Diary of a Wookiee: The Classic Simpsons Myth

So the other day when I was writing up the recap for the Mythbusters Simpsons Special it got me thinking about what other Simpsons myths could be busted. Off to Oogle I went to type up Simpsons Myths.


The first thing I found was a great repository of Simpsons Urban Legends. Definitely worth a gander if you have some time to kill.


After that, once I waded through lots of stuff about the Mythbusters special, I found an interesting article on page 2 of the search about the Simpsons myth of whether it really was that much better in the past. I’ve actually talked about this before so I don’t want to just rehash my opinion here for the sake of words in a post. I figured I’d share the article for your consideration:


It’s definitely a question any Simpson nerd worth their salt has considered. Absolutely a conversation with a lot of the haters out there. In college, you’d be amazed how many students have found out I blog about The Simpsons and have strong opinions, both good and bad, about the show. I’ve even run into this conversation just wearing a Simpsons t-shirt. Of course, you know I defend my beloved show. I found another article about the “classic-era” myth with thoughts from some of the showrunners. It’s a long read but I really enjoyed the info from Al Jean, David Mirkan and Matt Selman. Kudos to vulture.com for getting the interview.


Of course, all three of the showrunners are semi-active on social media, especially Al Jean. I had saved this article that Al Jean stated he found interesting a little while back and since it bears on the topic, here it is. The thoughts of a Professor from the University of British Columbia on The Simpsons’ lasting legacy.


So there ya go friends. A few different viewpoints on the Best. Show. Ever. and it’s over 25 season run on television. Take that everybody else lol. Ultimately this myth is busted or confirmed based on your opinion. Sound off below with your thoughts. Hopefully you enjoyed the articles. Stay classy and keep on tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Scrub a Dee Bubba

    “Myth”? lol

  2. One of my favourite seasons was 6 and I aslo love season 14. I hate season 3 despise it in fact I think 4-8 was the peak then it dipped 9-11 and picked up 12-14 and I’m pretty sketchy after 15 and can’t comment.

    One thing I do not like is lots if celebs I’ll give you an example the episode with Justin Bieber where they are all impressed with the celeb (ass kissing). If a celeb brings something to the show by playing a character like dustin hoffman doing the teacher or Michael Jackson playing the guy who thinks he is Michael Jackson or mark hamill playing himself and the bodyguard teacher. If it is done well it’s funny like Matthew Perry saying: “could I be any more of a house?”

    If it is done badly it’s just embarrassing (I think of the episode with the Rolling Stones and Levi’s Costello etc in it – that makes me cringe, or the one with Tony hawk)

  3. just an fyi, the urban legend site has been suspended.

  4. I’m buying the box sets on DVD and I’ve got to say personally I have favourite episodes but love most seasons equally. The only thing that can irritate is when a character has a similar story line to an old episode. Also you can’t get to attached to “cannon” or you will be irritated every time writers ignore what was said/shown in previous eps. One reasonable new episode I loved was where Lisa created springface.

  5. Certainly, the style of the show has changed over the years — obviously a result of different writers coming and going — and this can affect any series that is continued year after year. Having said that, the only thing I really miss from the so-called old days is hearing Bart say, “Don’t have a cow, man!”

    When the Simpsons first came out, some parents banned their children from watching it because of how edgy it was — indeed I know one mom who doesn’t let her 11-year-old and 8-year-old watch it today — but now it’s just one prime-time cartoon among many, each of which tries to out-edge the next, and it may sometimes seem to have lost that edgy-ness!

  6. If its funny its funny buff said

  7. I always find it funny when this subject is brought up how much “the good seasons” change from person to person and as time goes on. When I first read about this subject people were saying 1-10, then I saw 1-8, another person said 1-13 and then I saw a few 2-9s, right here in the comments someone said only 4-9 “are worth anything”. I understand that everyone likes different things and what some feel is the “hit or miss” nature of the later seasons… But bottom line is if your only watching ten, twelve, or SIX (?! Sorry still pretty shocked about that) seasons of the simpsons, you’re missing out on some really entertaining episodes and some really great heartfelt moments and I feel bad for you, letting a closed mind stop you from experiencing some of the best television has to offer.

    P.s. I’m really enjoying season 26 so far and I just heard that they’ve been picked up for season 27. Woohoo!

    P.p.s. Even if there was a decline in quality over the years, perfection in decline is still better than most everything else out there. Just saying.

  8. Great though he is I’m getting a bit tired of Homer. There are a higher proportion of shows centred around him than I would like. That’s not new though, that started many years ago.
    It touches on the spin-off question that you raised, but even though it’s called “The Simpsons” I don’t think there’d be too many complaints if a main storyline were given to, say, Ned or Barney.
    I for one would love a show that filled in some of the gaps in Snake’s story

    • Well, Homer is the star of the show. Many people think it’s Bart, and he is certainly an important character, but it is Homer who is our protagonist for this series. That said, I’d also like to see other characters have more significant roles in the series.

  9. Anyone notice a lack of donuts rewarded for helping neighbors? Ever since the halloween even and maybe before I was always getting 2-3 donuts total for helping all of my neighbors and now I hardly ever get any donuts for helping.

  10. I love the Conan O’Brien years as some of my favorite episodes but due to FXNow I’ve been able to catch up considerably. Every year seemingly has a top 25 show in it. Pretty good writing to keep it fresh.

    There are some really bad episodes though too. Maybe the older shows were slightly more consistent? Or maybe it was more “edgy” in comparison, but I still think Simpsons holds the trophy for best.show.ever

    Thanks tW. Great post.

  11. Only seasons 4-9 are worth anything. The rest are not funny at all. 1-3 get a pass cuz it’s old and before my time, but 10-25 just tried wayyyy to hard and failed.

    • you get a pass for 1-3 being before your time. :p i guess i’m old, cuz the first 3 seasons are straight classics to me. more importantly, they lay the groundwork for the show… and for the game.

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