Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  No new Simpsons tonight…but TSTO is still in full swing!  St. Patrick’s Day ends tomorrow and Issue 4 of the Superhero Event starts up on Tuesday.  What St. Patrick’s Day items did you pick up?  What do you think will happen when Issue 4 hits?  Thoughts on what the next event might be?  NCAA March Madness is in full swing!  How are your brackets doing?  Any crazy upsets you’re not too happy about?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


325 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. I saw someone post earlier about resetting your town. How often do you do this? The last few days, I have only been removing hand shakes and leaving untouched buildings. Almost all my neighbors visit daily. I had 10 visit around 8am this morning (15 hours ago). No one has visited since. My buildings have money, $ signs, etc. Do I need to reset the buildings or re-install the game? Thanks

    • I just visited you then, your prisons to be exact. I have only been visiting neighbours every 36-48hrs since the event ended because I have been busy renovating my town.

      • I saw. That’s fine, Jebus. I was wondering if people didn’t see anything to tap on since that many daily visitors didn’t stop by.

  2. Just a thought or suggestion for our tireless moderators, could the possibility of combining the “where did it come from” and “should I buy” be looked at, I think they are concurrent posts and relate mostly to the same idea. The combination may also cut down or more appropriately “streamline” information into a singular thread reducing work?

    • Tried long ago. Problem is some are simple. Others not so much. Readers preferred them broke so quick info for buying vs detailed info on WDTCF.

      The two take completely different focus and info doesn’t flow.

  3. Not sure what’s happening. I have tried to post under Craig’s post and both times it is coming under Tapebelts post…

    • I found ’em!

      I see what happened, too.

      This blog is set to only allow two levels of reply, so the comment that you were replying to didn’t have a reply option or button, so the reply button you were selecting was placing your reply after other replies at the same level.

      If you want your reply to immediately follow another, but that one doesn’t have the option to reply, go up one level and reply to that one instead.

      Also, if you are posting a reply and realize you don’t want to post it after all, there is a CANCEL REPLY button in small print above your reply (on the right side) which will cancel your reply. Interestingly, if you click on a different reply button, anything you typed the first time is preserved, which can be helpful or annoying, depending on why you cancelled.

    • you wish you knew how to quit me! 😀

  4. Seems the only “Gate” decoration in TSTO is the Springfield Park Gate, which has the respective title on it as a logo. Does anyone know of any other ways to create a gate like appearance, other than just a separation between the barbed wire fence? I just don’t want a gate in front of Burns Manor or whatever saying Springfield Park.

    • Two of the wrought-iron fences placed at a right angle to adjoining fences can look like open gates.

    • There was the Easter gate for those that were lucky enough (apart from the ridiculous amount of Easter fencing :)…

    • couple of my favorite ways to design gate entrances can be done using nothing but free decorations. an iron gate and barbed wire fence back to back (oriented in opposite directions) gives the appearance of an automatic security gate, which you can play with to make look open or closed. the other method involves “just a separation” between iron gates, but adding a black lamp post flush to each side and oriented in the direction your fencing is going gives you a simple, yet classy gate entrance. and i apologize if my explanations weren’t as clear as they seemed in my head, so lemme know if you need any examples pics.

      • Oh, and you can do Tape’s “security booth” which consists of four telephone booths (regular blue ones, not the ones from the event) placed together in a square, with wooden fencing all around. Placed next to any fence across a driveway, it reinforces the idea of a gate.

  5. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    Here is a question that has plagued me for a while. What are the best places to visit your friends? Does it matter? Is it better to visit a short time – low reward house (brown) or a longer time – higher reward house? Or maybe even an object like the Lemon Tree or something like the Unemployment Office? What helps your friend the most?

    • Longer-time, high-reward building first, because it resets the clock for them. Same with lemon tree. Not the same with farm or tv/radio stations, because there’s no clock reset for those, so I try not to tap them as long as there’s other stuff available. (One exception to that… If you see that someone’s farm crop has withered, you can tap it to revive it for them. But it’s very unusual to see that…) Beyond that, it’s pretty much up to you.

      And then there’s the big tagging debate…some folks HATE having their spray cans tapped, while others like it, because it’s the only way to earn money and XP from those buildings. Some folks don’t care either way. If you got your neighbor from the “no-tagging” post, then, obviously, you should never tag them (although the occasional accident can happen). Otherwise, I think it’s pretty much up to you, unless you’re aware of particular neighbors who prefer not to be tagged or prefer to be tagged and can keep track of that.

      • I try and do the do as you would be done by approach, I keep (now I have a couple of destroyed brown houses…) 20 brown houses free, along with multiple kwikemarts and various 4-hour tap buildings I try to keep available.
        If trying (like at the moment, thanks for the reminder Sandra) for the KL pop bonus I’ll choose to KL most of the time, but on the whole I choose normal Springfield with the most immediate tap, as it takes~45mins to an hour to go tapping friends. As all taps irrespective of building type, as far as I understand, generate the same revenue, I’m not sure that tapping on specific items (excluding events) makes a difference. ..

  6. I really like Kane Manor, I think it’s the most visually interesting building to date. Hope to see more of this caliber soon.

  7. Dearest neighbors,

    Due to a serious lack of sleep and the fact that my towns have timeslipped again, I’m going to put off my neighbor visits until tomorrow, so I can reset the clock. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone…at least there’s no special “collecting” going on right now!

    Nighty night,
    Sandra S.

  8. Has anyone gotten any Sideshow You donuts since the superhero event started? I think I’m WAY overdue for them…at two visits a day, I should get my 300 pops in 50 days, and I think it’s been a lot longer than that (nothing since the Christmas event, I think). I’m just wondering if maybe it’s broken or something…

    • I picked up five of them during the event. It was my second set of five from Sideshow You, ever.

    • Not yet, but probably not as active as you top achieve the 50 day average, that being said I can’t be too far off… a watched pot?

  9. Quick question, I have maxed out my friend level. So I know that I get 3x the money when I visit neighbors and when they visit me. I’m 40 days away from corn, if one of my friends taps the grown corn, will I get 3x the 45k? Its one of those things that sounds too good to be true.

    • No you’ll get the regular payout

    • To clarify further, the only thing that’s multiplied by 3 is the “extra” money and XP that you get for clearing the handshake, not the money you collect for the value of the building. (Actually, until now, I always thought that the only thing that was multiplied by 3 was the money and XP you get for tapping on stuff in other people’s towns, but I guess it would make sense that that should apply too clearing handshakes in your own town, since that would have earned FPs before you maxed out.)

  10. Anyone else been having trouble “connecting to the server” today? Just wondering if it’s just me. Playing in the same place as always so not sure what’s going on.

  11. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    I don’t know if something new is going on but I just spent 50 minutes going through ALL of my friends and I got 5 donuts! That has never happened to me. Maybe I have gotten 2 but never 5.

    • Maybe it’s making up for all the time we weren’t getting them as we completed two new Friendship levels? IDK for sure.

      I picked up four of them the other day, and three the day after that, never more than one per day since then….


      • @Craig, would you like duplicate keys for those three brown houses you keep tapping? 🙂

      • LOL about that keys comment, etamni!

        Thanks – I readily needed that laugh this morning 🙂

      • It’s like the first-time home buyer who keeps cruising past that house. You know the one: it’s been for sale for awhile, needs just a bit of work, but the prospective buyer needs to save money for a down payment just a bit longer. 🙂

    • It has been random, I had four sprinkles in the first five days, then had five in the round, whereas last attempt none. Agree with Etamni, meh, nothing different 😉

    • wow 50 minutes. i’m getting burnt out on the 20 minutes it takes me to tap-n-run my neighbors (it was close to 40 mins with the 6 taps each during the superhero event), and i don’t even have them maxed out yet. at some point, i gotta start asking myself… what’s my time worth? especially since i don’t seem to be nearly as lucky as others with these random donuts popping up. i’ve always been a freemium player when it comes to games based on in-game purchases, but with all the time i dedicate to this particular game, perhaps i need to rethink that stance. i mean seriously, i can spend $1 on a golden scratcher, which has a guaranteed minimum 6 donut payout, but often gives 9 or 12 or even more. i had a buck in free credit the other night and used it on one, got 12 donuts. roughly how many days does it take to rack up 12 random bonus donuts tapping your guys’ neighbor towns? cuz since i’ve been maxed out, i have yet to even accumulate 12 donuts in this fashion.

      so once again, i gotta ask myself… is a dollar not worth up to 50 minutes multiplied by however many days it might take to get to get the same potential amount i can get with one golden scratcher? i dunno about the rest of you guys, but i gotta pretty full plate of real life. anyway, food for thought…

      • Sorry Tape…wrong post 🙂

      • Tapebelt – STAY FREEMIUM! Er, yeah, don’t sell out, I know some events try the freemium patience but stick with it, I know the time versus addiction dilemma, but I have also have the hit and miss with our sprinkles. I’ve held out for nearly two years, by the looks of your lil Springfield so have you, and the longtime Freemiums whom have any design sense are far and few between!

      • @cube
        thanks bro, i appreciate you saying that… however i think that’s largely the case because many of the ones that are TRULY into the game (for designing or just the simpsons in general) feel like it is worth their hard earned money, and i don’t see anything wrong with that. for me though, it’s more about just making sure that my real life funds are going towards supporting my family and kids, and not my overly involved gaming habit… :mrgreen: however, i’m not opposed to using resources like e-rewards, google opinion rewards, walmart savings catcher, best buy rewards, gift cards given as gifts, etc to build up free google play or itunes credit. i already have more than enough to buy a store full (900) of donuts, but i haven’t pulled the trigger yet because i think i’m saving up for the boatload. i just hating thinking about how during gil’s holiday donut sale you could get 30% more (720) donuts when buying a boatload………

    • LOL @ Etamni. I am guilty of tapping on the same 3 houses or items if they are available. I like for my taps to be close to one another even if I HSVE to search a neighbors whole town…lol

    • LOL @ Etamni. I am guilty of tapping the same three houses or buildings if they are available. I like my 3 taps to be together even if I have search my neighbors whole town 🙂

  12. Getting RSI from scrolling back thru the thread, so am bumping this baby back up! Lol

    Okay…Jess….no I don’t mean I like fluffy decor….the fluffy comes from all the fur Frankie drops! Lol…it is literally everywhere…when I vac the house…it has to be done ceiling to floor and I guarantee within an hour there will be at least one little furry tumbleweed that will roll down the hallway from somewhere I missed with the vac! Lol
    Where I live here in Qld is actually considered the dry tropics…we are brown and dry here too…all the rain has gone around us…when you hear the weatherman say ‘fine elsewhere’…well that’s us…elsewhere! Lol
    Bruce isn’t a funny name for a girl at all…I had a beautiful ginger lass who went by the name of Boz Scaggs!! Lol…she didn’t sing much like him tho!! Dammit. And yes, the Birman is beautiful…we were very fortunate that she is such a sweet little girl to have come thru so well.
    As for Nermie…we called him Nermol cos he just isn’t normal!!…that cat has a tree somewhere! I just know it! He always seems so spaced out!! not sure he’s so much a good cat as that he just doesn’t quite get it!! Lol

    Sandra, here in Queensland, our female animals are marked with a little blue tattoo in the left ear to show they’ve been desexed. The microchipping of our animals is only compulsory for new babies from a couple of years ago and wasn’t in place when I got all my babies…I do know Frankie wasn’t chipped as we checked immediately cos she really was a very expensive cat and I wanted to return her to her owners, but I feel they were grey nomads and probably didn’t miss her till the next stop. Dogs have to be registered with local councils and wear tags all the time here…and now they are calling for cats to be registered as well…more money for the councils that way as they charge renewal fees every year for these registrations here now.

    I am allergic to dog fur so I sympathise to a point with your hubby…but my kids still he dogs…I just washed Them all in wool wash and that not only kept the fleas and ticks at bay, but softened their fur and stopped me itching…cats get way too soft in wool wash…I know cos we used to have a cat called Watson ( as in Sherlock Holmes), who always had to investigate things and one day she got too inquisitive and ended up in the bath with the dog! Lol

    Garfield is now 11years old and still doing really well considering he’s been bitten by venomous snakes on three seperate occasions…not sure if he’ll get to 22 tho…he already has kidney problems and eyesight problems from the venom…so I’m not expecting him to do too much more time before he steps off the planet…but for now he’s good.

    Sandra I can’t remember the dang name for it, but hypothyroidism stops the free flow of lymph and cellular fluids and so when you get to areas like the wrists where all drainage goes these very tiny spaces, the thyroid becomes a real pain in the neck and won’t allow for free drainage, so this then causes pressure on the nerves and blood vessels that use that wee space, and then these get upset and start to swell and compound the problem! So if you are suffering from swelling in your hands…or feet…cos you can also get the same problems there…then do what I didn’t know about,…raise the limbs, give gentle one way massag back toward to heart to help drain the area and if it…it is a problem that will not leave us. I have my thyroid under control with one wee pill a day too, but I didn’t know about this little aspect of the effects even tho I was a nurse. I honestly never heard of it at all till I was affected.

    I’m glad you enjoyed my wee song…it’s been years since I sang it so was trying to remember how it went!! Lol…think I got pretty close to it.

    Etamni, we have the Middle sized and bigger birdies coming in here…the Townsville Medivac chopper flies all the way up to Thursday Island and out as far as the Northern Territory border plus islands and ships at sea if necessary, so definitely all long range birdies for us and they come thumping in over the top of my house and the cats all go bugeyed and look at me as if to say..they’re gonna miss…aren’t they? Lol the Townsville chopper is very loud but thankfully we get the Mackay Medivac here mostly and my daughter met one of the pilots one day and told him about how they thump my house about and now they seem to fly in a different way even tho their chopper is much much quieter, so I like the Mackay guys! Lol I don’t think my daughters one off conversation had anything to do with the change of flight plan but it is nice to know they have considered the towns people.

    Cubes…don’t you just love our public hospital system?..suppose we shouldn’t complain considering there are countries in the world that don’t offer free health to their citizens, but boy when you want to stop pain, it’s a nightmare waiting…but even private health is getting ridiculous with the waiting lists silly. And I know what you mean about telling these doctors that you don’t have what they MUST test you for to find out that hey…you didn’t have this afteral! Wow Sherlock! YA THINK!! 😠
    Cheers, Julie.

    • “…the thyroid becomes a real pain in the neck…” Literally, lol!

      I guess what I was saying that I didn’t understand is that, if you have it managed by levothyroxine (or whatever the call the medication in your part of the world), why would it still be stopping the free-flow of lymph and cellular fluids, etc.? I’m not asking to “challenge” you – I just want to understand because my parents and, recently now, my husband, also are hypothyroid, although also under control via medication, so I’m wondering which of our various ills could be tied to that, even with the meds.

      • I dont think you are challenging me dear! It is surprising just how many things are tied to the thyroid even when we think it is well managed…one of mine that really annoys the crap outa me is constant weight gain…it just doesn’t stop…even when I am really ill the weight climbs on. At present I am averaging about 1-2kgs, or about 2-5lbs a year…doesn’t sound like much till you start toting the years! And yes..that thyroid is a literal pain in the neck! Lol

        The way it was explained to me is that the effects of thyroxine has a certain life span and so it will react with one set of hormones immediately, but there’s another area of the hormones that needs a longer time to absorb so the medication has to do both jobs and doesn’t always manage on the short term area which is where these little daily problems arise. That is why when they do your thyroid levels every three months, they check on different levels…over here we call it T4 that they really concentrate on..not sure if that is the same elsewhere…there is also T3 that they watch closely. The short term levels will fluctuate constantly as it also matters if you take the meds exactly on time…before foods, …first thing in day etc etc. the long term level on T4 should remain constant,, and this is the level they look at and tell us that we are well managed!

        My problem has mainly arisen from the fact that I have used iodised salt for years and this masked my thyroid hypoactivity. I thought I was doing the right thing not being able to get seafood on a regular basis back then…now I know differently!..bit late, but at least I can now advise others with things like that….like go off iodised salt for 4-6 weeks before having thyroid levels checked so they get accurate readings. Now I live close to the coast again and seafood is so readily available these days, I don’t worry about using iodised salt now..and don’t use much salt at all to be honest..altho you just HAVE to have salt on chips!! They’re not chips without lashings of salt!! Lol….like having tomatoes without ground pepper!! It just doesn’t happn!! Lol

        Here the heat can be really bad and cause swelling as well so then you have outside influences as well as ‘in house’ problems. Then of course there’s that fantastic condition called AGE!! None of this helps the old thyroid at all.

        See you were a bit tired so I hope you managed to catch up on the z’s. Cheers dear, Julie.

    • (Long Distance Sneeze)

      • 💦😿😼😾🙀antihistamine for you my lad!! Lol
        Sorry Matt…that fur just gets everywhere!! Just didn’t expect it to cross the Internet tho! Lol

      • (Snuffle 🙂 Mostly resistant (weirdly enough) to most anti-everythings… it seems I have a hyper-aggressive immune system, not a bad thing but when I do get ill, death is probably more favorable! F’instance I contracted chicken pox two years ago (yes, as an adult, and I know the implications but, er, ‘survived’), literally every square centimetre of skin, everywhere, inside and out was covered (I have some great happy-snaps). Would not wish it on my worst enemy!

    • Hey Julie,
      Hahaha oops my bad. Here I was telling hubby “at least we don’t have fluffy curtains.” Doh!

  13. Thank you, that was SO helpful! I only have 71 donuts so I am considering Bumblebee Man. ¡Ay yi yi! 😀

  14. I am not a premium player and I wanted to ask you addicts what you guys think are the top three premium items in the game. Thanks!

  15. Off topic but that’s why it’s here….

    Without using Google, does “Treefort” mean anything to anybody here? Anybody going to be there?

  16. Love this event and am generally quite satisfied with it, but I think the phone booths that we crafted should have had a .05% bonus multiplier to them, the way the spooky walls that we crafted at Halloween did.

  17. Anyone else seeing new one shot quests? The last day or two I’ve been getting one off quests that seem unrelated to any larger event or lvl. I’ve had them for Milhouse, Quimby, and Squeaky Voiced Teen so far.

    • Not new. Just random quests that popup to keep you engaged in the game. Usually they start to appear once you’ve cleared most of your task book and reached a higher level in the game.

  18. Wow wish this event would come back to the past 1-3 weeks worth. Due to there no longer being criminals to tap, one of my neighbors has entire town crammed with purple and blue houses, oh, and one street with the Simpson, Flanders and Cletus’ home, that’s it.

  19. I have decided to do some pretty major renovations to my town, it will take me anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on how carried away I get. I would just like to apologise to my neighbours for the mess, I don’t want to store any buildings so I will be temporarily placing them in the most space efficient way without any decorations. It won’t be pretty. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

    • Phase 1 (of 3) of my renovations is now complete. I wanted to make an area for the Zenith buildings that was seperate from the rest of my town. I wasn’t happy with just some water or a surrounding wall so I decided to change the terrain height. I already have a raised area so I went the other way and ‘lowered’ it. First I tried hedges but it looked too slopey, the best option I could find was the concrete walls. Only problem they have is the corners at the end of the wall don’t look as nice, I’m not too worried about that now and will mess around with them more later.

      I want to have all the water in my town connected but unfortunately don’t have the waterfall so this was quite difficult with different land heights. If you look in the pic you can see the water going under a little bridge along the edge of the cliff, the idea is that it flows under and over the edge to the river below. This was the best I could come up with, I spent hours on it. Hopefully they will release the waterfall again…

    • I also did the entrance to my lowered Zenith area, I lost count how many hours I spent on this as I kept going back to it after I thought I was done. Again, this was the best I could come up with. Special thanks to Tapebelt for the booth idea, I tweaked it a little trying to make it look more like a boom gate.

      Time for phase 2 🙂

      • Both images leave me agog – you are totally amazing! Wish my brain worked that way…it’s pretty good at verbal stuff, but spatial relations is one of my weaker areas.

  20. (Collective sigh…) And the pressure relieves, issue 4 is much less tap-intensive, the 2-4 hour schedule has slipped to 4-8, whilst waiting for the tasks to complete 😉

  21. This event so far has been a great one! Yes, some prizes required more collecting of items than others but overall, this event has given me 20+ new items/prizes for my town, who can’t love that!? But in a totally unrelated news that I wanted support for a while now, and since the boss statue and Death Mountain have dirt on the sides of them, but doesn’t anyone else agree we should have dirt/dirt paths and sidewalks as a sculpting tool along with roads, rivers, and parking lots? Its something I’ve always wanted since playing this game and along with that more nature options like boulders, hills, rivers, land elevation, etc. And please Tapped Out, stop neglecting the pier and Krustyland, expand on those areas and add more to them!!! I would love to see all these things implemented and if anyone else agrees, give me and TSTO feedback!

  22. I’m thankful for all the donuts I was able to gain during the first three phases of the event! Great for freemium players to build up their stash 🙂 I’m disappointed though, because I had enough items to craft a second city loft but my finger slipped and I crafted another storefront instead! 🙁 With crafting over now I guess I won’t be getting that second city loft. Silly finger! Oh well, like I said, can’t complain to much! I hope everyone has gotten a nice number of donuts for whatever you are saving for!

  23. Whoeee those three episodes were full on but A LOT of fun!

    Big thanks to my neighboureeno, old and new, for being awesome and helping me to get the collider before phase 3 ends. Also thanks to hubby and son for spending a lot of time tapping my town and visited the neighbours. Nooo I didn’t bribe them, wink

    Now I can go back to normal daily tapping, hopefully twice a day. The old tablet can finally get some rest. The game was running constantly in case I have a minute or two to tap the dang criminals to get those final freeze rays. I feel grateful that it didn’t die on me.

    Hope all of you are enjoying this event as much as I do. How cool is that animation, 5 heroes attacking the statue.

  24. Cube, you tagged my Moes. I hope it was an accident. I didn’t add you from the graffiti free thread, I got you from here. I don’t want to be tagged. Thanks for understanding 🙂

    • Arrrggghhh! Apologies muchly ncrosebud, you got here before I did, so so sorry, I thumbled through half asleep this morning and came here straight away after I finished! It was an accident, I don’t vandalise deliberately!!!

    • Ncrosebud – I’ll try to remember your preference for not being tagged, but I can’t promise anything, so, if you want to unfriend me, I’ll understand, with no hard feelings.

      Frankly, I’ve never understood what the big deal was…if one is at a low level, tagging is good, because that’s the only way you can earn money and XP from those buildings, And, if you’re at a high level, you can afford to buy enough training walls that tagging doesn’t really affect anything.

      But, to each his/her own… I’ve never really worried about it before, since I’ve purposely never gone to then “no tagging” friend post when looking for new neighbors and have only just recently started hooking up (not THAT way!! Lol) with folks just based on conversations in the non-“Add Me” posts.

    • To any of my neighbors from this thread — I also don’t tag on purpose, but sometimes things happen when scrolling the screen. No worries on tagging me as I have a ton of training walls in my city.

    • since a buncha people have added me from this thread, i figure this is as good a place as any to mention that like cube, i don’t tag anybody on purpose. i’ve always added people from the no vandalize add me thread, but that was going more on the assumption that people who care about being vandalized might care more about their game, and therefore might be better neighbors. like sandra though, i don’t think vandalizing is a big deal; with a few training walls up, it’s just another neighborly tap. i feel like maybe people get caught up on the whole “vandalizing” term and the negative connotation associated with it, and if EA were to just rename it to “leave note for friend” or whatever, it wouldn’t be so taboo for tappers. anyway, so long as one keeps their town clear and leaves plenty of buildings to tap, there shouldn’t any need to tap on those spray cans… 😈

  25. Is the Superhero event an allegory of the original Easter story?

  26. ✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿
    Hello all,

    well….what an interesting day of posts up here. I am sooooo jealous of you all! lol Sounds like everyone has had so much fun.

    Okay…managed to get to doctors okay…was only 3 mins late! not bad considering I drove down with matchsticks keeping the eyelids from closing on me. Got home just after 8 last night and was so exhausted that I was in bed by nine! unheard of with me! lol. Today I am still wrecked! tell ya….gotta stop this gallivanting business.

    now then…had lovely intern look at my hands first, then had specialist came in and they chatted and the up n up is that I am to go back in 3 weeks for scans on my right wrist as it looks like it is going to worsen quickly for whatever reason…if the scan shows that cortisone will work on the little tunnel at base of wrist, then I will have that done and only need op for carpal tunnel….however, the specialist didn’t seem convinced the cortisone will work, so he’s booked me in for double op in next 1-3 months.

    (Q: you available at short notice?? A: so long as I have 3 hours to drive down here…Response…..oh 3 hours? okay we will see what we can do and maybe we do all this in couple of weeks instead)….so sometime in the next few weeks to couple months, I am having another op! lol if they do the double op, then it will be the carpal tunnel and Di Queervains on the right side. the left side will now just mark time and see how we go with the Occupational Therapist. will be sooooo nice to have real hands again!!! or at least no pain!!! so looking forward to that.

    Cheers all,


    • You are *3 hours* from the nearest hospital? Yikes! I’m guessing housing prices are pretty cheap where you live, considering how remote it is… Be careful driving when you’re so tired (although I’m guessing you don’t have to contend with a lot of other cars on the road where you are…).

      Sorry you have to wait so long for the next procedure, but I hope it/they do the trick for you. I had cortisone shots for my spine thing, which didn’t help, but I also had a cortisone shot for a shoulder thing I had and it worked wonders!! So, fingers crossed for you that a cortisone shot will do the trick for your wrist!

      • No dear….my nearest hospital is actually about 200 metres from my house, but everything is centralised here now which means if you want spec treatment, you go to the major cities or you miss out. The nearest specialist to me is three hour drive north or three hour drive south…my daughter lives South, so I go there to catch up with her and my favourite son-in-law!…he’ll tell you he’s my only
        s-i-l, but I say….his point is ????? Lol

        I live on a hill over looking the hospital, and when we have emergencies that require evacuation to the bigger hospitals, then I get front row seat to the helipad! Then when the medivac chopper takes off, they fly straight towards my house. It was very unnerving at first, but now I am used to it. Love watching my visitors faces when it happens while they are here!! Heh heh heh…no I’m not evil at all!!….much!! Lol.

        There is a lot of traffic on the road I use as it is the main highway to the north…so many dang trucks!! I cannot believe the number of semi’s on the road Monday…it was like they were all heading for a picnic somewhere! …truckie’s pickanick!!

        Oh don’t go down onto the roads today…you’re sure of big surprise…oh if you go down onto the roads today you won’t believe your eyes….for every truckie that ever there was is going down onto the roads today for today’s the day the truckies have their picnic!! Lol

        I have lived in this house for twenty years now, so I guess by today’s prices it was cheap! Lol.

        Apparently the scan will show if my wrist will respond to the cortisone injection….so I’m guessing they will do measurements to see if it is too far gone and needs surgery instead. I know the actual spec wasn’t overly optimistic about the injections, so I guess I’ll know in 3 weeks what the outcome will be.

        I wish it were a shorter wait also, but there were so many in orthopod yesterday…young ones with broken arms and legs etc, then oldies for hip and knee replacements…made me feel like a fraud actually…taking up a seat that someone more needy coulda used.

      • Loved your little song, Julie, although my bears felt a bit jealous lol! 😉

      • @Julie — I know what you mean regarding the helicopters. My previous apartment was less than a quarter mile from a major regional hospital and the helicopters landing and taking off could be quite loud at times — especially when sleeping. The regular medical copters weren’t too bad, but the National Guard has some very large (and very loud) helicopters that occasionally brought patients in and those ones would shake buildings and windows when they were leaving the hospital. (My understanding is that the military ‘copters have a longer range than the smaller civilian medical ‘copters, and were called on for situations in remote areas that were just too far away for the smaller birds — thus explaining their frequent landings at the hospital.)

    • Hang in the Jules, I know the medocal waiting game well, but be positive it is progressing. When going for my student pilot license I had to get a Class 2 Medical, and because I had previously registered a sleep apnea rating of 11 (I had surgery to bore my head out to stop the neighbours complaining about chainsawing all night. I had a sleep study, that 18 month wait I told you about was for this surgery.By the by, a sleep apnea rating of 10 is considered normal) and had subsequent surgery to correct it I went through another 6 months of appointments, specialists, etc, all to tell me I didn’t have what I told them I didn’t have…

  27. Just had an update come through, must be for the fourth episode, because Radioactive man is now under Superheros (so much for getting the set!). So a prize in episode four? If so, he must be the last, and harder to achieve 😉

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