Math Of Earning Carbon Rods

Hey there Superheroes!!

So you are just a very short time into this AMAZING new Superheroes Event and wondering if you are doing it right. If you are doing all you can to get those Carbon Rods as quickly as you can. Well this post is here to help you get an idea of how to get the most out of your daily game interactions.

carbonrodCriminal reportcrime

To begin, all the information is very similar as in past events. The more time you spend in your game, the more chances you have at Carbon Rod Earning Actions. The more Neighbors you visit daily, along with you just playing daily… will all contribute to YOUR individual results. 

Now for the Breakdown…



You will start collecting Carbon Rods fairly quickly once you get into the Full Event. A New Hero Arises Part 1 will kick off you starting to see and be able to Capture Criminals in your own town.

The Spawn Rate is a bit vague on just how many per Spawn, but we do at least know the following:

1 Criminal every 5 mins in your town

30 MAX allowed in your town at a time

Now there IS a Bank listed, but in the past we found this was sketchy and unreliable, so for player sake… I will not fully rely on it. 

So let’s take a look at what YOU can earn in your town from just the Criminals alone. Every 2 1/2 hrs you will MAX out based on the 1 every 5 mins Criminal Spawn. To make it simpler, I will show a few options At just the 2hr mark.

Visit your town every 2 hours to get 24 Criminals giving 15 Carbon Rods each equals a Payout of 360 Carbon Rods every 2 hours.

360 Carbon Rods x 4 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 1440
360 Carbon Rods x 5 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 1800
360 Carbon Rods x 6 visits daily (every 2 hrs)= 2160
360 Carbon Rods x 7 visits daily (every 2 hrs)= 2520
360 Carbon Rods x 8 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 2880

So as you can see, even just a minimal visit to your town every day can still yield you quite a few Carbon Rods. The daily average to shoot for right now is 3084.

Also as in past events, if you wait a lil bit in your town… it seems the Criminals will eventually come to where YOU are in the game.



In Death of a Hero Part 3, you can build the Super Squad HQ. Now it will NOT start to make Carbon Rods right away. (See Upgrade Post for more details.) You will need to start collecting a few Criminals first and unlock the Arbitrarium from Issue 1 Prizes with 400 Carbon Rods, which as you can see above should not take you too long.Arbitrarium

Once the Arbitrarium is obtained, Criminals will start to drop it randomly too when they are tapped. As soon as you get just 4 of them, you can upgrade your HQ to Level 1 and start earning Carbon Rods from it.

Let’s look at a few options. I will only go up a few upgrade levels to give you an idea of how many you can get daily at even the lowest levels.

Level 1: 35 Carbon Rods every 4hrs
35 Carbon Rods x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 105
35 Carbon Rods x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 140
35 Carbon Rods x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 175

Level 2: 45 Carbon Rods every 4hrs
45 Carbon Rods x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 135
45 Carbon Rods x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 180
45 Carbon Rods x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 225

Level 3: 55 Carbon Rods every 4hrs
55 Carbon Rods x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 165
55 Carbon Rods x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 220
55 Carbon Rods x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) =  275

Level 4: 65 Carbon Rods every 4hrs
65 Carbon Rods x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 195
65 Carbon Rods x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 260
65 Carbon Rods x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 325

Level 5: 75 Carbon Rods every 4hrs
75 Carbon Rods x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 225
75 Carbon Rods x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 300
75 Carbon Rods x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 375

The more you level up, the more payout you will get. I have hardly done anything in one of my test games and I already just hit Level 6 with no problem.



If you just show up daily in your town, you will be rewarded with the Event Currency for doing so.

Daily Combo Reward

Day 1: 10 Extra Carbon Rods
Day 2: 20 Extra Carbon Rods
Day 3: 50 Extra Carbon Rods
Day 4: 100 Extra Carbon Rods
Day 5: 250 Extra Carbon Rods

Just make sure you visit at least once every 24hrs and you will get the Daily Rewards.



While collecting Carbon Rods for the game, you will reach 7000 and unlock Burns State Prison in the Issue 1 Prizes.montgomeryburnsstateprison_menu

This is another way to get some Carbon Rods. First, you will need to release a Felon. (For complete details, see the Burns State Prison Post.) You will get 1 every 8hrs, so release them as soon as one spawns at the Prison so you can send Characters to defeat them as much as possible. Having MORE is a good thing as you can only send ONE Character to get rid of ONE Felon at a time.lieutenant

Each time you send a Character to get rid of a Felon, you will get a payout of Carbon Rods for completing the task. Right now every 4 hours. (Every 3 with Spider Pig.) The payout will depend how many “hits” the Felon has taken and how many hearts he has left.

Let’s take a look at just a basic attempt at the Felons with Fall Out Boy and Pie Man. Then one with Spider Pig. Again, it works best if you have at least TWO Felons running around for them to attack. The more the better.

falloutboy_practice_his_moves_active_right_image_7 homer_pieman_fight_boss_active_right_image_7

Fall Out Boy & Pie Man 
Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Carbon Rods (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 50 Carbon Rods
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Carbon Rods (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 150 Carbon Rods
Felon at 1 Heart
150 Carbon Rods (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 300 Carbon Rods


Spider Pig 
Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Carbon Rods (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 25 Carbon Rods
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Carbon Rods (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 75 Carbon Rods
Felon at 1 Heart
150 Carbon Rods (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 150 Carbon Rods

As you can see, having Spider Pig will get you more Carbon Rods with less time spent in the game. The more Felons, the more chances at getting rid of them and getting more Carbon Rods so release them from the Prison as soon as they are ready.


Now you have a basic idea of how to get Carbon Rods from just playing daily. Now for more extras that will add to your Carbon Rod Totals. (See the complete Neighbor Visit Breakdown Post HERE.)


As with previous events, you can visit your neighbors to get help with the Event Currency. Issue 1 is Carbon Rods. Now, just like any other time, you will be limited on actions as you visit Neighbors. The following is the Breakdown of your Neighbor Visit Actions.

This will NOT start til the HQ is built and you get to New Hero Rises Part 2.

Criminal90 Daily Actions on Capture Criminals x 3 Carbon Rods per Criminal = 270 Carbon Rods Daily

reportcrime300 Daily Actions (you may be able to keep going after 100 Neighbors) x 1 Carbon Rod per Red Telephone = 300 Carbon Rods Daily

The less Neighbors you have, the less Carbon Rods you will get from the Red Telephones.

This is just from visiting neighbors, but do not stop there. If you have your FP at the MAX, you can also get that additional random FREE Donut from continuing to Capture Criminals. The amounts vary daily on what you get. The more you visit and more neighbors you have the better the odds.

There is also an added incentive. Once you all Issue 1 Carbon Rods (18500), you will given the option to continue to collect Carbon Rods and get the chance at those 3 Donut Mystery Boxes containing 1 2 or 3 donuts.  Each additional 3000 Carbon Rods you earn  past the 18500 will unlock the chance. If you don’t get 3 right away, a retry will cost $150,000 Each so make sure you’re ready if needed. This will continue until Issue 2 and the new Event Currency is launched in your game.




If you want even MORE from your Capturing Criminals in Neighbors towns, you can invest 90 Donuts in the Superior Squad Membership and double your Criminal Carbon Rod Payout.

So instead of 270 Carbon Rods a day from 90 Criminal Captures Actions you can earn 540 Carbon Rods daily from Criminal Captures. (See the Should I Buy Post on it HERE.)



Radiactive Man's Signal 1

My apologies, this info somehow did not make the transfer when I posted the document. 

This event is very Neighbor involved as well. When you go to a Neighbors town or they to yours and tap on that Red Telephone, it initiates the “Report Criminal” action. The one tapping on the Red Telephone gets 1 Carbon Rod for doing so and the one having their Building tapped on get an alert a Crime has been reported in their town and to hurry to respond. (This is also where that LOUD Siren comes into play.)Radiactive Man's Signal

Now how does the payout work on the Radioactive Signal? Well as soon as the Building is tapped and the Signal launched a countdown begins. How long it takes for YOU to clear that Radioactive Signal will impact what payout YOU get. It breaks down as follows…

Signal first appears up to 3hrs 59mins = 4 Carbon Rods per Signal

4hrs to 7hrs 59mins = 3 Carbon Rods per Signal

8hrs to 11hrs 59mins= 2 Carbon Rods per Signal

12 hrs to 15hrs 59mins= 1 Carbon Rod per Signal

So as you can see, the sooner you clear those Signals the higher Carbon Rod payout you will get from each one. Clear them as fast as you can and as often as you can to allow your Neighbors visiting something to Report a Crime on. If you don’t clear them, your Neighbor will see no Red Telephone and have nothing to tap on Building wise.

(It is also really cool as it activates the animation on the building tapped.)

Need MORE Neighbors? Go to our Add Friends threads to MAX out your Neighbors. 


After Completing New Hero Rises Part 2, you will notice that the More tasks you complete throughout the event will start to unlock Carbon Rod Tasks.

Here are a few of those Characters tasks.

homer_pieman_victory_pose_left_image_4Pie Man: Punish Wrongdoers, 8hrs, 20 Carbon Rods

falloutboy_victory_pose_right_image_4Fall Out Boy: Practice His Moves, 4hrs, 10 Carbon Rods

unlock_plopperpigSpider Pig: Do Whatever a Spider Can, 8hrs, 30 Carbon Rods

unlock_petroleusrexPetroleus Rex: Terrorize Springfield, 8hrs, 30 Carbon Rods

Again, these won’t appear until you unlock them via questlines.


So there you have it. MANY ways to hit the targets for the Personal Prizes in Issue 1. YOU just need to put in the time and effort. It may seem like you can’t keep up as first, but as you continue to unlock more and more and get further along, it will get easier and easier.

Where are YOU on the Carbon Rods count? What items have YOU won so far from the Personal Prizes? How is your Criminal and Felon capturing going? Did you get the Membership? Did this help you out to not worry so much? Let us know.


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  1. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned already, but keep an eye on your idle Friends. Even if you’ve made them invisible because they’re no longer playing, open them back up for the event. Criminals will spawn every day in friends’ towns, regardless of whether they’re still playing TSTO or not.

  2. Anyone else have this problem? I was just now visiting other towns reporting crimes, catching criminals, and I’m suddenly getting only cash, no rods. …

  3. Collecting carbon rods has been pretty easy. I got Clownface yesterday. And I’m already through three rounds of bonus donuts. Can’t wait for the next issue to start!

  4. 15 free bonus donuts so far. Best. Event. Ever.

  5. Will left over carbon rods convert to pie bombs tomorrow? Or will I lose the rods?

  6. EA made this event very easy to earn carbon rods, I guess Tappers will have to see how earning other items remains easy after ISSUE ONE prize level

  7. Should we be “spending” and leveling up with our arbitrarium? Or should we hoard it for Issue2? Do you think the HQ will restart from zero or 35 when the next round launches and we will have to level up all over again?

  8. Assuming you have him, don’t forget Fruit Bat Man! While he doesn’t have his own carbon rod task, he CAN fight felons (at the premium 3 hour rate). This frees up one of your other heroes to work on their regular carbon rod task.

    • I went more with what players can get right now in their game. He is an option too, but not for players anytime after his tie in in early 2013. 😉

  9. 30.000 rods, no membership, just spider pig. I log in every 2-3 hours, tap all the criminals, fight felons, rest of rod earning superheroes are doing just that. HQ on lvl 11. Only about 50-60 friends (and about 15 not active).

  10. I’m a pretty dedicated tapper and I have Plopper, but I *just* finished my second bonus round…I don’t get how people have gotten four (or more!) of them at this point! I started the even a few hours late, but I paid donuts to rush tasks to catch up that day. I’m tapping diligently no less than every 4 hours, except for my downtime between about 10:30pm and 9:00am. (Of course, I have a full complement of neighbors and visit them diligently.) I don’t have the membership card, but is that really enough to make the difference between, say, 2 and 4 bonus rounds??

  11. Here i am with the ole update:

    Town at level 49
    Yes i got the license
    HQ upgrade currently at level 10
    Rods over 28,000
    At 30,500 i will get my 4th serving of 3 sprinkles
    Wondering if the rods will rollover to the new currency in issue 2??
    Hardest and longest part i see is getting more Arbitratum as the levels go higher
    How’s everyone else doing??
    Oh, I am at these current places because i am an Addict!!! LOL

    • They never “roll over”, they always restart at 0 for new Currency. What WILL rollover is if you do not tap Criminals in your town or Signals… and wait for new currency to launch… and are already at 18500… then it will swap to the new one.

  12. yea this is an awesome event, very creative and all the prizes are cool. Not one prize I don’t like. Also I play at the same pace at other events and usually have to grind out at the end, now I’m actually ahead which is nice lol

  13. Best event since whacking day. I should just about get my last free donuts b4 I go to bed. I’ve also not collected any friend visits or visited any all day as I’m sure they’ve all converted to the next collection when updated in the past so hoping for a head start with phase 2. Sorry forgot, I’ve got about 35,000 rods.

  14. I know people have talked about having up to 6 felons in their game, but I don’t think I’ve ever had more than two at once! I have three characters who could fight them, but I only get to use two at a time for that. (Right now, I think I only have 1!) Any idea why I’m so low on felons in my town?

    • Oh, and I forgot to say, EXCELLENT article! 🙂

      • There WAS a glitch that had to do with the opening dialogue on the prison…I think it was even posted about here. I think some folks tested it out to see what the max was. But I suspect that’s how some folks stocked up originally.

    • Make sure you are releasing them as soon as the Prison is ready. If you defeat them fast, you may not stock up as much on them. It is 6, tested out many times. If you try for MORE than 6 (like speeding up with donuts) and error pops up from prison telling you that you can’t.

      • Oh, please understand that I want for one second doubting that your info about a 6 criminal maximum was right – I was just trying to figure out why I’ve never seen anywhere close to that many in my own town. Maybe my crime fighters are just that much better than other people’s! Lol 😉

        • Oh… I didn’t. Just wanted you to know we tested it a few times just to make sure to see what kind of pop up we got. 😉

          It all depends on your results on if you are keeping right up with the spawn of them, ahead of the spawn, or behind it. 🙂

    • I only have two characters for fighting felons, and I’ve never had any surplus felons. I think it depends on exactly how long and how often you play each day.

      If you play for 15 hours a day (off for 9), checking into the game promptly whenever a task expires, you’ll get 2 new felons a day, and you’ll need just 12 hours of 15 for your two characters to defeat them, so you’ll never get a surplus of felons.

      But if you play for 16 hours, then you can get 3 felons a day, requiring 12 battles to defeat them, but two characters can only do a total of 10 battles on that schedule. You’ll accumulate one excess felon every 2.5 days or so.

      Maybe the people with excess felons aren’t starting new fights every four hours, or using donuts on fights but not on new felons?

  15. I didn’t see a mention about clearing the yellow Radioactive Man symbols from neighbors visiting your town. Did I just miss it or are you sticking to actions that we can do ourselves without relying on neighbors?
    Really hope that the other currencies continue to pay out at this pace. It sure is a lot less hectic than previous events, but still keeps you interested and active.

    • It is in the complete Neighbor Visiting breakdown linked to the Neighbor Visit Breakdown Area of this post. It WAS also supposed to be in this post, but got lost on the transfer. Lol

  16. I’m a freemium player with 30223 rods at the moment. So loving this event and havin’ a lot of fun every time I tap on the criminals. I’m crossing my fingers I can work up enough donuts so I can buy Spider Pig, might even kick in the extra money to get him if I get close enough. What I’ve been trying to do is to be tapping about once every hour.

  17. I’ll hit the 18,500 in the next couple hours on both of my games, and that’s with playing very little over the weekend. One game I’m a level 14, completely freemium player with five friends. The other a completionist game, max friends, license, etc. I really like that my baby game with no help is almost as successful as my expensive spend all the donuts version.

  18. i keep tapping legs and louie thinking they are criminals

  19. 12 free donuts from this event already. Do you know if the friend visits count as soon as you hit a robber or make a call? I have half my friends to do but realistically can’t get the 5th free box so i want to leave it where i do the least amount of actions in my neighbors towns.

    Thank you.

  20. I’m at 30467 rods so should get my 4th donut bonus tonight 😀
    Tomorrow I’ll probably wait until 8am to start clearing radioactive signals in my town, be ready & waiting for issue 2. (Also my Bad Dream House has only been tapped once so far, I’m hoping it’ll get shown some love)

    • I always look for it when I visit my neighbors, so awesome to see it all lit up. I only wish I had it myself 🙂

  21. There was suggestion that we should keep our felons until the next series if we have already got all the prizes in series one so we can use them for winning pies instead… what are your thoughts?

  22. this has been a real fun event. I like that it was fairly easy to earn rods so I didn’t have to stress over if I have enough. I got all prizes with over 1 day and a half left in the first part of the event. Excited for the next couple of parts.
    Also interested to know if the T-Rex is worth getting or not. I’m sure you guys are working on that.
    Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

  23. I’m at nearly 22000 carbon rods. Please add this funny screen shot of a criminal walking on water:

  24. I’m currently sitting at a little over 24k. I’m almost at 3,000 rods over and will get my second chance at donuts sometime today. Do you think it would be wise to hold off on the felons after that and save it for tomorrow when Issue 2 hits?

  25. 22226, I’m feeling pretty good so far. Wish they would reoffer fruitbat man and (on a side note) make more tasks for Mr. Teeny.

    • Agreed! at least one where Mr. Teeny can be on his own similar to Stampy. Even if it’s a 24 hour task to smoke a whole pack. :p

    • William Bergheimer

      Yeah, I actually regret getting Mr Teeny at this point. Krusty already had a walk him for 12 hour task and now it’s no different, except that if you don’t have Krusty do this, Teeny won’t leave the list of characters to assign and actually keeps shifting the que and dragging you across town while assigning tasks. Most annoying.
      Before anyone suggests this, I know I can store him, but why even have him if he adds nothing and actually detracts from the game?

    • @William – I actually like having Mr. Teeny for two reasons – 1) I earn twice the amount of money for Krusty overnight, by having him walk Mr. Teeny and 2) I used Mr. Teeny to keep track of where the end of the task queue is. (When that gets messed up for some reason and he’s no longer at the end, I just quickly store and restore him, so that he’s back at the end.)

  26. So does the amount of each currency carry over to each phase or issue or do we start each issue with 0? Halloween 2014 was my first event for this game and I remember each phase was different currencies but I don’t remember if the amount carried over or if we started each phase with 0.

  27. I believe this is my favorite event I’ve played in nearly 2 years. It’s very creative, great items (c’mon, Spider Pig), great look, interesting tasks, minimal doughnut spending, variety in ways to earn currency, what can I say it’s great. Plus I love the pacing. As someone who normally runs right through their events, this may prevent me from posting “I’m bored” in a couple of weeks. And as always, thanks to the TSTO addicts crew for keeping up informed. I’ll have to go to Jersey and buy you each a drink.

  28. 30350 rods with no membership. I think my playing habits have helped haha. Should serve me well with the coming issues. :p

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