Superheroes Calendar Issue 3

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Issue 3 is now out and in full swing. For those of you that have already collected your 55,000 Pie Bombs and have now moved on to collecting 61,500 Freeze Rays… here is a Calendar that should help you out.


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER Issue 3 release so you can factor in time to get to the complete unlock of the new Issue.

Here we go…Superheroes Calendar Issue 3

The 3 Issues are going to overlap one another depending on where YOU are in the game.

Now for some insight. This Calendar is created by utilizing the date the new Issue launches. If you are behind and still collecting the previous issue items (Carbon Rods/Pie Bombs), you won’t match up the Calendar. No worries… I was in my game 10 minutes and already had 2000 Freeze Rays. They will be simple to collect if you just spend a lil time in your game and your neighbors daily. This is 61,500 divided by 13 days.



Here are the Prizes you can win for Issue 3 and the amount of Freeze Rays you will need to unlock them.

Issue 3 Prizes Requiring Freeze Ray Gunsfreezeray

superjeb_menu14000 Freeze Rays- Super Jeb
deathmountain_menu37000 Freeze Rays- Death Mountain
unlock_thecollider61500 Freeze Rays- The Collider



Don’t stop collecting Freeze Rays once you hit 61,500, because as in the last rounds you WILL have that extra chance at the 3 Donut Mystery Boxes. Word of caution on this one, if you are NOT in your town when you hit the bonus, any additional Freeze Rays collected may not count towards the new mark. So be careful. If you are close, you may want to go back to your Springfield just before you hit it. Super Bonus 6000

For every Additional 6000 Freeze Rays you collect, you will get the chance at tapping on one of 3 Mystery Boxes with 1, 2, or 3 Donuts inside. Super Bonus 3 Donut Boxes

If you miss your chance the first time or even second, you can retry for $150,000. So make sure you have some cash set aside if you want to buy your donuts. (I intentionally did NOT use my trick on this one so you can see how much it costs to try again. The 3 donuts were in the center box on this one without the trick.)

Super Bonus Try Again


Now… the shortcut trick I use for these and the Level Up Bonus boxes you can try in your games. This is completely up to YOU to try it. I seem to get 3 donuts pretty much every time on the first box with it. Just press and hold down on the box on the far right. Do not let go, keep pressing down. Watch the lights. They will cycle through around, back and forth, and flashing. Once they cycle all the way through one time, let go. (Usually as the lights are cycling to meet up at the top.) It is how I have usually avoided paying any extra cash for my 3 Donuts. 


There you have it. An Issue 3 Calendar taking you to the end of the 3 Issues and that much closer to the Secretive Issue 4. Again, do not worry… you CAN keep collecting the Issue Currency until you reach the next goal. So continue collecting Freeze Rays until you hit 61,500 and it will switch over for you.

What do you think of the new Issue 3 so far? How fast is your Collection of Freeze Rays going? How many do you have? Looking forward to a specific prize? Let us know.


83 responses to “Superheroes Calendar Issue 3

  1. Is it possible to have 65K freeze rays by now?

  2. Great Article
    If you Tap daily? You will earn ’em all (and get free donuts) 🙂

  3. I set my fighters off last night to fight the felons and when I logged on this morning none of the time had gone down! Has anyone else has this problem? I was hoping for some more handcuffs this morning but now I’ve started out at 4 hours again 🙁

    • Gotta make sure your game syncs before leaving. Next time try to visit Neighbors or Krustyland to for the game to sync before leaving.

    • OR I find waiting until the superhero gets to the felon before leaving the game works for me to. I make sure that the time starts to count down with the dialog box still open, ie. 3 hr 59 min, etc.

  4. SpelledHausenpfefferWrong

    Does Super Jeb do anything other than increase the Vanity rating? Was hoping he’d give us a load of freeze rays every once in a while.

  5. Does anyone know the dimensions for death mountain yet??

  6. This is the first I have heard of the trick, but I normally choose the box on the right and usually get three donuts in my A and B games. What I don’t understand is this guaranteed donut payout. Would you mind explaining for us dullards. Thanks 😋

  7. NA..NA…NaNNa..NA…Fruit Batman lol

  8. 24 hours in and I’ve got just over 11,000 Freeze Rays. OK, I gave myself a head start with a town full of criminals, but still… Should be OK for more free donuts, I reckon 😀

  9. Can I check with you abt the caution when visiting friends. If I am visiting friend during the issue bonus, and I happened to cross the bonus mark, would the three box donut window appear? Or that the game just continues to let me visit friends but never pop out the donuts window and did not record my subsequent ray guns. If I exit from friend visiting, would the donut window appear ? Or u mean I will just lose that 6000 ray guns and also all subsequent ray guns points and reset my score to zero again without any donut windows.

    • I mean when you are close to 6000, the collection will STOP there. So say you only need 5 more Freeze Rays but collect 12 more… those extra 7 are gone and you won’t get them back.

      • I pay close attention to my games because I think my B game is “favored.” When my B game hit 4000 pies the bonus boxes would pop up and afterward there would be a balance showing every time (ie: 4/4000). On my A game, after the bonus boxes, it always showed 0/4000. So frustrating the differences I see in my 2 games! B game was started v-day 2013, A game was started when android app was released like 3/2013. The only thing I can say against the favoritism argument is that NEITHER of my games got Shary Bobbins or Father Sean. Neither. I honestly can not believe EA did that to players and it still upsets me to this day not to have them in my game when I play so hardcore.

  10. In off work for a few days and caught up by playing 3 times a day hopefully I am going to get far enough ahead to get TheCollider not bothered about death mountain no where to put it .

    So event ends on24th are we due a sequel around the 26th?

  11. I stil got the pie’s when I tap a criminal or house. I din’t get Freese Rays. Working on ios and just reinstalled the app. Anyine tips or the same problem?

  12. why that criminal don´t give me guns¿ WAM… is Father Sean…. AGAIN XD

  13. Bunny you should post a YouTube video. 🙂 just saying.. Also I keep seeing milhouse all suited up but don’t have the option of adding his costume.. What am I missing?

    • Youtube of me doing the trick? Lol.

      Hmmmm…. in a suit? Sounds like one where he tried to woo Lisa.

      • YouTube video really would help. I finished the piebombs well early so got a couple of tries at this worked like a charm first few times then I kept getting one and having to take the 50:50 option to get 3. I can’t be doing it right!

  14. Is the collider a playable character? And does he have a blocked out tasks that may indicate what’s to come? Ie dr colossus had a death mountain tasks that needed issue 3 ; clownface rob bank needed issue 2.

    • Playable. He’s got a set of tasks that will unlock as you progress through his questline. His questline will start once you unlock him & complete before Issue 4 hits.

  15. Hey bunny. What happen to the handcuffs? How are we to craft the zenith items now? I’m only collecting Ray guns for the felons.

  16. I’ve received 6,500 Freeze Rays within 12 hours. Not bad! Not bad at all 🙂
    You donut tricks works for me just like a charm. If it fails, oh well, I’ve 76 MGC, so no problem if I miss one or more times.

  17. Should I buy Fruit-Bat-Man?

  18. Just had to share my excitement! I got 5 donuts at Sideshow You today! It’s only the first time since I got the “guaranteed” donut payout from the game! This makes me happy since I’m not getting donuts during friend visits yet. Hopefully that’ll only be a few more days, though. I’ve already gotten It Blows and hope to get the Canyonaro soon.

    I’m already up to about 500 Freeze Rays. I love how easy it is to get ahead and, therefore, get more bonus donuts. This event is really paying off for me. I’m a happy camper, for sure. 😀

  19. missing the clown wigs but hoping super Jed will have a task related? On the crafting I haven’t crafted anything yet – is it best to wait to get Zenith Times and then get the rest if time and tapping allows? Thanks for the new calendar!

    • Completely up to you. Just remember it’s all set to end on the 24th so craft what you want. I’ve been saving everything to see where I’m at on the 24th. Then, if I haven’t crafted everything, I’ll compare dont costs to finis things and decide what I really want. Of the items, the one I really want is the apartments actually.

  20. Over 5500 so far so should be on target, I didnt tap on criminals last night and had loads but hardly any when I logged in, thry soon picked up and am happy with my first day of rays, still got 3 donuts to get for bartman soon get them I hope, thought I might be lucky popping balloons but no joy yet, great event so far

  21. Oh. I see collider has a cat in his hands. Hopefully the cat wont be launched or eaten this time. Poor cats of Springfield 🙁

  22. There one thing I’m not liking about this event, the lack of storyline of the vilians we unlock. It is just one task or two and then its just tap. I find quite boring sometimes just to tap and no storyline to keep me entertained. Just my opinion.

  23. Wooohooo! Finally unlocked Dr C today after furiously tapping the last couple days….hopefully back on track now for round three. And…relax : )

  24. Could care less about boring Super Jeb. Death Mountain seems like the coolest prize of the whole superheroes series though.
    Is Burns Fruit-Bat man just a skin and short quest line like Bartman?

  25. Thanks for the calendar. My quick math – 12 criminals per hour at 20 per tap equals 240 / hour. Round that to 250 / hour equals 1000 every 4 hours. That equals 6000 every day. Tap less frequently, but with friends and neighbors and 5000 per day is achievable.

  26. I just saw that one of my friends in the game already has all 3 prizes from issue 3, and we are barely 11 hours in it. Is that possible even with a lot of donut-rushing? Oo

  27. I am waiting for Issue 4, and hopefully Radioactive Man will be one of the prizes. I suspect that it will be the 3rd of the issue

  28. This one is going to be hard, and i do play multiple times a day….. I awaited the change so i managed to do a complete clear within minutes of the new game, even with all my neighbours visiting me and me them, i am still behind….

  29. I’ve tried the three donut trick before, but since I couldn’t remember how it was supposed to be done I settled with what I got, which was mostly two donuts. Definitely trying this if/when I max out this issue.

  30. If Bunny’s trick to get 3 donuts doesn’t work and you get 2, go for the middle one. If you only get 1, then try the left hand one next.
    It doesn’t always work, but it’s been like that about 3 times out of 4 for me – and I had plenty of goes to test it during issues 1 and 2!

    • I’ve read what I typed again, and it’s not even clear to me! So, let me have another try.

      1) Try Bunny’s tip to get 3 donuts! It should work. If it does, yippee!
      2) So, you held down on the right hand one but, like me half the time, you timed it wrong and:
      a) got 1 donut
      b) got 2 donuts

      If a) try again by just tapping the left hand box – no need to hold it down
      If b) just tap the middle box – no need to hold it down

      9 times out of 10 I’ll get 3 donuts in the first two attempts by doing this.

      • When she says she lets go “usually as the lights are cycling to meet up” does she mean the lights at the front of the “snake” or the last lights at the rear of the “snake”?

        I usually let go when the last light dots on each side meet up at the top. I get 3 donuts more than 33% of the time, but not always.

        Also, I’ve read that the placement of the donuts is selected before one selects a donuts (i.e. they don’t cycle through while awaiting you to pick a box). Is this true?

        • BOTH. If you watch the cycle… the lights start to come up BOTH sides as if to meet up at the top Center. THAT is when I let go.

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