Superheroes Event Glitches & Issues Updated

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by to just give you a lil info on things we are seeing pop up in the comments. Items that you may be wondering on or concerned for. As usual, here to help all we can. 😉


There are a few key questions/concerns we are seeing over and over in the game that we wanted to bring attention to. Let’s dive in…

(I had created this post BEFORE the Update hit, so I made changes to reflect what the Update had impacted as well.)


Krustyland Ticket Exchange

As in previous Events with the Sideshow You Balloon Pop, it seems that EA has disabled another item in Krustyland during this Event. You are no longer able to exchange your Krustyland Tickets for in game cash. I spoke with EA on this and they did confirm it being worked on. 

An update from EA on 2/26 helped to restore the ability to use this feature, so make sure you are fully up to date in your game to have the ability back.

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance



Pie Man and Felon

While tossing his pies to take away hearts from a Felon, Pie Man seems to not want to go on anymore. In my game, he follows one for a bit but then seems to find a nice lil spot to stop and just toss pies there. The Felon continues on around town and I still get credit for the fight, but it is just funny how he falls behind. I have seen this with a few other Heroes too.

My suggestion is this, do not worry if they separate. As long as you still get credit for the fight and that Heart dropped off the Felon… then just keep on going. If you are NOT getting credit for the fight (I just tap on the Felon icon when its done and it completes it for me) then please notify EA right away of the issue.

FYI… I spoke to EA about this issue and they are well aware of it and working on it. Those NOT getting credit are extremely rare, the rest… just an image thing so no game impact.



We are getting some reports the sound has changed. Mine is still going off. What are YOUR results?

A silly thought of a feature added to alert us is becoming a bit too much for many players. That blasted Siren going off.

The main things I did to prevent it is I disabled ALL Notifications and turned SFX Volume all the way down from the game. This can be found in any menu by tapping on the Cogwheel Icon in the upper right corner. (This is where you also can turn the Confirm Donut Spend to ON.)Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume

Depending on your device, mine has an Applications Manager that I can go to the TSTO App and disable Notifications for the App from my device too. Notifications 4

Finally, on my device…. I have separate options for Volume Settings. I turned them ALL to OFF on anything other than the phone ringing. Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-11-25 Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-11-54 Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-21-44 Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-22-11

Now we COULD take this a step further and light up the forums to ask EA to disable it further, just let me know and I will start a link to do so. 😉



The new update on 2/26 that brought the Radstation Air Fortress also made a few other changes. Some just simple wording swap outs, but this is something that may help YOU out when visiting Neighbors

In the lower Left hand corner of your Main Neighbor Screen, you will see a running total of your current Event Currency amount (Pie Bombs for Issue 2). Right at the end of that count will be an italic lil i. Tap on it. Daily Neighbor Actions Icon

Daily Actions Icon

If you have the Super Squad Membership that doubles your payout for Neighbor Acrtions, you will see your Neighbor Actions at 6 Event Currency Each (Double Pie Bombs in Issue 2). You will also see how many of the 90 Actions you have left. Daily Neighbor Actions Membership

If you did not opt for the Super Squad Membership, you will see the regular payout of 3 Event Currency (Pie Bombs in Issue 2). You will also see the amount you have left out of the 90 Actions too. Daily Neighbor Actions Non Membership

This should really help you in monitoring just how many visits you have left before those Criminal taps turn into just cash & XP instead of Event Currency.


There you go, hopefully some answers to those frequent questions we keep seeing. Did this answer your questions? Help you out? Do you like the Actions countdown? Let us know.


170 responses to “Superheroes Event Glitches & Issues Updated

  1. I have a problem with Helen aNd Jessica lovejoy. I have the house and statute. It was vandalized, but now Hellen and Jessica are in my queue, but their jobs are not loading. They also are not in the capital building to see where they are. How do they finish their task?

  2. I won Dr. Colossus about a week ago. The task said to have him laugh his maniacal laugh for 4 hours, which I did, then…he (poof) disappeared. Not in Town Hall, not nowhere. I thought it was part of the game and he would show up in phase 3, so I’ve been merrily going on, collecting donuts, not a care in the world, until… My husband (who is somewhat behind me in the game) got the Doctor today, and knowing what happened to me, he said, “I’ll watch where he’s going.” Well, he wasn’t going anywhere. He was totally playable. I chatted with EA, and they said they will fix my Doctor problem within the next 24 hours. We shall see. But in the meanwhile, I’m posting this in case anyone else out there is as gullible as I am, and thinks Dr. Collossus disappearing is “part of the game.”
    (Followed by maniacal laughter)

  3. Hello!

    Regarding the heroes taking on felons!
    My issue is that sometimes it seems the game has ‘paused’ one of the heroes mission against a felon. Last night before bed I sent my three heroes to defeat three felons. As you know, they are 4 hour missions. This morning I awoke and went to collect my reward, but only two of my heroes’ mission were complete. When I tapped on the third hero, mission was only at 3h59m!?!?! This has happened at least half dozen times of last few days! Yesterday, I couldn’t collect on all three heroes!

    • This happened to me too, which characters did the timer stop for? Try storing and replacing the prison, that should help.

      • Homer comic book guy and fallout boy heroes

        • It makes me wonder if it is not saving your “Progress” when you leave the game. Do me a favor, next time… just before you do that… go visit a neighbor. It will force the game to sync by going to the other location. Let us know if that helped.

          • Ok so far I stored the jail and then placed it back. Im I just sent all three heroes to fight off some felons. I will see in the am if they completed or not and try your suggestion. Will keep you posted.

            • Please do let me know how it goes. 😉

              • Logged in today and the missions were actually complete! Yay!

                I didn’t need to sync my account by visiting a friend, but I will keep an eye on the hero missions in case I need to use it!

  4. Ad me turtlematt10

  5. hey everyone great site great ppl. also some ridiculous designs, very creative, i must say i will be flattering some of you by stealing *ahem* respectfully borrowing some of your designs. 🙂 kutgw So anyways after the update, i’m not feeling very righteous, so I went to the store to buy some training walls. I walked up and down all the aisles but i couldn’t find any. So I asked the cashier if they had any in the back or did they stop providing that item. Unfortunately he wasn’t sure. So now i pose the question to you, Where are the training walls? lol ty

  6. I have multiple rows of trees and they glitch and turn into random items. Such as kang, frosty the hitman, and swat vans.

  7. This morning all of my creeper criminals have lost their clown wigs. I really liked the wigs and I want them back. Was this supposed to happen?

    • Nope, they should still have the wigs. Try hard closing and reloading your game, see if that helps.

      • Thanks. I did a hard close and restarted the game. The download update happened with that and I had all wigs but one so it seems better.

  8. I wasn’t sure how to edit my post. Wanted to add that I know felons generate every 8 hours, not every four, but I can’t figure out what is going on with my timer. It didn’t generate a felon last time and I thought the time was just not finished counting down. But four hours later it didn’t generate a felon again. Now two of my three superheroes have no one to fight. It doesn’t make sense to get Bartman if I can’t keep enough felons to keep them busy! Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • Try storing your prison and replacing it. See if that controls the timer better.

    • IMO, you should only get Bartman if it would please you to have him in general, NOT for his felon-fighting ability. I *never* have more than two felons that need fighting in my town at a time, so even without any premium superheroes, I’d be all set as far as that’s concerned. Since felons only spawn once every eight hours, I’d need to play at least 16 hours a day to get all three possible daily felons, but I can’t seem to get that to work with my sleep schedule (and, while I’m a pretty devoted addict, I just can’t go so far as to start setting alarms to wake up and tap!).

      • I second this^^ I bought Spider Pig and Bartman because I love the characters. Between work and sleep I rarely have 2-3 felons.

  9. I just had a similar problem. The timer didn’t advance hardly at all on the prison so when I came back to the game all three of my superheroes were finished fighting their felons, but no felons were generated. So now Homer has no one to fight. I really, really hope this isn’t an ongoing problem.

  10. I found a fun glitch tody. At 2:30 when I was leaving for work I sent Homer to fight a felon. At 6:30 when I logged back in Homers task had only progressed 4 minutes. I logged in once in between but didn’t send anyone on any tasks. Just tapped a few criminals.

  11. Hi! Am I the only one that doesn’t have the phone booth or the storefront to craft?

  12. Anybody else notice (unless I missed it 🙂 that the Aspirationals are not available? I don’t have the Choc-litude or the SitnRotate yet ($4mil nearly and counting, again!) but their section is blank and a quick check didn’t see them hidden elsewhere. ..

    • They are in the first icon menus…like along left side of menu. Just scroll the buildings one and you’ll see them.

      • Cheers Bunny! Keep forgetting that EA calls these Aspirationals “buildings”, usually takes a while before checking them and the grey matter gets a bit fuzzy 😉

  13. For the last three days when visiting friends all I. Get is money xp but no pies. Only pies come from criminals in my town. Anyone else have this problem? I could see getting this for one day if I collected the max amount but not three days.

    • Try to log out and restart your device. If it needs more, try an uninstall reinstall.

      You should be getting the 90 Actions every 24 hrs from Criminals and the Telephones on houses to get the pies.

      • Uninstalled and reinstalled but still just dollars and xps for the men in black. When visiting neighbors, after the tenth one got the pop up saying. I had gotten the max for the day and just kept on getting X P and $ Will see what happens tomorrow. Tyler for your help

  14. Is anyone else having problems connecting to origin? I tried clearing the cache and data twice and reinstalled the app.

  15. Off Topic but will you be reviewing the crafting aspect?

  16. jedimaster989

    Don’t know if you know this but after the last update if you go in the edit mode and click on a tree and put into inventory, it will automatically go to the next tree if you have a bunch of trees next to each other, makes things go a lot faster…check it out

  17. I had one, and only one, Criminal in my town this morning walking around without a wig.

  18. For the record, i suspect the secret phase 4 will be set in Krustyland! Hence the issues with tickets.

  19. I wish that they would have the neighbor rankings. I loved how fast you could get to a neighbors town with it!

  20. I noticed that doing quests with the pig improved his ability to fight felons. Do the other heros have this cheat too?

  21. I haven’t had any problems with the felon timer and I don’t want to speculate on what’s going on in other people’s games but any time I’ve sent characters on joint tasks, if they’re not together with the timer counting down before I close the game it doesn’t always start the timer until I log back into the game. A quick trip to K-land will sync them up too.

    • Yes. I’ve had that too! At first i thought i was crazy and tapped too fast, then realised I probably had to wait for the timer to actually start. Though the cause was more of a guess on my part.

  22. I found a glitch but I like it…. if you attack fellon before he “died” so you have no hearts left it pays out 225 pies I have done it twice now…

  23. I’ve been getting an odd glitch through this entire event where the battles with felons pause and restart. I’ll assign Plopper or someone to a battle and then close the game, a few hours later i get the notification that the battle is over, but when i go into the game there is no thumbs up and the felon battle still has full time left to go. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  24. For some reason this morning I had a couple “handshakes” instead of radioactive symbols….it happened right as I was unlocking the collector….any idea….not sure yet if it’ll be ongoing or just a quick glitch???

  25. How does the collector work? Not sure how to get some of the items to make the buildings.

  26. Yeah I was disappointed when I couldn’t spend my KL park tickets for currency.

  27. Well, we still got two issues that occur with this game app that is 3 years old, which include:

    1. getting bounced from the game
    2. network connection problem

    This Tapper fails to see why EA doesn’t solve these issues

  28. LLAP


  29. I still cannot exchange Krustyland tickets. I have the current update. The option just does not show up.

  30. I’ve never had the option to exchange Krustyland tickets for some reason… No idea why that’s the case, it’s strange! I’ve checked over and over again but have never seen the option. Anyone else have the issue?

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