Where Did THAT Come From – Bartman

Howdy fellow Super Friends! How y’all doing?

So, I’m sure by now you’ve seen Bartman available in your characters menu and debated whether or not you needed him in your town. Of course, some may not have pulled the donut trigger just yet and others were like me and virtually shelled out the donuts faster than a speeding bullet. Whether or not the Black Bart has entered your vigilante collection, I think it’s about time we looked at the origins for the caped crusader of Springfield.


One of the first things I thought of when I saw Bartman in my town was Bart’s introduction to his classmates at St. Jerome’s Catholic School in “The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star” (S16:E21).

“Hi, I’m Bart Simpson, aye carumba, do the Bartman, et cetera, et cetera.”

Probably helped that I’d just seen the episode too lol. Bartman is just one of those things completely synonymous with our favorite yellow prankster. Like “Eat My Shorts” or “Don’t Have a Cow Man”, it’s one of those great things I am so happy EA added into the Superhero Event for a respectable premium price. Bart appeared in his cape and cowl early on in the Best. Show. Ever. We can see it way back in “Three Men and a Comic Book” (S2:E21).

Lisa and Bart are off to 12th Annual “Close Encounter of the Comic Book Kind” Convention. Waiting in line, they discover admission is reduced if you come dressed like a cartoon character. Bart quickly jumps into a red phone booth (sound like a familiar Collector prize?) and transforms into Bartman. It doesn’t work to get him reduced admission but we do see him in his outfit for the rest of the annual funny book convention that pumps 300 dollars into the local economy.


This appearance is the one I’m sure was the inspiration for the new skin but Bartman is in other episodes too. Let’s head to “They Saved Lisa’s Brain” (S10:E22). When Bart appears as the Human Garbage Disposal for KBBL’s “How Low Will You Go?” contest, sponsored by Grandma Plopwell’s Pudding, he is wearing his Bartman cowl.

Bartman 2

In “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times” (S18:E11), the episode centers around three stories of revenge. Bart’s story is all about Bartman but this version is different than just the cape and mask. It’s basically similar to Batman’s origin story only featuring Bartman. In this version, Bart has more muscles than a New England clam bake.

Bartman 3

Pretty sweet and worth a watch. Also includes more skins that could come out if EA ever decided to do another Superhero Event. Gotta love The Crimson Cockatoo, The Toker, The Diddler, Mr. Mole, Sugar & Spice and Poison Lenny.

Bartman Begins Skins

Snake as The Serpent is awesome too.

Bartman Begins Skins 2

Also interesting to point out that the criminals in our game resemble the robber who robbed Apu in this segment.

Criminals TSTO

Bart also dressed as Bartman in the Homer Shake sequence which was shown before “Gorgeous Grampa” (S24:E14). The FXNow version doesn’t include it but I’d never leave you hanging.

And that’s about it my friends. I think it’s super rad that Bart can now stalk our towns as a masked vigilante. Bartman is definitely something tappers have requested for a long time. I’ve seriously been humming the amazing song written by Michael Jackson as I’ve typed up this thing. When I was a wee fuzzball, I had The Simpsons Sing the Blues on cassette and listened to this song until the tape wore out. (I’m also a huge fan of “Deep, Deep Trouble”). I figure the best way to end this post is just to share some of the lyrics from “Do the Bartman” with my favorite tappers. Not the whole song but that’s what MyTube is for. I can tell you the chorus is repeated a lot and the music video is awesome sauce.

Yo! Hey, what’s happenin’, dude?
I’m a guy with a rep for bein’ rude.
Terrorizin’ people wherever I go.
It’s not intentional, just keepin’ the flow.
Fixin’ test scores to get the best scores,
Droppin’ banana peels all over the floor.
I’m the kid that made delinquency an art.
Last name: Simpson! First name: Bart!
I’m here today to introduce the next phase,
The next step in the big Bart craze.
I gotta dance real easy to do.
I learned it with no rhythm and so can you.
So move your body, if you got the notion,
Front to back in a rock-like motion
Now that you got it, if you think you can,
Do it to the music. That’s the Bartman!

Back-up singers: Everybody if you can, do the Bartman! (Bart: Whoa!)
Shake your body, turn it out if you can, man! (Bart: Check it out, man!)
Move your butt to the side, as you can, can. (Bart: Bartman!)
Everybody in the house, do the Bartman! (Bart: Uh-huh!)
Everybody if you can, do the Bartman!
Shake your body, turn it out if you can, man! (Bart: Whooooa, mama!)
Move your butt to the side, as you can, can. Everybody in the house, do the Bartman!

Bart: It wasn’t long ago, just a couple of weeks,
I got in trouble. Yeah, pretty deep.
Homer was yelling, (Homer: BART!) Mom was, too,
Because I put moth balls in the beef stew.
Punishment time, in the air lurks gloom.
Sittin’ by myself, confined to my room,
When all else fails, nothin’ else left to do.
I turn on the music so I can feel the groove!

Back-up singers: Move your body, if you got the notion, (Bart: I’m feelin’ the groove now, baby!)
Front to back in a rock-like motion (Bart: Bring it back! Whoa!)
Move your hips from side to side now (Bart: Do the Bartman! Whoa!)
Don’t you slip, let’s reply now. (Bart: Lisa!)
If you’ve got the groove… (Bart: Yeah!)
You gotta use it. Rock rhythm in time with the music. (Bart: Check it out!)
You just might start a chain reaction.
Bart: If you can do the Bart, you’re bad like Michael Jackson!

Now I’m in the house, feelin’ good to be home
‘Til Lisa starts blowin’ that damn saxophone.
And if it was mine, you know they’d take it away,
But still I’m feelin’ good, so that’s okay.
I’m up in my room, just a-singin’ a song,
Listen to the kick-drum kickin’ along.
Yeah, Lisa likes jazz, she’s her number one fan,
But I know I’m bad, ’cause I do the Bartman!

Oh, yeah! You call that dancin’?
Ha! Watch this rhythm!
Ha-ha, yeah!
Ha-ha, fling it!
Eat your heart out, Michael!

Stay classy… Much love… TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. As a youngster, I would listen to that cassette all the time. I would crawl in my waterbed, stick my giant headphones on, pop the cassette in my Walkman, and fall asleep listening to my favorite songs. Good times.

  2. on Simpsons sing the blues if anyone is looking for the song

  3. 3500 ish ASPs, ~9500 zappy things, 63 donuts but have given up sleep and breaks to put the blinkers on Bartman (think un-bart-like thoughts, think un-bart-like thoughts) and aim for Spider Pig!

  4. I know you were listening to that cassette tape on your Walkman just like I was in the early 90’s lol. Bartman is an absolute must have for boys that grew up loving the Bart dude.

  5. I have that album on CD. I have to say that Lisa’s version of “God Bless the Child” is excellent. Another random fact: I had a Psychology professor in college named Bart Mann. I bet he hated that song!

    And of course I bought the skin the minute it becam available. I love this event!

  6. Wookster – The love you have for Bartman and his song put a feel-good smile on my face! 🙂

  7. I just wanted to say that this is the Best. Website. Ever. It really is! I always am so excited to check for new posts. Keep up the good work!

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