Friendship Level 15: Unlocking the Canyonero

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How are my favorite Addicted Tappers doing today?   Racking up those FP’s by visiting your neighbors?  Just a reminder, remember to help out your fellow neighbors and clear those handshakes!  Are you in need of more Tapping Friends?  Remember you can always find friends on our Add Friends Page (and here for ones who pledge not to vandalize you)…the best (and only way) to submit your Add Me requests on TSTO Addicts!

So with the Level 50 Update EA also gave us the 15th (and 14th) Social Currency Event Prize…the Canyonero!  An all new car for your Springfield!  So now my friends let’s break down this 15th Friendship Prize.  Just want to remind you all with this update it’s important to remember to SLOW DOWN.  There’s no rush to get the FP’s, so take your time and enjoy it!  🙂

Anywho…the Cayonero is unlocked once you’ve unlocked the It Blows AND earned an additional 5,000FP…so many of you have either just unlocked it or should be unlocking it sometime in the next few days (depending on how many friends you have).  So what happens when you unlock this car?  Does it do anything?  Are there tasks for it?  What about a questline?  Well let’s answer all of your questions by taking a closer look at the Canyonero now…


Once you’ve completed Friendship Level 14 and earned an additional 5,000 FP you’ll unlock the Cayonero and you’ll see this message popup:


You can also unlock this via Donuts at a rush rate 500 donuts if you have 0 FP.

Once you return to your Springfield you’ll find the Canyonero in your Inventory. You will have to go into your inventory to unlock it completely.  It will not automatically be in your Springfield.


The Canyonero is another car for Springfield.  Much like Homer’s car it won’t do much, but sit there.  However, it is massive in size and it is animated.  When you tap on it the lights go on.  It’s 4×6 in land space and taller than the Gazebo in height.  It will also improve your Vanity rating on the Conform-O-Meter.  Once placed some dialogue from Bart and Lisa will popup:

Bart: Just what this family needs…yet another car.
Lisa: And an overpriced gas guzzler at that!  What is this, 1998?

And that’s basically it for the Canyonero.  No additional dialogue, no questlines and no tasks associated with it.  Pretty much the animated lights it all it really has to offer (besides the coolness factor).

Now that you’ve completed Level 15 and gotten your last Friendship prize, what’s next?  Well it’s onto Level 16.  What does that mean exactly?  Basically the same thing it meant before only a level higher.  You won’t accumulate more points (no FPs will pop out of buildings when you visit friends, or when you clean spray paint in your town, or when you clear handshakes in your Springfield)  instead EA has come up with a different way to encourage you to keep visiting your friends:


Yes, that says TRIPLE the money.  Which means…you’ll earn $90 per friend interaction when visiting neighbors, or $270/neighbor.  Talk about a good way to earn some extra $$$.  If you have 100 neighbors that’s $27,000/day you can earn JUST from visiting your friends!  Pretty sweet huh?  Before you know it that Escalator to Nowhere will be all yours! 

Well that’s in my Friends.  What do you think of the Canyonero making it to the game?  Have you unlocked it yet?  Did you earn it via FP or did you spend donuts to get it faster?  Were you excited they added it to the game?  Has the song been stuck in your head since you first saw it?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “Friendship Level 15: Unlocking the Canyonero


  2. I earned the Canyonero Car not to long ago during this week, now I enjoy this prize and the money that keeps on coming! The Game needs some new Friend Point Prizes.

  3. So awesome, I placed the Canyonero right next to Krusty’s mansion. “So long, Shlubs!”

  4. I’m having a fun time parking my Springfield Cars at various drive through windows (ie Krusty Burgers, Come n’ Go, etc) 😉

  5. Can you just ship me over the items in your inventories lol I can use them!

  6. kingofstillwater

    im i the only one who wants to see barts factory in the game, maby as a gill deal

  7. Sorry for being off topic, but what did the update this afternoon do?

  8. I have 81 MGC, so 27 KGC per day is peanuts for me.

  9. I’m concerned with the current sizing going on with the new items. EA is really letting me down. Zenith city items, canyonero, it blow, Santnas workshop, and lots of other items just seem to not fit because they are too large or to small. Am I the only one hiding the canyonero due to sizing ratios?

    • I agree that the sizing is ridiculous. I’ve parked mine in front of a smallish house and then parked the Simpsons’ car in front, to demonstrate the silliness of the sizing ratios. Neither vehicle would fit in any driveway or garage in the game, even if that were allowed. Of course, the Canyonero’s size is a jab at car makers for making oversized vehicles, especially for city driving, and the exaggeration is related to this, but it does seem the game designers are tending toward larger and larger buildings and items.

      I wouldn’t purchase this if it cost donuts, but since it’s free I guess I’ll keep it. LOL.

      I live in a western state (US) and it seems nearly everybody feels they need a 4WD vehicle. What do they do with it, you ask? They take their kids to soccer practice. If you say anything about it, the say they need it for camping. Of course, their idea of camping is to go to a forest service campground, right off the main highway, so it’s not clear why they need a large gas guzzling 4WD vehicle!
      [end rant]

      • I giggle when I see a jacked up 4WD vehicle getting a Wax & Polish as it got a lil dirt on it from the streets of the city. All I can think of is the times I took trucks like that and REALLY used them for their purpose… driving all through the mountain ranges, through rivers, mud, over rocks, up cliffs, and then some. I just see a wasted toy that is being kept as a “trophy”. My thoughts anyway. The Tomboy in me would have SOOOOOOOOOoooooo much fun in the Sand Dunes with those kinds of trucks. 😉

      • Well first off trucks are awesome. They look cool, carry much more cargo, haul trailers of stuff, and are practical for winter and off roading. Gas guzzling isn’t an issue if you want to pay for the gas. And me personally, I will never EVER get rid of a truck for a car. Even if I lived in a city. Plus I like that they piss off green liberals. Hah

      • In Holland those rediculouus oversized 4WD cars are used bij the riche to pull their horse and boat trailers and to show off their wealth while shopping.

      • In the UK they’re called Chelsea Tractors (Chelsea is one of the high end areas of London).
        The Urban Dictionary definition for Chelsea Tractor is “Any expensive 4×4 that is driven in an urban environment as a status symbol (typically for the school run) and will never be driven off-road”

      • I there a problem with driving a vehicle for status!? Can a man not have pride in himself? I’m detecting a bit if jealously from you people.

    • i can’t say i’ve ever had a concern with the sizing in this game, current or otherwise. as in real life, buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and i think part of what makes designing fun in this game is the challenge derived from successfully adapting those various structures into your town. yeah, the canyonero is bigger than any other vehicle, but buildings and vehicles are my two most coveted items in this game, so i would never look a gift horse in the mouth and hide it away. i just parked it in two spots in my airport parking lot… you know, the kinda thing you wouldn’t put past someone that’s trying to piss off green liberals.

  10. I parked my canyonero next to the Simpsons home. I have a brown house next door. The canyonero is too big. The windshield is bigger than the door on the house. I understand the canyonero is supposed to be big, but as big as many houses? I personally was underwhelmed. It seems like the devs have been spending too much time creating the new objects and the current event and did not think through this one.

  11. I put mine on the boardwalk. Looks funnier floating on unconnected boardwalk tiles. Plus it’s the Canyonero it should be closer to water since it catches fire so easily.

  12. I don’t know this vehicle. Could anyone enlighten me with some background on it?

  13. Yes, the Canyonero song was definitely stuck in my head for a day or two after I earned it! I parked mine in the grocery store lot, thinking of the scene where Marge loaded up the Canyonero with like 40 bags of groceries 🙂

  14. I’ll be honest, once I’ve unlocked the final friends prize I keep visiting neighbours to get free donuts not for the extra cash 🙂

    • Doughnut drop is still kind of random. I won a doughnut on the tap immediately after I received notification that the Canyonero was placed in my inventory, then went dry for a couple of days.
      Still, most of the time I’m so busy rushing through the ~100 neighbours that I don’t know I have won one (or two) until I get back to home base and realize my overall count is suddenly higher than before my visits.

    • Well, since it’s a special event, I am going to everyone to get the extra freeze ray guns etc. The donut payoff has been great for some people (I read someone say that they got 6 one night) but I am lucky if I get 1 in 100 neighbours.

    • Amen. I have gotten an obscene amount of donuts during this event, between visiting neighbors and the bonuses. I’m not complaining for sure! It’s almost made up for impulse buying Bartman and his cave.

  15. Im getting ~$153 per tap and ~$460 per neighbour visitor. How is it that I’m getting a higher rate than you, Alissa? Does our payout multiplier affect this as well?

  16. Nice prize, but it’d be even better if when you tapped it part of the jingle from the episode played. Kind of like the Stonecutter Table does.

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