Special Easter Bonus Questline…and FREE DONUTS

Happy Easter Tappers!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a fun little questline from EA today.  Who doesn’t love a good Easter Egg hunt?

So here’s the deal…you solve the 3 Easter clues and find all the eggs and you’ll win FREE Donuts, who doesn’t love free donuts?!

We’ll break down the clues and steps for you below the fold…but know that things get started with Bunny 24601.  If you don’t have Bunny 24601 from last Easter you will be awarded it for free!

Bunny 24601


So now let’s take a look at this egg hunt and just what you’ll need to do to get those free donuts..

The first part should autostart for you…again you’ll need Bunny 24601, so if you don’t have it you’ll be awarded it for free.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find Easter Eggs, 3 times.  Sounds simple enough right?

Here’s the list of clues:

remember Bunny24601 starts each one..

Build Easter Fences- x5.  Go to the store and purchase and place 5 Easter Fences. 

REWARD: 5 donuts

Make Lisa Do an Easter Egg Hunt- 45s

REWARD: 5 donuts

Tap the Easter Float- x5.  If you have one in your town already that should work, or place a new one from the store and tap on it 5 times.  

REWARD: 10 donuts


And that’s it for this fun little Easter Egg hunt!

What are your thoughts on the Easter Egg Hunt?  Excited about the free donuts?  What are you doing for Easter today?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

149 responses to “Special Easter Bonus Questline…and FREE DONUTS

  1. got a message just this minute saying something like “join the easter egg hunt today to win 5, 10 or 20 donuts…”
    Don’t know if it’s a delayed message from yesterday or not but nothing else happened…

    • I’ve got the same message & was a bit confused when nothing happened. Must be a delay from yesterday.

  2. I tried the mystery boxes and it payed off! Out of 4 I got 2 Itchy and Scratchy billboards, a bomb shelter (eh…), and the blue haired lawyer! I was so psyched!

  3. Loved getting doughnuts, but I was hoping we would also get the Faberge egg from last year

  4. Those 20 donuts helped me double my donuts to allow me to get Kearney and the tire fire, as well as having enough to buy Banana Dictatorship. So that means the only thing I have left from the new mystery box are the billboards. As a semi-freemium player, I think EA is crazy to let all this go so cheap.

  5. Love the Easter party this year but was looking forward to something similar like Easter 2014. Also I have seen snakes in my friends’ towns. How can I get those? I especially like the big green snake with the three kids in it.

  6. This may seem like a dumb question but since I got the 20 free doughnuts I figured I’d purchase one of the premium only item mystery box for 15 donuts but I CANT FIND IT! Am I just a dummy who can’t navigate the simple store design or is it really gone because of the new mystery box???

  7. I can’t find the fences to place.

    • They’re in the Easter Menu in your store

      • an easter menu isnt there…….oops while im typing this i see what i overlooked. i saw Hugs Bunny and kept overlooking him because i didnt want to add him to my collection, i didnt see the GO TO prompt underneath him that leads to the Easter Menu….D’oh.

  8. A much better Easter event than last year’s tragedy.

  9. Hey Alissa or anyone else, I’ve gotten the first five donuts and have had the bunny tell me to go get the “pointy haired kid” to do an easter egg hunt, but I don’t have the mission popping up anywhere. When I click the egg, it just keeps telling me to go get the “pointy haired kid.” Lisa is avail, and waiting.

  10. Completed my task, won 20 donuts, but now I don’t see Bunny 24601. Tried the hide/dim everything but players trick but can’t seem to find it. Is my new little grey bunny gone, or is this just user error?

  11. I was VERY happy with this mini-event! I guess “special questline” is the more appropriate term.

    20 donuts, the bunny NPC, very nice.

    I have enough to get Barney and the Bowlarama now, but I’m kind of holding off, waiting to see if there are more event premium characters coming in the near future.

  12. May be a little out of topic but will the fence, pond, float etc. still be available after Easter? May sound like a silly question but there are no indicators under them… 😁

  13. If you have donuts to spare buy the mystery box they arè giving away the blue hair lawyer which cost 90 donuts or the lardland donuts cost 110 donuts, the squeaky voice teen and keary or you can also get 10 or 30 donuts free. worth it to spend 6 donuts if you get these items. I got them all plus the bomb shelter and itchy and scratchy billboard And the tire fire.😄

  14. Nice 20 donuts. Spent 18 on the new mystery boxes. First was a bit of a bust, a minnow pond, but the second was 30 donuts and the third was Blue haired Lawyer. Spent negative 12 donuts and ended up with a pond and premium character.

  15. So sad. I did the tasks and did not get the donuts. What should I do?

  16. All I’m gonna say is that EA could teach TinyCo a thing or two!!!

  17. Logged in today and got my consecutive day mystery box, 30 donuts, got to hunt for some “eggs”, got 20 donuts, all in all good day. Wasn’t going to buy the Easter island head, but hey now it’s half price, think I just might have to pick it up.

    Happy Easter everybody.

  18. Who doesn’t love free donuts!!!! Happy Easter!!

  19. 20 donuts is great! I bought 4 mystery boxes since you all were reporting good results. I got 30 donuts, lawyer (who’s) pretty funny), my first billboard, and a minnow pond.

  20. Help please. I keep trying to get more donuts but Google keeps saying error can’t get information from server. What can I do? I’m trying to but sherry booing before she dissappears. Thanks

  21. i had zero intrest in buying that float…

    • Lol – it went out of the store and into my inventory only pausing long enough to touch the ground and let me collect the donuts. But, hey – I just thought of it as a way to convert game cash to donuts, which I’m happy to do at pretty much any opportunity!

  22. Ohhh, I have been on the fence all weekend trying to decide if I should buy the Blocko and Banana Dictatorship buildings, now these free donuts are making it harder to decide. Spend them or save them?? I am freemuim so I try to save up as many donuts as possible since they accumulate slowly, I hate seeing the number drop! 😉 The Blocko store is cool, I just don’t know where it will fit in my town.

    • I found a few buildings that seemed to go well with Blocko…here’s a picture of what I did:


      • Nice! I was thinking it would fit well next to my sequel shop and arcade… It’s just so hard to convince myself to part with the donuts! Lol, I am a very indecisive person as I’m sure you can tell.

      • I finally pulled the trigger and bought it! I figured for the amount of time I was spending deciding if I should get it (when I should be doing other things like studying, whoops) that I would probably regret it later if I didn’t pick it up. Placed it by the beach with the arcade, sequel stop, and andriod’s dungeon. Thanks to those who talked me into it! :)Time to start saving up some more donuts~~


    • I’m usually freemium but I kind of went mad this week ….I got the Blocko store after reading what Alissa wrote about consumerism on the conform-o-meter in her post about “should I buy?” …..look it up if haven’t already, it may help you decide

      However my Blocko store is currently in storage so my other half (who is a nosey neighbour-eeno) doesn’t notice it and grill me about spending cash on donuts !

  23. So, I got the 20 free donuts and bout 132 more and now I have Shary Bobbins. Thinking of getting a building, but I want to hold out until something else comes along. I like having a donut cushion to spend. I also bought a Golden Scratch-R Card and won 6, which got me a Mystery Box with Kearney. I’m beyond happy with this quest! Two PCs, an NPC, and a bunch of donuts (from my part lol).

  24. May have already been mentioned, but this could be EA’s way of “making up” for the Brandine issue a couple weeks ago. If so, it’ll do.

  25. Anonymousething

    How long will this quest line stick around? Placing the fences went without a hitch, but I accidentally swiped the 24 hour task on Lisa… It obviously can’t be cancelled.

  26. Free donus that now I’ve learned not to buy any more mystery boxes with,(as I have the 3 characters and multi- Lards), is great, but it sounds like last years easter event was pretty fun. I like the multi-game within games quests. Those are fun. Happy Easter All.

    • Last year’s event was frustrating because there were random elements that kept people from getting all of the prizes, no matter how much they tapped.

  27. On my game, the bunny told me to send a ponytail haired girl on an Easter egg hunt but then next time I tapped it I got the one about the float. Did I dream the ponytail one? Sneaky Bunny.

  28. Doge – Very glad you figured out how to get your free donuts! However, in the future, you only need to post questions like this once, not three times. The Addicts are usually great at responding to questions, and, when they’re too busy to do so (which is rare), other folks here will jump in to help.

  29. Happy Christmas 🙂

  30. I love that we got 24601 as a free gift. I absolutely love the Les Miserables reference! The 20 donuts aren’t bad either lol

    • emma(emurphy318)

      I loved the Les Mis reference too, although it was kinda random… was there more dialogue about it when it was released last year?

      Also, kinda unrelated question: does anyone know when the zombies were originally released and if they have been re-released since? I would really love a Walking Dead-ish tie in event (or even mini event)(or even just a chance to get one or two!) I crack myself up by squishing them in my neighbors’ worlds, they’re too funny! Can you tell I just watched the season finale again? I simply CANNOT wait for next season!

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