Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 3, Prize 3 …The Collider

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the third Issue of the Superhero Event, action will slow down a bit as Dr. Colossus takes over.  You’ll see the questline require more prizes in order to progress…but don’t be discouraged.  For the lull in the questline doesn’t mean a lull in the action.  There’s plenty of Criminals to tap, Felons to clobber & freeze rays to get!

The Event is broken up into 4 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the Story.   To help you along with the story line you’ll get at least 3 prizes per Issue.  Each prize will help further move you through the story and uncover what comes next! For Issue 3 you’re tasked with collecting Freeze Rays to unlock each prize!  The third Issue 3 prize awarded at 61,500 Freeze Rays is The Collider. Because every evil operation needs a double agent.


So let’s take a closer look at this Double Agent and just what happens when you unlock him in your Springfield…

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve collected 61,500 Freeze Rays you’ll automatically be awarded The Collider and you’ll see this message popup:

2015-03-16 00.24.07

Once you’ve unlocked The Collider, a questline will start up between him and Dr. Colossus and then you’ll see the character unlock messages popup. The Collider, unlike the other 3rd prize characters for the event (Dr. Colossus and Clownface) will actually have a full questline once you unlock him.  So you won’t have to wait for Issue 4 to start in order to use him!  Let’s take a look at the questline that unfolds once you’ve won The Collider…

The Collider Pt. 1
Auto start

The Collider: I can’t let Dr. Colossus know I’m really a double-agent working for the Superior Squad.
Dr. Colossus: Did you just say something devious out loud?
The Collider: Um…I…um…no.
Dr. Colossus: Just get back to work!  We have a town to enslave

2015-03-16 00.25.10 2015-03-16 00.25.14


Make the Collider Work as a Double Agent- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Collider Pt. 2
Dr. Colossus starts

Dr. Colossus: It seems that no matter how hard I try my evil plans backfire.
Collider: Have you ever thought there might be a double agent in the facility?
Dr. Colossus: No, I’ve never thought that.
Collider: That’s a relief
Dr. Colossus: But now that you bring it up, it makes perfect sense.  Find this traitor and eliminate him!!
Make The Collider Pet Mr. Boson- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Dr. Colossus: Did the mole surface yet?
Collider: The mole has been eliminated.  Now feel free to let down your guard and tell me all your secret plans.
Dr. Colossus: Good job, Collider.  You make evil easy.

The Collider Pt. 3
Dr. Colossus starts

Dr. Colossus: I’ve done it!  I’ve created the ultimate doomsday weapon!
Collider: Congratulations.  What does it do?
Dr. Colossus: It makes everything taste like dry chicken.  I call it the “Poult-Ray”
Collider: He’s removing the plump juiciness from life, like a bad backyard BBQ?!  I must stop him!
Make The Collider Sabotage the Poult-ray- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

The Collider Pt. 4
Collider starts

Collider: Ugh, I was too close to the “Poult-Ray” when it blew.  *cough* My juices are running clear…I’m cooked to a crisp. *wheeze*
Make the Collider Die and Come Back in the Credits- 8hrs, Earns 20 Freeze Rays, 70xp
Collider: I’m alive!  Protected by a layer of exploded chicken fat.  And my skin…so soft and supple.
Dr. Colossus: This is terrible!  The Poult-ray was destroyed!  Collider?  Is that you?  You look 20 years younger.
Collider: Good living, I guess.
Dr. Colossus: It’s true.  Evil living does add years to a villain’s life.  Let’s head back to the lab and we’ll start again.
Collider: Sure thing, boss.

And that completes The Collider’s questline!

The Collider is a full playable character, with a FULL set of tasks.  Let’s take a look at his tasks..

thecollider_victory_pose_right_image_4 thecollider_die_and_come_back_active_right_1_image_3 thecollider_cuddle_mr_boson_active_right_2_image_5

Task Length Earns
Report In 1hr $70, 17xp
Work as a Double Agent 4hrs $175, 45xp
Die and Come Back in the Credits 8hrs 20 Event Currency, 70xp
Sabotage Colossus’s Plans 12hrs $420, 100xp
Yo Dawg* 16hrs $750, 200xp
Pet Mr. Boson 24hrs $600, 150xp

*Requires the Super Collider Building (From Halloween 2012)

What’s next?
Free donuts!  Just like the previous issues you’ll have the chance to earn FREE donuts for continuing to collect Freeze Rays.  For this round, every 6000 Freeze Rays collected will award you the chance at 1, 2 or 3 donuts!

So that my friends is the full breakdown of The Collider!

What do you think of The Collider?  Thoughts on the questline up to this point?  Have you earned him yet?  If not how close are you?  Thoughts on his tasks? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

59 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 3, Prize 3 …The Collider

  1. Janet Rodriguez

    Anyone else having the 12 hr task “Sabotage Colossus’s Plans” grayed out because it says it needs a quest? I don’t have any for him, he’s been done since the last superhero event.

    Any ideas on how to trigger it?

  2. I’ve had a mission for the collider stuck in my game for ages. Says make collider work as double agent, but requires death Mountain which I don’t have. Any idea how to get rid of that?

  3. How can I get death mountain the quest never popped up

    • It was released during the Superhero event, as a prize. So if you didn’t get it during that event currently there’s no way to get it

  4. Thomas O'Mally

    What is Yo, Dawg and will the building required reappear?
    Btw, do you know of any character in this superhero event who can fly?

    • Hard to say if it’ll reappear. EA could bring it back with another Yard Sale.

      If you’ve seeing a flying superhero in a neighbor’s town they’re playing with a hacked or modded game.

      • Thank you, I thought I had seen the Collider kind of rise up into the air behind a building in a neighbour’s Springfield.
        Does this sound like one of the Collider’s animations?

  5. Only just unlocked Death Mountain, I doubt I’ll see The Collider in my Springfield anytime soon. At least the Enterprise keeps me company. 😉

    • Use the Superior Squd headquaters x 2 donuts if you have any spare donuts, and you have over 200 aboretum. That will get you there cheaper than buying it out right and faster than tapping. See my post below

  6. I really want to get Death Mt. But I’m not close enough to be able to get it by the time the 24th rolls around. Do we know yet if you’ll still be allowed to continue on the issue you are on once Issue 4 comes? If so, I’ll be able to get it.

  7. I wish he and Crazy Cat Lady had a joint task to herd cats, with animation.

  8. Ok guys I have found a way to get a heap of ray guns for a small amount of effort and a only a few donuts. If you look at the Superior Squad HQ(SSHQ) you will notice that you complete the task in 4 hours, but that only costs you 2 donuts. Now that is not great value when say it only earns you 15 ray guns, or pies or carbon rods. Well by this stage of the game you should have collected enough aboretum to make the Superior Squad HQ a real event currency earner. I currently require 84 aboretum to boost my SSHQ from a reward of 225 to 235 ray guns. When you are at this sort of level using 2 donuts to earn you 225 ray guns is a pretty good deal. I went from having about 45,000 ray guns to having 55,000 in a short space of time. 10,000 ray guns divided by 225 = 44.44 which is roughly the amount of donuts I needed to spend to get 10,000 ray guns in under 2 minutes. Way better value than spending donuts to buy the bonus items outright. For example I have currently 60,110 ray guns, just 1390 shy of winning the Collider. To buy that out right would cost me 30 donuts. If I was to spend 2 donuts on SSHQ to earn 225 ray guns a time, I could complete that in about 6 turns, or 12 donuts. Not a bad way to catch up if you are low on time, short on ray guns, long on donuts, but want value for you spend, as the event winds down. But this only works well if you have your SSHQ earning 200 +.

  9. Waiting for issue 4 to start.
    Maybe working with children makes me less patient when it comes to my most favourite addiction.

    But today I saw a very active Radioactive Man flying through one of my neighbours towns.
    Not sure if it is an indicator for issue 4 or if it was just some random but nice coinsidence.
    Anyway I should stop speculating and wait for what’s to come.

    You keep up your great work!
    You superhero addicts!

  10. Miguel Martinez

    Arnie Pye, in his 12 hr task, now rides his helicopter a little bit faster than usual. Its real or just my imagination?

  11. Does anybody know if the lockpicks, capes and handcuffs will help in the 4th issue yet, or should I blow them all while they are still worth something?

  12. Any chance that the super collider building will be offered as a premium purchase for those of us not fortunate to be around since Halloween 2012?

  13. This has been an awesome event!
    One question, do you know if the craft items will be extended into phase 4? I want to know if I should buy everything I can or save them for phase 4. Thanks

    • As of right now, it shows crafting ending on the 24th. EA could extend it but I’d hate to tell you to wait and then miss out on crafting multiples.

  14. I love that his cat is Mr. Boson. I wonder does someone in death mountain have a pet named Mr. Higgs?

    • Oh – BOSON! When I got the task (late at night) I thought it said BOSTON. Now I get it! Thanks for typing this correctly!

  15. His 16 hour mission with the Super Collider Building… HA! I will probably abuse that meme after the story quests. XD

  16. Loving the event. Unlocked The Collider a couple of days ago and just finished the quest line. Have just received my second set of free donuts from issue 3 so all going well.

    I do wonder if we will see a “Death and Return of Superman” type story line for issue 4 for a certain other hero that may have perished a few weeks ago….

  17. Hmmm… So I guess if I want him to continue to have a 1-hour task, I’ll need to keep that huge, hideous Death Mountain in my town, huh? Bummer!

    I know that “Mr. Boston” must be a parody of something, but I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know what. Would anyone care to enlighten me? 🙂

    • emma or emurphy318

      Sandra I think it’s Boson, not Boston, and the only thing I could think of was the higgs-boson theory, which seems random until you realize he also has a task at the Super Collider building, and he’s named the Collider after all so he’s all about subatomic particles!

    • The Collider and Mr. Boson are a play on the “Higgs Boson” and CERN’s “Large Hadron Collider”, where the Higgs boson particle is created.

    • Higgs Boson, as in particle physics and the Higgs Boson COLLIDER.
      The Collider has a precious little pet kitty with a perfectly PUNderful name.

    • Oh jeez – it was a *reading* problem I was having, not a *science* problem! I thought it said BOSTON, not BOSON. Totally would have gotten the joke if I had read it correctly. This is why I really should get off the iPad earlier at night!

  18. I unlocked him 2 nights ago, and yesterday got my first round of bonus donuts from this issue last night! Gotta love all the free donuts in this event

  19. Heh I know what’s in store for issue 4 (NO SPOILERS!). But I know you guys will be happy with it 😉

  20. The Collider is great. Love his voice, his cat-petting task, that he interacts with The SuperCollider, that one of his tasks is to die (in which he sort of slumps over and spasms as though short circuiting)… Great!

    Getting playable characters is one of my favorite things in this game. And the Superheroes Event has been fantastic for that with three new Freemiums (Fall Out Boy, Dr. Colossus, and The Collider), and two Premiums (Spider Pig and Petroleus Rex). (Not to mention the five new Free/Pre-mium character costumes…). Love it!

    I got my Collider Tuesday night, and I’ve already got three Super Bonuses for 9 total free donuts… I expect to get at least three more SB by end of Monday.

    I’m really looking forward to Issue 4 and hoping for more characters, woot!

    P.S. Is there some meaning/inside joke to his cat’s name?

  21. Any news on what Issue 4 will be? And will it go past the time limit?

    • As soon as Issue 4 goes live, we will be here with all the info. Should start on the 24th. We don;t do speculation even when we have an idea because we;ve been burned too many times to count. EA is sneaky sometimes.

  22. I saw him letting the cat and kept thinking of that anti-tobacco commercial about left swiping (whatever that means) but the girl going
    “Hes cuddling a KITTEN!” Makes me giggle

    • emma or emurphy318

      I think they’re referring to the dating app Tinder, where you swipe left or right to indicate your level of interest in someone.. never tried it myself but that commercial is pretty funny.

    • FYI left swiping is a reference to Tinder. What the college kids use to hook up. It’s a dating app where you see pictures and swipe left or right to indicate your interest (or not).

  23. So we will get one weeks rest and then an Easter event will be launched?

  24. I’m still working on the death mountain. Really hoping they keep issue 3 open when they release isssue 4. Hopefully I can unlock the collider before time runs out. I am slightly hopefull because the outline above issue 4 looks like it could be him.

  25. I am highly amused that the Collider and the Super Collider have a task together. This is my highly amused face -> =D

  26. TheWackyWombat

    I laughed when I saw the cat was named ‘Mr. Boson’, it’s a nice touch.

  27. I have unlocked him and he’s now midway through petting the cat. Any idea what’s coming in the next stage?

  28. The Character pets the kitty (lol)
    Yeah collecting 6,000 vs 4,000 for extra donuts (its doable , but my fingers tapped out ’til Part 4 of Event begins)
    I have 20 donuts (freely earned) and plenty of Freemiums, no complaints 🙂

  29. Awwwww he has a pet cat! Now I am even more super excited to get him lol : )

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