Episode Recap: The Princess Guide

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Wookiee popping in with another episode recap for y’all. A bunch of new episodes have aired over the last month or so and true to form, I fell behind again in writing them up for all my friends who cant see them or like my random recaps of them. I promise I’ll keep up with these as best I can but for now, I’ll just stick with the better late than never idea and get them out to you as fast as life allows. I kept to the stream of consciousness style for the review. Here’s my thoughts on Season 26, Episode 15: “The Princess Guide”.


– No full intro but an appearance by Pincess Penelope is cool and I still am laughing at “Mmmmmmm… paper jam.” Funny that the last two episodes have shown old school printers with margined paper. Ya think the writers are nostalgic for simpler times?


– Funny Springfield Shopper headline: Hurricane Consuela Stopped at U.S. Border… lol

– Take your daughter to work day. There’s never a take your son to work day because of the Dirty Dozen, 12 Angry Men and the X-Men. Despite all that, should be a fun day for Lisa and Homer at the plant.


– And Burns doesn’t surprise anyone he’s a misogynistic chauvinist.

– And Elon Musk gets dissed on again in the show (“that earth-smooching buttinski”), Burns is nearly bankrupt. He even had to replace his hounds with teacup poodles. Boy are they cute. We also learn Burns keeps clones in his feezer. I love them popping up during the episode. All Burns got from Musk was an electric car ( a blue one like TSTO!). We also learn Burns’ Flanders is Richard Branson lmbo.



– Burns has a plan to fix his financial woes… negotiate a Uranium deal with a Nigerian king. If he fails, he’d have to move to the South Pacific with Smithers… begin strange homoerotic fantasies for Waylan.

– Homer doesn’t know much about the Power Plant but his greatest skill is lunchroom trading. Homer turning his one corn chip into an amazing salad for Lisa is quite possibly one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen Homer do for his daughter. Additional learning: Homer decribes Lisa’s eyes as “baby blacks”.

– Burns meets with the King and dines on monkey brains. He’s not that insensitive… it’s his meal. All the king asks is that Burns make sure his daughter is chaperoned during their negotiations. But who would be the perfect choice? Surely not Homer even if he’s seen in the aftermath of his awesome Dad moment on camera? Waylan really digs his island fantasy and endorses Homer certain things will get messed up and true love will be his.

– Homer babysits Princess Kemi. All he has to do is keep her in her hotel room during the negotiations… should be easy. Marge wishes he’d do some babysitting at home but Homer can’t watch commoners as the Royal Babysitter… the tongues would be awag. Kemi just wants to see “the America whose greatest cities (she’s) only seen destroyed in movies.” Homer has an idea.

– Ok… that’s not so great so Homer takes her someplace that’s fun with a capital F… Moe’s. Moe is so awkward and Kemi speaks 5 languages… I can vouch for the Japanese. Somehow, the two of them get along. Too bad Moe is convinced Kemi must have a brother who was the Nigerian Prince who never paid him for his e-mail scam. Moe was sure it was legit because of the bad spelling and grammar.


– Kemi scoots out while Homer is talking to Moe. Chief Wiggum turns out to be no help because he doesn’t believe Homer’s “lost African Princess” story. He also doesn’t believe Gil saw a robbery or that Apu was shot.  Wiggum locks the three of them in his cruiser. “What is this, St. Patrick’s Day?” 

– Homer is under poilice custody but Kemi actually returns to Moe’s to pay him for her drink. Meanwhile Lenny and Homer think Carl would make a great imposter for the Princess. Alas, we never see that take shape in the episode. Smithers calls to check up on Homer and is trilled when Homer obviously doesn’t have her.


– Moe and Kemi continue to get along swell. Sure they can’t find common ground in literature (Kemi’s native authors sound pessimistic) but when she falls asleep on Moe’s cot… he can’t stay mad at her. She goes to leave while Moe is saying his goodnight blessings but after hearing it, decides to stay.

“Good night, moon. Good night, broom. Good night, jukebox that won’t play a tune. Good night, eggs. Good night, dregs. Good night, bugs crawling up my legs. Good night, beer. Good night, mice. Good night, princess who treats me nice.”

– Burns negotiations aren’t going so swell. Why won’t the King just accept an offer of goats? Smithers fantasy is getting closer and closer to a reality. Ok… he accepts 20 million goats but no dogs dressed up as goats.

– Moe takes Princess Kemi off to see Springfield via scooter. Her first montage. Homer finds the two together watching the Springfield Tire Fire but they are able to make an escape via bicycle taxi. Thankfully for them Homer can’t run. Kemi actually wants to go back with Homer though before she even saw the place Dave Grohl got mugged. Kemi gives Moe a smooch on the forehead which turns into a paparazzi scandal.

– The photo messes up Burns’ negotiations and Smithers is super happy! Of course, the King’s fear that Moe stole his daughter’s heart is unfounded. Her kiss was “more like when Snow White kissed Dopey.” And Moe has had that comparison before… maybe it’s the ear wiggling.

– Homer manages to save the day by convincing the king it’s best to let daughters do their own thing. After all, you can’t strangle a girl. Poor Smithers dream is dust but Burns gets his uranium, Moe got a smooch and some Ethiopian depressing literature and Kemi got a it’s 5 o’clock somewhere coaster.

– Yay… Clones that Smithers might be serial killing?

– Moe gets old in 3 years and finally washes his forehead… the end.

– Oh wait… more of Richard Branson. The Virgin Earth Challenge to eliminate green house gases. Branson can’t go 5 minutes without mentioning Virgin lol.


– And the whole episode was in loving memory of the immensely talented and amazing Leonard Nimoy. RIP Spock… LLAP.  The cosmic ballet goes on. Honestly just this end with a pic from the Best. Episode. Ever. makes this episode a win for me.

Leonard Nimoy Simpsons

So that was the episode my friends. It was an interesting one and with all the bad things that we usually enjoy seeing happen to poor, sad Moe… it was kind of nice that a pretty Princess could make him feel special even if it was just for a moment. Moe never did find out if her brother cheated him but oh well. Also great to see Homer be a good parent even if he’s a poopy babysitter. Stay classy and keep on tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!


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