Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BARTMAN!!!

Hey there Hoppereenos.

Bouncing on by (sorry a lil late, blame weather and traffic getting home) to let you all know that BARTMAN IS FINALLY HERE!!! unlock_bart_bartman

For the cost of 60 of your precious lil pink sprinklies, you will have the option to get the Bartman Skin for Bart. It is fully tasked and comes complete with a questline. (You will also see the countdown for less than 28 days to decide if you want to buy him.)

His tasks WILL include a 4hr one to earn 15 Pie Bombs as well as a 3hr Defeat Felon option, so he will help get rid of them faster. 🙂

When you enter your game, you will notice a lil ! on your Menu letting you know there is a new item in the game, it will take you to the Main Menu. Tap on the Superheroes Event Image, and you will see the costume.Bartman Menu Icon

Once you purchase it, it immediately goes to Bart and a questline will begin. (More on this later.) Just keep Lisa free as she will trigger the questline and the first part for Bart will take you 8 hours to complete.Bartman Unlock Screen

WOOHOO!!! I am really happy that he is FINALLY in our games. I have wanted this one for a very long time. What are your thoughts on it? Did you scoop him right up? Are you gonna wait and debate over it? Let us know.


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  1. I am SUPER disappointed that the new level update included more friend levels. I was really counting on the extra friend visit donuts so I could freemium my way to 60. I am way ahead of the calendar, but there’s no way I can get that many out of the event currency bonus donuts. SO BUMMED!

    • how far along to 60 are you? have you not finished unlocking your prizes for issue 2? since i did that, i’ve been hitting the donut bonus about twice daily, which is a guaranteed 2-6 donuts per day. there is no guarantee when it comes to those donuts dropping in neighboring towns though….

      i, personally, am quite pleased by the addition of more friendship prizes.

      • How on earth do you hit the bonus round TWICE daily? I seem to make it to once a day (which is actually pretty sweet), but I can hardly imagine how it’s possible to do it twice… I’m very jealous!

        Also, remember, no chance for getting donuts for visiting friends until one earns both of the new Friend Prizes…the donut-earning ability is the reward for maxing out FPs (like the bonus round is the reward for maxing out XPs when you’re at the top level).

      • Well i bought plopper, went down to 5. and now with the st paddys 20 donuts i have 67. Though i’m a mother aince the 2nd so have the advantage of being woken up every 2-4 hours ao helped with collecting

  2. We LEGO fans are getting a Bartman minifigure in the Collectable Minifigure Simpsons Series 2. Yay!

    • Actually….it hasn’t been confirmed yet from LEGO. So everything right now is strictly speculation. I was actually just at a private LEGO event at the NYC Toy Fair a couple of weeks ago and all of the Simpsons LEGO details were kept secret. The only thing LEGO would reveal is that they are coming, but no details at this time. As soon as we have confirmation though, we’ll pass it along 😉

    • The LEGO ************

      • See my reply to Connor. Until it’s confirmed by LEGO officially, it’s still a rumor.

        • My LEGO supplier already has the **** in its catalog.

          • My direct word from LEGO, and we just talked to them about this a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday…something is coming. However, what it is/when it will hit has not been disclosed. Nothing from the Simpsons was included in their private LEGO event to show all of the new items upcoming for this year…believe me I was there I asked. Repeatedly. They’re keeping the details locked up for now. Once they have a release/confirmation on it we’ll have the details up 🙂

  3. I just noticed something interesting, I have Fruitbatman since the beginning of the super heroes event. I’ve been playing for about 6 month now and couldn’t have gotten him whenever he first popped up.
    When this event started for me, Fruitbatman just popped up in Mr Burns available skins. I never questioned it as I thought he came with the event update but I guess it must be some sort of glitch. Not complaining thought! 😀

  4. I bought Bartman instantly, yes it’s a skin but it gives 50% bonus on all jobs. It’s easily my favourite version of Bart so I’ll be using him permanently, plus bagging 50% extra on Bart from now on.

    The 1 hour bonus on felon attacks also feels like it will come in handy as I was struggling to get more than one felon per day. Now it seems two felons per day will be easy, which means I should be able to craft all the Zenith City prizes. And I have to get all of those!

    Seems to me that this game usually caters to everyone, freemium to premium, casual to rabid tappers. Whenever I like an event I get ahead and get bored, but I’ve also been on the other side of the fence and had little time to play and then appreciated that it was going long enough for me to get some decent stuff. And if I miss out, oh well, it is just a game after all.

    Wait, did I just say that? It’s more than just a game and this event is freakin awesome! The Radioactive Man and various superhero related Bongo comics have always been my favourite and now they’re invading TSTO!

    This is far and away my fave event in the year and a half that I’ve been playing. In fact I’ve been tapping so much that I’ve already got Colossus, a week ahead of schedule.

    I was kind of hoping that we would get a different “cover” (login screen) for each issue, and handcuffs could be easier to get, but so far I’m loving every minute of this. In fact I wish there was a Zenith City game (with a little Springfield on the side) especially if they brought in more superhero characters such as the actual Superior Squad members from the RM comics as well.

  5. Just noticed Bartman says “Dora”, instead of the actual name of Springfield Elementary’s beloved lunch lady….. What the heck, EA?

    • Oh, nevermind I guess there is a “Lunch Lady Dora” I just somehow never caught that during any epsiodes. RIP Lunch Lady Doris. 😐

  6. Since I’m playing freemium, and have been saving up for Duff Stadium, I’m waiting. I’d love to have Bartman, but he’s behind both Radioactive Man (whom I think would be a separate character instead of a character skin) and Fruit Bat Man. Depending upon what (or who) comes up in issue 4, or as a store item. Glad to have several weeks to decide. I’ve been averaging about 2 donuts a day on friend visits (a me days are 0, most are 1 or 2, and recently had a 4 – following a 0 day). Also, with finishing issues 1 and 2 quickly, I’m averaging a Bonus Box Pick-a-box at least once every 18 hours. (I finished issue 2 on Monday after 6 p.m., and got a bonus box on Tuesday at 2 p.m. and again at 11 p.m.)

    In the almost 1 year playing (started just before Stonecutters), this is my favorite event.

  7. Does someone knows if bartman will actually has premium payout (game cash)? someone who allready own bartman please

  8. Luckily I got 30 donuts before the event started + a few I was sitting on + on daily neighbor visit(probaly avg 2 donuts a day) = 102 donuts
    Made bartman an easy buy for me!! I’m wondering if fruitbatman is offered as a premium purchase, would it be same amount as Bart skin or less because it was once a free skin?

  9. It’s about dang time it snowed here…am I right Bunny? Thanks for the update…happy to finally have Bartman.

  10. NinjaBoots117

    The Bartman skin is awesome – but sadly, I’m going to have to pass on this one. I agree with several other people who mentioned that 60 donuts is pretty steep, considering that the main “perk” is reduced felon-fighting time and my other super heroes have been consistently twiddling their thumbs waiting for new felons to arrive 🙁 Now, if Bartman was somehow able to increase the felon-spawning rate (even as little as one more per day) I would scoop him up in a heartbeat… Just sayin’…

  11. So glad this character skin became available. Seeing hin on the loading screen started to get upsetting haha

  12. Waiting to see the “should I spend donuts on him” post so I can see his tasks to find out if he’s worth the donuts. Loving this update!

  13. To expensive for me, especially since I seem to be unlucky with the extra donuts (clicking all my friends daily, it takes me usually around a week to get one donut despite my FPs being maxed out).

    Oh well, I’ll keep doing my best to get all the free content.

    • I feel your pain, I’m lucky if I find one donut per week from tapping friends even though I’ve been maxed out for ages. Others seem to have much better luck. But I have terrible luck in general, lol! 😉

    • I’ve gotten up to 6 at a time but for the last month and a half or so, the game has been VERY stingy!

    • I thought it was just me. I maxed out on FP about a month or so ago and got a bunch of donuts initially (usually a couple every few days, maybe a couple every day on a good week). However in the past few weeks, I’m lucky to snag 1 or 2 free donuts a week. As for the Bartman costume, I feel like I should buy him so I can get rid of these felons faster and get more pies (who doesn’t want more pies?) but I’m waiting for the “Should I Buy Bartman?” post to make my final decision.

      • Try to refresh the game then. Log out, restart, log back in, and try again. You can even go as far as an uninstall/reinstall.

      • Since the event started, I’ve earned 9 donuts. Interestingly, most were while visiting friends who post here regularly! Thanks friends! But at this rate, there is no way I’ll get enough for Spider Pig. Twenty-one to go for Bartman, though!

      • Keep in mind, jmp, that’s felons, not criminals. Faster isn’t all that helpful, since the choke point is getting the feelings in the first place.

  14. No debate on my end. This is the one I’ve been waiting for most, and I picked him up the second the game let me. Yeah, this event has pushed back my normal donut-spending plans considerably [I also (now-regretably) got Plopper at the start of the event], but Bartman’s beyond worth it to me. I can’t wait to see his animations once I’m done with his starting quest line.

  15. Yeah Premium Character requires donuts to purchase
    (no thanks, EA) 🙁

  16. As a mostly freemium player… I had a choice to make either Spider Pig or Bartman, had to choose Spider Pig simply because it was a better deal.

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