Black Market Stonecutter Sale: Wave 2, Details and Should I Buy

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Overnight (at least here on the east coast) the Black Market items changed over and we now have a new series of returning items to choose from.  These wave 2 items will leave our stores on Monday February 9th at 0800 GMT (3am EST), so make sure you make your purchases of Wave 2 items before then.

So just what has arrived for us today?  Let’s take a look…

stonecutter image

FREE Stonecutter Skin

#600 Skinner Number 600, Stonecutter Skinner.  Be sure to pick him up, he’s free!
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Tube Slide Tube Slide- $2,500.  This will show up for players who have everything as well…


#2 Hibbert Number 2- 50 Donuts.  Was previously Premium as well.
Previously Should I Buy

21-moe Number 21- 50 Donuts.
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59-smithersNumber 59- 50 Donuts.
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#85 WillieNumber 85- 50 Donuts
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#29 BurnsNumber 29- 50 Donuts.
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#5 JasperNumber 5- 40 Donuts.
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The Stonecutter Lodge, Daycare Center, Table, Hieroglyph Wall, All Seeing Eye & Number 51 are all STILL in the store & will remain until 2/12.

Should I Buy…

Definitely pick up the Tube Slide (and as many as you can).  It’s a fun addition to Springfield & really looks great in parks!

As far as the skins go…my opinion is the same with these skins as it was for the Wave 1 Skins,  they’ll all now earn at a premium rate but they all only have indoor tasks.  I personally don’t think they’re ALL worth the donuts.  I will tell you that I purchased Hibbert last year, but it was because he was one of the only ones with out it and i wanted the complete set.  If I didn’t have any of the Stonecutters I don’t know that he’s one I’d get now.

I will say Jasper is a fun one to get, if you have him, because he’ll paddle Homer..which is a fun task.  Beyond that I just don’t think they’re worth the donuts, premium or freemium.  BUT that’s just my opinion & in the end it’s up to you who you want to add to your Springfield.  I know a lot of you are like me & not having the complete sets drives you crazy….

What do you think of the wave 2 items?  Will you be purchasing any?  Which ones?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

83 responses to “Black Market Stonecutter Sale: Wave 2, Details and Should I Buy

  1. The only skin I didn’t get from the event last year was Frink’s, will that be part of wave 3?

  2. FYI. The free skins aren’t paying at premium.

  3. Being a freemium player during The Stonecutters Black Market Sale totally stinks. I have ZERO donuts and I barely have the skins. No donuts means no stonecutter lodge. No stonecutter lodge means the only Stonecutter skins I can get are #36 (Krusty) and #600 (Skinner). I overheard another free one in the third wave will be Kent Brockman, but I’m not sure.

  4. I too was looking forward to a valentines day event but not if they were going to give me more lovely fences or stupid choo choo train or pink water fountains. I have enough of that crap! The one thing I wish they would have given more away of were DEER!!! People who started playing Christmas 2012 got DEER. Last year, 2013, they gave us ONE DEER and we could buy more. EA, please give us more stationary animals like deer. Thank you.

  5. If only we could buy donuts with our in game cash 🙁

  6. I am getting so bored and for the last five days, I did not get a single donut when visiting all my friends. Are you still getting your donuts?

    • I’ve been playing since the last spring and I’ve never once gotten a donut from visiting my friends towns. I didn’t even know until recently that you could get them that way.

    • Yes, I have been getting more donuts from friends than I ever have. A lot more! Usually two per day but sometimes four and today was six! I even got 5 from Sideshow the other day. Last time was 30 but I’ll take what I can get! Was hoping they increased the drop rate.

    • I haven’t been getting any donuts when visiting friends since the update. I even added a lot more friends. I’m annoyed!!!

  7. I’ve been meaning to say this for a while but frink was never a stonecutter . Herman was but he didn’t have a outfit ?

  8. I don’t agree with stupid questions but…
    If you have a “set” of Stonecutters when sent on task en-robed for this character set then each will gain %50 more?
    I know it seems obvious but with 58 donuts as a Freemium I am weighing up the Hibbert purchase, even though I am missing a premium character from the set but have his robes…

    • That’s exactly what it means. So if the payout was (just making up numbers) $100 for a task, the premium rate is $150.

      • Ok, thanks Wookie!
        Apologies for ignorance but I still won’t receive the bonus until I purchase the freemium character even though I have completed the set?

      • At least for the moment the costumes are paying premium, hopefully that will stay for the now premium skins, I was really hoping that little-not-quite-premium bonus would stay around after the event, maybe this is a sign it’s coming back? 😉

      • I caved an “Hibberted” (due to the time limit, have 10 donuts left 🙂 I still need Grumpy but have his “paddlin'” costume…
        I figured I should purchase him eventually, after working up the premium character list (minimum donut purchase first ad a Freemium, although the French Waiter threw me a bit when I was so near to getting Kearney, and then I blew my donuts on a load of event purchases for Halloween ;), maybe 4-6 months event-pending?

  9. TechnoTrousers0

    I’ve always loved the Stonecutters Simpsons episode, and I was just getting underway with TSTO when the event hit last year. That was actually my first big event, and with diligent play I was able to unlock all the prizes back then except the Smithers outfit, because I hadn’t gotten to a high enough level to have him in my game yet. D’oh!!

    So even though they were 50 sprinklies apiece, I just had to complete my full Stonecutters set with Smithers and Hibbert. Technically I don’t have ALL of them, since I haven’t bought Arnie Pie or Disco Stu yet, but I do have their Stonecutter outfits waiting in inventory in case I ever but them.

  10. I’m starting not to even care about this month. I am pretty much waiting for March and beyond now. Someone said “wacking day” but I hated that episode and never did that event the first time around. And refuse to again. The easter one I may pay attention to because the last one had some good stuff. I am looking forward to more multi colored fences, I dont have much of that and I’d like about 200+ of them this time

  11. How do I get Skinners stonecutter skin? I have not received it yet.

  12. Here my 5 cents worth on this event, I start playing around 6 to 8 months ago after getting my new phone. So I tend to miss a lot of the early events and some of them free items really look awesome. If anyone knows me I always like stuff relating to particular episodes from the show. Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps? Who make us buy more donuts? We do, we do. Sorry I couldn’t help myself there. One the older Simpsons episodes I really enjoyed was Homer the Great. I had unlocked Number last year on my old phone I wasn’t really into tapped out as my phone was piece of crap. Anyway I tend of rambling on here. So I do understand why veterans were upset at this events but for some of us who missed a lot these items welcome getting a chance to get some of the older items. So who know maybe Kingu Gidora will show up and destroy our Springfield on valentine day.

  13. why am u not seeing these options anywhere? does something trigger them? they aren’t options to buy and nothing been given to me

  14. Just realized that I have barely been checking or actually going into my town. Usually I check mine at least every 2 hours. Hopefully something will happen soon with V-day…

  15. I had all of them already. I’m waiting for something new for tsto because I’m on level 49 and beyond bored. Anything for V Day would be great. Or new story lines and tasks in general.

  16. The only stonecutters I don’t have are Carl and lenny and wigum I hope Wiggum is a free skin as not only will I not pay donuts for free character skins but I only have 40 donuts so even if I was willing to sacrifice my donuts I don’t have enough I do have skins for arnie pye and the old guy with a paddle but as freemium I don’t have those guys if only we could trade our things that we have no use for as my inventory has lots of skins that ill never be able to use

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