Addicts Question Corner: Your Superhero Issue 1 Questions Answered

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With a new event upon us…everyone has lots of questions regarding what to do and when. We do try to answer each one individually, but I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….

TSTO homer thinking

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance

My Krustyland Stopped Letting Me Exchange Tickets, Is it Just Me?  What Happened?
Nope, not just you.  It seems that with this update we’ve got another odd change going on in our games, like the Kwik-E-Mart change during Christmas.  At the moment we’re not sure if it’s a glitch or intentional.  The best thing you can do is contact EA and let them know the exchange is gone in your game.  The more people that contact them about it the quicker they are to react.

fruitbatman Fruitbatsignal

I See the Fruit Bat Signal, But Where Fruit Batman?  Will He Be coming?
He’s currently not available in the game, as of Issue 1.  However, there’s still A LOT of event left to play so it doesn’t mean EA won’t roll him out at some point.  But for now he’s not in the game & we don’t see a release date for him.


What About Bartman?  Where’s He?
Again, as of Issue 1 he’s not available in the game.  However, he WILL be coming.  (and he will not be a prize)  As far as an exact date, well again there’s still a lot of Event left to play & EA can change the way they release stuff so we won’t give you an exact date at this time.  However, know that he is coming before the event is over. 🙂

Comic Strip 2

What About Radioactive Man?  Or insert superhero name here?
At this time the only characters who’s release time is know are the ones indicated on the rundown post.  Remember, there is still A LOT of time left in the Event and EA is keeping the details for Issue 4 under wraps for now…so we’ll have to wait and see what happens & who else arrives!


Is There a Limit to the Number of Criminals I Can Tap in a Neighbor’s Town Per Day?  I’ve Stopped Getting Carbon Rods.
Yes, it’s 90 Criminals per day that you can tap in a neighbors’s town.  Once you’ve exceeded that limit you’ll only get cash and XP for tapping Criminals.  However, you can still tap Red Phones and get Carbon Rods.  A full neighbor rundown post is here.


How Much Time Do We Have For Issue 1?
Here’s the way we see it.  Based on information we’re seeing…it appears that you are required to get Clownface before you can start Issue 2 (once it’s released).  So it looks like you will not be limited to just the first 5 days to get all of the prizes in Issue 1.  You will have the entire event, however you must complete the Issues in order to move onto the next one.  Full details on this are here.


I’m Earning Way Faster Than the Calendar Says, Is it Wrong?
No it’s not wrong, since you technically have the entire event to complete Issue 1.  However, you must complete Issue 1 in order to move to Issue 2.  And it’s entirely possible to earn enough Carbon Rods to get Clownface before Issue 2 starts.  We will have updated Calendars up to show the pace you need to collect items in order to complete everything before March 24th..


I’m Supposed to Get ____ Carbon Rods for This Action, Why Am I Only Getting 1?
Remember…the visual effect for Carbon Rods may only physically show 1 or 2 Carbon Rods pop out of a character/building…but each one is worth more than 1.  For example when you tap on a Criminal in a Friend’s town you may only see 1 Carbon Rod pop out (or 2 if you have the membership) but the Carbon Rod is worth 3.  So you’ll see 1, but it’s worth 3.  So, if you’re concerned about not getting enough Carbon Rods for a certain action, check your counter in the bottom left.  That should still increase by the correct amount.

Ok guys…I think I’ve got the most commonly asked questions covered!

Is there anything else YOU want to know?  What are your thoughts on the event so far?  Are you plugging along nicely, or do you feel like you’re behind?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I have a complicate question. I have my town on an old old email. It is very big, high leveled, and I spent a lot of money on that town. I have a newer email now. do you know if I can copy my old world to my new email.

  2. Hi,

    I forked out to get plopper,please say he’ll still be around after the event?

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere and I missed it x

  3. Played since day one

    One of my neighbours has Bartman already how is that possible did I miss something?

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