Episode Recap: My Fare Lady

Hey howdy hello Superfriends…

Wookiee popping in with another episode recap for y’all. I know there was a newer episode that aired this past Sunday, March 1st, but I realized I hadn’t typed up my notes for the previous episode for y’all and didn’t want to fall too behind. Let’s just say school, a new event, one of my ewok’s birthdays and other assorted life shenanigans kept me pretty busy.  I promise I’ll keep up with these as best I can amongst other game-related stuff.

I kept to the stream of consciousness style for the review. All in all it was an enjoyable episode with some hearty laughs. Certainly not the best of the season but I enjoy the Simpsons no matter what. Here’s my thoughts on Season 26, Episode 14: “My Fare Lady”


– Holy amazing pixelated opening Batman. Lots of awesome easter eggs throughout this and for anyone who remembers 8 bit games and the evolution to what video games are today, I don’t see how you couldn’t wax nostalgic on this awesome sauce.

– And then you think it’s done and they pull off an awesome Simpsons Jetsons parody. Way too cool.

– Marge’s chores printed off on an old-school printer with margined paper. Homer’s not down for spending his precious Saturday “chauffeuring those over-privileged kids to a better life than he ever had.” His plan is too sneak to Moe’s and get above the legal limit for driving quickly.

– Homer succeeds even if it is 8 am and then a great sequence with super mom Marge completing all her many drop-offs. Mrs. Lovejoy and Marge racing was my favorite part. “See ya at the bake sale sucker!”


– Sideshow Mel apparently drank away an afternoon at Moe’s but paid with a ticket to Laney Fontaine’s show at the Springfield Playhouse beacuae he left his wallet in his other skirt. Moe can’t go though even if Laney is the “brassiest broad on Broadway” and vulgarly funny with lots of great Hollywood stories. “I can’t close down the bar on a Saturday. That’s when you guys can drink cuz you’re not working for three days.” Wait… did Moe forget every worknight when the regular barflies show up? Anywho… Homer offers to watch the bar so Moe can go to the show.

– Meanwhile Marge is introduced to social media-based rideshare services… bringing the fair back to fares. Marge is excited about the potential extra money. She could buy a fridge with an ice-maker. Good things she’s over 23 and under 80.

– Back to Moe’s and Carl’s great idea to bring business to the bar… Ladies drink free. Moe gets to enjoy Laney Fontaine’s show (where she creepily thinks Moe is cute) and the bar might make lots of money. What could go wrong?  Yay… an appearance from the Cheery Red Tomatoes and Duffman as a lady at Moe’s. Unfortunately Moe’s precious craphole ends up trashed over a book club fight and he loses his chance “with a woman of a certain age”. Frankly, I thing the barflys did Moe a favor.


– Moe is ruined but the guys mention they could get Moe a job at the Nuclear Plant because one of the guys defected to North Korea. Moe just has to clear a 6 month background check.  All Moe has to do is wait a week lol.

– Marge begins her job as a driver. Her first fare? Shauna. Every time I see that girl I shudder. She then drives around Nelson, Willie, Gil (not Cash Cab Gil), Dr. Hibbert, Bumblebee Man, Sea Captain, Disco Stu, Nelson’s Mom, Lenny, Barney, Krusty, Drederick Tatum and Dr. Nick. Even though the characters all have really short lines… this sequence is funny.

– Moe starts off as a lowly spot mopper at the plant but after helping Burns avoid an NRC inspection, he gets promoted to supervisor of Sector 7G… uh oh


– The taxi cab drivers of Springfield are none too happy with the new ride service. They “used to get Uber amounts of work giving people Lifts.” Enter Jim Ignatowski (Christopher Lloyd’s character from Taxi) to defend Marge… she’s not afraid to parallel park.

– Moe ends up taking his job seriously much to Lenny, Carl and Homer’s dismay. Gotta love this callback line… “After all the money this plant lost on that nitwit Elon Musk, they’re looking for cutbacks.” First up on the list is Homer. The only reason he hasn’t been fired is because his ginormous file was being used to hold up a sofa with one leg lol. Moe’s not heartless though… Homer is demoted to watering plants.


– Moe’s supervision leads the guys to not like him or want to eat with him. There is a bright side though. Homer now is an attentive husband. Working with plants has put Homer in touch with his feminine side. Hilarious that Homer freaks and decides to burn all the houseplants.

– Marge is off to take a fare and picks up Moe. The whole song a la Harry Chapin is pretty swell. Marge and Moe realize they’d both be a lot happier if they quit their new jobs. The taxi guys corner Marge with their medallions and air fresheners but Moe saves her with his trusty shotgun. Now Moe can sling suds again and Marge’s ride share smiley face looks good behind the bar. I laugh and laugh when Lenny and Moe disagree over wood products at the bar and Lenny just slides an angry Moe across the bar. For a second I really expected an “Ow my eye!” moment but I refer seeing Moe humiliated.



– And we find out that the smile talks to Moe when no one is around… creepy… THE END

So that’s the episode. I think I preferred Marge’s story to the contrived Moe one. We’ve seen his bar trashed before. All in all, some good laughs and if nothing else, the opening sequence was one for the ages.


I’m a big fan of the Uber driving service so it’s cool to see it get some credit in my favorite cartoon. Also really rad that Christopher Lloyd guest starred and that his hilarious character from Taxi is now a part of the Simpsons universe. What did y’all think of the episode? Have a favorite moment? Sound off below and stay classy like usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

4 responses to “Episode Recap: My Fare Lady

  1. That opening bit with the retro video game pixel art was really fantastic! I grew up watching Jetsons, so enjoyed the flashback a la Simpsons… Christopher Lloyd was great to do his old taxi character, and the Harry Chapin ‘Taxi’ re-do was above and beyond. Of all my favorite moments in this ep, that had to be icing on the cake. Perfect!! What an amazing Episode! what an amazing show! show! They just keep getting better!

  2. an interesting side note:

    Did you see Helen Lovejoy driving around the Flanders kids including Jessica? a sort of indirect mention that Mrs K is dead & so Ned doesn’t have the help he used to. Nice to see her helping out like that.

  3. I loved the Laney part, although it did make me a little sweetly sad, because the “Broadway broad” she’s clearly based on, Elaine Stritch, passed away somewhat recently. 🙁

    Oh, and interesting to know that a Wookiee can sire ewoks lol! 😉

  4. This Tapper lol’d throughout this Episode (thinks critics of The Simpsons should get over it, there’s a reason FOX still broadcasts this show) 🙂

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