Valentine’s Day Has Arrived in Springfield! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got ourselves a little Valentine’s Day Update in our games!  (finally)  Looks like love is going to hit our tapping devices after all…

2015-02-12 17.54.47

This is an in-game update…so nothing to see in the App Store.  Just start up your Springfield and the update should download for you (if it doesn’t, try hard closing TSTO & restarting it.  If that still doesn’t work try restarting your device)

As always more details as we go through them..but for now know that Lisa and Marge kick things off with some Auto-start dialogue..and then you’ll be prompted to send Lisa on an 8hr task.  So make sure she’s free.

Back with more in a bit…

Oh and just a heads up….one of the Addict’s most requested items is in this Event…click more to find out who/what it is! 

LOTS of returning stuff to Springfield guys…so if you missed your chance to get stuff, now you can pick it up.

Note: the main questline involves Lisa & Milhouse.  However, there’s also a side quest where you’ll need Ralph.

New Stuff…

animatronicbearsAnimatronic Bears- 50 Donuts, Earns 2.5% bonus on all cash and XP

Oh and did I mention…..FALLOUT BOY?!  (well Sidekick Milhouse)


A FREE skin for Milhouse!!!  (you’ll unlock it around part 3 of the Fission Impossible questline!

However…there’s also a hint that the REAL Fallout Boy will be coming to Springfield…SOON!




Returning Items…


cherubtopiary_menuCherub Topiary– $3,500

rosearch_menuRose Arch- $1,900

valentinestree_menuValentine’s Tree- $760

loveplanter_menuLove Planter- $1,300


200px-Tapped_Out_Valentine's_PondValentine’s Pond- 30 Donuts, 0.75% Bonus on all Cash and XP

cozyhammock_menuCozy Hammock- 40 Donuts, 2% Bonus on all Cash and XP (for the bonus % this is a good buy, IMO)

200px-Tapped_Out_I_Choo-Choo-Choose_You_TrainI Choo-Choo Choose You Train- 50 Donuts, 2.25% Bonus on all Cash and XP

Phineas Q. Butterfat'sPhineas Q Butterfat’s- 80 Donuts

Howard's FlowersHoward’s Flowers- 70 Donuts

upupandbuffet_menuUp, Up and Buffet!- 90 Donuts

unlock_brandineBrandine- 100 Donuts

madamechaos_menu unlock_mindyMadame Chao’s with Mindy- 145 Donuts

tunneloflove_menu1Tunnel of Love- 60 Donuts, Krustyland Only

This is not an Event in the sense of Christmas/Halloween etc.  Instead this is more like a St. Patrick’s Day Event (or Thanksgiving).  Some items, a new questline, but nothing to collect to earn prizes for.  It’s a nice enjoyable Event.  Nothing to stress about earning in time.  It’s also not super long Event either…so make sure you make your decisions quickly, before they’re gone!

It looks like it’s slated to leave Springfield on February 17th (Tuesday) at 0800GMT (3am EST)…so make your purchases before then!

Also…it looks like we’ll be getting a Valentine’s Day gift from EA.  There’s an item in the date files that’s slated to arrive on the 14th for one day only.  So make sure you find the time to log onto TSTO on Saturday!

Now only one question remains….

Who makes a better Cupid?

Bart……cupidbart wheelgame_cherubbart_vday2014-629x800  (last year’s)

Or Wookiee…..Wookie_val_Color01a


What do you think of the Valentine’s Day Content?  What do you think the short time frame means for what might be coming next?  Any characters you’ve purchased already?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

312 responses to “Valentine’s Day Has Arrived in Springfield! (Updated and Complete)

  1. So if I missed the Milhouse as Fallout Boy event, is there a way to unlock him later?!?!?!?

    • Unfortunately not at this time

      • Disappointed, because, as it stands, I am on track to get complete all sets of characters for the superhero quest, and got the all of the freebies, and even some of the premium skins and items… Sidekick Mulhouse would have been the last one!! But thank you so much for your reply, and let me know if anything changes?

  2. I was a little disappointed to this years Valentine’s Day in tapped out. Dispite what others say I loved the Grusty wheel. At least in that way you got lot of free stuff and it was exsiting to try to get everything. Also the amount of tasks, people making them and rewads were dissapointing. So in the end this year was just waist of time.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Addicts team!! Thank u for all the hard work u guys put in. One quick question. What does the bear do?

  4. Happy Va

  5. So if I paid for brandine witch I did I will be able to get the brood???

  6. Wookiee! 4 sure – LOL

  7. I have sent Lisa and Milhouse on their first two respective tasks but the next part won’t trigger. I’ve stored both the tree house and van houten house several times. Anyone have any suggestions?? I want that skin!! Lol

    • Interesting. I would say store the tree, restart device, come back and try again. This time… use the task menu list to clear them by tapping the “go to” when the tasks are complete. Not by tapping on the thumbs up. See if that helps.

      • Thanks Bunny. It turned out that once Homer was free this morning(he had been suffering an ironic punishment for 1.5 days…. That animation just kills me!) he was the one that triggered Lisa’s task to put herself in danger or whatever – I had missed that it was Homer that triggered that task. Thanks for the suggestion – and all the info from y’all – the site is great!!

  8. Wild speculation on “the real fallout boy.” I think we’ll do an major event with one of 3 themes: Mardigras, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter. With that we’ll get the little minor event with the other 2 holidays along with something to celebrate level 50.

    After that we’ll do a super hero event to mock/coincide with the release of the new Avengers movie. As such I can see a Radioactive Man skin come out for Wolfcastle and him and Milhouse get a storyline with the “real” Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy. Along with that we’ll get various Simpsons super hero skins/characters, Bartman and such.

    What do you guys think?

    • I actually really like this theory. I would love a Mardi Gras event to get parade floats. I would love the return of Whacking Day but this is way better. The Avengers mock event would be great because of the super requested characters/skins. Plus I really could see them mocking it. Spider Pig could make an entry because he was recently put under “joint custody” with the two studios. This would be wonderful 😀

  9. I’ve got questions here 😐
    How is it that just a few hours after the event goes live, you guys have it all completed, are you in with EA or have you got an unlimited supply of dunkylisious donuts??? Can you shed some light on the behind the scenes of TSTO?

  10. I sent lisa on the task and fall out milhouse hasnt unlocked yet. I signed in and out and he still hasnt unlocked. help?!!?!?

  11. I was really glad to have a chance to buy the Madame Cho’s, Howard’s Flowers, the ice cream shoppe, and the Buffet. I also totally snatched up Brandine. I can’t wait to get a brood of Spucklers. Is there a limit as to how many she’ll give birth to?

    I really hope they’ll bring back the rose bushes. I really wanted some of those for my town and the farm I’ve made for Abe Lincoln.

  12. Has there been a breakdown posted of how many Kitsch points the nature items are supposed to earn? I admit it is hard keeping track when they’re placed in Springfield and yet earning in Krustyland.

  13. I have a lot of Rose Bushes and just stocked up on the cash items to make a Valentine’s Day Park in my Holiday strip on the edge of town. Now to get money before Up, Up and Buffet!, Brandine, and Howard’s Flowers go away 🙂

  14. There should have been a freemium character and building. Mabey Colin?

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