Black Market Stonecutter Sale: Wave 3, Details and Should I Buy

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Overnight (at least here on the east coast) the Black Market items changed over and we now have a new series of returning items to choose from.  These wave 3 items (AND all other Stonecutter items) will leave our stores on Wednesday February 11th at 0800 GMT (3am EST), so make sure you make your purchases of all the remaining Stonecutter items before then.

So just what has arrived for us today?  Let’s take a look…

stonecutter image

FREE Stonecutter Skin

66-brockman Number 66, Stonecutter Brockman.  Be sure to pick him up, he’s free!
More details


ark-of-the-stonecovenant Ark of the Stone Covenant- 85 Donuts.  Previously free
more details

22-quimby Number 22- 50 Donuts.
More details

#50 Wiggum Number 50- 50 Donuts.
More details

111-GrampaNumber 111- 50 Donuts.
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#79 Disco StuNumber 79- 40 Donuts
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#314 FrinkNumber 314- 40 Donuts.  Was previously premium
Should I Buy

The Stonecutter Lodge, Daycare Center, Table, Hieroglyph Wall, All Seeing Eye & Number 51 are all STILL in the store & will remain until 2/11.

Should I Buy…

As far as the skins go…my opinion is the same with these skins as it was for the Wave 1 Skins,  they’ll all now earn at a premium rate but they all only have indoor tasks (except Wiggum).  I personally don’t think they’re ALL worth the donuts.  I will tell you that I purchased Frink last year, but it was because he was one of the only ones with out it and i wanted the complete set.  If I didn’t have any of the Stonecutters I don’t know that he’s one I’d get now.

I will say Wiggum is one of the ones that can use the Stonecutter Table, which is a fun task to send him on.  Beyond that I just don’t think they’re worth the donuts, premium or freemium.  BUT that’s just my opinion & in the end it’s up to you who you want to add to your Springfield.  I know a lot of you are like me & not having the complete sets drives you crazy….

As far as the Stone Covenant goes…’s pretty pricey for just a decoration.  Essentially it’s just a fancy fire pit for your town.  At 85 donuts, with no bonus%, I just don’t think the Stone Covenant is worth the donuts.

What do you think of the wave 3 items?  Will you be purchasing any?  Which ones?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

60 responses to “Black Market Stonecutter Sale: Wave 3, Details and Should I Buy

  1. Sorry for a new post on an old thread, but I just noticed something odd and this seems the best place for it.

    My Stonecutter Brockman has truly odd reward values now. He earns normal rates while wearing the Stonecutter outfit – $175 for a 4 hour task. However, he earns $200 for his 4 hour Viewtube task, which is not a premium rate or a standard rate. My other Stonecutters earn $260 for their respective 4 hour tasks, provided they were for sale in the Black Market update. The Stonecutter skins they didn’t sell on the Black Market still earn at standard rates.

    So why the split down the middle on Brockman, and why on his standard skin? Anyone else experiencing this oddity?

  2. I started playing during the Stonecutter event so was able to get some things like the Stonecutter Lodge but missed out on a lot as I didn’t have the characters to do the challenges and limited money to buy the non-premium items. I didn’t have the Stonecutter Brockman skin, so it’s pretty cool to get that for free and I did get to build the daycare building. One day I’ll get to use the Number 79 skin that’s been in my inventory since last June.

  3. I wish I could say that I love the new update or stonecutter sale… But all of my characters are disappearing… I got the brockman skin… No brockman as well as many others… What is happening? Anyone else get this?

    • Store Channel 6 and replace it. Brockman should reappear outside of it

      • Did it, done! Fixed it up… I read this on the glitch page… It worked for all missing characters! Just box them up and bring them back… Also I had to change the ground around the buildings as their sizes had changed… Just a bush or a tree need to be moved, nothing big! But it works!

      • thanks Alissa!

  4. What about Valentine’s day? 🙁

  5. I’m super disappointed they didn’t offer the money pool. I was going to put it in the Quimby’s backyard with a tube slide going into it. Oh well, maybe next time.

  6. Thanks for the tip Alisa. I put my Stonecutter Lodge in storage hoping it would give me #908. It did not. Additionally, since I don’t have #908, #5 can’t complete his task “Make Number 908 Get Paddled. The job just sits in my task bar with no way to complete it. Sheesh!

  7. I think by far the best buy for your dough, pun intended, is the lodge at 140 doughnuts you get a cool building, a playable character, and a skin for Homer.I bought this for my b game however most players already have this.

  8. I spent a total of 700 donuts picking up items that I missed out on during the stonecutter event because my game was malfunctioning. I was waiting to pick up the Mr. Burns skin and bought it right away because I really wanted the ‘take a swim in the money pool’ task… Then they didn’t even release the task. In the end, just feel pretty cheated. Though I must admit, I do really like both number 51 and the sing the stone cutter song task.

  9. Having missed the original Event, I bought/received all the Freemium stuff (Daycare, Tube Slides, Numbers 36, 600, 66, and zillion (read: 200) walls), and a handful of the Premium goodies (Stonecutter Lodge, Table, Stone, and All Seeing Eye). Otherwise I’ve passed on all the Premium skins. I just feel they are overpriced.

    That being said… I’m really tempted to purchase Wiggum’s Number 50 outfit so he can sing at the table. I keep asking myself if it’s worth $2 to see the animation? LOL

    (I probably will… Afterall, it’s “only” $2 and I really enjoy having those sort of “special features” in this game.)

    • Hmmm… You must buy your donuts by the boatload if 50 donuts only costs you $2. I guess if I had that kind of cash to spend on donuts (without guilt), $2 for that skin wouldn’t seem so bad….(although I’d also have to buy that way over-priced table, too, to get that animation).

      Do they actually sing the song (voiced), or just look like they’re singing?

      • Just look like they’re singing

      • Yeah, when I do splurge on the pink sprinklies, I do it at the best possible rate. And actually, now that I think about it, the boatload donuts I currently have were purchased on “double-sale”: I bought myself a $100 iTunes card for only $75 promo, then got the Gil Deal which added I think 30% more donuts…. So really that’s like >$1 for 50 donuts. Heh. Thanks for making me think about it! Wiggum, here I come! lol

        As for guilt. Meh. I’m fortunate enough to have a hundred or two a month to waste on entertainments (depending how much OT I get). This includes movies (going out/buying DVDs), music purchases, theater, concerts, video games, maybe an annual visit to the zoo or Disneyland, etc… You know… Entertainment. So if I blow money on the game, then I can’t pay for movie tickets, or whatever. Being a child of the 80s, I’m used to paying for pixels (back in my day it was a quarter per play), and I’m happy to support software/developers when I can. So, there’s never any guilt. 🙂

      • If you tap Homer at the table, then the table itself, you get a refrain. I also took a tip from another TSTOAddict commenter who said he put his table next to the open air stage so the Stonecutters could sing along. Conveniently, my new SC compound is right next to my OA stage, and I heartily enjoy watching my SC crew cheer performers on.

      • Lol, SBGIBBS – I’ll have to check that out next time I’m in your town!

    • Do It! I bought a Boatload for VDay and some other must have’s but I started well after the SC event, was thrilled with the Black Market sale, especially love all the players at the table. Even though EA successfully got me to spend most my donuts before another anticipated sale, I’m not beating myself up over it. I could choose to spend my discretionary income on any number of entertainment options. A cost/benefit analysis would break down that I get a much larger return on TSTO than a lot of other alternatives. Dinner, club, a movie, etc., same money but just a memory a couple of hrs later- Wiggum should still be there for you- as long as you want him to be.

  10. Was on the fence about getting Satan’s Anvil if it became available during this event, happy I don’t have to make that decision. But other than getting to pick up a few extra walls, haven’t had anything to get excited about during this event. Already had all the freemium items from the previous event outside of the anvil… When will Valentine’s hit? Maybe a crossover Valentines/St. Patty’s event!

  11. Is it weird to anyone else that EA didn’t offer Homer’s stonecutter skin? He has all those great tasks! Oh well. I’m just grateful to get my hands on some of the cool buildings and walls. My game was on the fritz last year after the Easter event and it took EA 4 months to fix it. Four months! I missed the Stonecutters completely. Looking forward to the “next big thing” and level 50. Would like to see cobblestone streets and dirt roads added. Also think some of these castles should be able to move to Krustyland since it’s so sparse over there. 🙂

  12. There’s nothing in this wave that I can buy. In fact, there has only been 3 items that I could buy through this whole sale since I had already got them all back during the event. The All Seeing Pyramid (already had one, didn’t want another), Stonecutters Walls (bought a few more), Twisted Tube Slide (had 2, bought 2 more). Those 3 items were the only ones that were not ‘unique’ and you’re allowed to have multiples of them in your town.

  13. How many waves are in this sale?

  14. Off topic for a sec.. When do you’s think the next big event will hit our little game and what is it?? Oh and by the way keep up the good work on this site, i really enjoy the insight and help you’s at TSTO had given us. Thankyou.

  15. I have commented before with alternating last waves. Let’s just say I’m super angry about being no freemium sales. Here’s my top 5 reasons:
    #5: When I get bored, I buy tube slides without thinking. Even though they are gone, I only have 1 virtual dollar!
    #4: The daycare center was so expensive. It takes me 24 hours to make 10,000 virtual dollars.
    #3: Practically all stonecutter skin purchases require the Stonecutter Lodge.
    #2: The three free stonecutter skins all have only one puny quest.
    #1: #66 aka Stonecutter Brockman requires his character. I don’t have him nor Channel 6 News yet. I hate when things get stuck in inventory. I don’t have Ralph Wiggum, so Little Helper Ralph has been stuck there along with #66. Even worse, Christmas Lard Lad Donuts is stuck there too!

  16. I haven’t spent any donuts on this “so called event”. Did buy more walls as I love them was going to buy even more then saw your comment about what happened with Bunny’s town YIKES, so didn’t purchase anymore then I already did, bummer because I love those walls!
    Feel like this event is so geared towards new peps which is great for them, but EA where is the love for the peps that are long time players, we hang in there during Bart screens & glitches! Throw us a bone Valentines Day is about love so show us some!
    Alissa you must sleep like me (very little) lol

    • lol I enjoy my sleep very much! However, it worked out that my husband has a cold and his snoring (because he’s so congested) has been keeping me up at night. So last night it so happened that I was up when the change over was hitting…but I’ve more than paid for it this morning. 2 trips to Starbucks already!

      And just a note with Bunny’s town. She had several hundred walls (and a TON of other decorations) that caused the lock out. As long as you’re caution and store items you’ll be good. Plus I don’t think anyone will be buying as many as she did…she went a little crazy 😉

  17. I have a question. I didn’t read the individual Should I Buy posts, but do these skins pay premium? If so, it seems like it would be somewhat worthwhile since many of the SC characters don’t pay premium otherwise. I agree 50 donuts is a bit steep for a skin, and since I have no Stonecutters it would be quite an expense for someone like me to collect them. Still I think the premium payout is something to consider if that’s the case.

  18. So disappointed that here wasn’t that parchment thing that looks like a gate in round three. I was really looking forward to getting that -might have even spent a few donuts for it if it had been really cheap. Alas, another unfinished fencing job in my town. 🙁

    • Also disappointed that there are no new freemium buildings or decorations to buy in this wave, like there were in the previous two. 🙁

      But, overall, I was happy to finally add some Stonecutters stuff to my game, after months of denying it in others’ games! 🙂

  19. I picked up the 3 free skins because, well, because they were free. But, if you’re not going to get the lodge there really isn’t any point even picking up the free stuff, is there?
    I’m actually wishing I hadn’t bothered – they don’t add anything at all as far as I can tell, other than a constant reminder that you don’t have any of the worthwhile Stonecutters stuff!

  20. Wow you are up early, thanks for being on top of it all! I got most of the things during the original SC event, but I did buy the abandoned store, 30 doughnuts seemed like a good deal for a building.

  21. Ugh, EA is killing me with this little sale event. I am unfortunately one who likes to compete the character sets. I started playing right at the end of the original Stonecutter event so I was only able to get a couple. Buying all the characters is busting my donut budget big time. I really wish they would have made them a little cheaper or even given us at least one premium for free along with the other free skin. Glad this is the last bunch I have to buy! I was glad however to pick up the other things I missed out on like the pyramid, daycare center and table. So glad this is over thou….busted the bank on donuts!!

  22. Valentines Day or we riot!!!!!!!!!

    At least Brandine, Shauna & the up up & Buffett.

  23. Well they managed to get just under 600 donuts from me for this event, but now I have everything Stone Cutter related. Why do I still not feel satisfied?

  24. Hi! First comment here! I started playing between the last Halloween & Thanksgiving, and sine then my obsessive taping has got to me level 38. In moments of weakness, I have bought doubts.
    Thanks to various forums, I’ve amassed a set of active neighbours, and I hope that I’m a good neighbour. I’m still getting the hang of how things work, but reckon I’m getting on top of it.
    As I’ve been grinding my way through the levels, I’ve been coveting past limited items, and while I was really looking forward to a Valentine’s event – OMG I WANT BRANDINE SO MUCH – I’m pretty happy to get the Stonecutters. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I bought all the premium Stonecutter skins, and the rock. I love that I can send them all off for a quick drink in the lodge & rack up $105 each for the hour, so I’ve been trying to build up my bank.
    This morning I scored 30 donuts in the Mystery Box, so was pretty chuffed about that! I got SVT in my first Mystery Box, but since then it’s beem mainly bargain trees, fences & a newspaper dispenser, so was thrilled to get the the donuts this morning.
    So, I picked up all the Stonecutters, the rock, the table, the abandoned building. I don’t see any value in the Stone Covenant.
    I would LOVE The money pool, though, I covet that so much when visiting other’s towns!
    Anyway, love your work here on the blog, has been a great help in getting my bearings in New Springfield.

    Btw: I also appreciated the tip about growing corn in the lead up to Valentine’s. I started growing corn a while ago, just cos I thought it was funny, and as my town has gathered more buildings, it’s become pretty cluttered and sloppy. I’m thinking that once my corn finishes I’ll nuke everything & rebuild with a more aesthetically pleasing layout, and was excited to hear it might get pushed finished by an event.
    I’m optimistic it still might happen, so have my fingers crossed for a shirt but sweet Valentine’s event, corn completion, and Brandnine (Shauna, Mindy & Komiko would be awesome, too).

    15 days, 15 hours til my corn is ready for harvest!
    Again, love your work here, guys!

  25. Whilst I appreciate that this sale might benefit newer players that missed the original event (and don’t mind spending donuts on previously FREE items), it’s so utterly boring for older players with nothing left to do in-game.

    EA could have at least thrown us a bone and given us a couple of brand new Stonecutters themed items (or anything!) to help us endure this week of tedium.

    Here’s hoping for a late, but hopefully awesome Valentines event.

  26. If I remember rightly, Frink was only 12 donuts the first time round (which was why I picked him up without much thought). Bit cheeky of EA.

  27. Well, Wave 2 and 3 were pretty disappointing in the items released. I got all the skins for collection purposes. I will wait to see if they will release the rest of the items later to complete the whole Stonecutter collection.

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