Issues 1, 2, and 3 Prize Clarifications

Hey there Hoppereenos,

Bouncing by real quick with an update on the way it looks like this event will be broken down in regards to the Prizes in Issues 1, 2, and 3.


The date on the Issues says to collect the items before the event ends. Talking to EA and us digging into the details we can see even further, this is what we have come up with. Keep in mind, this is our theory as we see it written out. I am still in contact with EA on it.

Where the Prizes are concerned… you DO have all event to get the Prizes, but there is a catch (or so it looks like in there). It seems each issue REQUIRES you to collect all of the previous Issue items in order to move on. So you need to hit the 18,500 Carbon Rods BEFORE you can start collection on Issue 2 Prizes… and so on.

So, pace yourself out. What YOU earn will depend on what you collect and how fast you collect it. No worries, I am working on another Calendar that will give you an idea of what to earn daily for EACH of the 3 Issues to obtain the prizes before the end date. Hope this helps to clear up some confusion.

How are you doing on your Carbon Rods? How many do you have so far? Finding the collection going quickly? Does this make more sense now? Let us know.


129 responses to “Issues 1, 2, and 3 Prize Clarifications

  1. I’m assuming something’s wrong with my game. I had no idea that this was like all the other events, because homer got 3 tasks and now nothing. I don’t even have the event tab/where to earn prizes.
    Can someone please help me?

  2. i have a large Springfield, so often I don’t tap every building to collect cash,etc. so, now when my neighbors visit and leave me a puff of yellow “waste” I have to tap off the cash first before I can tap the yellow waste. This is different than other challenges. When they built this challenge they should have layered it on top of the cash. It is taking too long to get what I want and I am loosing interest.

  3. sarafrey1sarafrey1

    I don’t like how we had to start from zero with the pies and now have to get to 12000 pies to unlock anything. I was hoping the number would stay where the carbon rods were.

  4. Just Unlocked Clownface. Now to wait 1:32 for Krusty to complete his 4 hour task to see what Clownface can do.

  5. Unfortunatelly, I started the evento only 2 days ago, so I’m very late on getting the prizes for Issue 1 (only have about 5200 carbon rods). I really want the clownface, any tips on maximizing the carbon rods collecting?? It would help a lot to know the respawn time of the bad guys….

  6. Once you’ve collected the 18,500 carbon rods, will the running total keep going into the next issue, or does the count start over?

  7. Ugh!
    That should say ” visiting Neighboreenos is important! ”
    surprised about one quarter of my neighbors I had to remove because I hadn’t played in almost a month. 😉

    • I’m so glad you added this…saves me from having to post a vociferous defense of why it *is* so important to visit your neighbors lol! 😉

  8. I’m 500 carbon rods from getting Clown Face skin for Krustyland. I’m actually earning carbon rods faster then I expected . This Tapper can’t stress enough to please upgrade Superior HQ Building asap (its easy to do).

    Visiting Neighboreenos is not important (you earn carbon rods quickly). This means I deleted about a dozen who aren’t playing ( EA deserves applause for this new Quest because it is fun). These articles are vital resources to maximize your game app experiences! 🙂

  9. I just got Clownface. His Origin questline was really quick. Sadly no carbon rod task, which makes sense when I think about it.

    I had kinda guessed the connection between prizes and the next Issue before, but thought I was wrong because of release dates. Really love this event, though.

  10. Does anyone else notice how much the green rods resemble the nuclear waste Burns tries to hide?

  11. Where is Bartman in all this?

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