Superheroes Special: Radioactive Man’s Beach House

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by for a quick run down on something cool that just dropped into our games before I hop on my flight. RADIOACTIVE MAN’S BEACH HOUSE!! WOOHOO!beachhouse_transimage

When you jump in your games, you’ll get a quick offer to purchase the Beach House.Beach House Pop Up

It will cost you 120 Donuts and will come with some quick dialog for Radioactive Man. Once complete, it looks like the 16hrs task is gonna stick around. This IS Limited Time, so you will have less than 7 days to decide. Beach House Sale
Beach House (Building): 120 Donut
Build Time: 6sec
Conform: +10 Idolence
Size: 10 x 13
Location: Can go on Grass, Pavement, & Beach

Radioactive Man Shirk His Responsibilities

Radioactive Man: Ahh, my old Beach House. My ultra-furnished home away from als0-ultra-furnished home. 
Radioactive Man: …and since I don’t have any uncles it’s perfectly safe to ignore my great responsibility!

Make Radioactive Man Shirk His Responsibilities, 16hrs, $750 & 200XP

Complete Reward $100 & 10XP

Beach House Animation

The Beach House itself is pretty cool looking. It is animated so the water does flow from one pool down into another. Radioactive Man’s task there makes the front door open and the Helipad to turn into his sunbathing spot.

Remember, this is a Limited Time offer!

What do you think of the Beach House? Are you going to buy it? Did you already? Let us know.


(More info coming on the date change, Bartcave, Radstation, etc… just gotta get to better WiFi.)

Update 3/31 9am EST: A few items have returned to the store, in addition to the Beach House.  If you missed out on Bartman’s Cave or the Radstation Air Fortress you can pick both of those up for the next week (they’ll leave when the Beach House Leaves).  Should I Buys are linked above.  

In addition Spider Pig, Bartman & Fruit Bat-Man are still in Springfield but they will probably be leaving once the event is officially pulled (via App Store update) since they don’t have a timer associated with them.  So for now you can continue to play Issue 4 and pick up Spider Pig, Bartman and/or Fruit Bat-Man until the Superheros event is officially pulled from Springfield…again via an App Store Update.

135 responses to “Superheroes Special: Radioactive Man’s Beach House

  1. I think the Beach House is awesome and was able to get it for all 12 of my towns before it disappeared. Yes, I am a addict. And, yes, I have 12 towns. Lol. I am glad they r doing a little something for Easter, just didn’t get to the Mystery Box in each of my towns before that dialog went away. Oh well. Not a biggy. 😊😜 Mary Jo

    • The mystery box didn’t disappear, I had Mr Burns busy. All is well. Oh, I thought Super Heros was the best event so far, and I started playing at Easter of last year on my first town. Mary Jo

  2. A quick question – Andrew Ethan Pilat mentions the surprise 30 donuts in a previous post; to what is he referring?

    I didn’t get 30 free donuts

    Many Thanks..

  3. I’d buy it for my main game if I had the space! More land will be needed before I buy returning items (clampitheatre, helicopter hover thingy, this offering & etc – I couldn’t even find a space for the Bartcave). I’m having trouble fitting all in my old town, so can pass on large footprint items that just won’t fit, along with single use items!

  4. I bought the beach house, and after placing it I got a message that said:

    “Too Many Buildings: Congratulations – You’ve build the maximum amount of buildings and decorations the game can currently handle…”

    And now I obviously can’t purchase/place anything. Have you encountered this? Do you think they will increase the amount of decorations/buildings the game can handle? This makes me über sad because I was so ready to deck out the new beach house property!!

    • Meh. You can push the limit…just be cautious. It means your device memory will start to struggle and you may incur more glitches.

      Try to store a few unnecessary items or decorations to help. Like have 3 bushes instead of 5 in an area.

  5. Beach Problems!

    Hi, i’m having an issue with the beach house where it isnt showing up in the store but it was offered to me?

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