Stonecutters Black Market Sale

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got ourselves a little Stonecutters Black Market Sale Update.

2015-02-05 19.25.06

While the dialogue included is pretty amusing…the content is massively lacking.  Especially for those Tappers who have been playing for a while.  But nevertheless…it’s still a great opportunity for new Tappers to pick up Stonecutter items they may have missed out on last summer.

More details on what’s included in a bit…More details below the fold

But this event ends in a week.  So what does this mean for Valentine’s Day?  Could EA be closing that door shut?  Hard to say at this point.  Valentine’s Day is still just over a week away & their competition (TinyCo/Family Guy) is gearing up for a massive Valentine’s Day update.  So I’d find it hard to believe they’re just going to throw it aside…but we shall see….

When you log into your game you’ll see some dialogue between Homer, Number 1 and Lisa:

Homer: I can’t believe Seattle blew that touchdown last Sunday.  I had twenty bucks on that game!  Who goes for a pass on 2nd and goal!?
Number 1: *singing* We do, we do!
Homer: I knew it.  It’s always a conspiracy when i lose money!
Lisa: Number 1?! Are you saying the Stonecutters Control the team?
Number 1: No, we control all televised football.  Do you like number 49’s halftime show?
Lisa: But the crazy internet rumors said she’s in the illuminati, not the Stonecutters
Number 1: We control them too.

2015-02-05 19.28.32

Now if you played through the Stonecutters Event and had success, you won’t see much in your store.  I have all the items and I only have the All Seeing Eye in my store as well as the hieroglyphic walls.  Others might have more.

This will be broken up into three “waves” as EA is calling them.  The final end date is February 12th.  Here’s the breakdown for the other “waves”:
Wave 1 Ends- February 7th (Saturday) 0800 GMT (3am EST)
Wave 2 Ends- February 9th (Monday) 0800 GMT (3am EST)
Wave 3 Ends- February 11th (Wednesday) 0800 GMT (3am EST)

Again the Event itself ends February 12th (Thursday) 0800 GMT (3am EST) 

Here’s a look at what you can get during the First Wave:

Remember THIS stuff will leave the game on 2/7/15 at 0800 GMT:

Homer pulling stoneStone of Triumph- 75 Donuts Previously a Free Prize.  Homer has a task with it.  More details on it here

Abandoned Store 1Abandoned Store- 30 Donuts.  Was previously Premium.  Should I Buy on it here

#36 KrustyNumber 36- FREE.  Was free last time, yes get this one.  Will come with a short 1 part quest.  Same quest as previously, more here

#12 LennyNumber 12- 50 Donuts. Requires the Stonecutter Lodge, which is 140 Donuts. 

#14 CarlNumber 14- 50 Donuts. Requires the Stonecutter Lodge, which is 140 Donuts.

67-arnie pyeNumber 67- 40 Donuts. Requires the Stonecutter Lodge, which is 140 Donuts.  Also requires Arnie Pye in your game.


The following items will be in your game for the next 7 days.  They’ll leave when the event ends on 2/12/15 0800 GMT (3am EST)

Stonecutter Lodge #1 victoryStonecutter Lodge and Number 1- 140 Donuts.  Required for several of the Stonecutter Skins.

Stonecutter Daycare CenterStonecutter Daycare Center- $250,000.  Previously for cash.  More details here.

All Seeing EyeAll Seeing Eye- 100 Donuts.  Previously Premium, Should I Buy here.

Stonecutter tableStonecutter Table- 120 Donuts.  Was previously free.  Did initially have a free donut Easter Egg with it, not sure if it will work this time around but details are here.

Hieroglyph Wall 3Hieroglyph Wall- $500.  Previously in game cash.  More details here

#51 phone home 1Number 51- 100 Donuts.  Previously Premium.  Should I buy here

That’s it for this round my friends…but more should be hitting our games soon.  Once we know what else is being added we’ll update you on what’s available and for how long.

I will say that it does look like they will be bringing back ALL of the Stonecutter skins for the characters, and each one will cost donuts.  BUT it does look like we will be getting 2 more for free (from what I can tell it’ll be Skinner & Brockman that will be free).

Remember Stonecutters was an Event that took place in June of 2014.  We’ve got a whole section of our site dedicated to posts about the event, so if you’d like to know more we encourage you to check it out here.

I know it’s a bit disappointing if you’re an older player, or maybe even if you’re a newer player, but it does give players who missed out on items a chance to pick them out.  I am a fan of EA bringing back older items for newer players to get, BUT I do think they could have thrown older players a bone at least.  Maybe given us something new?  New Tasks for Number 1, something.  But let’s all be patient and hope that it’s just a  case of the next update being delayed and it’ll hit soon….

What do you think of the Black Market Sale? Any items you picked up?  Thoughts on the Stonecutters?  How about the dialogue with the Superbowl?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

284 responses to “Stonecutters Black Market Sale

  1. Hold up!
    I thought women were ineligible to become members of the Stonecutters… 😉

  2. Hi everyone, this is Tsila K
    i wanted to say that EA will not disappoint us. i am sure of that, and when ever there is an event , we play right! does not matter if it is chronically correct. Come on , cheer up , EA wont disapoint us.
    give them a littel credit.
    so friens, all the best to all of you
    Tsila K : )

  3. Are they bringing back #314 Stonecutter Frink?


  5. Kind of a random question, but did the dimensions of the lodge change? I stored it so I could kick someone off a task, and when I tried to put it back it didn’t fit! I had a moment of panic thinking I want going to be able to place it, but alas it was because there were shrubs in the way. Weird!

  6. Got two questions please help….
    #1 I was reading the comments above someone said something about easter table, 10 doughnuts? What’s that about?? Please share
    #2 Does the stone cutter daycare come with a story line? Or tasks?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  7. You have Sunday the 9th – shouldn’t it be the 8th or maybe you ment Monday?

  8. Kind of a let down when there is an update and no new content arrives. I think there should always be atleast one new item added. Feels like a slap in the face for long time players. Most of the xmas stuff was recycled too.

  9. Phoenixgirl22447

    Sorry if someone else had already commented with this but I was just putting all my characters on their tasks for the night (I always think of it as ‘putting them to bed’) and I noticed Marge had a new 5 hour task ‘Go for a romantic stroll with Homer’, put them on it, Homer is wearing a suit and a monocle and Marge is wearing an evening dress. Could be something to do with Valentines day?

    • It was there last year for Valentine’s and continued beyond for quite some time. They may be pulling them back out for an upcoming event. 😉

      • This task never went away for me. Unfortunately, I often forget about it, because its Marge’s take, and Homer comes up first when I’m assigning tasks, so it gets grayed out on her list. It’s really sweet.

  10. So with the table we are supposed to spend $120 donuts to get $1? LOL.

  11. Just forced to start a task called “is it Pay Day Already?” is this a random task or part of an event? I think there was dialogue but not sure I accidentally double tapped.

  12. Wow. Thanks for the Easter Egg tip about the table. How did I miss that one during the event? All this time I’ve been sitting on ten donuts without knowing it. Cheers! 🙂

  13. William Bergheimer

    I really wish EA were better at letting people know what is coming. These announcements they do on facebook that come sometimes days after a roll out, just isn’t getting it…

  14. Not a fan of the Holiday items anyways. I have 90% of my christmas stuff in storage. Would rather have items that I can display year round. Really what am I going to do with Easter Stuff? Seems pointless. Have more stuff that is tied into the show overall…not just one episode though but stuff I can display year round.

  15. I wasn’t really a fan of last year’s Valentine’s Day update, most of the stuff I got from it is sitting in my Krustyland now. I’m betting that this year Valentine’s Day is just going to be a mini update and EA is putting all their attention to a larger St. Patrick’s Day event. EA needs a better PR department if you ask me, I prefer Tapped Out to the Family Guy game but Tiny Co. does a much better job with communicating with fans of their game.

  16. It’s random, for sure. I rather like when things come back for a second-chance opportunity to acquire, but the SC event was less than a year ago. Maybe I’m not excited about it b/c that event’s prize items just weren’t my bag :^/ I will be sooooooooooooooooooo disappointed if there is no opportunity to spend donuts on last year’s Valentine and Easter event items. This Texicana still ***needs*** Johnny Fiestas.

  17. Does anyone think it has anything to do with the fact that the holiday part 2 went on for quite some time, and that everyone who exoerience Valentine’s Day last year was overwhelmed by the cheesy pink stuff, that they’re giving everyone a break??
    Maybe they’ve got a big event planned for Easter or something?

  18. Even if there is a Valentines update, it’s late and probably drag on long after the holiday, like so many other updates.

  19. How do i stop getting email notifications for this thread? 2 hrs and over 50 emails lol

  20. It’s a bit of a letdown that there’s no Valentine’s event (yet) and they didn’t do anything like last year’s Super Bowl mini questline, but I do love my Stonecutters skins and the fact that they’re earning at a premium rate now is a nice bonus.

  21. As a player who’s played for a long time the event doesn’t have any new items for me yet, but it looks like all the stonecutter skins now pay premium. Looks like I’ll be using those more to help raise cash faster.

  22. Only the pyramid and the wall for me – and I don’t need any more of either…

  23. Such a letdown….for one who frequents regularly and has everything, this recap is just a waste of time….guess i will be spending time over on the competitors site, tapping away on there new valentine’s event instead.

  24. I’m so sad that they didn’t bring back valentines day😭 if they wanted to bring back anything that we may have missed why not Whacky Day? I started playing on the last day if Whacky Day & was unable to obtain anything😫 I’m so jealous of my friends who got all the cool snakes,signs,etc. I so wanted them to bring it back but no luck. Do you think we will ever be lucky enough to get Whacky Day? Please EA bring us Whacky Day🙏

  25. The Stonecutters event’s biggest disappointment was that most of the characters’ skins HAVE NO VISIBLE TASKS! Only Homer, Krusty & Chief Wiggum sing at the table and Homer has 4, & 10 hour (& 16 if you have Jasper) visible tasks. I still can’t believe #1 doesn’t have a single outdoor task. What a ripoff!

    • William Bergheimer

      The only advantages to the skins are that they give 1 and 2 hour tasks to characters who do not have them. Oh, and it gives tasks to Arnie that don’t involve that helicopter that keeps getting in the way of tapping.

  26. This. Is. Rubbish.

  27. oh !!! no !!!!
    Im playing FG QFS !!!

    please EA, help me !!!

  28. i’m happy these item are back for all to roll out some hard cash donuts i only wish that EA can make them a bundle deal for we TSTO PLAYERS CAN SAVE DONUTS…. The Stonecutters event last year was by far my favorite i’m glad i have a chance to get more items

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