send every character on a “X” time task. Instead of having to click through all 50+ characters that I have. Any word of something like this rolling out?

  10. You guys certainly know how to make a person feel wanted and part of the family!
    Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement…I reallyappreciate them all. Etamni….I visited and saw your message, thank you…so sweet of you.
    Without going into great detail…I am going thru a combination crisis….health mostly but followed closely by other wretched stuff real life dishes out from time to time…each on its own I can handle, but life has decided to see how tough I really am….well, life…..I’m a tea bag….the hotter the water and the longer you leave me there….the stronger I’m gonna get! 💥 I will get thru this, but I won’t be able to visit on here much due to my wrists falling apart on me big time….I’m not even supposed to type at moment…but I can read 😉…but just HAD to come talk to you all and give some explanation ….unfortunately it’s not just my wrists affecting me at moment…but as I said…the longer I stay in hot water, the stronger I’ll be at the outcome!
    Take care everyone and again…thank you for your thoughts and prayers….all are much appreciated and accepted gratefully.
    Big hugs to all. Julie.XxXXxXxxXxXxxx💕💖💞💓💗❤️💚💜💙💛💌

    • Thank you *so* much for coming back here and letting us know a little of what’s going on with you…the way you left was so alarming that I’m glad to hear that you’re safe at least (I’m a worrier).

      Now go rest your wrists and tend to your other “hot water” stuff and, for god’s sake, don’t stress your wrists responding to this! (Oh, and if you’re ever able to return to the game, there will always be a spot for you in my “neighborhoods”!) <3

    • Stay safe hon’, best wishes, sad smiley, you be true 😉 I know those hard times, every single one of us can not escape them 🙁 All we can do is know every one cares when you are brave enough to share the hard times, those challenges that are just that bit too much …

    • Sorry to see you’re having problems, hope everything starts to improve soon. Take care of yourself.
      To echo what others have said I’ll always make room for you when you return.

    • Hugs Julie

    • NONNA!!! (Julie) You are actually the reason why I came on here. After seeing not only your town but lofty’s all vacant for more than 2 days, I knew you weren’t just redecorating and it worried me enough to jump on here to see what was going on.

      I’m sorry life is being such a turd to you right now and I hope everything will work out soon.

      Big hugs! <3

      P.S. I don't envy the redecorating you will have to do when you do come back. :O Yikes! Lol. Get well soooooon :0)

  11. Cube – Did you register my move from yesterday? I think those two buildings still look “tapped” (although it’s definitely possible that I’ve forgotten what move I made yesterday and someone else tapped those two buildings). I’ll check back in after work (around 6:15pm Eastern time).

    You’ve been a bit quieter than usual since yesterday…everything okay?

    • Apologies, going through some challenges and changes at the moment, and have been distracted from my usual routine. .. I’ve registered, still trying to work out mine 🙂 Sad face regarding Julie, will move soon!

      • No problem…hope your challenges/changes aren’t bad ones (or, if they are, that they Thurman out well in the end)! Unfortunately, I think I moved prematurely…I didn’t see your post until after I made my move. So, just ignore what I did today and let me know when it’s time for me to move (which won’t be for at least 24 hours from now, of course!).

        So sad about Julie… Just wish I knew what was happening to/with her and that she’s safe and basically okay.

      • I’ll get there Cubes….big hugs to you n Sandra.Xx

      • All done, and thank you both, sorries again for my distance …

      • My turn to apologize…I didn’t get home until very late tonight and I don’t want to reset the clock for your town to be this late (if you know what I mean), so I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to make my move. (Plus I had a lot going on today and I just don’t have the mental reserve to figure anything out.)

        Hope you don’t mind the wait! 🙁

    • Okay done, finally! Thanks for your patience! 🙂

  12. Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know when the next event will start? I love working on my Springfield and advancing in the missions…but I miss the fun of squishing, collecting, attacking etc., stuff for prizes lol

  13. I just got the abandoned warehouse but I don’t seem to be able to place it anywhere? Sorry if this has been answered a bunch of times already, I promise I did look first.

  14. The last few days I’ve gotten an update (250ish mb) each day I log on. Have they started splitting up big updates into parts? Also, it always says to tap to start playing while it downloads in the background but when I do that, I still have to wait for it to download before playing. Is this normal?

    • Not that i’m aware of. Some players are reporting similar things. However, I’ve yet to see an update, outside of a normal update. It might have more to do with your phone/device than anything


    Due to real life dishing up a doozie, I have to say goodbye to all as I will not be back on the game for a very long time if at all.

    I appreciate your neighbourliness and apologise for the inconvenience you now have of finding replacement neighbours.

    I wish everyone a momentous tapping and a sad goodbye to all.

    Moderators…thank you for this wonderful site and rest assured I will come back as soon as I am able.

    Great friends, Sandra, Cubes, Etamni, Nessy and especially Val and Mary Jo…thank you for your comraderie and friendship…it’s been such a privilege having you all to chat to……and all other addicts…it’s been great having you all to share thoughts with on this site.

    With heavy heart…..bye all.
    Cheers hugs all round…..Julie.

    • OMG – What happened????? This is so sad and you will be sorely missed!! 🙁

      I hope whatever is happening works out okay and I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and sending good wishes your way. Big hug and come back to us when you can.

    • Julie, my heart goes out to you. Must be one he!! of real life doozie for you to leave TSTO. You will be missed and you always have a spot in my neighborhood if you decide to come back.
      My thoughts are with you.

    • Julie so sorry to see you go. I hope real life gets better for you & we’ll certainly miss you around here! You’ll always have a home here at Addicts. We wish you all the best!

      • Hugs Julie!

        I hope that wherever life takes you, you will remember us from time to time and it will bring a smile to your face. 🙂

        There is a brief message spelled out in my Springfield for you…. I hope you are able to visit at least once more….

    • Susan C. (suski33)

      Oh, Jules,

      I speak the truth when I say that you will be sorely missed. I can only echo others – I, too, will keep you in my thoughts, and wish you nothing but the best. And whatever life has dealt you that you must deal with now, I have unswerving faith in your strength and resiliency.

      Your grateful neighbor,
      Susan C.

    • Noooo!!! Will miss talking to you. I hope your real life gets much better and soon Julie! Very much hoping things get sorted out enough that you can return in the future.
      I leave you with the news that I have another teaching interview next week. So maybe second time lucky. Also found a few websites with typical interview questions and tips for good answers.
      Oh and it’s snowed overnight and we have an inch of snow.

      • Good luck on that net review Sweetie…will come by here to read n look forward to hearing how things are with you. enjoy that snow! Lol cheers, 💛💜

    • 🙁 sad to hear this news, I could always count on u to visit. Hope things work out for u and u are able to return soon!!!

      • Thanks Kyle…I will finish typing today, THEN. I will obey dr’s orders and try to undo damage to my wrists….and hopefully make a come back. Thank you for your neighbourliness.💐

    • Dear Julie, I am in shock and my heart goes out to you. I know when I made my visits to your towns, they were all cleaned out. My dear friend, u r in my prayers and I will be looking for your return. You could always brighten my day when I came onto these sites and found u had something to say. I will truly miss you. 😩😩😥 Mary Jo

      • I will type you an email later my dear friend…I got yours last night but had too much pain….will write you n Val then. Lots of love and big hugs.💖

    • Julie I will miss you!! I have learned the ropes from you and love visiting your towns. Hopefully life will get better for you and you have my prayers and wishes. You will always have a place in my friendship list.

      • Thank you for this lovely comment…I’m gonna miss everyone and all the towns too, but I’ll pop by and have a read on here as I can…and hopefully I can start to behave and follow dr’s orders and be back to tapping in no time….hopefully.💖

    • Julie,
      I’ve asked the Addicts to forward my email to you.
      I will miss you alot. You make me laugh when i need it most.
      I hope we can touch base and that you are ok.

      • Dear Moe…thank you Sweetie…I’m not supposed to type at present but I’ll try to drop you a line when I can n let you know how I’m getting on….or I’ll see if I can teach Jamie the skills of typing from dictation. 🙀
        Take care dear.💕

      • Julie,
        I’m glad you were able to let us all know a little bit. Health is most important so take your time recover and you’ll be back better than ever.
        I do hope we can keep in touch my friend. I always love reading your stuff even if I can’t write. (I meant to send my email or ask for yours ages ago but alas real life got in the way)
        Miss you lots and big hug.

    • Soooo sad to see you away, i hope things are well, and stay safe!

    • Thanks to you and your son for having been my neighbourino’s. Good luck to you both.

      • Anna, I so enjoyed visiting your town and watching it take shape. Thank you for having me and my towns in your neighbourhood. Take care. Julie💗

    • Julie, I sent you an email today….I just flew in last night from my holiday I told you about…noticed your town was empty and immediately went to the Tapped site. You’ll see my email and we can correspond whenever you can, I’m always here for you my friend.

      Big hugs,

    • Sad to see you go, my great neighboreeno. Take care, Julie!

    • Julie – I’m sure going to miss you in the neighborhood! I have always enjoyed reading your posts! You have such a wit about you. I have enjoyed learning some of the Australian lingo too! You always have given me a laugh and you will be missed! I thought that you were rearranging your towns. So sorry to hear about everything going on for you. Here’s wishes that all will keep getting better for you and I will send prayers to you for a great recovery. Follow Doctors orders & do not reply. God Speed………
      Gailyn aka gpikky from Minnesota

    • Sad to see you go. Be sure to look us up when you get your health and affairs in order.

  16. My 5th day mystery prize was the Squeeky Voiced Teen. I recall somebody getting one here a couple of days ago. Have the odds improved because of the Michael D’amico quests? Either way, its the best thing I have won from the box after about 16 months of regular gaming.

    • I won him after playing for about 6 months…I love him! However, my weekly boxes for January were all trees. Today, my first box for February contained another mystery box, which contained…another tree! My fifth in as many weeks. At this point I’d be glad for ANYTHING else!:-)

    • I’ve never, not once gotten anything major in my mystery box. I’ve received trees, fences and other items that doesn’t excite me. I’ve never even opened and received donuts let alone a character. WTH? LOL

  17. I don’t know if anyone else has bought this to your attention, but have you seen the pixel art Simpsons opening yet?

  18. Randomly today I got the start of the When Worlds Collide quest line in my game. Is that normal? When I searched for that quest line on this site it seemed that it was from an event of some sort (which I wasn’t around for). Has it now become a standard quest line?

    Also, I’my glad the Pats won…but mainly because it means I’ll have a shot at getting some money for clams from the contest (over on the Family Guy side of things…didn’t even know it was happening over here until now). That and I absolutely love red and blue and the stadium was full of those colors after their win.

  19. Must be some groundhog magic in the air today; when I first tapped this morning, the Bad Dream House, Wolfcastle’s Mansion, Burns Manor, and several cars (electric, Quimbo) were continuously animated! I love when the ghost gets into the machine. Let’s yell it from the rooftops – HEY EA- WE WANT MORE BUILDINGS TO BE ANIMATED!!!! That’s the whole point of the game!!!!

    • Amen brotha! I have never had the random whole town animation, YET
      Therefore I have still NEVER seen my bad dream house animated: (
      Someday……… ……….

      • Hey everyone. I wish allot he buildings could be used and animated also. Especially when the buildings are used once when they first come out like the sequal stop. I loved the animation on that one but will we ever get to see it again. I love when part of my town is all animated. The rides outside of try n save move,which I’ve only seen once. Did anyone else notice tha Michael D’Amicos one hour task to shop is at the springfield grocery store. The animation isn’t great (the front door opens.) but maybe EA will start giving tasks at buildings once left vacant. I would like to see the mental hospital, the wax museum, try n save, the spruce caboose and I’m sure there are others, get used. Also, I remember the animation for el chemestri was real cool but I don’t remember who wen there.(it must have been when I first got it but that’s another building that has great animation programmed for it but just going to waste. Anyway, thanx and have fun.

  20. Maybe the Valentines Update is here?
    9:00 PST and the server is down, the dreaded Bart Screen is up.
    Maybe? Too many 24 hour quests are building up.

  21. Was too busy cussing, screaming and celebrating to stop by last night. What a game! Thank you Pats! Now onto a 100% undefeated season next year!

    BTW did you get my entry for the Superbowl contest? I emailed it from my Kindle and I am not sure it went thru.

  22. This morning while clearing buildings and character tasks, I heard “New England” voiced. Don’t know which male character-many were close together when I cleared them. Did anyone else hear this?

  23. So am I mistaken or did they pull the Fortress of Chocolate and the Bloodmobile? Any speculation on what’s behind that?

    • No they’re both still there. If you tap on the buildings tab in the build menu (Simpson House) you’ll see the Fortress listed. And if you do the same for decorations (Bench and Tree icon) you’ll see the blood mobile listed. 🙂

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