The Big 5-0…Level 50 is Here!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 50 has arrived in Springfield!  And…the Bartcave is here!

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Lots of details to come, as we go through them.  For now know that Milhouse kicks things off! And the Lovejoys have finally arrived in Springfield!

Back with more in a bit. Details below the fold…updated with images 🙂

The Golden Level of TSTO has hit our devices…

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Side Note From Bunny: For all of those wondering WHO on earth is the Guy in the unlock screen? Well that is Royce… Royce McCutcheon. What does he have to do with the content this level? Well take a look at the episode I wrote about a ways back on the Investorettes & Fleet-A-Pita. If you watch the episode, you may see a familiar face. He is one of those “Power Speakers” so to speak. The Guy with a pep talk to get you to INVEST! Lol. Helen is all about her Investorettes and the questlines for the New Level 50 will revolve around them. 😉 (S8, EP11: The Twisted World of Marge Simpson)

And it truly is a miracle because Helen Lovejoy is FINALLY in Springfield!  Here’s the rundown for Level 50:



houseofpancakesMunicipal House of Pancakes- $1,000,000.  9×8.  24hr Build.  Comes with Helen Lovejoy.


burningbookmobileBook Burning Mobile- $200,000.


unlock_helenlovejoyHelen Lovejoy- FINALLY!




lovejoyresidence_menuLovejoy Residence- 180 Donuts. 5×10.   Earns $175, 18xp/6hrs.  Comes with Jessica Lovejoy!

shortys_menuShorty’s- 60 Donuts.  5×7.  Earns $105,11xp/3hrs.


murderpuss_menuMurderpuss- 30 Donuts.  Adds 1% bonus to all cash and xp.


unlock_jessicalovejoyJessica Lovejoy- It’s about time!  (And a side note to our friend Em from….you finally made them game!)

Note: For Jessica’s questline you will need the Jeb statue in your Springfield.  If you don’t already have it, it’s super easy and FREE to get!  Plus it comes with 10 FREE DONUTS!!  Here are the details on how to unlock the Jeb Statue (note you’ll need Homer free):


Special Premium Item for Superheros

bartmancave_menuBartman Cave- 55 Donuts.  6×8.  Earns $55, 5xp/1hr.  This is the only item that’s limited time with this update!  It will leave in just over 5.5 days (so 0800 GMT on 3/10.  Or 4am EDT…remember Daylight Savings is on 3/8 in the US)


New Friendship Prizes!

Two new Friendship Prizes are available!  (Remember ou’ll earn FP just by doing what you’re already doing to for Event Currency)

Friendship Level 14 at 3,000 FP (rush rate 300 donuts)

charactersets_helenlovejoyIt Blows- Building for Springfield, Earns $90, 10xp/4hrs.  4×8 in size

Friendship Level 15 at 5,000 FP (rush rate 500 donuts)

canyonero_menuCanyonero- Car for Springfield. 6×4 in size.


And there you have it my friends, the quick rundown for Level 50!

What do you think of the Level 50 additions?  Any premium items catch your eye so far?  Thoughts on Helen and Jessica Lovejoy?  How about the new decorations?  Thoughts about the new Friendship prizes?  And of course…what do you think about the Bartcave?! Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

278 responses to “The Big 5-0…Level 50 is Here!

  1. Ive been on level 50 for 3 days and no tasks have came up for any of these free chracters im i doing somthing wrong? Im in prosess of building the posh boys house for got his name 😕 any help or words of wisdom would be great 😁😁

    • You have to finish the quests for the lower levels before moving onto the higher level. Just because you’re on XP level 50 doesn’t mean your game play is there. Your game play has to catch up before you can start the level 50 questlines.

  2. Just reached level 50 and bought the book burning mobile but wondering if I should put it by the library (because it’s 2 do with books) or the church (because Rev Lovejoy drives it in the episode)

  3. I am in level 50 and all quests are done, for some reason The Joy of Gossip quest line is not activated and the Waffle House is not unlocked. Any clue? Help! Thanks!

    • What was the last character you unlocked/building you built?

      • I just built the abandoned warehouse for Michael D’Amico’s quest. But I’m not sure if I fully completed the Baking Bread quest line…Last time D’Amica was free nothing new came up.

      • Finally! Finally the quest was initiated. Saving up to build the waffle house 😉

  4. I’ve just noticed that now whenever I visit a neighbours Springfield I only get about $50 per house/object when I used to get more than double that! Why is this?

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