Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 1…Arbitrarium (And a Guide to Leveling Up!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the first Issue of the Superhero Event, you’ll see action (SPOILER Radioactive Man dies..), crime & pie!  Lots and lots of pie!

The Event is broken up into 4 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the Story.   To help you along with the story line you’ll get at least 3 prizes per Issue.  Each prize will help further move you through the story and uncover what comes next! For Issue 1 you’re tasked with collecting Carbon Rods to unlock each prize!  The first Issue 1 prize awarded at 400 Carbon Rods is Arbitrarium.  A rare element that will help you upgrade your HQ and “Thwack” Crime event more!


So let’s take a closer look at this “Super” rare element and just how it can help you Upgrade your HQ!

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve collected 400 Carbon Rods you’ll automatically be awarded Arbitrarium and you’ll see this message popup:


Now this won’t be like the other prizes, as Arbitrarium isn’t something you’ll tangibly get in your town.  What achieving this prize accomplishes is you’ll now have the ability to collect Arbitrarium from ciminals and upgrade your HQ!  So, don’t be confused if you don’t see it in your town or inventory..there’s nothing to see.  🙂

Once you’ve unlocked the Arbitrarium some dialogue will start up immediately between Fallout Boy and Frink, it’ll further explain Arbitrarium:

Superior-ior Squad HQ Pt. 1

Fallout Boy: Almighty Ore!  That’s Arbitrarium.
Frink: Gloyven-moyven! Did you say Arbitrarium?!  That’s the rarest element know to nerd or man!
Fallout Boy: Rare elements always produce crazy reactions!  Let’s use it to upgrade our HQ and “thwack” crime even more!
Upgrade Your Superior Squad HQ
Fallout Boy: The Sky Finger needs a superhero name and I think I’ve got just the ticket! Flaming Finger!  Oops, no flame.  Digit of Death!  That’s sorta grim.  Wait, I’ve got it….The Hand of Justice!


Here’s the deal

Once you’ve unlocked Arbitrarium and ran through the dialogue a bit, you’ll unlock the ability for the Criminals you tap in your town to drop Arbitrarium in addition to Carbon Rods.  They won’t always drop Arbitrarium, but it will occasionally fall with the Carbon Rods.

What does Arbitrarium Do?

In pictures…


Basically you’ll use collected Arbitrarium to upgrade your Superior Squad HQ building.  Each level will require more Arbitrarium, and yes once you use it to upgrade to the next level it will disappear from your count.  So it’s not a running total.

What do Upgrades Do?
The very first time you upgrade your HQ (from Level 0 to Level 1) it’ll change the payout on the building.  At level 0 you earn cash and xp


But as soon as you upgrade to Level 1 it’ll switch the building payout from in game cash to Event Currency!


And the more you upgrade the more currency you’ll get!  Each level you increase will add +10 on the event currency for you.  So with Carbon Rods, at level 1 you’ll earn 35 Carbon Rods, at Level 2 you’ll earn 45, at Level 3 you’ll earn 55 and so on.  Remember, this is ONLY on the HQ payout.  So you’ll earn this every 4hrs when the building is ready to be tapped.

What’s Hand of Justice Power?
The Hand of Justice, as Fallout Boy explains in the dialogue, is you.  That’s your Superhero name for this event.  And Hand of Justice Power is your ability to Tap Criminals.  Each time you upgrade your Tap Radius will get bigger.  (Similar to how the nail board upgrade worked during Halloween)  At Level 0 it’s a fairly small tap zone that you can hit when you tap on a Criminal, as you increase your level that radius of your tap will start to spread out.  So if there’s one close buy you’ll get 2 with one tap.  The bigger it gets the more area 1 tap will cover.  Thus increasing your Hand of Justice Powers 🙂

How Many Levels Are There?
Right now there doesn’t appear to be a max level…so you can keep upgrading throughout the entire event to earn tons of Even Currency and get lots of Criminals in 1 tap!

How Much Arbitrarium Do I Need to Collect to Level Up?
The higher you go, the more Arbitrarium you’ll need.  Basically, just like the currency payout increases by 10 at each level, the Arbitrarium required will increase by 4 at each level.

Here’s a chart I created for the amount you’ll need with the payout through Level 50:

Remember Arbitrarium required is to achieve that Level…so you’ll need 4 Arbitrarium to achieve Level 1, 8 Arbitrarium to achieve Level 2 and so on…

Level Arbitrarium Required Currency Pay Out
1 4 35
2 8 45
3 12 55
4 16 65
5 20 75
6 24 85
7 28 95
8 32 105
9 36 115
10 40 125
11 44 135
12 48 145
13 52 155
14 56 165
15 60 175
16 64 185
17 68 195
18 72 205
19 76 215
20 80 225
21 84 235
22 88 245
23 92 255
24 96 265
25 100 275
26 104 285
27 108 295
28 112 305
29 116 315
30 120 325
31 124 335
32 128 345
33 132 355
34 136 365
35 140 375
36 144 385
37 148 395
38 152 405
39 156 415
40 160 425
41 164 435
42 168 445
43 172 455
44 176 465
45 180 475
46 184 485
47 188 495
48 192 505
49 196 515
50 200 525

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the Arbitrarium powers & just how beneficial collecting it and upgrading your HQ can be!

It’s really important to remember that increasing your HQ will not increase the amount of Currency paid out for tapping Criminals.  The Currency increase comes when you collect from the HQ itself….every 4hrs.

What do you think of Arbitrarium?  Thoughts on leveling up?  What level is your HQ?  Are you finding it easy to earn Arbitrarium or are you struggling to level up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

101 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 1…Arbitrarium (And a Guide to Leveling Up!)

  1. Does anyone know what is the next challenge is going to be.

  2. So annoyed my partner has his update 3 days before me and yet the task finishes in 8 hours for both of us I’m so behind and not unlocked as much as him this seems to happen often he will get updates days before me!!!

  3. Curious what everyone’s HQ level is.
    I was a lil behibd in beginning of event but I’m at level 22.

    Wonder if anyone will get to level 50.

    That would be like absolutely no breaks.

    Don’t know why EA sets unrealistic goals.

    Sure some ppl are atleast lvl 25 by now.

    • Gee – I was never behind, but I’m also at Level 22…makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong!

      I don’t think that EA set level 50 as a “goal;” I just think they programmed it to go that high just in case someone choose to pay the donuts necessary to get there. (I mean, why not? If someone’s silly enough to want to spend that many donuts to achieve that, why shouldn’t EA be willing to take their money? 😉 )

    • I’m at level 24, and I’ve been pretty consistent since the beginning. But then again, if I wake up in the middle of the night for any reason, I’ll head over to Springfield to tap my HQ, felons, and other criminals!

  4. How do you get the hancuffs

  5. Lvl 18 dont know how long but I’d like to have at least lvl 48 that would mean 1000 E currency every 4 hrs which that would be about 3 doughnuts every 16 hrs. Give or take.
    Assuming you are done with all 3 of the current issue prizes.

    Too bad there’s now reward for lvl 50 HQ. Like have it have a differnt building skin.

  6. I’ve got over 13,000 points and not one “random” Arbitrarium has been released. Now I can’t upgrade the Superior Squad HQ or get more than 15 points for a criminal…is anyone else having trouble with it? Any suggestions for improvement?

  7. Carbon rods*

  8. What do the plutonium rods do?

  9. lv. 9 HQ and got my clown face whoo hooo

  10. Does the HQ change appearance at certain levels like the cannon did or it stays the same no matter what level you get it to? Mine’s at 6 right now and I didn’t notice any changes yet.

  11. Welll , I currently have over 16,000 carbon rods (I cannot stress enough the need to increase the level of your Superior Headquarters Building as fast as you can)

    I am actually earning more carbon rods per day than I anticipated which means I should have 18,500 carbon rods by tomorrow (an obtain Krusty’s skin / costume ) 🙂

  12. Hey is there a way for more criminals to spawn? I wannt to make sure i unlock EVERYTHING!

  13. I just got Clownface a few hours ago. Super excited about the Issue 2.

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