Should I Spend Donuts on the Stonecutter Lodge & Number 1?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got a little Stonecutter Black Market sale going on in Springfield right now.  Items from the original Stonecutters Event are back in Springfield for a limited-time.  While a lot of players will already have the items, I know many TSTO noooobs are wondering if any of the items are worth adding to their Springfield.  So we’re here to break it all down for you!

Wondering if you should add the Stonecutter Lodge and Number 1 to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm spend button, let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this secret lodge to your Springfield.

Stonecutter Lodge Number_1

Building: Stonecutter Lodge
Character: Number 1
Donut Price:
140 Donuts
$2,500, 225xp/ 7days
Obedience +10
Bonus: IF you purchase you’ll also receive #908 (Stonecutter Homer)…which also doubles as The Chosen One
Homer Chosen one 1

Both #1 and #908 (as well as all Stonecutters that you’ll pay donuts for now) now earn at a Premium Rate, so 50% more cash and XP.

-Restarts the Game of Stones questline
-You’ll get an extra skin with it (#908)
-Will unlock the ability to purchase other Stonecutters
-Lodge will be used
-It’s the Stonecutter Lodge, one of the more requested items in TSTO history.

-Was originally offered as a free item
-While #908 has some great tasks, #1’s tasks are pretty lackluster
-Number 1 is not voiced

Final Thoughts
Go for it.  If you missed Stonecutters over the summer & you have the donuts to spend, go for it.  It’s a good combo of building and character.  It will also give you a great feel for Stonecutters, even if you don’t pick up any other items.

You’ve got 5+ days to decide on this one.  I do think it’s a good buy, with the building and character combo.  BUT it is pricey, especially since it was all free last year.  So this is a tough call.  Honestly, i’d say if you’ve seriously missed having these items in your town over the last 7 months get them.  But if you’ve done ok with out either & donuts are hard for you to come by, I’d take a pass on it.

If you’re only going to get 1 Stonecutter item from this event…this is the one I would get (that costs donuts.  Obviously get all the freemium stuff you can)

Here’s a look at Number 1’s Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge 1hr $105, 26xp Stonecutter Lodge
Attend a Secret Meeting 8hrs $420, 105xp Stonecutter Lodge
Nap at the Stonecutter Lodge 12hrs $600, 150xp Stonecutter Lodge
Feast at the Stonecutter Lodge 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Stonecutter Lodge

Homer get paddled by Jasper

Check out this post for #908’s tasks.

You can also check out this post for the Game of Stones Questline. (Full Dialogue.  If you’d just like the Turbo Tappin’ Version, that’s here)

What do you think of the Black Market Event?  Did you pick up the Stonecutter Lodge?  Thoughts on the items making a coming back?  Where’s the Lodge in your town?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

60 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Stonecutter Lodge & Number 1?

  1. I have purchased all of the stone utters but have not received Homer’s 908 skin to complete the task of get paddled. Any comments or suggestions on how to get him again to finish the tasks before the time limit ends? Please reply back ASAP! Thank you!

    • He comes with the Stonecutters Lodge & that questline…

      • I know he comes with the quest line however, I am unable to get homer. Not sure why but he just doesn’t show the task unless he is doing another task and I have tried using donuts to speed it up and then try letting him do the task buy it just is not possible. Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. Hello fellow addicts,
    Sandra Shill is a friend, look at my Stoncutters gate, I bought some iron fence and used it as a gate, and I think it looks ok, have used this with other mansions as well. Check it out and see if it works for you. Ax a Freemason and Shriner, I have to say the stoncutters was my favorite event so far. Didn’t care about the monorail, although I like Conan, and the song, but now with Elon Musk featured maybe we can build his rapid transit solution.

    • It’s funny that you should say that – I already used a segment of iron fence as a “gate” in the fence between the Lodge and the daycare center! 🙂

      But I’d still like the fancy Stonecutters one for the Lodge itself….

      What’s your Origin ID? I’ll be sure to give your town an extra-close look the next time I swing by! 🙂

      • My origin id is worwhl379 I have about 70 friends. I droped some who hadn’t played for over 4 weeks. One who is a friend from work, I can’t bring myself to dr8p although he hasn’t played in 14 weeks. I don’t grafitti, but don’t care if I get grafitti. I see you visited Sandra.Thanks

      • Oh! I recognize your ID – yours is always the last neighborhood in my list 🙂

        But don’t worry about being at the end of my list – I always visit every one of my neighbors every day, except when the “time slip” gets too great (too close to bedtime) for some towns and I need too reset them for the next day. I did already visit your town (before I knew whose it was), but maybe I’ll pop back over and take a closer look now!

  3. If you missed a couple items from Wave 1, will there be another shot to get them?

  4. If I hadn’t already got it last year, I’d buy it. It’s a decently priced combo. Most combos for that price or more don’t also come with an additional costume. I’d say definitely get it if you have the sprinklies, then buy the walls and make a nice Stonecutter area in your Springfield!

  5. I’m tempted, even though there are other things I’ve been eyeing…

    One question about the fences…. When I’ve looked at the Stonecutters stuff in other towns (people who got it during the original event), I’ve noticed that they have a gate for their fences. I just bought 60 fences (should I get more, do you think?) and I’d love to have gates for them! Are these purchased separately and, if so, will they be coming back in one of the two remaining waves?

  6. Alissa,

    You indicated that the lodge earns $200/20xp per 8 hours — my lodge earns $2500/225xp every 7 days. So the question is: Was this a typo or did they change it for new purchases? If they changed it, will ours change at some point in the future?

  7. question here. do you know where does the “game of stones” questline end? I mean, the quest that stars once you bought the lodge. I guess it´s not the full quesline from the event

  8. As a newer player, I’ve been coveting my neighbors lodges for months! It was pricey, but I had to get it. I also bought a TON of fences. Hope they offer the pink slide in one of the other waves!

  9. Hey everyone. I didn’t see it posted anywhere but I think the SC lodge used to pay out $1500 but now it pays out $2500 every seven days. Thanx. Have fun.

  10. The store says Stonecutter lodge earns $2500 and 225XP every 7 days. Maybe it has an other income rate for players who do not have the lodge yet or maybe income has changed

  11. I might if I didn’t already have all of the Stonecutters items other than the Abandoned Warehouse, and have created quite elaborate compounds for the lodge and daycare center… But I gotta admit, this is really sad and lasy in terms of a mini-event. At least it is so far. I mean, the actual Stonecutters event was just seven months ago! What’s next on the agenda? Another round of Clash of Clones, to be followed immediately by Halloween in April?

    BTW, I consider Number 51 to be the only ‘must have’ character from the event. IMHO. Oh, and Ernie Pyle’s costume to get rid of that danged helicopter. 😉

  12. I already owned the Stonecutter Lodge and didn’t get the Stonecutter Homer at that time, and now I don’t see how to get the Stonecutter Homer with this sale since I already own the lodge. Can you help out? Am I missing something?

    • I don’t know that there is a way you can with out contacting EA. He comes with the questline, the very first part. If you got the lodge the first time it’s odd you didn’t get Homer. Since you’re awarded him once you place the lodge.

    • Try storing the lodge and placing it again — it might trigger things that were supposed to be triggered the first time. Even if you’ve done this since last summer, you should try it again now while they are selling the lodge.

      Be sure to check your entire inventory list — just in case it’s hiding somewhere. And be sure to check Homer and make sure the skin isn’t just waiting for you to switch to it like other skins.

  13. I never got the prosecuted robe for Dr. Hilbert will he be offered?

  14. I simply had to get this. IRL I’ve always been fascinated with the notion of the Illuminati, secret societies, etc (even way before The DaVinci Code phenom, though I did read/enjoy that), and loved the Simpsons episode that spoofed the genre.

    I’m also a Trekkie, so I really couldn’t avoid the opportunity to get Patrick Stewart (as Number One) in my Springfield! I’m quite happy EA is re-releasing the Stonecutter set for those of us too new to have got them the first time ’round.

    The fact that Homer’s 908 costume came with it was a pleasant added surprise!

  15. I cannot believe the prices for the returned items especially ones that were free before and now they want 140 doughnuts for.

  16. Thank you

  17. Is the table giving out the easter egg?

  18. This might sound a little offbeat, but my favorite thing after the fact about having the Stonecutter Lodge is that so many of the less interesting characters* interact with it. For the most part, I can ignore all of them – just keep sending them for the 24 hour task, they’re in sync, out of the way and one tap collects their XP instead of being all over town. I can spend time on the characters who DO have more fun interactions.

    So it violates my rule about not buying premium characters who don’t have OUTDOOR 12 or 24 hour tasks – Number 1 is the most boring premium character ever. But the building has become one of my favorites.

    *Characters without fun 12 or 24 tasks: Quimby, Brockman, Skinner, Grampa, Lenny, etc. I wish Legs, Louie and Hibbert were in the Lodge too!

  19. Without question No 1 least favorite character on the game (and I was so excited to have Patrick Stewart). But I always have my characters visible (no point of having everyone inside, what’s the fun in that?) and he’s just on an endless loop of feasting at the lodge, very boring. Even with just one outdoor task he’d be worth it. The Homer skin is cool though especially if you have the stone of triumph

  20. Pro, it restarts the questline. Will I have to purchase other skins to complete the quest line tho? Skinner is required for some of the tasks and I won’t have that one. I can’t see that it’s available for purchase yet either. If I’m starting completely from scratch, will I be able to play this till completion without purchasing the rock as well?

  21. Referring to your comment:
    Both #1 and #908 (as well as all Stonecutters) now earn at a Premium Rate,

    It may just be my game but I’m showing that neither Skinner nor Brockman are earning at the premium rate. I haven’t tried Homer, Dr. Hibbert, Jasper, the alien (#51), or disco stu, so I can’t comment on their earnings rate.

  22. If you break down and get the Lodge, might I also suggest purchasing the Stone of Triumph? It’s crazy expensive but one of my very favorite Homer tasks. The table is great too if you want a constant fix of “We do, we do!” I’m going freemium in my second game or I would buy them again just for one. So dreaming funny.

  23. I just double checked, Krusty, Skinner and Brockman’s 1hr, 8hr, 24hr tasks pay out at premium rate. Only the 4hr tasks pay out normal.

  24. Thanks for the clearing that up Alissa. 🙂

  25. kingofstillport

    I dont even have enough donuts

  26. I have the Stonecutters Lodge and #1,(don’t remember how as I didn’t start playing until the end of the 4th of July event) but do not have Homer’s #908 skin. Is there any way to still get it?

  27. It is mentioned on this site that all stonecutters earn at premium rates, but my Krusty and Skinner skins earn normal rates for 4 hours tasks. Glitch?

  28. laziest update ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I’ve been completely freemium so far but this is tempting me. A big turn-off is the fact that it was free previously.
    I’d like the eye pyramid and the table too, but they’re just waaaay too expensive.

  30. I wish Stonecutter Professor Frink was being offered again.

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