Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 2, Prize 2 …The Collector and a Guide to Crafting

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the second Issue of the Superhero Event, action will slow down a bit as Clownface takes over.  You’ll see the questline require more prizes in order to progress…but don’t be discouraged.  For the lull in the questline doesn’t mean a lull in the action.  There’s plenty of Criminals to tap, Felons to clobber & pie, lots and lots of pie!

The Event is broken up into 4 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the Story.   To help you along with the story line you’ll get at least 3 prizes per Issue.  Each prize will help further move you through the story and uncover what comes next! For Issue 2 you’re tasked with collecting Pie Bombs to unlock each prize!  The second Issue 2 prize awarded at 29,000 Pie Bombs is The Collector an all new skin for Comic Book Guy!  Because it’s only fitting that the comic book nerd get in on the Superhero action…


So let’s take a closer look at this ultra lazy villain and just what happens when you unlock him in your Springfield!

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve collected 29,000 Pie Bombs you’ll automatically be awarded the Collector and you’ll see this message popup:


Once you’ve won it, The Collector will automatically be placed in your inventory.  So remember, you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it.


Remember…you WILL need Comic Book Guy in order to use this in your town.  So if you don’t have him work as quickly as you can to unlock him.  The information below will not apply until you unlock CBG.

Once you’ve unlocked the Collector some dialogue from Comic Book Guy will start up immediately and the action in the event will continue again (note: the first bit of dialogue will appear even if you don’t have CBG unlocked in your game)

The Collector Pt. 1

Comic Book Guy: I seem to have been zapped with a Mind Control Ray, warping me back to season 11’s — The Collector! They’ll need a stronger mind-meld to overcome the fact that The Collector was encased in Lucite and died at the end of that episode.  Worst.  Update. Ever
Reach Level 13 and Build Android’s Dungeon
Make Comic Book Guy Wear the Collector Outfit- remember it’s in your inventory…

collector4 collector5

Collector: I could fight off this Mind Control Ray but that would mean actual effort.  So instead…I give you The Collector!

The Collector Pt. 2
CBG starts

Collector: So what pray tell is the purpose of my character’s reboot?
Clownface: You’re tagging along with me on my crime wave.
Collector: The Collector collects for no one other than my dear, sweet Kumiko!
Kumiko: The Collector is no fool.  I threatened to swap his Super Squishee for a healthy alternative.
Clownface: And they call me the villain.
Make Clownface Steal The Collector’s Collection- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

The Collector Pt. 3

Clownface: Steal for me of kiss your own collection good-bye, Collector!
Collector: My Boba Fett Belt Buckle?!  My Silver Surfer Fanny Pack?!  My Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver?!  All gone!  You monster! I swear by The Collector’s crop-top T-shirt, I will return these items to their Mylar repositories!
Kumiko: Does this mean you won’t be back for dinner?
Collector: Miss dinner?!  Never! I shall return pre-bibbed with fork and knife in hand, my sweet!


At this point you’ll unlock the ability to craft your first item…the Botanical Garden.
Capture Criminals to Find Lockpicks
Exchange Lockpicks for the Botanical Garden

Lockpicks will look like this ico_super15_lockpick_lg.  In order to find them simply tap on the criminals in your town as you normally would.  Lockpicks will randomly appear with the pies when tapped:

To craft the Botanical Garden you’ll need 5 Lockpicks:

Once you’ve collected all 5 the “Get it Now!” button will turn from Pink to Green and it’ll say “Craft Now”.  Just tap that to craft the building.

The Botanical Garden will then be yours and you’ll have the option to place it in Springfield now, or store it in your inventory for later.

We’ll have a breakdown of building sizes, payouts & conform-o-meter impact later in this post.  

After you’ve crafted the Garden this will popup:

Collector: Precious memorabilia.  How I’ve longed to run my stubby fingers over you! A Mind control Ray pales in comparison to my love of my keepsakes.  Please, I implore you to keep looking for more.  I’ll reward you handsomely if you do!


You will then be tasked with rebuilding Zenith City, as the following task pops up:

Craft Zenith City Apartments
Craft Zenith City Lofts
Craft Zenith City Storefront 

And finally…
Craft Zenith City Times 

Here’s the breakdown from the Craft Menu of everything you can craft and for how much:


So now let’s get into the finer details of crafting….


How Do I Access the Crafting Menu?
After you’ve unlocked The Collector & unlocked the ability to craft you’ll have two options to access the  Craft Menu (well three if you count the Do It button on the task list).  First option is to tap on The Collector icon in the top right corner of your screen (where the Felon Icon is):


Don’t worry if you have Felons in your town that Icon will still appear as well.  

The second option is to tap on Android’s Dungeon  and that will bring up the option to access crafting menu (hit Enter to see the menu):


What Items Can I Craft?
You can craft the following:
Botanical Gardens
Zenith City Times
Zenith City Apartments
Zenith City Lofts
Zenith City Store Front
Zenith City Phone Booth

How Will I Know When I Can Craft an Item/How Can I Craft an Item?
From your Crafting Menu, the icon next to the item will change from a Pink “Get it Now” to a Green “Craft Now”.  That’s how you know the item can be crafted.  Tap on the Green “Craft Now” button to craft that item.


Remember just because you can craft an item doesn’t mean you have to.  You can hold off and save those crafting items for another Zenith City item.  

Where Does My Item Go Once It’s Crafted?
Once you’ve crafted an item you’ll get a popup that asks if you’d like to place the item in your Springfield now or place it in your inventory.  If you hit Place you can build/place it in your Springfield.  If you hit Store it will be stored in your Inventory until you pull it out and place it in your Springfield


Note: All of them items, with the exception of the Phone Booth, have a build time with them.

How Do I Get the Items Needed To Craft?
It’s  simple really, just keep playing the game as you have been!  Every Pie earning action you’re already doing will now occasionally drop items for crafting!  WARNING: Not every item will drop every time.  So be patient with the drop rates & try not to get frustrated!

Here’s the breakdown of how you can get each item:

Note: You cannot collect items for crafting until AFTER you’ve unlocked the ability to craft.

ico_super15_lockpick_lg  Lockpicks- Earned by tapping on Criminals.  These will fall RANDOMLY when tapping Criminals.  Like Arbitrarium
cape Handcuffs- Earned by defeating Felons.  These will only fall on the final hit to a Felon.  In other words you have to completely defeat a Felon and when the 3rd and Final heart is gone that’s when you’ll be awarded Handcuffs.  Basically when you get the 150 Event Currency Payout, you’ll also get handcuffs. 
redphone Phones- Earned by Reporting Crimes in a neighbors town.  ie Tap Red Phones to get Red Phones.  These will fall RANDOMLY when tapping Red Phones in neighbor’s towns, like Arbitrarium.

indicator_super15_cape-rgbCapes- Earned by Clearing the Superior Squad HQ every 4hrs.  It appears as though these will always fall every 4hrs.  Sometimes you will see the cape, sometimes you will not.  However, on tries when I didn’t see the cap it still said +1 Cape.

What’s The Breakdown for Each Building?  What Does it Do? What’s the Payout? How Big Is It? etc 

Here’s the breakdown for everything you can craft so far…

Item: Botanical Gardens
Build Time: 4hrs
$150, 13xp/8hrs
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Tree-Hugging +100
Yes, so far.
Note: the files indicate that this is NOT unique.  However, I have yet to see another way to craft one. 


Item: Zenith City Times
100 ico_super15_lockpick_lg 30 indicator_super15_cape-rgb  15 cape
Build Time: 4hrs
$150, 13xp/8hrs
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Consumerism +10


Item: Zenith City Apartments
15 indicator_super15_cape-rgb  15 redphone
Build Time: 4hrs
$75, 7xp/3hrs
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Indolence +10
No, craft as many as you’d like


Item: Zenith City Lofts
65 ico_super15_lockpick_lg 10 cape
Build Time: 4hrs
$75, 7xp/3hrs
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Indolence +10
No, craft as many as you’d like


Item: Zenith City Store Front
10 cape 20 redphone
Build Time: 4hrs
$75, 7xp/3hrs
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Indolence +10
No, craft as many as you’d like


Item: Zenith City Phone Booth
10 ico_super15_lockpick_lg redphone
Build Time: Instant
Conform-O-Meter Impact:
Vanity +10
No, craft as many as you’d like
Note: this can be placed on Squidport, as well as Springfield. 

If I Want to Rush these With Donuts, How Much Will It Cost?
As ALWAYS we encourage you NOT to use donuts to rush your game…including when you craft items.  It’s easy to obtain the items with regular play, so keep playing and save your donuts for better things!

However, I know there are some of you that will ask so…The more items you collect the less each building will cost in donuts.  So for every person it will be unique.  So if you want to see how much it will cost to get a particular building for you, after you have some items, hit the Get it Now Button.  That will give you the option to purchase the building for donuts.  It will also show you how many donuts you’ll need based on where you are.

Is There A Purpose to These Items?  Does A Character Interact With Them?  Will They Come into Play Later in the Event?
As of right now, they’re just buildings.  They’re there to earn you cash and xp and boost your Conform-O-Meter rating and little else.  Currently no characters interact with them.
As far as if they’ll come into play later in the event?  We’ll have to wait and see what EA has in store for Issue 4!

Oh and last, but certainly not least, let’s remember this prize was about unlocking The Collector!  So let’s take a look at The Collector’s tasks:

comicbookguy_thecollector_victory_pose_right_image_4 comicbookguy_thecollector_lament_active_right_image_3 comicbookguy_thecollector_fight_boss_active_left_image_4

Task Length Earns
Buy Laffy Meal for the Toy 1hr $70, 17xp
Lament 4hrs $175, 45xp
Practice Swordmanship 8hrs 20 Event Currency
Snipe Online Auctions 12hrs $420, 100xp
Sort His Collection 24hrs $600, 150xp

He also has a 4hr Attack Felon task

So that my friends is the full breakdown of The Collector and your new found ability to Craft/rebuild Zenith City!

What do you think of The Collector?  Have you earned it yet?  If not how close are you?   What are your thoughts on crafting?  Do you like the idea of being able to get Zenith City Buildings via Crafting?  How about the buildings being offered? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

372 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 2, Prize 2 …The Collector and a Guide to Crafting

  1. I never figured out how to get the cats in the Zenith City apartments,
    something about activating the telephone? Is it too late to do whatever it was that one was supposed to do now that the event is over?

    • It was when a neighbor reported a crime in your town via that building

      • So you can’t get the cats anymore 🙁 I wish I’d known.
        Thanks for answering Alissa.

        • There are certain events from time to time where a visiting Neighbor can activate animations not normally available. You’ll get to see it, just have to be patient

      • Also, sometimes animations just come to life randomly. I’m looking forward to the day when my kitties come back!

        Actually, I’ve been thinking that it would be nice if they made it more permanent that, when a neighbor taps a building during a visit, it activates the animation. If they did that, I’d probably never clear the handshakes from my Zenith City Apartments (just like I didn’t clear the signals during the event) so that the kitties would stay!

  2. I unlocked crafting late, but after two days of checking constantly and going through my full friends list TWICE, I only got 35 lock picks. Was this typical of the drop rate? (I got like 45 red phones).

  3. I have one of everything its possible to craft and have enough for two more lofts and apartments. I’m likely going to craft what I can and run the chance of being very frustrated when new craft ankles hit in issue 4. Anyone going to hold out?

  4. Will we need to craft the rest of the Zenith buildings before Issue 4 starts? Want to keep collecting, but don’t want to lose the chance of using up the items collected.

  5. Just finally unlocked the collector today! (I was late to the event) hope I have enough time to unlock some of these!

  6. The million dollar question…The lofts or the store store front? I have enough hand-cuffs for only one and I doubt I’ll have enough time to earn more handcuffs to get the other one. I have one of each already… what are your thoughts? I’m leaning towards the loft, I think it looks cooler 🙂

  7. I have enough capes for a second loft building. Should I go ahead and craft it or save them for something else that may be coming?

    • If you want it craft it. Honestly we don’t know if anything else will be coming for crafting…personally i doubt it. But the best advice is if you want it, craft it If you don’t want it pass. Don’t play based on what might happen because you’ll regret it if it doesn’t

  8. The Zenith City task is impossible! I have only received 6 phones out of the 35 required to complete the task and there’s only 8 days left. Very frustrated….I feel like I’ve been wasting my time. 🙁

  9. Too bad the zenith city times is too small to look half decent in my town, and the last friend prize, the canyonero is soo big can’t use that either. I had them side by side and just laughed…. It’s almost what twice as big as all the other cars. Sad to say they’ll be stored forever, n after I tapped soo much to get them both. Thanks whomever made them.

  10. Any news on if crafting will continue after issue 3? Been stocking up on stuff but don’t want to craft yet if there will be more cool stuff.

  11. Does the Zenith City Store Front really boost indolence and not consumerism? Hoped it would be a way to increase my rating in this category.

  12. I’ve noticed that the cat animation that comes with the apartments are in some of my neighbours towns but not in others. I don’t have the animation on my apartments either. What do you have to do to get them?

  13. greenfreak8916

    I find that I’m not getting any red phones. I only have couple of friends Does anyone now why?

    • You kinda just answered your own question. Lack of friends. As they’re random…the more you have the better chances. With little or none…very small drops.

      They ONLY drop from neighbors

  14. Zero red phones. Losing interest in the constant forced “social” aspect of this game. Addiction may be cured.

    • Sorry you feel that way. I for one love it and all the free donuts I’ve gotten from just tapping on Neighbors. Less money out of my pocket.

      • I also love seeing what other folks have done with their towns and getting the chance to “preview” some items before buying/crafting them (since I always have some neighbors who are ahead of me and/or who seem to buy everything).

        AngryBlueHead – If you have lots of neighbors and having been visiting them regularly and you’ve really gotten zero phones, I think you may have a problem with your game and should call EA. At this point, I have about a zillion of them – certainly more than I’ll ever be able to use. But, to craft all of the items, you only need 40 phones, which should be easily achievable by anyone who has even a modicum of neighbors.

    • i felt like that when it seemed like they were asking me to tell my facebook friends to get the game… then i found sites like this… If you go to the “Get Neighbours” posts on this site and leave your username in the comments, you’ll get added about 20 times… before you know it you’ll have a full friends list and all the FP and free donuts you could want…

  15. Will Issue 4 have any new items to craft?
    I already have the Times. Just wondering if I should blow my extra capes, cuffs and picks or save them.

    • At this point we don’t know. EA’s keeping the details of Issue 4 under wraps. However, if you want more buildings etc use them…especially because if there isn’t anything new to craft you’ll be upset you didn’t craft more when you could.

  16. I love the Zenith City Times but the artists forgot SCALE when drawing it! It is way too tiny. You can’t put a bonsai or hedge up to it –they dwarf the structure. I just don’t understand what they were thinking.

  17. I have finished issue 2 and I have the collector, but His task “Lament” has not triggered. No one is doing any tasks and I hav CBG collector outfit. I’m ready to do something drastic to get those Zenith City buildings.

    • Try storing and replacing the comic book shop. That will store CBG, and hopefully restart his Collector questline. Also, make sure Clownface is free

  18. Wow, just crafted Zenith City Times and talk about underwhelming! Definitely thought it would be much taller.

  19. Is the ability to unlock the Zenith City items going to disappear when issue 3 starts? Or will you be able to continue working on the Zenith City items?

  20. I’m curious to find out how many people still have items left to craft. I’ve doubled the amount of pies necessary to get Dr. Colossus (I know pies don’t matter for crafting, but just an idea of how much/how often I play), and I’m still waiting to craft the Times. I’ve crafted one of everything else, though. Just wondering where I stand and if most of us are in the same boat so I know I’m on track. 🙂

    • Still waiting to craft the Times and the storefront – playing this event obsessively but not enough to get those last two!

  21. What should i do to unlock Dr. Colossus 60m task? It says it’s a quest but there’s no quest for him right now.

  22. Will I still be able to craft these items after the end of Issue Two?

    • Looks that way to us

    • GodlessSquash

      I play throughout the day and there’s no way I will have enough capes (I need 10 more) or handcuffs (need all 15 – used all I had amassed to craft the storefront!) to complete the Times building before Issue 3 starts early tomorrow. At the rate that felons are spawned, I’ll be lucky if I have enough cuffs to finish this week. I have to assume the Collector’s crafting tasks will continue at least until the end of the Superhero event otherwise a lot of once-a-day players would be hosed.

  23. I can only unlock zenith city lofts, apartments and times but don’t have an option for store front or phone booths. Is this normal? I only just noticed because a neighbour has the store front and I was thinking what is that building??

  24. Sandra Dennison

    Yes I have had the Botanical Gardens for quite a while now I cannot remember exactly.

  25. Should I wait until I can craft all the buildings , or should I craft now , I have enough to craft the loft and the apartments , or I can craft just the Zenith building? Do u need to craft a building before u enter the next phase?

    • We are waiting for next phase to launch to confirm if the 3 need built to continue. We can’t say 100% til it hits. I say wait. 😉

  26. Sandra Dennison

    I have not earned a single cape. Even when I am right there when the four hours are up.

    • What do you get then when you tap the HQ for payout? Have you already unlocked and built the Botanical Gardens?

      • Yes I already have the botanical garden and my HQ info says I should be earning 1 cape and 205 pies. I get the pies but no cape (usually). I do get it but very rarely. I’ve been hitting it about 3 times a day and I only have 2 capes to show for the past three days. I put an email into EA. I’ll post if they respond.

      • I got a form reply from EA telling me to restart my app, etc. BUT over the weekend I got a message that the app needed to be updated. And not an auto update but manual update through iTunes. Once I did that I started earning capes on schedule. Also it only asked for the update on my iPhone, not my iPad, which makes me think the reason my total was so low was that maybe it was working correctly on one device but not the other. At any rate, it’s seems ok now.

  27. What is the benefit of completeing the collectors task of crafting? Im really wanting the times but the quest calls for lofts and apartments and store front. Tia.

    • They may have use in the 3rd or Final issue. We do not know just yet, but will know more on the 3rd one here pretty soon.

    • GodlessSquash

      I was saving up to craft the Times building first, but then I realized the Collector’s quest on the task bar called for the apartments, loft and storefront – not the Times building (nor the phone booth). I just completed the last of one of each this morning and can report that the quest completed with the usual bonus and XPs that are awarded then started a new quest for the Collector: craft Zenith City Times. In hindsight, this made perfect sense because the more quickly crafted apartments and loft were generating $ and XP (and pies when tapped by neighbors) while I was amassing the rarer items needed to craft the storefront. Now those three buildings are earning while I amass the remaining capes and handcuffs I need to craft the Times building.

  28. I play at least 4-5 times a day, I’ve had the collector unlocked for about 5 days or so and I only have 56 lock picks. The drop rate for me seems anything but random. I feel like I can only get 1 every 3 hours at best. Anyone else feel like that?

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